Friday 3 April 2015

Good Friday

Truth and Law
 Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 03April  2015

Today is Good Friday. To me,  Good Friday means the death of the physical which paves the way for Truth to manifest Itself.   The day Jesus gave up His body therefore is a Good day. It is sad but it is Good – as confirmed by Easter Sunday. Sadness is temporary between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Birth is completed by Death to make our life wholesome. Losing body consciousness therefore makes us wholesome. Truth is permanent and  always manifests Itself to support  those who live in Truth to Resurrect themselves. That to me is the essence of Easter Message.

When one person’s Truth is taken as the law by another – such law has the power of protecting every genuine practitioner of that law. The places where such Truth is born and where such law is practiced also acquire the Divine Energy and become sacred places. This need not necessarily be a temple / church. It could be land, home, workplace. In places where there is use of law without connection to Truth through belief – such laws tend to become weapons of destruction of  media through which Truth could be manifested. Colonial Rule became destructive for this reason and Gandhi who lived by his Truth became the medium of Resurrection of India’s Independent nature.

This morning I received an email from a Sri Lankan Diaspora leader – directing me to a recording of the Sri Lankan National Anthem in Tamil.

I have heard the live version of this in Northern Sri Lanka and hence its existence was not news to me. But it reinforced the Truth I knew within – that Tamils believe they belong in Sri Lanka. Every place where the Anthem is sung with belief becomes sacred even if it is just by One person in the minority community.  Laws and declarations by those in high positions – to lay claim to the physical aspect of the nation – are the alien forces in that place of Truth.

One point of contention between Tamil leaders and Sinhalese leaders – is the placement of Sinhalese armed forces in Tamil areas. Where majority in a minority community are conscious of ethnic differences – the minority community has earned the right to self-protection.  This may very well result in Tamils killing each other. But we cannot have self-rule without accepting the effects of such weaknesses. If we are not able to accept and absorb  such weaknesses – we are not ready for self-rule.

The Sri Lankan Government-controlled Armed Forces continue to occupy land in Northern Sri Lanka. Where a person who truly believed that that land was her/his ‘Home’ died due to the activities that resulted in this occupation – the side that claims victory in those activities – have the duty to submit that victory to the family and community that that believer belongs to. If instead, the land is occupied by the forces as if it were theirs – their own would be infected with the weaknesses that they claim to eliminate through their presence. In other words, the person who manifests one side owns the other side also. It is therefore important to include belief in the decision making process. Belief based law is healthy. They often manifest the costs first and the benefits happen later.

Former Sri Lankan President – Mr. Rajapaksa was clever and protected himself by the armed forces. Not so the current Sri Lankan President for himself. But the position itself carries the Energy that was developed by the Rajapaksa regime. One confirmation of such Energy is the presence of the armed forces in Northern Sri Lanka.  The current Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, the Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe stated recently in his interview with Thanthi TV:

[I would say large number of people of Sri Lanka, including a large number of Tamils have been killed in the conflict. Some of them are casualties of war. Some are killed for no reasons at all. Deaths have been partly due to the operations of the Sri Lankan Army, security forces, partly due to the operations of the IPKF, partly due to the operations of the LTTE...]
Out of all of the above armed forces – the only one remaining is the Sri Lankan Government-controlled armed forces.
To the question ‘Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran largely blames you for decision to retain the army in the North. He says you are playing obsolete political tactics for electoral reasons … Do you deny the charge?
Mr. Wickramasinghe responded as follows:
[Ranil Wickramasinghe: Army is in all parts of Sri Lanka. I don't find any reason why the army should go out of any district in Sri Lanka, there are district head quarters in every part of Sri Lanka, and actually their structure is based on the India one.]

Chettikulam Camp used to Vacate True Owners from their Homeland

If the need was calculated to be the same in Northern Sri Lanka as it was in other parts of the country – then all parts would have been protected by the armed forces on the basis of population.  That belief would quietly protect the believer to whom that area is ‘home’. The above response by the Prime Minister was manifested on 06 March  2015. The other side happened 20 days later – on 26 March 2015 when the current President’s brother was axed in his ‘home area’ – confirming that they also needed Equal Protection as Northern Sri Lankans or v.v.  To the extent we do not know – we need to use belief as our Guide. Acting ‘clever’ when one is in a position of advantage – leads to manifestations of the other side in one’s home area.

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