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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 20 April  2015

Measure for Measure
Is Australian Life worth only $450,000?

The basis of Racial Equality, Privacy Law and the Doctrine of Separation of Powers - to my mind – is fundamentally the same. One needs privacy / to identify with one’s own Truth. One travels with others including through laws but finally to identify with one’s own Truth one has to  go it alone. These laws are vehicles that  take us close to the place of worship. They cannot take us inside because of the walls around  the altar /  nucleus/ soul of the place of worship. Our body which gives us particular form is that wall. That inner pathway is our own diversity. Some construct walls around themselves because they want to go it alone or because they have gone it alone in the past. This is fine – so long as they do not receive benefits from others pathways.

It is for this reason of realizing our sovereignty that we need privacy. But one must earn that privacy by contributing more to the common pathway than one has derived from that common pathway.  The environment in which we live needs us to have that Privacy because when  we discover our own Truth we add Universal Energy to our Environment. That Universal Energy is the ultimate empowerment that protects our earnings and savings. One who lives in her/his Truth identifies with the Truth of the environment. It happens instantaneously.  They say that Light Energy does not need a wave to travel through. Hence, to my mind – lightening speed. Truth likewise is instantaneous and is Still. It travels so fast that It is still.  It does not need the wave of law/reasoning  through which to travel. Where there is True need True Service  immediately connects itself to the need.

The basic duty of any Government is to be this True Service to each of its common citizen. Hence Sovereignty of the Individual is as important as the Sovereignty of the Country. Where religion is part of the common pathways/laws  through which  individuals travel towards experiencing Sovereignty    there needs to be separation of powers at an early stage – so that the group would discover its Sovereignty in its own privacy. Where a member of the group backtracks to the early section of the common path – that member is bound by the common pathway and not the religious pathway.

In Sri Lanka, where Buddhism is the foremost religion as per Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution – Separation of powers is required for other religious groups at the structural level of governance . Some of us may choose the common secular pathway – especially in citizen-to-citizen connections and networks but if we are to follow the law closely – as the Government is required to – then we are entitled to travel with our own cultural group from the very beginning.  The Sri Lankan Constitution  confirms this need  this through Article 9. It is further confirmed by articles 10 and 14 (1) (e ).

A fellow Australian of Sinhalese origin responded in relation to my articles on the Bali 9 :

[The activities of this Tamil drug smuggler and others engaging in this despicable trade has brought death and suffering to a large number of Indonesians. Can Gaja Param and the Australian Tamil Management Service tell us what punishment should be given to this criminal ? ]

I responded as follows:

[I believe that the only person with the authority to punish me  is myself. Often because we do not identify with the damage caused to others through our weaknesses – we develop systems as a group – starting with family – so as to maintain our sovereignty as a group.  When we accept the authority of service providers above us – we are entitled to draw from the common pool of benefits.  The moment we punish someone unjustly – we lose our own Sovereignty.

In the case of Myuran – he is entitled to our merits in this issue.  ‘Our’ here means – family and Community and in Myuran’s case Australian Nation because  he did not see himself as being different to others in the group. I doubt that my support would have been invoked in support of someone who did identify himself  to be from a Tamil only group.  To the extent Myuran invested in us, he is entitled to our ‘Public Resources’. Hence his crime becomes ours in Common.  Myuran has demonstrated deep fondness for his Mum and immediate family and they for him.  Without having felt remorse – Myuran would not have developed this fondness leading to true Love. He has thus paid his dues – not as an individual but as part of a Community and Nation. Whoever punishes him after that is using excessive authority. If someone had already been damaged by Myuran’s actions – that someone has the authority to get even with him. But this is NOT the case.  It is Australia v Indonesia now.  As an Individual Myuran is no longer guilty and is a free man – even if he were physically in prison. If you still keep allocating lower status to him as if he was a criminal – you cannot be an Australian.  You are more like an Indonesian. Read the article below to know how to my mind -  these ‘natural collusions’ happen:  Politician; Administrator; Governor – Sri Lanka & Indonesia at

