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 13 August 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



I read Victor Ivan’s book ‘Revolt In The Temple’ at a Buddhist friend’s place. Was that coincidence or divine influence? How does one know the difference?  I seek to accept Sir Albert Einstein’s saying  – ‘Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.’ Hence nothing is coincidence.

That anonymous influence was already within me – not through Buddhism or Hinduism, but through elimination of Caste. I learnt through Victor’s book, at a home where also caste discrimination had been eliminated, that the Sinhalese community also had used caste-based discrimination at community level. In my case, even though I did not know it consciously at that time, it was around our family temple that the confirmation was recognized by me, albeit subconsciously. The temple is at the cusp of Senior /farmer caste village of Sangarathai and Junior / Toddy-tapper caste village of Thunaivi. I lived mostly with the latter as one of them – using their measures of rights and wrongs. That completion, I believe, became my divine power, leading me to share my discovery that the LTTE was not driven by race but caste. This is confirmed by why their killing of Tamil Politicians and also explains why they hijacked the Black July mandate as theirs, even though Colombo was not their ‘home’. Truth sows perfect balance from all angles. Truth also eliminates the dividing walls of separation to render wholesome ownership – in this instance of the Tamil Community. Hence given that I did not personally experience race-based discrimination in Colombo, I was quite comfortable in the home of my Sinhala-Buddhist friend, where I felt the urge to read to Victor’s book.

In that book, Victor shared with us, his wisdom in caste. He confirms his reasoning through his article headed ‘Dismissing Ranil’ at through the final paragraph as follows:

 [The extent of progress that Sri Lanka could achieve by building the Sri Lankan nation alone, thereby denying the recognition accorded to feudalistic caste system and ensuring equal human dignity and equal rights to all ethnic, religious, sexual, cultural and social groups, is enormous. ]

The anonymous message in the above is the negative caste karma which is demon power, due to expiry of its ‘use-by’ date. As in the case of Corona virus, this demon is a pre-existing condition that manifests as other forms of discrimination, based on current forms of apparent diversity, such as race, which are self-explanatory.


In his article, Victor analyses Ranil’s promotion to Presidency as follows:

[In this exercise, Ranil received not only the support of a large number of parliamentarians of the Pohottuwa, the ruling party, but also that of a considerable number of opposition members as well. However, there are various criticisms about his election. One such criticism is that the manner in which he was appointed the president is not ethical though it is in conformity with the Constitution.]

Ethics of a group would be as per the belief of a group. The laws  in a constitution often include theories based on other people’s beliefs. When a group is vertically arranged as ‘senior’ and ‘juniors’ / as government and citizens, but  as per belief they do not trust each other, they start separating. Caste, which was work based became an inappropriate measure, due to democracy which needs Equal status to self-sufficient groups of diverse cultures. In Northern Sri Lanka, the ethics of Toddy-tapper group is vastly different to that of Farmer-group. Likewise, if there are more members from Warrior-caste than from Farmer-caste, in National Parliament, then the former  would  naturally override the latter. That would have contributed to the call for Rajapaksas to step down – the economic downturn being an outer common reason. Likewise, Ranil’s family is known to be of ‘Ruling Class ’ would have been grouped with Rajapaksa family when it came to caste. In reality, those who accepted money or status – for their vote and those who paid money for the vote, would have lowered their ‘class’ from governing group to trading group. For practical purposes – the Constitution is the bible through which ethics is commonly assessed.

More interestingly, the internal separations within the Sinhalese began stronger after 2009, when the common opposition – Tamil community was made ‘junior’ instead of Equal and Opposite. Discrimination became ‘internal’ with warrior caste dominating the show of power.   



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12 August 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam




On 19 November 2019, Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa took oath as President – at the Buddhist shrine - Ruwanweli Maha Seya. I then opposed it through my articles. To me, it was wrong for a President of Sri Lanka to take oath as a Buddhist. A member of Parliament, of a 100% Buddhist electorate, could but not the President of the whole nation.  The Constitution allows it through Article 9 which renders Buddhism - foremost place. That is a Political article and is limited to the belief of Buddhists only.

Mr Wigneswaran , the former Chief Minister of Northern Province opened  his political speeches with parallel Hindu mantra. This separated him from Christians and Muslims in Northern Province.

