Thursday 11 May 2023

11 May 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam








Soon we would be consciously remembering our loved ones who died in the Sri Lankan war. As per my belief, in Common War Memorial Services, we honour those who died in the war so that we recognise that they are now Common Universal Power. Given that majority emigrants from Sri Lanka, on the reason of war are Tamils, one is entitled to conclude that Tamils ‘made’ their own compensation for the war pain. To sustain their new status, such Tamils would need to restructure their respective groups to be within their new nation’s existing structures including in government and politics. If they/we take only the truth from our old environments that truth will restructure itself in the new environment. That is the way of truth. The test is zero base start.  This means we remember no profit or loss from previous life. Truth is formless. Profits and losses have forms.


Each time we remember and act, as if it were current, we make our investment relative. This is the parallel of Sinhala only which mutated as ‘Buddhism foremost’ article in the Sri Lankan constitution. This means we do not have the absolute power of truth that spreads itself.


The email from a Senior in the  Tamil Diaspora, led me to think whether the memorial was positive or negative for the Australian Tamil Community. The subject matter of the email was ‘Good friends of Sri Lanka


The message was:  

According to Sri Lankan defence ministry:  civilian casualties - zero; as per foreign intelligence   140,00 civilian deaths. Unofficial grapevine in Sri Lanka, dead and missing civilians  250,000 . Militants killed 4500 . You can ‘take it or leave it’ .


The question in the attached video clip is:

‘Which countries helped the Sri Lankan government in the Sri Lankan civilian war 2009?


The first was India, with US$ 200 million dollars worth. Next on the list was China with US$ 7 billion, USA with US$ 500 million; Pakistan with US$ 200 million, Britain with US$ 7 million….Ukraine with US$ 9.8 million; Australia with US$ 27 million…..

The clip ends with the following message:

‘All of this to asset strip Sri Lanka, to control the strategic island. Fought with your Brothers to lose the whole island to Imperialists.

This applies to both sides that took frontline positions in the armed war. Both failed to recognise any positive value from colonial rulers. Both celebrated separation as independence, under the guise of self-determination. Our investments become positive or negative heritages when there are restructures at fundamental levels. Global players, including India & China came in with their own political agendas. This would have been prevented if our own structures had been through the soul-power of  Common Truth of Tamils, or Sri Lankans who enjoyed official status of sovereignty.

The purpose of memorials is to raise our own investments to heritage level. If we remember only those who died from the Tamil side, we become Eelam Tamils living in foreign countries. If we pay our respects to our Indian heritage, we become regional Tamils. If we pay our respects to all known rulers of the past, to the extent we practice their systems in their current forms we become Global Tamils.

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