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 Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 07 April  2015

Devolution or Equal Opposition?

Members of both major ethnicities of  Sri Lanka have forwarded discussions of the article ‘The Last Nail in the Coffin’ by Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka.  Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka himself has included me in his circulation list. I do believe that whether we agree with Dr. Jayatilleka or not – there is value in his articles that would help structure the Political and Administrative systems needed by Sri Lanka. Dr. Jayatilleka – consciously or otherwise recognizes the value of Tamils in Sri Lankan politics far more than many other Sinhalese leaders. This article in Opposition of Tamils getting that Leadership position in Sri Lanka is confirmation of the value Dr. Jayatilleka places in the Opposition by Tamils.

To my mind, the above  article is mainly about whether Tamils satisfy the criteria to hold the position Equal to the Government in Parliament. To my knowledge – there is no specific Constitutional requirements that need to be met – to qualify for this position. But as usual and quite rightly, Dr. Dayan is placing himself in the position responsible to fill this vacancy that has happened due to members of both major Sinhalese Parties becoming part of the  Government.

If  there is no provision in the Constitution for the Common Authority to form Opposition to Government and there is no Parliamentary policy regarding the essential selection criteria for this position – every  member who takes the ‘other’ side of those who make up Government becomes the Opposition at that point for that matter. One could therefore be on the side of Government today and on the side of Common Opposition tomorrow.

It would be easier for the common citizen to therefore rely on her/his own Truth and become the Government or the Opposition for a particular issue at that time. Every person who mentally participates irrespective of which side we participate through - is the true government of Sri Lanka. Those who show lesser status for equal contribution have the Natural Powers to invoke Divine support for the side taken by them. These are commonly recognized as heritage and tradition.

Tamils who have actively been the ‘other side’ of Sri Lankan Government have earned this position much more than Sinhalese who are complacent and idle. This complacency leads to  indifference to Governance when the thought-holders are conscious of being majority power. History without this latent power of ownership when actively used, has the effects of living with corpses. Good Friday would have been mere history without Easter Sunday – confirming that the soul is eternal and one who lives through the soul has  the power to Resurrect. 

As per God’s creation – we are all born Sovereign and therefore Equal. But recognizing this Equality is difficult at the physical level where one is physically stronger than the other – as a parent is to the child. Hence wise  humans developed the system of the junior paying respects to the senior under the hierarchical system. Once this respect is paid/given recognition – the two become common and maintain their Sovereignty as a pair. This is time based balancing. One who pays respect sincerely – invests in the higher position and hence is grooming her/himself to fill that position with dignity of her/his independence/sovereignty. One who contributes more to the relationship than is required as per the existing structure – naturally elevates the power to the higher level towards natural merger with wider community/society.  

When the junior becomes senior and the first senior is not able to provide ‘service’ the relationship is completed at the existing structural level.  The two become Equal members of the community/society they are part of.

Where the senior is able to provide advisory services and the second in line  continues to have respect for the senior – the structure of the relationship is elevated to the higher level – to include the needs of more members of the community/society.

 This expansion from family to community / society is necessary to lose consciousness of  the previous hierarchy. Under a vertical system this is achieved by the 1st senior becoming less and less active at the physical level and therefore accumulates latent powers that others could draw from.  Such drawers include those beyond the family structure.

Those who are attached to their past victories / senior status - often have difficulty losing consciousness of the past/history. Hence they do not recognize the junior as an Equal. Those who respect common positions – for example – the position of  parent – would have little difficulty in treating their children as Equals once the latter become parents. Those who have difficulty need to distance themselves if there is to be harmony.  One way to confirm this is by  devolution  of power  combined with distribution of wealth. The dowry system practiced by Tamils under Thesawalamai is in recognition of this devolution through which parents of the bride confirm that they are equal in status to the married daughter. Every child who at the time of marriage receives a share of commonwealth – becomes equal to the parent. This requires the child to be independent of the parent after marriage. To my mind devolution of power is based on this value of independence and therefore Equal status.

Where in real terms respect for the senior is lacking due to weakness on either side - the system lowers itself and visible outcomes are produced at lower levels. Hence election by majority vote.  It is like all types of work being of equal importance and hence the person who spends most time doing her / his allocated work – becoming the leader/senior.

Unless this election is followed by higher thinking through Common Policies – we would live close to animal level – as in survival of the fittest. Then we would all be part of irrelevant history without much heritage or traditional values added to our homelands / groups.

Truth when manifested has Equal and Opposite forms. Hence man and woman are needed to give new form to themselves in common.  Hence equal rights to two opposing parties in a Court of Law. This equal right – comes with the requirement to produce the ‘other side’. Without that ability – a minority  is a junior of the other. 