Now I realise the value of my opposition through which I strengthened the secular President in that group in Parliament. That was Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe who was then Prime Minister. To my knowledge there was no official objection to this from any elected member of Parliament, including Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe and Tamil members. Now I realise that that opposition was ongoing and was the real Aragalaya / Struggle. To the extent the Galle Face group was genuine, they would have been empowered by such Opposition which when left unaddressed, becomes eternal  power. To qualify as an exponential power – it must be continuous on time basis. That is the hierarchical parallel of majority rule. If even one member of Parliament had believed in the Fundamental Human Rights relating to Equal Opportunity, they would have brought a motion against the President on the basis of article 38 (2)(i) of the constitution which states:

[(2) (a) Any Member of Parliament may, by a writing addressed to the Speaker, give notice of a resolution alleging that the President is permanently incapable of discharging the functions of his office by reason of mental or physical infirmity or that the President has been guilty of –

 (i) intentional violation of the Constitution]

There was evidence that the President intentionally violated  the latter part of article 9 which is as follows:

9. The Republic of Sri Lanka shall give to Buddhism the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana, while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1)(e).

The Constitution is the consolidated mind of the Parliament. Some aspects would be positive to a citizen, whilst negative to others at the same time. Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa chose to inherit Mrs Bandaranaike’s mind which is known through the 1972 constitution through which the above provisions and requirements were first implemented in Sri Lanka. To the extent a non-Buddhist who believes s/he is Sri Lankan, is adversely affected by the Government which failed to proactively facilitate Articles 10 and 14(1)(e), that person’s pain becomes Sri Lanka’s pain. It is like elders’ power.

Yesterday, I shared the conclusion by an LTTE heir who stated as follows:

[Gotabaya, during his cruel rule of over 12 years, chased Tamils from country to country. That karma is now chasing him from country to country. Many nations came forward to embrace Tamils. But no country in the world has come forward to accept Gota. We expect that at least from now on Sri Lankan politicians would follow in the Dharmic pathway of Buddha]

The above person who is a non-Buddhist is using Buddhism to make the judgment of ‘cruelty’ But to me, Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa is being led by Buddha. As per latest news reports, the former President has already arrived in Thailand. Wikipedia presents Thailand’s Buddhist population as follows:

[Buddhism is the largest religion in Thailand, which is practiced by 93% of the population. Thailand is a Secular State in the Thai constitution, which guarantees religious freedom for all Thai citizens, though the king is required by law to be a Theravada Buddhist]

Wikipedia presents Sri Lanka’s Buddhist population as follows:

[Theravada Buddhism is the official religion of Sri Lanka, with about 70.2% of the country's population as followers. ]

I am therefore not surprised at all that Buddha in Thailand blessed Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa and led him to Thailand which is more strongly Buddhist than Sri Lanka.

During the time I was devalued at the University of NSW, I wrote to a senior academic-administrator that I must ‘beg’ for work as Lord Buddha begged for food. I was in pain back then. I was duly employed on contract by UNSW Sports Medicine. Now I realise that the ‘gap’ became ‘internal intelligence’ to the corporate mind of the University.

Likewise, Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s intelligence of Buddhist citizens would now be stronger. The reception from a Tamil Medical Professional(TMP) , to my article ‘WHICH NATION WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED PRABHAKARAN? and the conversation that followed was follows:


TMP: Gaja, when will you stop your irresponsible blabbering? I know you want to irritate sane people but you are going more and more insane trying to do so. You praise Gota as fighting LTTE. Are you not ashamed to be so stupidly blind to say so. How many non combatants civilians from all communities he has murdered. How many surrendered people he has murdered. How many were killed for ransom. How many journalists he has murdered. How many murderers who were sentenced to death were released. How many sick and racist Buddhist clergy he employed to spread rabid racism and to create racial riots. How many places where he has encouraged to build Buddhist temples where Hindu temples stood. How many tamil coolies he employed to murder Tamil civilians. Gota is the one who has ordered NOT to sing the national anthem in tamil. So Gaja, just see what nonsense you are uttering and your mental ability to understand things. Gota is the killer who ordered the kid Balachandran to be murdered whom previously fed with biscuits by the soldiers. he is the one who ordered the people who surrendered with white flags. 

