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20 May 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






The People may be distracted by ‘separatism’. But Truth keeps revealing that the current president is focused on the ethnic issue and seeks to get the right ticks from the global community.’ Gajalakshmi  Paramasivam LOVE OR NIRVANA?


‘Many of us agree that the provincial councils don’t have adequate powers, but have a historic context and have been part of our constitution. Even then, the government is reluctant to hold elections to them. Clearly, the President has set his eyes on national election , This exercise (talks) is only to show the international community that he is a leader willing to engage with the Tamils, that is all.’ TNA MP  Sivagnanam Shritharan through the Hindu.


Two members of the same Tamil community, with contradicting/opposing views of the same person occupying the position of President of Sri Lanka. Who is true and who is false?

The Hindu article is headed ‘No agreement in devolution talks with President Ranil Wickremesinghe: Tamil National Alliance’

The Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord was an accord signed in  July 1987. At that time, the two leaders were from two different nations. The warring side was not  from India. Or was it Indian Energy channelled through the LTTE?

Right now, quite a few Indian Tamil Cinema groups have become active in terms of the Sri Lankan war. Not one of them is known to be part of  the Sri Lankan Tamil community.  To be Equal Opposition, the whole needs to be One. The Tamil Cinema could therefore be the natural opposition of Sinhala Cinema. But not so of Sinhala Politics.

On 14 May, I learnt through an Alumni group about the passing away of Dr Sabaratnam Sivakumaran . It affected me as a professional because of his sister who also was in my ‘batch’ of Chartered Accounting students and was part of my hostel community. Such relationships are formed on higher common structures.

Later, another respectable professional referred me also to the eulogy headed ‘Dr Sabaratnam Sivakumaran, the philosopher-physician’ by Professor Panduka Karunanayake of Sinhala origin. I was deeply touched by the eulogy by one Sri Lankan to another. This gave me hope for ‘Common, Sri Lanka’ for which I did not need foreign involvement.

As per a recent communication headed ‘Foreign interference in the community’ from Australian government, we need to beware of being brainwashed by foreign governments and other foreign groups.

The question needs to be asked as to whether one has the right to enter into an agreement with another government about ownership rights and contents of the constitution? The 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution was born out of the Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord. The LTTE was NOT a party to it.

The provincial council structure was part of the 13th Amendment. It resulted in the killing of the Indian Leader by the rebels who felt left out.


Any new ‘agreements’ on ‘ownership’ rights would lower our level of governance.  Those who believe in the law,  have ‘Buddhism Foremost’ article in the Constitution. A believer in National law will be supported by all those who genuinely practised or Opposed that law. Buddhism came to Sri Lanka from India. Likewise, Tamils. Manimekalai who is the nucleus of the Tamil epic, about which Wikipedia states:

The Manimekhalai palm-leaf manuscripts were preserved and found in Hindu temples and monasteries along with those of Silappadikaram. It is the only surviving Tamil Buddhist literary work, though commentary and secondary Tamil literature evidence suggests that there were other Buddhist epics and texts in the Tamil language at least till the 14th century’


If Tamils therefore identify with Buddhism, they would feel supported by Buddhist ancestry. If we identify with Hinduism, we would feel supported by Hindu ancestry. The two would then oppose each other, after we declared at Vaddukoddai  that we were politically independent of Sinhalese Nation.

This was tested in 2013 when Mr C V Wigneswaran became Chief Minister of Northern Province went back ‘home’ to multicultural Colombo. His words and actions are not in harmony. As per the Hindu report,  Mr Wigneswaran who now represents Jaffna recommended an interim Administration at the Provincial level. This means he is not able to identify with Jaffna’s ancestral Administrative Elders. I believe that I am an Administrator of global standards. I therefore naturally oppose Politicians. This naturally eliminates political weaknesses in the common group. Mr C V Wigneswaran reacted to Buddhism ‘to show’ the voters and showed ‘Hinduism foremost, damaging our investment in religious commonness. In turn he missed out on the blessings of our Elders of British origin from whom we inherited Public Administration of global standards. What a mess!

So long as we have common souls like Dr Sabaratnam Sivakumaran, the philosopher-physician’ and  Professor Panduka Karunanayake, as our Elders we will continue to make our own Sri Lanka where Professionals and Philosophers lead the military.


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