Thursday 2 April 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 02 April  2015

The Great & the Good

Recently there was social discussion about our Australian Prime Minister the Hon Tony Abbott – with special reference to the Prime Minister’s comments about ‘life-style choices’ of indigenous Australians – in relation to funding by the Public. Young ones driven by their desire to show cleverness were highly critical of this description. I said however that to my mind, Mr. Abbott was a good Prime Minister. I pointed out that he was the only Prime Minister who responded to my communication. Mr. Kevin Rudd did when he was in Opposition but when he became Prime Minister the dynamics changed. To my mind it was no coincidence that Mr. Abbott responded when he was in opposition and later when he became Prime Minister. Those of us without special leadership positions are driven by experience – our own personal experience. My investment in government has been strengthened and valued by Mr. Abbott in that position – through my experience. This I believe is invaluable to both sides. We take the essence of experience with us into our next life.

Alexander the Great is reported to have stated as one of his death wishes – that his empty hands must be seen by the public – so they learn that even though he was great – he was not taking any tangible wealth with him.

This morning out of my emails received – two stood out due to the lessons I could learn from them. One was about Mr. Rajapaksa – and was headed ‘Sri Lankan ex-president's vanity airport project grounded by cash crunch’ and the other had the copy of  letter by the Chief Minister of Northern Province of Sri Lanka to the Hon K. Shanmugam – Singapore’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Law. The former was an example of  the wastage resulting from excessive accumulation of money and the latter  was about the wastage of status accumulated through an unreliable system of human Justice. In some way – Mr. Wigneswaran is confirming that his investment in the Doctrine of Separation of Powers between the Judiciary and the Executive is as weak as that of Mr. Rajapaksa who built his own Taj-Mahal in Hambantota while verbally promising  Alleviation of Poverty through the Divineguma Program.  This Program had the negative karma which manifested as the dismissal of the Chief Justice by the Executive.

As highlighted previously – the Doctrine of Separation of Powers has been breached by  Mr. Wigneswaran who through his letterhead describes himself as Justice C.V.Wigneswaran, Chief Minister, Northern Province. Where there is shortage of educated  leadership it is understandable that one person would function through two positions. But they must be strictly separated.  When they are indiscriminately mixed – the outcome is confirmation of  ignorance or abuse of democracy. Mr. Wigneswaran states :

The above confirms that Mr. Wigneswaran considers himself as Governor of Sri Lankan Tamils. One is entitled to express such belief as an individual without any portfolio. As Chief Minister of Northern Province of Sri Lanka –  the Hon  Wigneswaran represents all People of  Northern Province and not just Tamils. I for one do not feel gratitude towards Mr. Lee Kuan Yew or any other Singaporean or Malaysian. I deeply appreciate the feelings of  villagers in Tamil Nadu who expressed beautifully their gratitude to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew – as per their experience in attaining financial independence. I admire the courage and commitment of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew but I do not feel ‘grateful’. Even with those who directly supported my development – I have completed the relationship by progressing from Beneficiary to  Service-Provider. This is also the case with Australia where I have honored Sri Lanka by upholding that my Sri Lankan qualifications were my highest. Hence to the extent I contribute through that Sri Lankan knowledge Sri Lanka is the Service Provider to Australia. Likewise Service Providers groomed in Ceylon/Sri Lanka – contributing to the development of Singapore and Malaysia.

As parents we are Service Providers. To the extent we groom our children to become Service Providers to their children – we complete the relationship and become facilities that all can draw from. We become natural governors of the family.  Justice Wigneswaran would have been comfortable in this role through his legal family – especially in Northern Sri Lanka where Thesawalamai Customary Law continues to be practiced even today by the common family. By indiscriminately mixing  this natural status with that of the structured status of Chief Minister – Mr. Wigneswaran is misleading the Public – especially the Jaffna voters whose ambitions include jobs in the Judiciary. If driven by Gratitude – Mr. Wigneswaran needs to be grateful to Colombo for his of title ‘ Justice’. In real terms – Mr. Wigneswaran needs to complete his relationship within the legal family – by grooming others to be like him as legal professionals – including in Northern Province.

I do believe that there is need for improvement in Justice Administration in Northern Sri Lanka. As Chief Minister with Judicial wisdom – Mr. Wigneswaran has the right to develop that part of  Provincial Administration so that Northern Province would be more independent of  Politicians including himself as Chief Minister. THAT would be true parenting.

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