 Now coming to Australia, have you forgotten how you guys manipulated the application to come over here. Not only that, you even got down your husband's family members and worst still expected them to be your slaves but that did not happen. Now you are at their throats. You lied that Paramasivam was invited by the Aussi government to come and enlighten Australia. You claimed that you were coming to look after the kids. Even now it is possible to get your citizenship cancelled and pack you off to Thunaivi. Tell me why you came to Australia. How is it different from other migrants? But having come here you challenged the Australian values and even went to court. You talk of your human rights when you don't respect others values. You Gaja deserted Sri lanka and went in search of greener pastures to improve your quality of life, thus you just have no moral value or right to talk about Sri lanka. Less you speak, the less you will expose your ignorance. 

 Now coming to Nadesalingam and family, your outburst is mere jealousy and frustration. It is a family that is loved not only in Australia but worldwide. It is immaterial how they came into SL. If so then first we must investigate and look into your entry application papers. But that great family proved to the people of Australia that they will become very worthy citizens of Australia and that is it. That is democracy. It it not like how you are breast beating and howling for a cold blooded murderer Gota whom entire Sri lankans dont want. If we file a complaint about your application and if the government decides to pack you off, do you think a single person would protest? So your hero Gota is a desperate pathetic soul today, and someone said that he is occupying a place owned by KP's wife in Thailand. By the way, did you know that the US was almost there to rescue VP and his family and men, but unfortunately Indian dirty Brahmins blocked  and that is history. Also VP, unlike you or Gota, never ran away and sacrificed him and his entire family for a cause. I suggest that you worship VP instead of Muruga or Bagavans and I am certain wisdom will keep falling from his photo.

 Gaja: Since it is blabbering to you and since no one from this group has objected to your uncultured responses - NO MORE EMAILS TO THIS GROUP OR ANY THAT YOU ARE PART OF.

TMP: Come on gaja, I know who you are and what you are. You just can't keep away. You want only a dumb audience. In fact I am the only faithful guy who responds to you. Let me tell you why others don't respond. When they see your name they just delete the mail and that is why. Despite your crazy views yet i enjoy reading and responding because I'm a fully retired and have plenty of time to waste. So please don't give up and I am there for you.

Gaja: When you write lies about me and my family – and I keep mum – it means I am accepting what you say ABOUT ME. When you have ‘freedom’ you have the limit to stay within YOUR truth. By writing lies about me you lost your own freedom at the higher level.

Just because you do not know others who respond to me – you have assumed that YOU are the ONLY one. Others don’t catch one or two words and react. That is your way. I tried to educate you but you are beyond learning. The reason is because you are otherwise idle and the devil is in you.

TMP: Gaja, no doubt it is the devil or the deep sea for me. Lie has to be met with truth, truth is painful, yet i have to do though this may displease you. For a person like you, who worships Gota as a hero, what more anyone can say about you. You are a Tamil enemy, you are jealous of Tamils who do well, you hate people who speak the truth. Your hatred of the nadesalingam family is just one example. You just don't care that Australians (not you) love that family. When I praise their kids, for that too you become angry! You have no moral right about the migrants or refugees, it is up to the Australian government to sort it out. We must only worry about how we came into this country and for what. Devil or holy spirit or Yaman are better than living devils that haunt and hunt peaceful humans. But gaja, I am very tolerant and let us indulge in our interaction however lies you churn out.

Then I forwarded to TMP, the public conversation with Sri Lankan Trevor Jayatilleke (TJ), on the same article:

TJ: Well Lakshmi.,

Prabhakaran  would have been accepted by Norway (Solheim and Banki Moon tried as a last resort to save him which was known to all and sundry), but he could not be reached in the swamps of the Nanthikadal Lagoon  probably unable to switch his mobile on.

That was his final Karma (Terrorism is a DEAD END scenario  for its Leaders).

However Prabha was a Messiah for the Tamils but Gota has himself to blame leaving his 6.9 followers in a conundrum like Prabha leaving his Human Shields stranded unable to cross the Lagoon which his hard core fighters underwent  with him like in Waterloo.

With malice to none..

Gaja: Thank you Trevor. If Norway officially harboured the LTTE leader, Norway’s own status would have been seriously damaged. If the UN was genuine, it would have found a way. I myself wrote an open letter to VP to surrender to Nallur Murugan. But VP did not seem to be connected through that pathway. He had enough self-dignity and dying in the battlefield is an honour for war heroes.  He will enjoy good life in his next birth. He went when his mission was completed. That was also the case with his hero – Emperor Ellalan.




