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Why Fear the Wall of Death when I am Here?
 Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 23 April  2015

The Sri Lankan Diaspora is actively sharing feelings and thoughts about Governance in Sri Lanka. Would this sharing make a difference?  Yes, to the extent we are genuine – our discovery of Truth will work through those who are in leadership positions.  The returns for those who invest in Truth happens through  the system of the Lord.  The human system – has its limits and in a country like Sri Lanka the human system was recognized as being  more limited than in many other countries, by the architects of the 1978 Constitution who included Buddhism as part of the Constitution. Until there is affirmative action to balance this higher status – Sri Lanka’s natural forces of Justice would not be worked by those who derive authority and responsibility directly from  to the Constitution.

I have been receiving emails regarding the ‘come-back’ of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and commentaries by the inward pulling forces and the outward pushing forces in this regard. One of the former is Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka who has published the article ‘PRESIDENT UNDER PRESSURE’.  To my mind, Dr. Jayatilleka is battling between the above mentioned forces. This is also the case with many Sri Lankan Diaspora leaders . Given that Dr. Jayatilleka’s last official job through Sri Lankan resources was as a Global representative of Sri Lanka, he has a duty to Sri Lankan Governance structure  - to be centrifugal force that would facilitate independent Sri Lankans to have global experiences.

Dr. Dayan states:
[Democratic “regime change” and the Western applause notwithstanding, the new President is under pressure. This in and of itself reveals that contrary to the perception of even those in the pro-Mahinda camp and perhaps Mahinda himself, “regime change” was NOT the aim and objective, but only a means. The primary target was not Mahinda; or rather Mahinda was targeted because he stood in the way of the attainment of the real objectives of the West. If Mahinda were the target and regime change the aim, then there should be no serious pressure on President Sirisena, now that Mahinda is no longer the President]
I do identify with the above. Hence my feedback through criticism of the Weliamuna Report’s approach to corruption within Sri Lankan Airlines. Both had to happen as per the players concerned.   In this instance I was part of the internal force of Sri Lankan Airlines. It’s not different to the LTTE issue in which the Government was the outward pushing force and the Tamil Community the inward pulling force. Later when the Sri Lankan Government had the outcome it wanted – it became the inward pulling force and the Tamil Community through the influence of the Tamil Diaspora has become the centrifugal force.

Whatever the promises during 2015 election time – I believe they were made sincerely as per the feelings of many within the political circle. The basic difference as I see it – between the Rajapaksa Government and the current Government is that the former is a doer – and the latter is a facilitator.  One who is a doer her/himself would tend towards Rajapaksa type of leader forgetting that that type of leadership did not work for Sri Lanka. It did  not work for Sri Lanka because more and more Sri Lankans are seeking to be global. This strengthens the centrifugal forces.  Now that Dr. Jayatilleka has had his fill of  international experiences out of Sri Lankan ‘commonwealth’ – it is his duty to share on that basis and not as a local only – i.e. – on the basis of local Sri Lankan  certificates. One who takes her/his natural position in Sri Lanka would know which force would be more productive for Sri Lanka. Otherwise Dr. Dayan is saying  ‘Do as I say and not as I do’.

Reacting to Rev Fr. SJ Emmanuel, President of the Global Tamil Forum’s letter to the former President of Sri Lanka – Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, Dr. Dayan states:
[who on earth elected Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, the Queen of Has-Beens who is jeered at her own party’s conclaves, to play this role?  What mandate does this faded political pin-up of two decades ago, have? Where, when and from whom does it derive?]
As per my direct experience with Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, the lady has true Governance power within herself.  One may find many ‘logical’ outer reasons to give the lady  negative points  - as some Tamil Diaspora leaders also do – but this lady brought more dignity to the Presidential seat than did Mr. Rajapaksa. I believe that beyond the seen and the known – is our Truth.   One who responds to that Truth is our ‘other side’.  During Tsunami Reconstruction work – I sought to get the approval of those within the department concerned.  It so happened that I joined a Hindu group that met the President on a Hindu holy day of Maasi Maham. It was NOT planned by me – but it happened. I believe that was as per the Truth of both parties combining naturally for a positive manifestation. My work got raised to the Presidential level through the natural path and given that it was Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga on the other side – I concluded that the lady was the best person for that job at that time. My conclusion is that such completions become the nuclear power of Sri Lankan governance and Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga became a Natural Governor in those areas of Governance. The lady does not need to be elected by anyone. A Governor elects her/himself when the nation is in need.   This is expected of   Dr. Dayan as well – in terms of globalization.   Instead Dr. Dayan seems bent on localization.  The power within is the moral authority of true governors. One would have recognized another.

If  relative to Madam Kumaratunga - Mr. Rajapaksa had drawn more than his contribution to that same position – he would have far weaker inner Governance power than Madam Kumaratunga or even the Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe.

