Monday 15 May 2023


15 May 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






There are media reports of visible presence of Security in Colombo. As per today’s Island editorial:


The government had received an intelligence warning that a plot was being hatched to trigger a wave of civil disturbances, media reports said.


How is the lay reader to interpre.t it? As per our own experience based truth.


Those who protested against the Anti Terrorism Act, would consider such measures to be excessive. This includes Human Rights Watch which  published its opinion, last month, under the headline ‘ Sri Lanka: Reject New Counterterrorism Bill’


As per the Editorial ‘UNP-led UNF government sought to advance its political agenda by agreeing to a truce and allowing the LTTE to regroup and rearm to launch Eelam War IV, in the early noughties. 


The mind that accepts the above , to be true, would now be fearful of LTTE resurrection. In addition, the Easter bombing tragedy is also drawn to our attention as follows:

If they had adopted extraordinary precautionary measures when a foreign intelligence agency repeatedly warned of the Easter Sunday carnage (2019), about 270 precious lives could have been saved.’


When truth is discovered, we have the solution to our problem. Until then, the true victims’ pain opposes the security measures taken by the government.

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