Now I know that continuous Opposition through Belief never fails. Hence Oppose we must but only through our belief if we do not have official status.


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11 August 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Majority Sri Lankans believe in Karma. The closest parallel to it in science, to my mind is, genetics. These days, I tend to use karma which shows me the perfect balance between cause and effect.

On that basis – I read the following from an LTTE community leader:

[கோட்டபாய தனது பன்னிரண்டு வருடங்களுக்கு  மேலான  கொடுங்கோல் ஆட்சியில் தமிழரை நாடு நாடாக  ஓட ஓட விரட்டினார். இன்று அந்தக்கர்ம வினை அவரையே நாடு நாடாக ஓட ஓட விரட்டுகிறது.

தமிழரை அணைக்க பல நாடுகள் முன்வந்தன. ஆனால் கோதாவை ஏற்க உலகில் எந்த நாடும் முன்வரவில்லை. இனிமேலாவது இலங்கை ஆட்சியாளர்கள் புத்த பகவான் கூறிய அறவழியில் நடப்பார்கள் என எதிர்பார்ப்போம்

Gotabaya, during his cruel rule of over 12 years, chased Tamils from country to country. That karma is now chasing him from country to country. Many nations came forward to embrace Tamils. But no country in the world has come forward to accept Gota. We expect that at least from now on Sri Lankan politicians would follow in the Dharmic pathway of Buddha.]

Using the above measure, we need to ask as to who was responsible for the departure of those like Meenu  in the following report by Reuters at :

‘The High Price of a Sri Lankan Family's Bid to Flee Crisis’

[Hit hard by the pandemic, which decimated tourism, and by tax cuts pushed through by the government of then-President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka is experiencing its worst economic crisis since independence from Britain in 1948…………………

Meenu, 44, and Nirosh, 46, paid 500,000 Sri Lankan rupees ($1,400) in total to unidentified smugglers for themselves and their two sons, aged 13 and 11…

The Sri Lankan navy intercepted one boat smuggling would-be migrants in 2021, and none in 2020. In the three months to July, that number rose to 15.

A total of 911 people have been arrested attempting to leave Sri Lanka illegally in 2022, putting it on course to surpass 2013, the year the navy began keeping detailed records. Almost all were bound for Australia.]

A good proportionate of Tamils who sought refuge in Australia, are of this category. They paid the high price not due to fear of prosecution, but due to desire for more comfortable living. Australia in turn plays politics with them – the most recent example being the Nadesalingam family accommodated by the Albanese government. As per the Guardian:

[The Nadesalingam family have said they finally feel “peace” after the federal immigration minister, Andrew Giles, intervened to grant them permanent residency.]

Taken in the global context, as per the ‘effects’,  Nadesalingams either suffered more than Meenu,  Nirosh and their two children or Nadesalingams knew how to use Australian politics to their advantage. Likewise, all refugee applicants. Most deserving are those who bring positive Sri Lankan genes with them to Australia. This requires them to renounce all current benefits in relation to their Sri Lankan life. This would facilitate a zero base start.

The Gotabaya government did not hurt Tamils for no reason. They opposed the LTTE, in which exercise civilians were caught up. As in 1983 pogrom – it was negligence / avoidance of duty.

The conversation below with a Tamil Diaspora Professional (TDP) in response to my article headed ‘AWAKENING LTTE MEMORIES’ at  confirms this:


TDP:  Although JR was his relative, Mr. Xxxxx was absolutely mad and asking Ranil why the hell He is not doing anything? Believe me Mr. Xxxxx asked Ranil point blankly “ Is he involved in this ? Did he plan this carnage ? 

I still remember this word carnage he used when he asked Ranil . Most of the times  Ranil whispers to Mr. Xxxxx! I didn’t know what the whispering was ! ]


Gaja : All that the above confirms is that Mr. Xxxxx was against any planned attack by JR. Your conclusion on that basis is:  And you say Prof Nithiyanandan is liar .’


I saidMr Nithiyananthan was connecting Black July 1983 to burning of the Jaffna Library in 1981.’

How does your above account confirm the connection?

I stated also ‘Black July happened in Colombo. To my mind, JR let the crowd ‘lose’. But Nithiyananthan says it was a planned approach and connects it to many ministers – including Ranil Wickremesinghe who was then Minister for Education.’