In a strong institutional system - the person is recognized through a position. When the person is conscious more of all those other positions and not at all conscious of her/his position – s/he becomes the Commonwealth. Both - the service provider and the beneficiary are allocated specific positions. This helps one feel part of a group more than as just her/his individual self. A network of relationships is formed to make up a common purpose group. The core purpose/nucleus  of this group is  centripetal  force – the inward pulling force. Where the person loses consciousness of the position due to having done her/his duty as per the position – s/he becomes part of the whole and the whole becomes an expansion force – a centrifugal force.    That point at which one merges or switches is the wall of death. Often – money and status are the forms of this wall. Where one is not conscious of money and status from the inner circle one merges through the centrifugal force – with the wider community. Where one is conscious of money and status – one would jump from one to the other to and fro and take the transactions/events/benefits as they happened – often leaving behind the costs.   This is the case with many migrants from Sri Lanka due to the war. They do not have closure and therefore are not able to merge with wider world.” – Beyond Consciousness
Dr Dayan makes better contribution when he is away from the subjective and states:
[According to the President, the source of the pressure is the West and India. At least one aim and objective is that which was articulated by Prime Minister Modi who recommended “moving beyond the 13th amendment” and explicitly flagged federalism.  One receives confirmation from the reports of discussions between the government and visiting US Asst Secretary of Human Rights and Labour Tom Malinowski that the pressure from the West is on accountability………
…..These three objectives constitute the agenda:
(i) de facto federalism,
(ii) intrusive accountability and
(iii) realignment with the West—
MR was the obstacle and regime change was the prerequisite to achieving these aims and implementing this agenda]

The way we receive statements and actions by others include the following components:

(i)                 The position status of the person as per others’ certificates (hearsay)
(ii)               The real  status of the person as per our study of the person (knowledge)
(iii)             Our own True contribution towards a common return for all concerned. (Wisdom)

The last one is the least visible and most powerful. That is what produced the 2015 Presidential Election outcomes. To my mind it happened due to the genuine suffering of  victims of aliens on both sides of the ethnic border. If the current Government had been considered to be responsible for the pain by the victims who feel that pain even today – Sri Lanka would have continued to be under the Governance of the Cleverer of the two groups. The 2015 Presidential Elections did bring about ‘closure’ to many direct victims of the war – who did not have economic compensation for their pain – as the Diaspora received. They feel even and less helpless.  

In some ways it was a repeat of the 1977 elections in which the  Tamil Political group - TNA got  the Equal Opposition position in parliament. We lost the deservedness to hold it due to LTTE killing those who earned us the position. Like asuras (the physically powerful)  who hijacked the Nectar produced during the churning of the Ocean of Milk (Hindu Legend) – the LTTE hijacked the investment made by the following:

(i)                 Tamils who invested in education towards Financial Freedom but were handicapped due to Sinhala only mentality and Standardization to University Entrance
(ii)               Tamils who directly  suffered in majority Sinhalese areas during shows of violence by the average Sri Lankan driven by majority power
(iii)             Tamil Political Leaders who expressed their claim of Equality  through the non-violent path

The fact that Tamils continue to invest actively at all three levels post LTTE confirms that we have redeemed our investments and need to develop further on it.  To the extent we accept that the LTTE started the problem – we own the pain and suffering of the victims.  In 2009 – when I felt that I needed to go to the camps as urged by Tamil Diaspora leaders including Professor Sathananthan from a medical angle – I really did not know what my state of mind ought to be.  I prayed to my Spiritual Guru – who guided me by dropping a flower during prayers when I had the following question in my mind:

Who started this?’ and the response that came to my mind was ‘The LTTE through its killing of the 13 soldiers in 1983’.  That was the response for me for my purposes in the camp. This meant that I had to accept ‘total responsibility’ and own the problem. Now I realize that by doing that back then  – I am now able to place myself in the survivors – as per their CURRENT needs, instead of dwelling on the reasoning by those at the primary level – with vested interest and lacking in  long-term vision. There are some who still actively feel the suffering of the war – and there are other groups that are working to address that pain.  My call is to prevent another war. I believe that even one small group which believes in its ability to be self-sufficient without finding fault with others – would contribute to the self-sufficiency of the whole of Sri Lanka.  Most of the folks I work with – consider Sri Lanka to be their country. Most of them seek financial self-sufficiency and this is my expertise.  When we are successful,  Politicians would need to come to us to the same degree we have to go to them. Those who truly thought they were fighting for freedom – including through the LTTE would be part of this pathway – even after the death of their bodies.  Belief is eternal.

When the above happens it IS de facto federalism – that India is expecting.

As for intrusive accountability – if we deliver of our own interpretation of our duty to return the support by the Global Community – then their involvement would not be intrusive. The motive of  those leaders would be readjusted when we are known to be globally independent. We need to be accountable to each other and progress naturally to connect to wider world.

The third items on the current government’s agenda – as listed by Dr. Dayan is ‘realignment with the West’

To the extent we achieve self-sufficiency and then merge with wider world – especially the West – we would feel global. It’s when we depend on handouts – that we would go with the one who pampers us by turning a blind eye to how we use the funds – as China did – for its own purposes.

I believe that this current government needs our support to become a facility. If we are to be democratic – they are our last hope (words used by Dr. Dayan) and our best hope in this generation. To my mind, this government is empowered by the those of us who submitted to the Lord because no human group with apparent leadership position heard us. We need to work out the restructured pathway and not keep switching leadership frequently. I believe the new group would deliver by becoming a facility – not just for the West but for all participants – including Sri Lankans to whom sovereignty  is sacred. All the souls whose bodies were killed for lesser purposes will continue to guide us as they did during the 2015 Presidential Elections.  Yes, the leaders would feel pressure. But the relief is there if they keep asking for the approval of the Truth they know within. That Truth never fails us. We may not have positions but we sure have Governance Power – as Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga has. Each one is a governor to the extent of the Natural identity with their Sovereignty – as individuals and/or as groups.  

So Dr. Dayan – why fear the Wall of Death when I am here?

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