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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 18 April  2015

Politician; Administrator; Governor – Sri Lanka & Indonesia.

This morning I opened my friend’s email first.  I was intrigued by the subject matter ‘Sri Lankan Airlines & Weliamuna Report: Prosecution Of Negligent Auditors & Directors?’ by Amrit Muttukumaru and published by Colombo Telegraph on 16 April 2015. In this regard my article ‘Transparency or  Victimization?’ was published on 08 April 2015. I was delighted to learn that my friend who is also a Chartered Accountant -  made the connection. This was the first time I came across Mr. Amrit Muttukumaru’s name – leave alone as a Guardian Angel of Good Governance. The identity I felt with the above article was so very uplifting – a soul-experience. Bringing to surface this feeling – I was able to identify with  many common values through which such experiences happen.. The Common description would be selfless-service as the basis of such networks being formed Naturally. Most of us do provide this service through many of our pathways. But only some of us reach the final destination of Spiritual ownership. The above article led me to other articles that helped me make the conscious connection between cause and effect so as to be able to share with my current environment.

The Karmic Connection

The Effect
I wrote in my article of 08 April:
 ‘through my Australian experiences – especially with the University of New South Wales and the Federal Government – I have registered the realization that to the extent I am true – I invoke the other’s Truth during their Natural moment. Where the other person thinks I am of low status – low enough to be  a number which is the parallel of untouchability in the hierarchical system – and in real terms I am of equal or higher status than that person and I express myself within those limits of my status  – I invoke their Truth at a time when they don’t like what I say / write and they think that they are immune from any punishment by or through me. Hence my above comments about their Achilles Heel. It’s the other side of Facebook and LinkedIn connections – except these are natural and are therefore once manifested are beyond the direct control of both sides.  They have to go through the system of Truth in the Court of Natural Justice / Conscience – for us to redeem credits.

The Cause
The above passage was invoked by Mr. Chandra Jayaratne who first contacted me on behalf of the Friday Forum which claims to promote Good Governance in Sri Lanka. Membership in this high status Forum renders one high status including in her/his mind – influencing subjective power over those who do not seem to have such high status.
After my deeper search on the basis of information in the article by Mr. Muttukumaru – I was satisfied that Mr. Jayaratne was a Public figure who did not himself hesitate to publicly question others. My intuitive identification of this hypocrism in Mr. Jayaratne was confirmed through the published work of Mr. Muttukumaru at :

After reading that article I was able to draw the bigger picture – and was  no longer driven by only my  intuitive feeling for my own purposes. I was driven by my earned status as a professional. Mr. Muttukumaru states in the above response to Mr. Chandra Jayaratne:

[You need to be commended on your recent ‘Open Letter’ at the core of which is the need for ‘good governance’ in which transparency and accountability are crucial.
It has inter alia been copied to (i) Chairman, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (ii) Executive Director, Transparency International Sri Lanka (iii) President, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (iv) President, Organization of Professional Associations. It is noted that you are director of TISL, a senior member of the ICASL and a member of ‘The Friday Forum,’ which is said to have as its objective the promotion of ‘good governance’. It has among its membership – Jayantha Dhanapala (Spokesperson), Dr. A.C. Visvalingam and J.C. Weliamuna.

The last on the list – Mr J.C.Weliamuna is the author of the recent Report about corruption in Sri Lankan Airlines. Now it makes sense as to why Mr. Jayaratne would write at THIS POINT IN TIME in response to THIS PARTICULAR ARTICLE  in which I reported as follows:

[If the current Prime Minister had felt ownership in Sri Lankan Airlines – he would have heard the alarm bells ringing as a shareholder representing the common Sri Lankan in the National Carrier. For his part Mr. Weliamuna who is listed as Chairman Transparency   International Sri Lanka, seems to have carried out a private investigative assignment for Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe. Sri Lankan Airlines Board of Directors together with its Auditors have the responsibility to take appropriate action against both these individuals on behalf of the institution/profession on the basis of  defamation. Was the Government as a shareholder – entitled to undertake such an investigation and report publicly against a  Limited Liability Company – which lives as a separate entity to any of its shareholders?  These are basics in Sovereignty which seem to have been abandoned by the current government for political gains by impressing voters cheaply. ]

I wrote also:

[My alarm bells rang when the person who included Mr. Weliamuna in his email list wrote to me as follows:

Dear ms. Gajalakshmi Paramasivam,

I would appreciate if you henceforth will kindly ensure that you do not circulate mail to my entire circulation data base of e addresses received in error by you, as it is spam mail to them, it is a definite act of disturbance of their due privacy and considered unethical.