Deciding not to use one’s power is ‘negligence’. That is the message in my declaration ‘To my mind, JR let the crowd ‘lose’A plan must show intellectual structure. At that time, Tamils were least of JR’s problems. Communists were his problem.


“His work of destroying the fabric of Sri Lankan democracy started from the very first day after he won the election as the leader of the United National Party, in 1977. His very first act as the Prime Minister elect was to grant a “holiday to the police”. That holiday lasted for two or three weeks. That was the first act done to intimidate his political opponents.

To my mind, civilians got hurt in 1983 as well as during was years was due to the LTTE seeking armed retaliation and not because the respective governments planned to attack civilian targets. In 2009, the Rajapaksa government failed to evacuate civilians. But then was that not the first duty of the LTTE? Likewise, during the recent ‘protests’ it was the duty of the original protestors at Galle Face, to separate themselves physically and mentally from those who ‘invaded’ public offices. Now that karma is added to the community that they belong to. By unlawfully chasing away a lawfully elected President, that group has earned negative karma – each time that President feels hurt because he is not able to identify guilt as per his judgment of himself.

Karma works as per the judgment of our own truth.

Given that the LTTE community leader claims that Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa earned the karma, one has to conclude that no country would accept Velupillai Prabhakaran who ‘planned and  killed’ the Indian Political leader and former  Prime Minister – the Hon Rajiv Gandhi. Neither Singapore, nor Thailand would have even looked in the direction of the LTTE leader.  All this advice is not reality of Tamils. In terms of the LTTE community, it is NOT Karma but wishful thinking.

எந்நன்றி கொன்றார்க்கும் உய்வுண்டாம் உய்வில்லை
செய்ந்நன்றி கொன்ற மகற்கு.

There is redemption for killers of virtues of most forms ;

There is no redemption for those who kill Gratitude .

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 10 August 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Christian bible says ‘seek and you shall find’. Yesterday I read the article headed600 articles over 11 years: What did they tell the reading public and policymakers?at

I thought about it positively. This morning, I found its institutional parallel headed ‘What now for the media?’ at

I sought and I found someone who was also dissatisfied with the media’s handling of the Sri Lankan Protests.

Mr Amantha Perera begins with the following:

[The iconic GotaGoGama is winding down. The crowds have thinned out. The WhatsApp messages that used to flood the inbox have dried out. The foreign journalists who were so much of a concerned feature of the Aragalaya coverage have left. The short-term fixing gigs have slowed down. You wake up and suddenly the overlay of working intensity has dialled down a bit but the uncertainty of what lies next as a citizen of Sri Lanka ]

The ‘foreign journalists include the likes of Australian ABC, whose mind also seems to have‘left’ the Sri Lankan issue. But I have not left. I have been writing for about 20 years with my main focus being as Sri Lankan. The total exceed 6000.

Mr W A Wijewardene, the author of ‘600 articles over 11 years……’  is presented by the publishers as follows:

The writer, a former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, can be reached at …..

The author of other article, Mr Amantha Perera, is presented as follows:

The writer is a journalism researcher and a writer.  He can be contacted at ………

In contrast, I come without a package. This could mean that I am a frivolous writer or that I am a philosophical writer. I get responses on the basis of both. But to me,  my best reader is myself. I first bring the target audience into myself as the faceless ‘common reader’. When I feel that the reader  in me is satisfied, I feel wholesome.

Mr Wijewardene laments in this regard:

[Policymakers ignoring the message

Though the readers had welcomed these articles, that had not been the case with policymakers. The period had covered three policy regimes, namely, the first Mahinda Rajapaksa regime, the Ranil Wickremesinghe regime of 2015 to 2019, most recently the Gotabaya Rajapaksa regime since 2019. The critical analysis provided in these articles was not to the liking of the chief policymakers associated with these regimes. There had been many counter attacks, sometimes descending to a personal level, by the architects of policy in these regimes. But the series continued without any break or departure from its original mission]

If indeed, the Politicians had the mind-structure of clever Economists, they would not be able to connect to the minds of their voters and v.v. That is the challenge in Democracy. One has to be humble to connect to the voter but one has to be clever not to be cheated by the voter.

