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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 04 April  2015

Natural Coalition of Minorities

Yesterday we had a community obligation to fulfil which we had to travel more than an hour into Hill suburbs of Sydney.  The address we had to go to was not listed in our old road directory and we experienced great difficulties – especially because most of the commercial places were closed due to yesterday being Good Friday. Finally we saw a group outside a community center and approached them. They were saying prayers and we quietly joined in. After the end of the prayer session we asked whether someone could help us find that address and the leader did so willingly – through the electronic map in his phone.  Even as  I thanked him I felt that this was return for our prayers many times at the Church of Our Lady of Schoenstatt – in the suburb of Mulgoa.  In both instances the groups were migrant groups – the ones in Mulgoa being usually migrants from the Philippines and the one that helped us yesterday was from Indonesia. Migrant status was the Commonness linking all of us.

Thinking more and more about it – I felt that when we do our best and leave the rest to the Lord we would make the connection between our prayers and the outcomes. Being a minority helps us connect more quickly to other minorities and invoke their genuine help.  The Hon Philip Ruddock who actively participates in  issues concerning Communities of Sri Lankan origin – said likewise during a community function – that he ‘left the rest to the Lord’.

The death of  Tamil civilians in  the final stages of the latest Sri Lankan war continues to be a major problem in Sri Lankan governance due to this ‘lacking in submission to the Lord’. On the Government’s side – continued occupation of Lands that belonged to civilians – both private and public – confirms that there is enforced occupation and therefore that the ‘rest of the issue has not been left to the Lord’. On the part of Tamil leadership  – there is lack of  insight into the True inherent powers of Sovereignty that would form natural coalitions of minorities as happened to us yesterday. When we are in pain due to what we believe to be discrimination – and we do our best to uphold our Truth and then live within our commonly allocated status – we are ‘leaving the rest to the Lord’. Tamils who seek to realize self-governance in Sri Lanka – need the Natural Coalition of Minorities within Sri Lanka – for example with Muslims. As Gandhi pointed out ‘we need to know that we are capable of achieving independence without external input’. Equal status through majority power using outsiders is NOT confirmation of  Sovereignty. Members of Tamil Diaspora need to work through resident groups to develop this inner power of self-sufficiency. Shows of power without development of Tamil villages would be an opportunity costs to development of internal powers.

Through my own experience I believe that one who is truly committed to self-governance would forgo all else when needed. Such sacrifices are pathways to submitting the ‘rest to the Lord’.  Then we look to the Lord’s system for returns.

It is important that we not only govern ourselves but also prevent others – especially those who are in Administrative positions – from cheating us of our earned rights. To work out what our current rights are – we need to keep restructuring our pathways to include contributions by all sides and not live as per the visible outcomes that seem advantageous to us. One has to lose consciousness of the body to ascend and give new form to the same spirit. This to me is the essence of Easter Celebrations. During  Easter we celebrate the Eternal Truth that takes higher forms confirming our closeness to the Lord. Towards this we need to believe that there is God’s contribution to our ascendance. One who submits to the Lord knows through experience.

The inclusion of Buddhism as the first religion of Sri Lanka, through article 9 of the Constitution – the Government of Sri Lanka reduced opportunity for Sri Lankan Buddhists to realize the inherent powers of religious belief through the independent natural pathway. As per this article:

The Republic of Sri Lanka shall give to Buddhism the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana, while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1)(e)]

Once there is duty by human law – there is relativity through rights and wrongs as per that human law.  A religion must earn its place through its own independent contribution to the society that practices that religion. One that depends on human law for its status does not qualify as religion  that leads its followers to the Lord through the inherent powers of that religion.  Under such circumstances – when there is a win – one would not claim victory by saying ‘I did it’.  Instead one would identify with the contribution of the Lord – so Buddhists would know that it is the Truth of Lord Buddha that protected their sovereignty and not lesser humans who ‘give’ and ‘take’ status.

Tamils who recognize  the death of their loved ones as being part of the cost of independence – would honor such heroes through prayers and submission to the Lord and not keep demanding from lesser humans who are yet to realize their own sovereignty. The moment we point the finger at someone else and say ‘they did it’ we must be ready for the limitations of the human system. Such finger pointing is good for the purpose of giving form. But beyond that we need to be on our own to rise to the higher level with the little we have. If we seek to claim ‘we did it’ we would need the wider human system where Sri Lankans of any ethnicity are minorities. Let’s therefore resurrect ourselves through our Truth and nothing but the Truth.  

Appendix  - Naan Australian

Chapter 27

Leave the Rest to Me

……The Courts are not the final judges.  We the Commoners do not have access to International Courts.  But each one of us has access to the Court of Natural Justice – through our Truth.  I have had enough experience of this through these legal actions and proceedings.  The weak-minded would have given up at the thought of defeat.  But I registered my use of Due Process by taking legal action after exhausting all internal mechanisms – for which I had to wait a long time with forbearance. But all that gave me credit with the system of Nature which helps us work any system through Truth in others. Where Truth does not dominate – we must not expect results as per our genuine work. We must accept that which is delivered at the highest level possible for us – and then submit the rest to Nature.  Hence my Swami Sai Baba’s message – ‘Leave the Rest to Me’ as follows:

‘‘I do not make decisions only on your present situation. For I have known the past, more than you can ever remember, and I see your future ahead. I decide, when I look at your past Karmas, your present spiritual effort. That determines your future. Spread your hands, ask for My grace, spiritually discipline yourself and leave the rest to Me.’ 

