Monday 6 April 2015

No Country No Name

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 06 April  2015

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. I went to the local markets at the Sydney suburb of Kingsford and even as I was buying a toy to be added to the pool that supplies regularly to Sri Lanka to be shared with my Community Grandchildren there – I noticed a book with the picture of my Spiritual Guru – Sri Sathya Sai Baba.  I picked it up and noticed the name ‘No Country; No Name’/ Ooru Ledu, Peru Ledu  (Ooru = Country; Peru = Name).  It was a very unusual place to find that book. There were no other books in that stall. The owners of the stall said they were of Greek origin and that they celebrated Easter next weekend. I took it as the book ‘happening’ there - for me to have a special message on Easter Sunday. I am now familiar with such Divine Guidance. This helps me not to ‘wait around’ for human approval and acceptance. Back in the car – I learnt that the book was written by fellow Australian Dr. Saravanapavan. The discovery of that book on this day – kept me happy all day. It boosted my confidence to remain close to Truth and raised my consciousness that Truth is Eternal.  

Then this morning I felt moved by the following report by SBS:

[On Sunday, Jakarta's Catholic Archbishop, Ignatius Suharyo Hardjoatmodjo, told reporters he was saddened by Indonesia's use of the death penalty, which he described as a "failure of humanity".
Also distressing for the archbishop was the severe treatment of Chan and Sukumaran when they were moved last month from their Bali jail cells to Nusakambangan, which involved a fighter jet escort.
"These men were handcuffed, was it necessary to be guarded by Sukhoi?" he told reporters after his Easter Sunday service.
"For me that's not strictness, for me that's very saddening because it's obvious that power wants to show itself and human dignity is not cherished."]

Jesus has confirmed that there is life after death and that those who live in their Truth have the ability to resurrect themselves. By celebrating Easter – we are confirming that we accept that the dead do look after those who believe in them. This to me is how the Lord’s system functions.

The end of Law is Truth. Where the beginning of Law is also Truth – it is a perfect law. The law that prescribes Death Sentence  needs to be such a perfect law if it is to uphold that birth in a particular place at a particular time is not controlled by humans. Human law is like external medicine. The following Message from Alexander the Great comes to mind: ‘.I want my physicians to carry my coffin because people should realize that no doctor on this earth can really cure any body. They are powerless and cannot save a person from the clutches of death. So let not people take life for granted.

The closer we are to birth and death – the weaker the influence of external powers/laws. This is the reason why a leader needs to be extremely cautious in applying the death sentence. Where there is common faith – there is common ownership. Systems built around this nucleus depend on relativity due to the degree of common faith felt. These relationships  are the laws that lead to Oneness – the Truth that we are all Children of God. When it comes to punishment by law therefore – the punishment needs to be relative until we get to the worst offender in that issue – known to that authority. Even at that stage the person with authority needs to feel that s/he is punishing a part of her/himself as required by Oneness Law of Humanity.

The Indonesian system may still go ahead with the death penalty. But the return karma would be birth of Terrorists on Indonesian soil where death is unjust and takes place due to political  reasons – in this case due to Election promises. Without those Election promises – such deaths when unjust would have produced criminals. But once these acts are influenced by votes – they are against the State itself and therefore are investments in Terrorism.

Indonesia has the opportunity to protect itself from such negative karma and eliminate Death Penalty now that it has been made an Election issue. The deepest  partnership between Australia and Indonesia would be through this Bali issue – where Indonesia is lacking in resources and Truth to identify and punish the higher leaders. Hence the lower level offenders who could be reformed are being punished for political purposes. Death to be part of Natural Justice – needs to be reserved for the worst possible offender within the reach of the highest authority of the Land. And even then death sentence  needs to be applied only where the state  has no means of keeping that person behind bars. Any lesser thought process will return the excess to the sender. Australians for our part have earned positive karma through the Bali group – to prevent Terrorism being groomed in Australia. The damage to one who grooms terrorists is far deeper than  the damage to the victims. With death – every such investment becomes a heritage beyond the direct control of  current generation. 

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