Mr Amantha Perera presents this as follows:

[By the time Ranil Wickremesinghe replaced Gotabaya Rajapaksa as the head of state, a few who started off reporting the protests as closely and diligently as they could, ended up being part and parcel of the protesters. This was especially true of social media profile. As I said in a previous column, this may be a positive bias, but it still is a bias and a naked one at that. 

This has counterweighed a similar bias displayed by some very senior journalists towards those who held power. All of this is the latest reflection of the deeply politicised nature of the media in Sri Lanka. 
It also lays bare the lack of skills and aptitudes within the journalism community
. Despite years of training and skills development programmes, half-a-dozen national and international journalism training organisations based in the country, the media community at times displayed debilitating mistakes in reporting the protests.

Jesus and Gandhi renounced at personal level - all benefits from their work. This rendered them the ‘insight’ to identify with the common beneficiary of their work. Their ‘cleverness’ in turn became confidential-higher intelligence. In Northern Sri Lanka, the practice of the son submitting his earnings to his father is, to my mind, towards this merger of current benefits with the mind of the provider of the education/skills needed to earn the money. This leads to immediate conversion of current benefits to the higher level opportunity which eventually becomes heritage/permanent opportunity.

Both have highlighted the problem of separation due to cultural diversity. When one operates at the top level of one system and the other at the bottom level, their cultures are different in the same ethnicity. Hence the protests to define that the protestors were from the opposite pole to the government. That way their world revolves around itself, on the basis of the two extremes pulling & pushing  in opposite directions.

If the top sacrifices – and the bottom recognises the top as invisible Spiritual Energy, they merge to become one and the differences become invisible.

The more visible we seek to be, the more difficult politics towards self-governance would become. The reason for this is that we have in mind – those who would reward us and not ownership in common. Those driven by visible ‘effects’ would not appreciate the ‘freedom’ in ownership. Hence the separation between the voters and the government became visible. When parliament becomes a trading house, this separation is assured.

Those who share their truth through their writing work get connected to the Universal power of Truth which is self balancing. Institutional structures facilitate this merger at the higher level towards commonness of that profession – be it economics or journalism. But they would not automatically merge with the bottom.


Tuesday, 9 August 2022

 09 August 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Our words and actions need to be processed through common structures so the connection between cause and effect would be known by others – using common structure. Common laws facilitate this. Those driven by effects would tend to show quick changes in their expressions and actions. In terms of Sri Lanka, the protestors confirmed this through their stated demands. As  a group – they may be as sovereign as the corona virus, but they do not represent Sri Lanka, the common entity that is considered to be a Sovereign nation at global level by users of global systems.

When the Sri Lankan government that represented the Sovereignty of the nation succumbed to unstructured protestors, it confirmed that the government was not connected to its own Sovereignty and hence lacked the moral authority to represent the Nation’s sovereignty. My analysis of two leaders – one Sri Lankan and the other Eelam Tamil – was recently communicated as follows on the basis of  the report that Tamil leader Mr Wigneswaran was likely to be offered a ministerial position:

[I do not know Ranil or Wigneswaran personally. Hence in both cases, I relate through their position structures. To that extent if my contribution to the structure  that their positions are a part of is stronger than theirs in my mind, I take senior position to them. Then my sharing becomes educational. They may not hear or read my contribution, but to the extent I have renounced benefits from that position, truth does the rest. Yesterday, I wrote about awakening the LTTE memories due to Nithiyanantan’s presentation. In the evening I learnt through the news that some LTTE activists were arrested at Sengalpattu. To my mind this meant that I had contributed to prevention of another ethnic war. That is an example of how I feel I am being supported by truth. There is no status higher than that. Wigneswaran was not to my mind fit for politics, leave alone being a Tamil Nationalist. In terms of the offer of ministry – it is ‘cheap’ . I would not be surprised if he takes it. If he does – I will conclude that it is for selfish reasons. If he rejects it – I would conclude that he stands to benefit more by rejecting it.

In terms of Ranil – I go by the position he has taken thus far. This facilitates me to contribute to democracy, more than any other in Parliament. No Tamil MP is anywhere near Ranil in this regard. Hence Tamil Democracy has a better prospect of developing under Ranil.]

As per the above structure, I read the stated expectations of the Government of China to be false:

China Asks India To "Stop Disturbing" Its Exchange With Sri Lanka:

Riled by Sri Lanka's request to defer the planned docking of a high-tech Chinese research vessel at the strategic Hambantota Port, China on Monday took a dig at India, saying it was "senseless to pressure" Colombo by citing the issue of security concerns.

