Monday 27 April 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 27  April  2015

Lawyer Julian McMahon carries a self-portrait painted by Australian death row prisoner Myuran Sukumaran.
Photo: Reuters

Eliminate Terrorism in Indonesia
Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 27  April  2015

To some the Death Penalty by the Indonesian Government hanging over Nine Australians may be another incident to unrelated individuals.  To many the case of Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan have become personal as if it is happening to them. This is true of the Legal Team and the Australian Government. It’s a pity that the two governments are not working as close to each other as the legal teams are.

The Lesson Indonesia needs to learn is - NOT to politicize issues involving cultures Indonesians  do not believe in. There needs to be room for the Lord’s pathway in relation to Death – as there is in Birth. Man may prevent birth but without the Lord’s contribution there is no birth.   Those who believe in the Lord would add Divine powers to the child. Others’ children would be born as per the system of Nature. Likewise in Death. One who has Clemency Powers needs to be able to add her/himself to the believer’s life. Otherwise Death Penalty based on Clemency rulings – would turn out to be State Terrorism. Such a State would produce Terrorists.

As per News Reports:

Indonesia Institute president Ross Taylor said retribution in the wake of the Bali nine executions would not be in the best interests of Australia or the region.

It would be an eye for an eye. What is the common Australian nature?  To look the other way when there is injustice? For 100 years we Australians and New Zealanders  have been remembering and valuing Gallipoli loss on 25 April. The longer we remember and include - the further our vision into the  future would be. To me it was no coincidence that Gallipoli celebrations were moved to my home suburb of Coogee during my lifetime. To me the Bali Memorial and the Gallipoli war Memorial represent one and the same value.

Outcomes that happen are  a combination of forces some of which are  beyond the control of individuals at that time at that place – for better or for worse.  They are the virtues and sins of that place/land plus the institution as a consolidated person plus the individuals concerned.  To the extent individuals acted as per their positions – their personal carry-forwards would not influence the outcomes. In Gallipoli war we Australians took a position. Hence the loss of lives became an asset. It’s an Intangible  Goodwill Asset. Likewise even if the Bali 9 die – they would now die as heroes and the system that punished them unjustly would become the Land that would produce death related problems such as terrorism through those who take the law into their hands.  That power of the land also influences outcomes produced at that place. Where the power is positive as per the scales of Natural Justice – that Land becomes the Land of Opportunities. Where the power is negative – it becomes a Land of Problems – as Indonesia is as per its own President. No man can correct in his lifetime through his merit alone – a problem that has been carried forward over long periods. The deeper minds get carried forward and would invoke problems for which they are the solutions. These cannot be offset by merit in current life. One can only pray and seek redemption through belief.  

Did the Indonesian President act as per his higher position when deciding whether or not to grant Clemency?  Is the President the appropriate person to grant Clemency?  Should it not be the  Governor of Indonesia who should have the power to grant Clemency?  A position is the structure through which others and we regulate our thoughts and actions towards a stated goal. A network of positions is an institution. If we lose consciousness of that position before reaching the goal – we leave the protection of the position and become individuals. As an individual – there are forces through which we communicate with others and with ourselves for a particular target at that point in time at that place. Time related forces influence our attitude and place related forces influence the visible/objectively measurable outcomes – such as death in this instance.

Once we reach our position target – we do go into our individual Energies as Governors of that position. Then we facilitate others to seem themselves through us. That to my mind is a facility  - as in ‘My Bus’ ; ‘My Train’.  Once we reach this level – we do not have supervisors giving us ‘cover’ or telling us what to do. Our belief is our supervisor.

Prior to his current position as President Mr. Joko Widodo was Governor of Jakarta. In the Indonesian Structure, there seems no Governor of Indonesia. Hence Clemency powers need to go to the Governor of the District where the event happened. Such a Governor has  Equal Power to any other Governor including the Governor of Indonesia if there was one. That is like the Governing Council and they collectively must decide  on behalf of the whole.

 A Governor has no supervisors. Governor is self-governing.  An Administrator becomes a Governor only after s/he has completed her/his position duties successfully. One who delivers identical outcomes as Executive President and Governor with Clemency powers is confirming that s/he is not yet a Governor. To make it worse – Mr. Joko Widodo has made the drug issue a Political issue with one sided targets.  Wrong decisions by such a person would go directly to the citizens who would kill each other where Death is part of the punishment by such an immature mind. A Governor must have a still mind that like a mirror reflects the citizen looking through the Governor. It’s not possible for an active Administrator to be a Governor at the same time for the same issue.

In a people intense country like Indonesia – an immature Governor develops genes that would be give birth to others like himself. A wrong if not corrected during its current period – becomes a sin.  This is sure to happen to Indonesia just as Bali bombing happened. As per Indonesian law – the Bali bombers were found guilty and they did not show remorse until the last. Relatively speaking the Bali 9 group’s offense is much weaker and yet the punishment is the same despite the remorse as well as demonstrated-corrective action by the guilty. As per news reports - Anderson's lawyer, Casmanto Sudra, - another prisoner facing death penalty said his client kept repeating in disbelief: "Fifty grams. Death". He was convicted of possessing just 50 grams of heroin in Jakarta in November 2003. To my mind, the decision about the punishment – ought to have been made  by the Governor of  Jakarta. It is interesting to note that Mr. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, the governor of Jakarta had spoken against the Death Penalty. Anyone being punished in Jakarta is entitled to the Grace of the Governor of that piece of land.   Mr. Joko Widodo as Executive President is not the Supervisor of the Governor. The Governing Power has been rightly devolved to the Districts. The Executive has no power to intervene in that area.

When a Governor makes a mistake – it has exponential value. Every time an Indonesian possesses even one gram of heroin – the laws of Nature would give the possessor the fear of death.  Relatively an Australian may possess much more and have a stronger mind by limiting the effects to her/himself due to all those who said sorry from the heart – not only for themselves but for others too.

Whatever happens – we Australians must keep fighting to eliminate State Terrorism in our Region. 

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