In that article I have shared with readers -  the natural influence  (as per my mind) -  that  the Indonesian and Sri Lankan - law and order systems - had over each other. Both countries have demonstrated strong local / domestic attachments and weak investment in globalization. Hence their common principles on the basis of which law and order is maintained are bound to be inconsistent across cultures.   Every innocent person punished takes value away from the Sovereignty of the punishing group. Once an offender pays her/his dues needed to cure her/him – and restore her/his sovereignty - s/he is an innocent person for that issue. Every offender damages her/his sovereignty when s/he knowingly or otherwise damages another’s ability to cure her/himself through her/his Truth.  Two or more self-governing groups would naturally and quietly join forces. Similarly, two or more groups with poor record of law and order  would also join forces naturally. At both extremes they become forces that travel freely as per their nuclear power. Mental force is higher than physical force. Truth transcends the mental force also and becomes uplifting Spiritual merit or down-pulling sin.

 Hence we need to develop / adopt laws that would prevent such natural collusions between down-pulling forces that effectively compound sins.  Laws help us mark the offenders wrong – and this prevents accumulation of sin. Had I been heard when I went to speak to the Vice Chancellor of the University – and the wrongs were recognized and addressed – the University would have saved itself the public humiliation that followed.  Likewise Australians would have been saved the pain and helplessness of  Bali bombing if Mr. Howard had heard me genuinely. Eventually we get as per our own earnings. I had strong investment in multicultural systems and Mr. Howard’s was weak. By listening to me – Mr. Howard would have empowered himself. Mr. Abbott did and the Bali 9 matter has already invoked world attention due to  which I identify with the returns of my own investment in global standards. If the Indonesian Government is also listening – we would achieve an outcome that would respond to all investors – each as per their own level of investment in the issue.

According to news reports:

[THE beheading of two domestic workers in Saudi Arabia makes no difference to Indonesia's plans to execute two Australians and eight others, its attorney-general says.]

The news reports state also:
["From the beginning, the government has struggled to provide her with assistance and has asked the family [of the victim] for forgiveness," Indonesia's foreign ministry said in a statement.]

This confirms that if Indonesian Government had punished the perpetrator – ‘forgiveness from the victim’s family’ would have freed the offender from the Death Penalty. Applying that to the Bali 9 matter – when our Australian Prime Minister urged  for Clemency to be considered – the Indonesian Government which expected that of the Saudi Government ought to have ‘forgiven’ – through the Clemency provision.  In any case in this instance there was no death on  Indonesian soil to take life for life.

Indonesian Government accepting the laws of Saudi Arabia on Indonesians is more natural than Australian Government  accepting the laws of Indonesia on Australians. The reason is Common Belief. Truth is the basis of any reliable law/theory. One ought to have discovered the Truth or one has to have belief in the person who made the discovery that forms the basis of the law. Where such basis is Islam – then one needs to question whether punishing a Christian or Hindu through such a law is valid. As stated above – if someone punishes another – without that common belief by the punisher – such punishment is immoral/sinful. Where one identifies that the cultures of the two parties concerned are different – one needs to abstain from applying laws that are culture based. Given that Indonesia seeks to benefit from the work of global minds – it needs to choose carefully the types of offences that would attract serious punishment including the ultimate death penalty – not only for foreigners but also for global minded Indonesians. The wider our investment the less we need to expressly use the local belief based path.

As per the law of Nature – every unit of cost will produce its equal unit of benefit. In the system of democracy the beneficiary accepts costs that are equal to the benefits s/he enjoys. This leads to the service provider becoming a facility leading to equal status for both provider and beneficiary. The value is calculated through a self-assessment process.   As per the laws of Nature – one who has punished her/himself  has restored her/his independence and therefore is Sovereign again. Australians are more likely to punish themselves as per their own calculations than Indonesians or Sri Lankans who have invested less than Australians  in Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Hence when an Australian is punished by Indonesian authority it needs to be strictly on Equal and Opposite  basis. To the extent the Australian benefited by using Indonesian facilities/resources – Indonesian Government has the authority to recover those costs. This includes the cost of educating the Indonesian Public against crimes. To that extent the penalty could be demanded from the Australian – and where the Australian is not able to pay – the Australian could be imprisoned. I myself went to prison for refusing to pay on the basis of  my assessment that I was  ‘not guilty’. By doing so I was strengthening the system of self-assessment and therefore Democracy.  Had I found myself to be guilty – I would have accepted the fine. It was in the footsteps of Gandhi’s non-violent non-cooperation. This approach is needed when the governing force and the one being governed are of different cultures in relation to that issue.