According to reports from Colombo, Sri Lanka has asked Beijing to defer the arrival of the Chinese space and satellite tracking research vessel 'Yuan Wang 5' which was scheduled to dock at the Hambantota Port from August 11 to 17 due to security concerns expressed by India. -

That Hambantota Port known as  Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port, stands testimony to the damage to Sri Lankan sovereignty through the Rajapaksa government  which succumbed to the temptation and ate the forbidden fruit of ‘free debt’.

It was ‘forbidden’ because ‘it was the fruit of  the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’. Its Hindu parallel is the fruit of the ‘Kalpavriksha’ – the wish fulfilling tree with its roots in heaven. One who stands under the tree and asks for pleasures will get them. But later – the pain follows. Hence its fruit is forbidden. Free debt – i.e. debt without a binding relationship is forbidden fruit. Now when Sri Lanka is struggling to repay its debts, China’s actions indicate its takeover mentality. This is further strengthened by China’s actions in relation to Taiwan at the same time:

[the Australian government has fired back, saying the military drills were an overreaction following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taipei. 

Taiwan's government claimed China's military drills appear to simulate an attack on the self-ruled island, after multiple Chinese warships and aircraft crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait following Ms Pelosi's controversial trip. 

In response, Taiwan's armed forces dispatched air and naval patrols around the island and activated land-based missile systems, the Ministry of National Defence said.

As of Saturday at 5pm, 20 Chinese aircraft and 14 ships continued to carry out sea and air exercises around the Taiwan Strait, he said. 

The ministry said that zones declared by China as no-go areas during the exercises for other ships and aircraft had "seriously damaged the peace."

Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong joined Antony Blinken and Minister Hayashi Yoshimasa in condemning China’s exercises. ]

As an Australian of Sri Lankan origin, I feel that there is valid reason for India’s concerns at the same level as Australia’s concerns.




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08 August 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Politics is like the gross body senses. They are divided. Intellectual rule usually becomes common through the brain. This however is not available to all – especially to those who lack the resources to access academic facilities. That which is available to all is the soul power of truth.

Recently, a Tamil Diaspora professional (TDP)referred me to an interview with Professor Nithiyananthan – a Tamil activist, at #NITHIYANANTHAN#black july - YouTube

After viewing it, I concluded that it was taking one to the past. I responded to the whole group as follows:

Gaja :Living in the past means he has NOT discovered the Truth


TDP :  I sent this email out to all my contacts in the US who have been voting for Democrats and particularly for OBama.

So, I wanted to give them a piece of my mind but, how on earth you sneaked into this email Gaja ? 😯and you copied everyone !! Please ...for Gods sake, for Goodness's sake , for your Saibaba's sake , for your...your...your  whatever sake , please don't use their emails in future madam.

Anyway , you say Prof Nithiyananthan ( or I perhaps) has not discovered the Truth when he ( or I ) still lives in the Past !

I understand the futility of living / dwelling in the past or even discussing /thinking/worrying/remembering the events happened in the past ..I got that but, you say discovering the Truth ?  What Truth ? Is there something called Truth ? 

Have you found it ? You were seeking or searching that for sometime like Buddha


Gaja : The attached emails confirm that YOU sent it to me . Attached is also my response to you

I went back and checked your email. I could not find my address in your list. Then I checked the other names above. They are also not in that list. Did you blind copy this group? I note that Xxxx has been responding to this usual group on this thread.

If indeed the others did not get the main list, then I conclude that it is a divine warning to you not to rubbish the Black President of your nation.


According to highly respected Sri Lankan Journalist Mr T Sabaratnam, the LTTE was insensitive to the feelings of worshippers at our local church in my part of Jaffna:

[On 9 April the train was slightly late and the convoy of three vehicles left the station at about 9.45 p.m.  As it was traveling along Hospital Road, a booby-trapped car parked near the historic Adaikala Matha Church exploded throwing the massive truck twenty meters away.  The truck fell into the drain.  Thick branches of a shade tree that stood about 70 feet away were shaved off at various places.  Leaves on some branches were roasted.  Over ten soldiers who travelled in the truck died.  It took several minutes for the soldiers in the other vehicles to recover,

The 9 April explosion was the LTTE’s and Sri Lanka’s first car bomb explosion.  Before that car bombs had been used by the IRA and Palestinian guerrillas

There was also the following:

[The Allens were kidnapped on 10 May, a Thursday.  At 9 a.m. on Friday, May 11, a young boy went to the Government Agent’s Public Relations Officer at the Jaffna Kachcheri and handed him an envelope.  It was marked ‘Very Urgent.”  Government Agent Devanesan Nesiah found in it a copy of a letter addressed to President Jayewardene.

