Tuesday 16 May 2023


16 May 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






The report of  the President’s Media Division, was headed  ‘Preparing the university system to keep up with new technology’ was published this week. As per that report, the president recommends as follows to the Colombo University Alumni:

‘Be the leader in presenting a 10-year development plan’

Alumni are parallels of elders in a family. They carry heritage value. Did the Alumni participate in last year’s protests or did it oppose it actively?


As per Daily News article headed ‘FUTA condemns repression of Aragalaya activists’ of 30 July 2022:


The FUTA said that the illegitimate and violent attack on Gota Go Gama, the symbolic heart of the aragalaya was not accidental. It was a calculated move to strike fear into society as a whole. Immediately after this attack, the Wickremesinghe-pohottuwa government has begun a systematic campaign to delegitimise the aragalaya, hunt down the aragalaya leadership and to recreate the culture of impunity and repression that was the hallmark of the Rajapaksa style of governance.


Given that the claim was made by FUTA, did the Alumni of Colombo University publicly agree with or oppose the claim? If not, their ‘10 year plan’ would promote indifference.


Plans, like laws, facilitate common travel. They bring together our Energies. If based on truth / belief, they would naturally connect us to wider world, even if we are not aware of it. That is the way of Truth. Members of the Sri Lankan Diaspora also carry such heritage power provided they do not take benefits from their current activities. If they take benefits, the heritage value becomes relative and the member becomes senior and is no longer an Elder.


Heritage is karma. No current plan can negate negative karma. The only way out is to partner someone with positive karma and surrender totally to, that partner, all our benefits.


This is why Hindus match horoscopes to ensure that the bride and groom taken together, have positive karma. The political parallel at national level is the karma of the Government and the Opposition. Their Balance Sheets are their horoscopes. Given the switchovers in the past for then current benefits it would be very difficult to know the two sides.


New technology sans heritage would promote plagiarism, which is a sin in the University system.

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