Wednesday 24 May 2023

24 May 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






Foreign Minister Penny Wong says Australia's relationship with India has "a lot of momentum" after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a raucous welcome at a cultural event at Sydney's Olympic Park overnight. – 9 News

The stated purpose of Mr Modi’s visit to Australia, was the QUAD. But the outcome was in the form of Economic Migration.  At the deeper level, it is a loss for China, in terms of settling its own people in other nations, like Sri Lanka.

To the average Australian, Sri Lankans also would be ‘Indians’. Likewise Ms Wong would be ‘Chinese’. As per the above report, Ms Wong concluded as follows:

"What's important here is we've got the world's largest democracy, the world's most populous nation, India, saying 'We want to partner with others to ensure an open and resilient Indo-Pacific that is a region which is peaceful and stable',"

To my mind, this happened as per the need of both nations. The parallel of this is simultaneously happening in Sri Lanka also. India needs emigration and Australia needs immigration. If there is a war involving China and India on opposite sides, Australians of Indian origin would be in the front-row, of Australian Forces. They were in the Sri Lankan war, after China invaded through Hambantota on the excuse of  Belt & Road initiative. Hambantota is in the religious jurisdiction of Hindu Tamil Philosophy of Murugan – the deity of Democracy. Hence each time Sinhalese prayed to  Murugan – they prayed for victory through armed war and also for Indian Hindu Tamil migration to Sri Lanka. It is a kind of Royalty to the Hindu philosophy to custodians of Hindu power in Sri Lanka.


In addition, it is also in conflict with their belief in Buddhism. Two philosophies of different beliefs would naturally merge at the destination of Truth/God. The pathways must run parallel and not meet. If they met on the way one becomes senior and the other, the junior. Hence Buddhism foremost article naturally diluted the power of Hindu Murugan in the mind of Sinhala Buddhists.


In Sri Lanka, Murugan in Kathirgamam is relatively  poorer than the Murugan of  Nallur – in Northern Province. The ultimate reality was loss of wealth by South and gain of wealth by North through emigration to economically progressive Western countries.  This is the essence of the saying 'Failures are the pillars of success.’ This is true where the two groups are with one sovereign power and the side that failed seeks and finds the weaknesses that caused its failure.


In the case of QUAD, the member nations are against China’s military power. But the average Australian of Indian origin would tend to view it simply as Opposition to China. Hence in its own way, QUAD power has been strengthened through Indian culture of loyalty in Australia, through immigration.

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