Money is the parallel of votes in democracy. Like Equal Opposition in Parliament – one who damages opportunities and benefits – and reimburses that cost – is now entitled to govern / decide and mentally exit the area of confinement. Reconciling this with the physical is the responsibility of the Government.  How is the cost  determined? The economic value of a common citizen could be calculated using financial statistics. The Human Force value and the Common National Ownership require more complex calculations and hence we use belief based insight.  These cannot be used on ‘outsiders’.  Likewise outsiders cannot damage these inner values. So far as outsiders are concerned the damage is limited to the economic value.  If  Indonesia does not have the knowledge to calculate the costs – then one could use the Equal & Opposite Benefits method – just as we have Equal & Opposite ‘other side’ in parliament.

According to reports the value of the Benefit carried by  the Bali 9 was Four Million Australian Dollars.   This would make it about $450,000 per person. Is that the value of Common Economic Value of Indonesian life? It certainly is NOT the value of Common Economic Value of Australian life.

The deeper damages to the person and the community that the person belongs to and/or lives in – are NOT within the jurisdiction of  Indonesians in this instance. Such  Authority and the Responsibility rests with the Australian systems – the Government, Community and Family systems used confidentially and internally. Each participant has a role of responsibility and these need to be clearly defined where there are clear demarcations of jurisdiction and separation of powers. The Australian Government has the Responsibility to invoke UN intervention to protect this attack on the  Sovereignty of Australia. This is urgently required due also to the following report:

[Lawyers last week lodged a challenge with the Constitutional Court to challenge the clemency process, but the court is yet to register it.]

Now that we Australians believe that the Bali 9 have paid the value of more than 4 million dollars worth of benefit any further punishment would be an attack on our Sovereignty and damage to our investment in Democracy. Why do we need Democracy if we cannot as a nation redeem an repair our damaged Sovereignty through a self-assessment process? Anyone punishing Australian beyond economic / physical damage must do so as an Australian authority would punish except where the visible damage is so terrible/inhumane  that time and place demarcations are lost consciousness of  and Measure for Measure method is used to defend the Sovereignty of the attacked. If this principle is not upheld,  Australia is effectively being ruled by Indonesia.


The Damage to cohesion due to Buddhism in the Constitution of Sri Lanka: An email discussion:

Buddhist Sri Lankan:  
1.       [But I doubt you have really understood the position of Buddhism in relation to military service.]

Hindu Sri Lankan:
Why do I need to understand the position of Buddhism in relation to Sri Lankan Governance?   Did Buddha appoint the Government on the basis of his own belief and wisdom? If yes, then I would take it that Buddha is the ruler showing me the pathway and given that I was born in that part of the world called Ceylon – the Lord meant for me to know and understand Buddhism in my pathway. Since Ceylon/Sri Lanka was already benefiting from Democracy, I am entitled to keep Buddhism completely away from my life. By doing so – I have also the obligation to live within my own cultural beliefs – and Defend my territory which has been provided for in the Constitution through articles 10 & 14. Having chosen the narrower pathway of a minority group I have the obligation to that whole to not disturb those using the express pathway of Buddhism. If I gain knowledge – my mind gets activated and I would not get to my destination of Truth  as quickly as I would if I had been undisturbed by Buddhism which is external to me by culture.  Once I realise the Truth – the whole benefits – including Buddhists. Hence I need to promote Separation of Powers towards the betterment of the whole and not join the majority as a weak follower.

Buddhist Sri Lankan:  
2.       [And a kingdom just like any other state cannot survive without security forces, a police service and a criminal justice system. All of which inevitably involve a degree of violence.]

