Thursday 18 May 2023


18 May 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





Am I living in Truth or am I thinking that I am living in Truth? What is the test? As per my discovery, that truth, if experienced would be the certifier. Hence ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ test in Court. If we have doubts – it means we don’t believe.  In a court of law, some  doubts are allowed due to different cultures using different beliefs. In the adversarial system, judgment is   the stated  truth of  the side that produces more ‘facts than the other. In the inquisitorial  system, the decision is made by the senior.


The Sri Lankan constitution provides for both in terms of religion. Article 9, which renders ‘foremost’ status to Buddhism confirms the inquisitorial system. Articles 10 & 14 which are under fundamental rights section, need the inquisitorial structure.  Hence I wrote as follows yesterday, under the headlines ‘TAMIL NATIONALISM OR SEPARATISM?:


The Lesson Learnt  from the LTTE is that we need an Equal level Opposition to diffuse the other side. This is essential in Democracy. LTTE fought against armed forces . Both sides fought outside the boundaries of law.

Given that Sinhala only is no longer a political tool in the constitution after the 13th Amendment we need to fight against its mutated form – Buddhism foremost in article 9. In other words, religion against religion. Given that Buddhism preaches non-violence, we need to strictly follow non violence in practicing Hinduism. This will make them junior to us. Each time this is interfered with we need to take legal action against the Government under fundamental rights articles 10 & 14(e) of the Constitution.’


The confirmation that it was needed, came this morning through Daily Mirror article ‘The runaway prophet? Glorious Church says he didn’t flee’, which begins as follows:

Prophet’ Jerome Fernando, the man in the middle of controversy over his statement on other religions including Buddhism……’

Kelum Bandara also reported under the heading ‘Pastor Jerome lands in hot soup over insulting Buddha’:

Over the weekend, a video showing Jerome preaching against Lord Buddha and Buddhism made its rounds on social media, creating an uproar amongst the majority of Buddhists, who demanded immediate action against the self-proclaimed Prophet for his derogatory remarks…… In his video, Jerome claimed that in a Buddhist’s mind, they never hear the love of Buddha as their focus is enlightenment.’

"But to be enlightened you need light. The name Buddha itself means enlightened one. So what is greater, light or enlightenment?

Some social media users even went to the extent of calling Jerome a self-proclaimed fake and demanded an apology for insulting Buddhism, while some others called for his arrest, claiming he was attempting to cause religious disharmony in the country………………. Meanwhile, the police said they would act if a complaint was lodged against Jerome Fernando. ‘

Will the police charge under article 9 or under articles 10 & 14 (e) ? Would Tamil Nationalists consider this an opportunity to highlight the risk of separatism promoted by this conflict between two conflicting provisions in the constitution?

The latest news report confirms arbitrary arrest as follows:

Pastor Jerome Fernando, who is facing a CID investigation over his hate comments against Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism, will be arrested upon his arrival at the BIA as there is a travel ban issued against him by the Colombo Fort Magistrate, Police Spokesperson SSP Nihal Thalduwa said.’

In yesterday’s posting, I stated also as follows:

Belief in the same corpus through different pathways naturally oppose each other and do so exponentially.’

The following happened on the same day:

President Ranil Wickremesinghe has appointed three new governors for the Wayamba, Northern and Eastern Provinces a short while ago, the President’s Media Division said. 

Accordingly, former MP Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena was appointed as the Governor of the Wayamba Province, P.S.M. Charles as the Governor of the Northern Province and Senthil Thondaman as the Governor of the Eastern Province.’

The timing confirms that mine was a governance contribution, be it in agreement or to oppose.

The interesting connection with Mr, Thondaman and India is confirmed as follows: at


INS ‘Batti Malv’ arrives at port of Trincomalee on official visit

The Indian Naval Ship (INS) ‘Batti Malv’ arrived at the Port of Trincomalee on a formal visit this morning (16th May 2023). The visiting ship was welcomed by the Sri Lanka Navy in compliance with naval traditions.

INS ‘Batti Malv’ is a 46m long ship which is manned by a crew of 101. She is commanded by Lieutenant Commander MAN Singh M Mane. The Commanding Officer of the ship called on Commander Eastern Naval Area and Commandant Volunteer Naval Force, Rear Admiral Dammika Kumara at the Eastern Naval Command Headquarters today. Meanwhile, the ship’s crew was engaged in a Visit Board Search & Seize (VBSS) training exercise at the Special Boat Squadron Headquarters in Trincomalee.

During the ship’s stay, the crew will take part in several programmes organized by the Sri Lanka Navy, with a view to promoting cooperation and goodwill between two navies. They are also expected to go on a sightseeing excursion in Trincomalee.

Concluding her official visit, ‘Batti Malv’ will depart the island on 17th May and she is expected to engage in a Passage Exercise (PASSEX) with a ship of the Sri Lanka Navy off Trincomalee.’

Yesterday I published the view of my opposition as follows:

Tamil Diaspora Elder: In 1947 the East had 45% Tamils, 45% Muslims , 6% Portuguese Burghers & 4% Sinhalese. At present there are  over 40% Sinhalese, 30% Muslims & 30% Tamils. From 1947 to 1960 there had been no Seruwila electorate in the Trincomalee district. Very soon the Northern and Eastern provinces will send less Tamils MPs to parliament.’


The People may be distracted by ‘separatism’. But Truth keeps revealing that the current president is focused on the ethnic issue and seeks to get the right ticks from the global community.

To use Father Jerome’s measure ‘Does the President Love his nation or is he Enlightening the country so we would balance the Equal Opportunity Equation through Administration?


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