To me all we have to do is spiritually discipline ourselves and leave the rest to the Lord to live in peace.

In my letter to the Commonwealth Attorney General I state also:

Mr. Ruddock, the session was very traumatic for me. My mind broke down many times and I kept drinking glasses of water to steady my shaking body

As indicated in the attached submission dated 07 November 2006, his Honour was very much led by Barrister Colin Hodgson. The transcript of the proceedings of which I intend to apply for copies, would confirm this to a seeker of Truth. I don’t owe it to anyone to prove myself. His Honour is free to sue me if he feels defamed. After all, his Honour did not think that I was entitled to defamation compensation for being sent to prison and publicly labeled mentally ill, just for ‘waiting’ in public area to see the Vice Chancellor of the University of New South Wales. What’s good for me is good for his Honour. It’s high time the Judiciary and the executive government learnt that there is a world beyond themselves that some of us have discovered through our Truth. It is the world of self-governance and independence, with faith in Truth and Natural Justice. Last night, I died as a migrant. I cried and cried and decided to go and live in the St. Yoga Swami Aachramam (Meditation Village) in Vanni - the capital of the Tamil Tigers. That is where my brother in law lives. What’s good for my brother in law is good for me. 

I thought of what happened to me here in Australia - which country was presented to me by my husband who was invited by the UNSW to migrate to Australia, as a country of honey and milk. Instead, it has turned out to be the land of Paavakkai (bitter gourd ) and cyanide. I thought of leaving behind my whole family and allowed myself the luxury of feeling sorry for myself in the comfort of my own company. 

I thought also of my family and friends ‘serves them right for not actively supporting my work. Now they can do without me.’ I thought of the accommodation in the St Yoga Swami Aachramam - which is home to poor parents and orphaned parents. I thought of the beds without mattresses and the common dormitories and toilets. The beds without mattresses did not worry me so much. I already sleep on the floor here in Sydney - to remind myself of the injustice that I have experienced due to my faith in the Australian system of Justice. As for the toilets, I reminded myself of the toilet facilities inside the cell in Mulawa prison and how I had to share that in one instance, with a drug addict who was hallucinating that someone was coming through the door to murder her - like her twin sister was murdered. That was the night I was brought back from the horror chambers - of Caritas, St. Vincent’s hospital. I vowed not to eat any food except fruit for the rest of the two year term in prison - but a kind psychiatric nurse changed my accommodation the following morning and helped me change my mind saying that my food was not contaminated with medication and assured me that the authorities had made a mistake in sending me to the psychiatric section.. 

Thinking of all this and planning to write a book on all this as I have been invited to time and time again - so that the Tamil Tigers would not feel that they are the only ones victimized by Western societies and their puppets, I dozed off. During the creative time of the morning Brammah Muhoorthum, I had a vision from Above - that I am to help Muslims and Tamils including those here in Australia. It came through Shridi Baba - the previous incarnation of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, my Spiritual Guru.. Sathya Sai Baba stopped me from going back to Sri Lanka, after I heard Ms Pauline Hanson on ABC’s Four Corners program. Red kungkumum powder - the symbol of Love, appeared on my picture of Him on 05 November 98 - the day the Auditor General’s report confirming my observations about the UNSW Administrative systems was published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Since then I have proven the Auditor General wrong, by using the open and public discussion on Performance Indicators - that they cannot be used in audits because they were management tools. In other words, I have proven that Sri Lankan Accounting fundamentals are far stronger than Australian Accounting fundamentals. They may both look the same. But the real test is through the actual values practiced. 

This time I felt that the call was for me to propagate that the NSW Attorney General and yourself are continuing to condone the use of ‘Frivolous and Vexatious’ clauses in legislation, to arbitrarily dismiss legal claims. Yesterday’s Judge also tried hard to dismiss under this clause. The real judgment says that he could not. His Honour in accepting my definition said that he could not use the term frivolous to me - and said that I held deeply entrenched convictions. His Honour said that in terms of vexatious also, that he could not apply the usual imputation to me but said that it was difficult to make out what I was pleading for. In summary that the format in which I had made my claim was not in order. My Claim was dismissed on this basis. My basis was as per the rules of the Supreme Court and as per the orders given by her Honour Judge Gibson of the District Court, on 16 March 2006. No Judge went through the facts presented as per that Objective format. Like most other documents, including our citizenship papers, that was just for the records to show others that the courts were democratic. But in real life, the way Asian migrants are considered to be ‘inferior’ to the White Australian, these Objective statements are considered inferior to the Subjective statements made by lawyers. The more expensive those lawyers are the easier it is to win the judge over. My Statement of facts was difficult for the Senior Judge to read and appreciate because it is an Objectively drawn up statement. I did do the summary - called pleadings which were expressions of my Truth. Naturally, the Judge led by expensive lawyers representing three of the most powerful clients in this country, could not identify with my pleadings. His Honour was used to fancy legal language that brought lawyers money and success from those who are fooled by qualifications and style. The Defendants did not make any written pleadings themselves. Their submissions were their pleadings and they were fool of theory. 

His Honour indicated that he had followed my advice about the Defendants not having followed Due Process and criticized that ‘structure’ was lacking in their work. They got the outcome they wanted - but there is a grave error of law in this ruling. His Honour stated that the self-represented litigant was a fact of life - but that it was also causing the Courts much damage. As per my observations, the damage was largely due to lawyers still living in the Subjective world - the same way Universities are.

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