Hindu Sri Lankan:
Violence is not physical damage. When one kills to defend one’s home territory – there is NO VIOLENCE. Many years ago when a strong LTTE supporter was arguing against my condemnation of ‘violence’ by the LTTE – a Tamil Diaspora leader rang.  The argument continued at his level. This leader – an academic – who had knowledge of my Gandhian pathway - said that Gandhi also had stated that we had the right to attack when our homes were threatened.  My response to him was that LTTE did not stop there. They sought to attack another in their home area and that was VIOLENCE. Similarly the attacks by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces on those who believed that they were defending their homeland – including through the assistance of the LTTE. Once you bring religion into to governance – belief by others becomes difficult for the government to identify with.  Hence Defence Forces  become Attacking Forces.  Violence is violence when one’s belief is attacked even by word or thought. Often those who take more benefits than they have earned end up as attackers when they have the status authority. For my part I do mark Tamils wrong to the extent they attack other religions in the name of  Defence. Where they are not able to change – I include them as part of myself and prevent them from going it alone. This is my main current contribution to Sri Lanka

You state:

Buddhist Sri Lankan:  

3.       [In fact no society can survive without some form of defense or security.]

Hindu Sri Lankan:
Every society can lead wholesome life without attack on other cultures.

Buddhist Sri Lankan:  
4.       [The Buddha therefore was not so naïve as to advise the rulers, who were his patrons and followers, to do away with their military forces and criminal justice systems in the name of non-violence. He did not expect rulers to become lame ducks in the face of internal or external threats to their kingdoms.]
Hindu Sri Lankan:
No. Buddha had the duty to promote non-violence by educating the kings to limit their armed actions only to defend – including to defend others’ beliefs - by attacking intruders from within the Government. The difference here is – that in Hinduism – Rama & Krishna became examples of such Governance forces. Buddha was advisor and he himself did not become the physical example through any position. Hence there can be no Buddhist manifestation within the apparent Government. Our pathway is the fluid form of our status. Given that Buddha did not take the pathway of defending through arms – as the monarch was entitled to – he did not have status in the government.  In fact Buddha renounced his monarchical status towards this. Krishna took part in the war as a chariot driver. In his own part of the kingdom, Krishna killed his own uncle to reclaim the throne. Hence Krishna has monarchical status in addition to being the Guru of Monarchs. Buddha like Christ – was the driving force without any apparent position in governance. Hence their philosophy does not have legitimate status in a government by military. Your quote  “sin writes history virtue is silent” outlines this structure.

Buddhist Sri Lankan:  
5.       [Yet at the same time Buddha did not deny that violence and bloodshed was bad karma. But their bad effect could be mitigated by the performance of good deeds and meritorious acts.  This is what he expected of rulers when he advised them on good governance (dasa raja dharma or dharmishta samaja).]

Hindu Sri Lankan:
Has this happened in Sri Lanka for those in Government?  Are they able to identify with the excesses?  If not – they need the victims’ representatives to manifest this.  Take for example myself. When I do this – I am often called a Tigress / LTTE supporter.  Is that not a violent thought? What meritorious actions has your group done to diffuse that karma and pave the way for good governance?

Buddhist Sri Lankan:  
6.       [If we take ‘sin’ in that sense it means attachments in all forms are the cause of samsara (cycle of birth, death and rebirth) and makes ‘the world go round’ as they say, whether we call it passion, love, human history, civilization, development, democracy, dictatorship, revolution, competition, aggression or whatever. ]
Hindu Sri Lankan:
Everything physical has two opposite sides along the lateral or vertical planes – as in X axis and Y axis. If you stand at the nuclear point you can see only one half fully at any point in time. Hence every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Where one is not aware of any other one has to wait for ‘time’ to show the reaction. Where there is an Equal Opposite available – the two combine to show the whole picture. Hence equal opposition in parliament. Where it is a monarchy – the other side needs to be in the mind for a balanced living. One who knows both sides in the mind is an Administrative  leader. One who knows only one side is a politician.  If therefore a politician takes more power than is needed to complete her/his side – and does so by silencing the real other side – s/he sins. If the politician takes less – than her/his entitlement – and facilitates others to express themselves s/he becomes a governor to that extent – like Buddha was. A governor is NOT relative.