I trust you will please oblige]

I was surprised and initially a bit upset by this because I respected the person who included me in that group email while circulating his work. I responded as follows:

[Thank you Mr. …...  I am indeed surprised that you consider my emails to be of ‘spam’ category. It is even more disappointing that you write on behalf of others.  You yourself have sent me  public emails from time to time and given this response I categorize you as an unfair person. Such a person is not fit for public life. I will certainly remove this group from my address list – because they did come through you.  There are some who are in my other lists and I would be  happy to remove them from those lists if they write directly to me.

Just a parting observation – I find that from time to time email receivers react to particular topics strongly and that seems to be their Achilles Heel. I conclude that yours is the topic covered by this particular email

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam]

The Connection
Until today, I put it down to Mr. Jayaratne not having much wisdom in Public Communication. Now I believe that he is also part of the problem of weak governance in Sri Lanka.  This includes using subjective assessment where objective assessment is needed but is known to be disadvantageous to the person with the higher power. This is a core reason that surfaces racial discrimination to elevate the mind of the decision maker – as in sledging in cricket. You reduce the status of the other side so they would defeat themselves.

 Mr. Jayaratne did not think my articles were of ‘spam’ category.  He used his high status in society – to give that impression so the less independent reader would be distracted from my criticism of his associate Mr. Weliamuna through his  report on Sri Lankan Airlines.

Effectively therefore Mr. Jayaratne is guilty of subjective  discrimination if his position status including with Friday Forum was made along similar paths of reducing the other person’s status for the purpose of exerting authority. This urge accumulates through everyday living – and if that included higher status as a male, racial power to elect government etc. this would naturally manifest where the opponent seems to be less powerful.

Subjective Power

Simply stated: – in Autocracy

Subjective Power = Ownership + Time based seniority

In Democracy

Subjective Power = Ownership + majority vote

The above ‘spam’ ruling was wrong because the common issue for the group was Democracy. No individual has the authority to rule over another without the express authority of majority in the group.

Where one feels ownership without seniority or majority power one tends to go it alone. Often such individuals tend to be strongly independent. They would come out with high grades through either of the above measures.

One who used Time based seniority without ownership – would ‘assume’ majority power  where others in the group do not take equal position and openly exercise their votes to rule one way or the other.

Family Values
Ownership in family – which is the common hierarchical structure known to us – a Service Provider has subjective power over a Service beneficiary. In highly developed cultures this flow of authority is regulated through positions. When the junior feels respect for the senior – the two become One – and produce only One outcome. It is on this basis that Sri Lankan Government is referred to as Sri Lanka. This pathway is regulated through ‘relationships’ – the absolute value is ‘family’ is common and the relative value is through  various positions. 

Without positions or commonness – we are outsiders to each other – even if we are seen to be in the same family. With commonness we are Family even if we are not seen together or do not know about the existence of the other. It’s Universal power that connects us through the network of Truth – which can only be experienced but not seen or known.

This Subjective seniority without ownership -  was at the core of my battles at the University of New South Wales where I claimed that my Sri Lankan Chartered Accounting qualifications were my highest qualifications. Only selfless investment could develop this belief within any person.  Today I learnt this was also part of the reason why I felt intuitively that Mr. Jayaratne was trying to reduce my status by calling my emails spam. Mr. Jayaratne was assuming ‘Policy’ level status above me. Despite his ‘policy’ status he lacked insight into the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and the Profession itself. My insight is strong due to contributing more than the likes of Mr. Jayaratne and his mates – and receiving much less than they by way of benefits – money plus status. The system of Truth fills the gap at the Universal level.

