Friday 5 May 2023


05 May 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam







Today is Vesak – Lord Buddha’s birthday. I paid my respects to Lord Buddha and the full moon visible early this morning. Each time I travel to Sri Lanka, I pay my respects to Buddha through the statue in the airport building. When I leave, I say ‘thank you’.


This morning after meditation, I realised a simple solution to an equal opportunity  problem that was bugging me. I said ‘thank you’ to Buddha, because it happened today – Vesak day.  I felt blessed. Later when reading my emails, I came across one headed – ‘Yet Again! China SHOCKED Entire World With Quantum Communication Satellite Network.


I went to the site :

Yet Again! China SHOCKED Entire World With Quantum Communication Satellite Network


My attention was caught by the reference to a philosopher. The video clip the system was named ‘Chinese philosopher Mecius . But as per my  search the name was Mencius. I informed my sourceSeems like false reporting’.


Taking s stand on such global issues is important to us, to work our own global systems.  Often our National heritages drive us from within. It is therefore understandable that the President would attend the Royal ceremony in the UK where may leaders of Nations that were once part of the British empire will be present.  To the extent we separated we lose the heritage value of the West. To the extent we consider British governance as part of our heritage, we continue to be shareholders and hence are entitled to share in their status. That is our natural right. That is how I view our Australian PM’s participation in the coronation ceremony, which confirms our investment in those autocratic systems. Whenever there is a restructure, our true investments in the old system become heritages. Hence we hold memorial services to keep their Energies active. Heritages lead us.


As per Daily Mirror FUTA was finding fault with the Sri Lankan president for attending the Royal ceremony, without addressing local issues regarding University Entrance exams. Their irritation is indicated by the following report by News 1st  last year -  at



The Federation of University Teachers (FUTA) unreservedly condemned the repression of aragalaya activists by the current regime led by President Ranil Wickremasinghe


Mr Wickremesinghe is the part of autocratic leadership of Sri Lanka. He was NOT elected by the People to this autocratic position. In 2005 he had truly eared that position but did not get it due to Tamil votes being ‘blocked’ by the LTTE. This ‘loss’ made him a Natural Opposition of Autocratic leadership of armed leadership, in the system of Dharma/ Righteousness. They say about the human system ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’ .  But in the system of Dharma based on Truth, Justice delayed is Justice Dharma/ Universal. Hence the saying ‘Man proposes, god disposes’. FUTA would do well to learn from the experience of Royal Holloway, University of London re the power of the painting Man proposes, god disposes’


It is well-documented that students at Royal Holloway believe the painting to be cursed or haunted. A legend among students dating back to at least around the 1920s or 1930s, and still held in the 1960s, was that anyone sitting in front of the painting during an exam would fail it. A college tradition requires temporarily covering the painting with a Union Jack when student examinations are ongoing This is due to an incident during the 1970s where an exam invigilator hurriedly covered the painting with the first thing they could find that would be large enough, as a student refused to sit their exam by the uncovered painting.

The legend of bad luck later developed into an urban myth that a student taking exams had killed themselves after looking at the painting, writing "The polar bears made me do it" onto their exam paper. There is, however, no university record of a death in the picture gallery. The college's curator said in a 2014 interview that "I've heard it was a girl, I've heard it was a boy, I've heard about three [different] ways that they killed themselves."

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