In terms of samsara – to the extent we enjoy less benefits than we have earned we are like ascetics. Without this latent power – the world cannot move around Itself. We call this Chithambara Chackckaram. Chithambaram is the place of Dancing Shiva. Chackckaram is cycle. That personification is of the five forms of Energy in a Common Force powerful enough to still ‘time’.  It’s therefore virtual reality/experience. One who enjoys less than her/his earned benefits becomes the system that is the source of such benefits. Hence ‘Thou art that’.  Hence if I have contributed to Sri Lanka more than I have derived from Sri Lanka – then I am a Sri Lankan Governing force. I do not need anyone to endorse me as such. In fact a government authority that endorses me as something less – is an attacker – a violator of my realized rights  - even if s/he were the head of State. That attack is a sin.  One who has less ownership must take lower position in samsara – the relative world. It is the government’s duty to ensure that s/he does.

Buddhist Sri Lankan:  
7.       [Escaping from this vicious cycle is an individual effort. The Buddha only showed the way. Those who want to devote their entire lives to that quest may tread the spiritual path by becoming bhikkus (monks).  They are forbidden to bear arms or join the military. But not everyone is going to become monk or a nun or is in a position to become so.]

Hindu Sri Lankan:
Do we not have Jathika Hela Urumaya – a political party of Buddhist monks playing an active role in the government structure and activities? To my mind – they are sinners if they fail to openly balance the other side of the benefits they earn.  The have the right to represent a geographic area where majority residents are monks and nuns.  Because politics is one sided samsara they may need to have a place in parliament to have the status to oppose disturbance to their Buddhist area. . They do not have the moral authority to represent Buddhists who are in general  samsara. In fact when they support those who take more than their earned benefits and are therefore sinners – these monks become sinners.

Buddhist Sri Lankan:  
8.       [The adviser tells the king " my son, yourself depending on the Dhamma, revering it, doing homage to it, and venerating it having the Dhamma as your badge and banner, acknowledging the Dhamma as your master, you should establish guard, ward and protection according to Dhamma for your own household, your troops in the Army, your nobles and vassals, for Brahmins and householders, town and countryfolk, ascetics and Brahmins, for beasts and birds. Let no crime prevail in your kingdom"]

Hindu Sri Lankan:
Interesting that the advisor has used the specific word ‘Brahmins’ – the Priest Caste in Hinduism.  Aren’t Buddhist monks the Priests in the above passage? How can they be Kings/Politicians?  The above passage in essence is what I have said before – about violence.   Protecting Dharma includes diffusing word attacks on Dharma – above any religious value. The religion is only the pathway. Dharma is the destination – the invisible pathway which protects even its attackers.

Buddhist Sri Lankan:  
9.       [Throughout Sri Lanka’s 2500 year-history all kings have maintained armies and fought wars in defense of their kingdoms.  During most of the 20 centuries Buddhism was the main religion and was upheld by the State.]

Hindu Sri Lankan:
But those very Buddhist kings failed to protect Ceylon from foreign invasion. In other words – they failed to defend their nation including its Buddhist culture. When they could not defend their own ruling religion they lost the merit to rule over other religions. If prior to colonization the Buddhist monarchs had upheld their sovereignty – they would have been saved by that true power. It was because of Hindu Gandhi who was able to invoke the power of Truth and therefore the power of Sovereignty -  that Buddhist Sri Lankan Monarchs got their release from colonial power. Upholding the State must mean upholding its Sovereignty. All the centuries prior to 1948 are wiped out in terms of structure.   Only the true contribution remains as an invisible power. Unless this is known to be stronger through Buddhists than other religions – Buddhism has Equal place and NOT foremost place in Sri Lanka. Taking power through the Constitution in addition to majority vote is an accumulation of  sin where the opposition is suppressed to become a minority. .

Buddhist Sri Lankan:  
10.   [Some rulers and soldiers in the latter stages of their lives became monks and followed the spiritual path. One modern example is Major General (retired) Ananda Weerasekera, who is today known as Venerable Buddhangala Ananda.]

Hindu Sri Lankan:

One does not become spiritual by becoming a monk. I live in samsara – and I lead a spiritual life. Are you ready to accept that and call me Venerable Gajalakshmi?  Attachments to those titles are also attachments to the physical.

Warm Regards

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