Chatham House Rules

These ‘genes’ of secrecy seem to have developed within Mr. Jayaratne due to the Management system in Sri Lanka being an indiscriminate mix of the Hierarchical system of the former Sri Lankan Government/s  and the Lateral system of Democracy which would bring fame to those who ‘show and tell’ – as Mr. Jayaratne’s mate Mr. Weliamuna was doing.

The following response by Mr. Muttukumaru confirms his identification of this weakness in Mr. Jayaratne:

[You propose a ‘series’ of ‘intellectual debates’ to be held ‘closed door’ under ‘Chatham House Rules’. While a case could possibly be made initially for ‘Chatham House Rules,’ how could the ‘closed door’ and ‘inviting selected leaders’ be justified?]

Chatham House Rules are based on NO subjective identity by one about the other i.e. – no pointing of fingers at a particular subject. Mr. Jayaratne was using the global path of Objectivity and in practice he was following the Subjective path in the above matter and also in relation to my email. A practitioner of Chatham House Rules would have pointed to substance of my email communication as to the reason for disciplining and/or dismissing me. In other words – ‘spam’ ought to have a definition in the group and dismissal on the basis of spam ought to be self-applicable in a professional group.  If an email that a person in high position dislikes qualifies as ‘spam’ – then the group is a political group and not a professional group.

The hierarchy is:  Politician; Administrator; Governor. Administrator is the combination of Politician and Governor. Where Governor in a person is stronger than the politician – that person is a Professional. At the Governor level – there is only the Spirit of Ownership.

How Racial Discrimination ‘Happens’
Even if my articles were without substance – given that I am a Tamil and Mr. Jayaratne is a Sinhalese – the desire to use subjective power ought to have been overridden – so there is no room for subconscious racial discrimination – which is at the core of Sri Lanka’s war genes. Where a party complains / expresses pain on the basis of damage against another who has also claimed  damage -  both parties have equal right to express the basis of any subjective power used – for example earned position, race, gender, class etc.  But where one side’s damage is greater than that of the other – the belief as stated by that party with greater damage is the right form of reason why the subjective discrimination happened. It is therefore important to keep maintaining Equal status when one thinks of the other as an outsider. This would have prevented the ethnic war in Sri Lanka.

Talking about genes, a Tamil Diaspora leader responded as follows today to my article ‘How Sri Lanka Became Hindu through the war’:
[Emperor Asoka, having won the Kalinga war, renounced Hinduism and became a Buddhist, because he could not bear any longer, the consequence of war and the murder and mayhem war causes, in trying to build his empire. He became a follower of Buddha’s teaching and sent his children to spread the Buddhist message far and wide. Supposedly, Sanghamitta Emperor’s daughter visited Lanka.  Mahinda Rajapaksa having won the war contrary to basic principles of Buddhism which is the foremost religion in Sri Lanka. The Hindu god as a punishment to his crimes has dethroned him from power, peacefully to do justice to the victims. Sinhala leaders need to learn that only justice to all can bring peace and prosperity to Sri Lanka, as Lee Kwan Yew achieved in Singapore. ]
My response to the above was:

[Emperor Asoka did not have to renounce  Hinduism to realise the value of non-violence. Hinduism provides for it through many pathways – starting with Lord Shiva in meditation. Interestingly – given that Emperor Asoka’s children spread Buddhism – including in Ceylon – they  would have taken the Warrior genes also with them. In them these genes would have been dormant. In those who were like Emperor Asoka before the Emperor  changed over – Buddhism would have groomed the Warrior character as well. Hence King Duttagemunu and President Mahinda Rajapaksa. It was worse with SWRD Bandaranaike and JR Jayawardene who became Buddhists for political purposes.