The letter gave three messages.  First, it said People’s Liberation Army had kidnapped the American couple.  It said they were kidnapped because they were CIA agents.  Second, it laid down two conditions for their release.  The first condition was that the twenty freedom fighters who were in government custody should be released.  It listed the names of the twenty persons.  The first name was that of Fr. Singarayar.  The second name was Nirmala Nithiyananthan.  The rest were EPRLF activists mostly from the Batticaloa district.  The second condition was the payment of 50 million rupees worth of gold.

The third message was about the fate of the Allens if the Sri Lankan government failed to meet in totality of the conditions.  It said, if the two conditions were not met within 72 hours commencing from 12 noon on Friday, the Allens would be killed one by one at the interval of six hours.] ………………

The connection between Professor Nithiyananthan of the above mentioned interview, and the LTTE is confirmed through the following:

[Nirmala was in the women’s wing of the Batticaloa prison during the first jailbreak of 23 September 1983.  Vamathevan, Thanthai Chelva’s former driver was given the task of rescuing Nirmala.  He forgot it in the rush.  Her husband, Nithiyananthan, had escaped and had joined the LTTE in Chennai.  He was appointed the editor of the LTTE’s official monthly paper Viduthalai Puligal. Nithiyananthan was a former journalist at Thinakaran in Lake House before he joined Jaffna University as a lecturer in economics.]

When I learnt about the LTTE by living with them, I learned that they were weak administrators. Most young ones were driven by outcomes and not the ‘causes’. As per my experience, this ‘divides’ and does not unite the group as a sovereign unit. Hence my conclusion that the Galle  Face Protestors  were not genuine. To move back into ‘war memories’ would be disastrous – especially to those resident in Sri Lanka.

But some Tamil Diaspora leaders tend to renew the memories which prevent ‘closure’.  When we discover  the truth, we lose consciousness of  the outer body of the ‘fact’ – i.e. – ‘what happened’. Losing consciousness of this is like death of the body, at which point, the soul is free.

Each group would measure through its own mind-structure.  Different cultures would make discoveries through their own pathways. Once we are in truth, we will merge naturally with others who also acted out of their own belief though  different pathways. Some of them would be our Opposition in form. The official armed forces are one such group to rebels. In Sri Lanka – the two are Equal in strength, and they keep war in active mode. Those who support LTTE’s or JVP’s armed rebellion, have the duty to groom their children to become ‘soldiers’ who would defend the nations that gave them refuge.

The karma is presented as follows:

[Although most of these children live at home, they have been issued with parts of the uniform such as caps and are regularly called up for duties at sentry points, check points and for patrolling. While on duty they carry automatic weapons. The following are some of the children used in such a capacity, whose names have been truncated for reasons of security.

1.    Dinesh (13 years) – Year 8 at school

2.    Kalvayan (13 ) Year 8

3.    Ruban (14)  - Year 9

4.   Dharshan (14)  Year 9

This is just a small sample of what is routinely going on in many schools. The LTTE might argue technically that it has not recruited them. But the reality is that they live under LTTE control, are under close watch by the LTTE, have been trained militarily and cannot escape. The LTTE can and will mobilize them whenever it needs them. They are conscripts and the effect of this on the society cannot be other than disastrous. The case of another class of children represents something even more insidious. Among this group are:

1.    Kandappan’s son (12 or 13 years)

2.    Nandan’s son (13)

3.    Prasad (13)

Here Kandappan and Nandan are in the LTTE and their very young sons have also been inducted into the organization and are constantly seen with weapons. They are full time members of the LTTE and their incorporation on account of their fathers may be non-formal, and so may be denied. Prasad, also a fulltime member, has two uncles in the LTTE. In his case too his incorporation may be considered a family affair.]

To the extent the belief in LTTE or JVP is true, any awakening is resurrection. When the body/what happened is awakened by blaming the other side, it is rebirth of the problem.