Equal Opposition helps maintain harmony where both sides feel free to present their true experiences to complete the big picture. When one sees, one is able to work out what the other would do. One does not need for time to tell. Hence in a sovereign group one side becomes the medium for half the population and the other side becomes the medium for the other half. But the two have to be Equal for them to produce the big picture common to both sides. When one gets lesser vote than the other – this Equal status gap is filled by Law. If this is not done in law – one needs to rely on one’s own Truth which would without fail produce two Equal sides whenever it is manifested. Without Opposition – those who disagree become enemies and hence develop as rebellion followed by terrorism.

The 1978 Sri Lankan Constitution happened after Tamils won the position of Equal Opposition in the 1977 Parliamentary Elections -  on the basis of Self Declaration of Political Independence through the Vaddukoddai Resolution. To the extent this was truly belief based as if an Affidavit – one side of the FACT was formed. The other side happened when the other majority party of Sinhalese did not win enough seats. To my mind this was because they USED Democracy without respecting the need for Equal Opposition.

The 1978 Constitution does not seem to have provided for this Equal Opposition through National leadership position. That is like a single parent family. In a way – it manifested the Truth of the architect – Mr. J.R.Jayawardene who came to power through the democratic process but destroyed that system for other leaders – especially for the Tamil Opposition leaders. In doing so – Mr. Jayawardene wrote in history books that he was ignorant of the fundamentals of  Governance through the system of Democracy. The recent events have confirmed that this missing ‘Other side’ continues to be missing.  When there is no occupier of the Natural position – one who is physically close to it occupies that position. Likewise, when there is no position in the human system for this ‘other side’  – Nature / Truth establishes that position.  Every time a Tamil without portfolio or lesser portfolio relative to a Sinhalese makes contribution to National Governance – that Equal Opposition Position is developed. Only that person and those to whom that person is part of their community – would be able to produce the true ‘other side’ of the Government’s outcomes. Producing such other side and no more – is essential for Democracy. It prevents development of enemies/terrorists.  

[Mr. Sampanthan is a cultured gentleman, a superb speaker and fine parliamentarian in the old tradition. But he would be most unsuitable to be made Leader of the Opposition. It is neither because he is an ethnic Tamil nor because he is the leader of the TNA that Mr. Sampanthan must not be appointed the Leader of the Opposition of the Sri Lankan parliament. It is because of the political project he subscribes to and the political views he holds. …………. Mr. Sampanthan as Opposition Leader would be opposed to the very political community, the very political unit, which he would be sworn to uphold and operate squarely within.]

One who swears as per her/his belief must be accepted as being genuine until there is evidence to prove others. As a Tamil – I believe that Mr. Sampanthan is the best Opposition leader available to Sri Lanka as it is today – so the real Opposition has Equal Access to the common pathway to National Leadership, despite our minority status. As a Sri Lankan I believe that this would eliminate the right to claim devolution.

Dr. Jayatilleka states: ‘To put it differently, one cannot have as the Leader of the Opposition someone who is not loyal to the Sri Lankan State. One cannot have as Leader of the Opposition, someone who refuses to uphold the very character – unitary, not merely united—of the Sri Lankan state.’

One gets some indication of how this lack of loyalty is calculated by Dr. Jayatilleka through the following:

1.      ‘…he probably won’t oppose the present Government at all, since he helped bring it into office;
2.      his party colleague Mr. Sumanthiran is a co-drafter of the 19th amendment which castrates the executive Presidency, turning that office into a constitutional eunuch; and his party the TNA has gone on to defend the 19th amendment in the Supreme Court.

1.When Mr. Sampathan as head of TNA showed support this group that is in government now was the Opposition. Hence one could validly conclude that by showing support for this group – Mr. Sampanthan was investing in  Opposition Position and did not go with the person. It’s like me as a child investing through respect - in the position of parent and not Mrs. Sironmani Navaratnam – the individual.

2.The Office of  President  was born a Constitutional eunuch due to the short-sightedness of  its creator - Mr. JR Jayawardene. The position’s ability to procreate was further weakened by Mr. Rajapaksa who became the medium for the common Sinhalese to label the Common Tamil a Terrorist at worst and an ‘outsider’ at best. The proof is in the pudding – the Common Government that is not capable of producing an Equal Opposition – Constitutionally or Naturally.

Dr. Jayatilleka confirms that he needs Tamils to point the finger at when Sri Lanka gets the failure grades from wider world. At least for that reason he needs Tamils to be part of One Sri Lanka.

Today’s experience is tomorrow’s position of responsibility. As per common knowledge  - Tamils suffered more in the war than Sinhalese. Everyone who participates in this cost without shifting blame to escape the pain  - is naturally laying the foundations of those higher positions of responsibility and rights. If they are blocked in Sri Lanka – other pathways would open for the global minded investor.  The tradition minded investor would go into meditation to live in and love Nature –The tradition minded investor would go into meditation to live in and love Nature and even if this  were a sealed coffin would Resurrect her/himself to become the Guardian Angel of Sri Lanka

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