Thursday 16 April 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 16 April  2015

How Sri Lanka Became Hindu through the war

There is active discussion amongst Sinhalese Diaspora about how ‘Sri Lanka won the war’. One who owns does not ‘see’ and one who sees does not ‘own’.  The former is the experiencer and the latter is the observer. Tamil LTTE leadership was eliminated just as Sinhalese JVP was. If one felt pain in this – it was an ownership decision.  If there was no pain – then it is not based on ownership. Effectively – Political Rebellion in Sri Lanka has become the parallel of drugs in Indonesia and the 2009 Sri Lankan deaths due to the actions of the Armed Forces  are the parallel of the death sentence that Australians are facing in Indonesia. Both are without belief that the other is a part of them.  Where there is high consciousness that the other side is a part of one with responsibility for the whole – there is no win or loss but just protection of the whole. One who ‘sees’ win therefore does not recognize the other side as part of the whole. It’s an alien force. Hence the claim of victory.

The Bali 9 matter is now being escalated to the Constitutional Court and this would contribute to prevention of  Indonesians accumulating negative karma as per the system of Truth. In terms of the Sri Lankan karma – where the People are consistently acting in breach of the Letter  of the Law - one needs to look at removing the Constitutional provisions that elevate the Government’s  authority. Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution states:

9. The Republic of Sri Lanka shall give to Buddhism the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana, while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1)(e).

 The above mentioned claim – that ‘Sri Lanka won the war’ is in breach of the philosophy of Lord Buddha who resorted to renunciation and meditation to realize Absolute Governance /Nirvana. That is the parallel of Meditating Shiva in Hinduism.

But as per Hindu Philosophy – when God came to Earth as Rama and Krishna – Dharma / Righteousness was restored after open war against the Unrighteous rulers. In Mahabharatham – even the good on the side of the Unrighteous side were killed by the side Krishna was with – not as the apparent leader but as the Charioteer  – empowering the Righteous side. In addition – the Hindu Deity – Lord Muruga destroyed Unrighteous Soorapathman in war. There is no such example in Buddhism to endorse a war through weapons. Hence in effect – the leaders of Sri Lanka have used the Hindu pathway as the foremost law. Any Sri Lankan who claims victory over unrighteousness through armed-war is taking the Hindu pathway. When this is claimed by the leaders – it is the real provisions of the Constitution. Hence if religion is needed by Sri Lanka – article 9 should be re-written to confirm Hinduism as the foremost religion in Sri Lanka.

In the alternative all religions need to be expressly recognized at Equal level in the Sri Lankan Constitution.

One who uses religion for ulterior purpose would invoke negative karma through those who have invested deeply in that religion. The true fostering of Buddhism would render low status to Armed Forces for defence only and that too as a last resort. If Sri Lankan leaders had undertaken the path of Meditation and Education on the basis of Truth discovered through such Meditation – they would not have needed big investment in Armed Forces. Now that they have been elevated to the higher status – that automatically negates the value of Buddhism for every Sri Lankan claiming victory over another through armed war. Given the above provision in the Constitution – every Sri Lankan who claims victory through armed war is losing Constitutional Power to govern. Only those who resort to Meditation and Education would have the powers to work the Constitution with the blessings of Lord Buddha. 

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