I believe that when we contribute genuinely – it somehow reaches the genuine seeker as well as the genuine needy.  This one did – especially at this point in time when the 19th Amendment is before the Parliament.  This particular section would not be repealed. But the Energy that has gone into establishing that Article 9 does not belong in a democratic Constitution – will translate as Equal Opportunity values for all Communities in Sri Lanka. When we BELIEVE – the Lord facilitates. Given your investment in Sri Lankan Government – I appreciate very much your value added through this article also.]

When Politicians who are also Professionals let their cultural  genes override their Professionalism they go down to the low level of governance.

Indonesian Connection
The current issue between Indonesia and Australia is the Death Penalty for Drug Traffickers. To my simple mind - Drugs kill the person’s brain cells and give them an immediate ‘high’.  Meditation stills the brain at the highest level of intelligence to free the soul from the influence of the body and the brain.  This is wholesome ‘bliss’ – the opportunity to attain which is reduced when one takes pleasure drugs and kills the opportunity to earn the pleasure. Only pleasure that has been earned uplifts the experience towards blissful level. It’s like a true PhD in Education. Despite having worked at the University of NSW, I am yet to come across a real PhD!  

I believe that my Audit work at the University - which resulted me in going to prison here in Australia - is now a positive Energy which falls within the group ‘Knock and It shall open’. Hence my articles questioning  the ‘core purpose’ driving the  investigators of Sri Lankan Airlines – in which Institution also I have ownership Energy.

In confirming the importance of allegiance to   the Core Purpose - Mr. Muttukumaru refers to the Indonesian Connection through Audit firm PricewaterhouseCoopers  (PwC) influencing  Ernst & Young(E&Y) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (ICASL) in relation to the privatization of  Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation (SLIC):

The professional misconduct of PwC and E&Y even being confirmed by the ‘Supreme Court’ has not prodded the ICASL to fulfil its statutory obligations! The ‘Supreme Court’ in its landmark Judgment delivered on 4 June 2009, held the SLIC privatisation to be “illegal and invalid ab initio” and had ordered the removal “forthwith” of the auditors, Ernst & Young.
This violates with impunity Section 17 (2) (b) of its Act of incorporation which clearly stipulates that when an ‘Investigating Committee’ appointed by the ‘Council’ “reports to the Council that a prima facie case of professional misconduct has been made out against a member, the Council shall appoint a disciplinary committee for the purpose of inquiring into the conduct of such member”.
While PwC (Indonesia & Sri Lanka) functioned as Consultant, ‘Investment Banking and Legal Advisory Services’ to the Government of Sri Lanka, E&Y (Sri Lanka) were the ‘Auditors’ to SLIC and continued in this capacity even after the divestiture!
The SLIC divestiture is a ‘classic’ case of outrageous corruption at the centre of which are auditors. It inter alia demonstrates the ‘unholy’ nexus between key sections of the political, corporate, bureaucratic, professional and regulatory establishments of this country.
A feature of the conduct of the ICASL is its apparent deception and impunity. This includes:
1)Sujeewa Mudalige being allowed to be the current President of the ICASL, notwithstanding that apart from being a Partner of PwC, he was a part of the Sri Lanka Team that comprised the PwC Indonesia Team that played a pivotal role in the fraudulent SLIC privatisation!

Mr. Nihal Sri Ameresekere another respected Chartered Accountant reports:

Report to Parliament on Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Ltd:
Sale of 90% shares of Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation (SLIC)

1.      Steering Committee to handle Sale of 90% of SLIC shares has been appointed on 21.1.2002 by the Hon Minister Malinda Moragoda, without a Cabinet Approval.
2.      Steering Committee has appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) Indonesia in collaboration with PWC Sri Lanka, without a cabinet approval, on 10.4.2002 as Consultant to the Government for a fee of US $ 1.6 Mn

There are other mentions of similar nature about Indonesian Auditors. The Auditors in Indonesia seem to be as weak as the law enforcement authorities who collude naturally with those carrying genes that develop corrution when the environment is not firm in its law and order pathways. Like Mr. Muttukumaru and Mr. Nihal Ameresekere those carrying the Good Governance genes would continue to be the protecting angels of  their respective professions and nations. 

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