Friday, 23 August 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

23  August  2019


This morning, I received two communications from a Tamil Diaspora leader. One included the following, under the heading Wigneswaran on President Sirisensa's Appointment of Shavendra Silva as Army Commander’:
[SL President Maithiripala Sirisena appointing Shavendra Silva as the SLA commander is the logical outcome of the Sinhala thinking that remains unchanged. “Secondly, he may also be thinking that if Gotabhaya Rajapaksa were to come in as the president next, Shavendra Silva would be an ideal lieutenant to him, because they have worked together in the past,” commented former Chief Minister of North Justice C.V. Wigneswaran. The Sinhala political leaders would not grant any political rights to the Tamils in the future because, in their position there had been no genocide, no war crimes and they maintain that those killed were all ‘terrorists’. “We may expect a very difficult time ahead. Tamils, both internationally and locally, must start thinking as to what should be our next step in the event of such people becoming very violent against our people,” the former chief minister told TamilNet.]

The other was headed ‘GREAT ACHIEVEMENT BY A TAMIL - New Vice-Chancellor named — University of Leicester’ and directed us to

The former is about Politics in armed environment and the latter is about achievement in intellectual field. To my mind, one dilutes the other. One is driven by Belief based entitlement while the other is based on intellectual discrimination. One of the reasons why I could not identify with the Judicial decision against Cardinal Pell is that it seems to ignore ‘Out of Time’ ruling that was applied to my complaint to the NSW Anti Discrimination Board – the first body to which I complained against Central Administrators of University of NSW. I am entitled to apply the same ruling that was used when I complained. That is the path of Dharma / Righteousness that is available to the ones who are in the ‘being governed’ group. When we make our own judgments as per the same measures used on us by the governing group – the Lord of Natural Justice hears us. That Lord’s representative is within us as our conscience. As per my discovery – that is how we maintain the real Sovereignty of our environment.

From the point of view of Sinhalese – those who are close to the LTTE would either overpower their own politicians or fight for Separation. Those to whom armed militancy was ‘right’ for Tamils – the LTTE chose the right pathway. They would not find any fault with the LTTE. But then unless they accept the same measure with the Opposition – their Opposition becomes invalid. The parallels of war-criminals were amongst armed Tamil militants who killed Tamil politicians also.  Given that these politicians were elected by the People – killing them amounts to killing that many civilians. An intellectual mind would recognize this as a true derivation. If we do not – then wrongs become sins and one becomes Frankenstein. That story was based on the influence that author Shelly had in the vicinity of Frankenstein Castle where an alchemist had experimented.

Yesterday at Nallur temple we celebrated the festival of Arunagirinathar who became a saint by truly regretting his enjoyment of excessive pleasures. Prassnna Aiyer as usual, movingly rendered Divine praise of the Lord from Kanthar Anupoothi – by Saint Arunagirinathar. Yesterday it was stanza 17 – which is thanksgiving to the Lord for education and its intellectual capability. The relevance to my mind is that when we rise above physical desires we identify with the intellectual pathway through which we realize Dharma. This is achievable when we seek the Grace of the Lord.

The vehicle carrying the Lord yesterday was the Asuran / demon driven by physical pleasures and powers. The music during the inner procession was Asura music from huge drums. To one without belief – this would seem like paganism. But it was actually becoming redeemed from paganism.
There is paganism in armed war also. To the extent it was used by both sides – without condemnation from  their respective intellectual leaders – we are all demoted to paganism. The side that is yet to own and discipline its own pagans has no claim of rights to travel the pathway of intellectual governance. As Aiyathurai of Thunaivi said about the discovery of his guru – there are realized souls in Nallur whose power is shared with true believers to the extent of their belief. Those who are present at Nallur for pleasures would acquire the demon powers that the believers have left behind. I have observed that at Sydney Murugan temple through personalities to tend to ‘show off’ and / or indicate strong distraction towards ‘attractive sights’. In fact the tuk-tuk guy whom I hired just outside the temple – demonstrated that he was tempted to ‘touch’ me when giving me the change. This was the first time during my stay in Jaffna during post-war period, that it happened. I concluded that he was infected by the demon left behind by others. He quoted also a higher price for the travel than the usual.

Jaffna Tamils who are not protected by their belief in higher Energies – are at risk of such demons getting into them – if they continue to live in their separate narrow worlds.  The ordinary citizen driven by belief and/or intellectual discrimination does not need political leadership to govern her/himself. 

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

22  August  2019


Justice Gyles asked me whether according to me the racial discrimination was ‘conscious or subconscious?’ I promptly said it was ‘subconscious’. Then Dr John Griffiths who is now himself a judge of the Federal Court of Australia and who back then represented my opposition in the case on the basis of Racial Discrimination Act 1975, jumped up and said words to the effect that an adverse finding would seriously damage his client – a young migrant. To my mind, Dr Griffiths read the mind of Justice Gyles and hence his pleading. My complaint as usual was dismissed – as I recall it   - as being ‘frivolous and vexatious’. But in the reasoning – Justice Gyles did indicate strongly that the opposition who was my senior  by position – was overwhelmed by wisdom. I knew that Justice Gyles had come to the conclusion that I had proven my case. But Dr Griffiths influenced him to deliver otherwise.

Back then I went to Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral and cried. This week when I heard that Cardinal Pell’s appeal had been unsuccessful I was wondering whether I also had contributed to excessive punishment of the Cardinal. The deeper we go, the more common the reasons become. I genuinely feel that the Cardinal is being punished excessively and by those with a different mind-structure to when the offenses are alleged to have happened.
Some of Cardinal Pell’s alleged offences would have been subconscious. Knowing our Australian Judiciary – through my own experiences – I feel strongly that the judgment is strongly anti-church and goes beyond Mr Pell as individual. The rule of Natural Law – is that the person on the other side has the natural authority to return the pain to sender. But in civilized societies – the issue is raised to higher level – so others in common society learn and prevent such pain from occurring in the future to any member of that society. This also preserves the sovereignty of that society.
To the extent I was hurting and Cardinal Pell (who did write to me as Bishop Pell  in response  but without addressing the issue ) – did not share in that pain – the pain I submitted to Jesus became his problem. When I watch the priest at Nallur temple - going through  the ceremonial processes with dedication  -  I felt that he was the medium through whom the prayers of majority  devotees  are heard. The pathway is the common processes which connect the minds – each as per their true dedication to the processes.  The priest himself invokes the minds of  ancestors who shared their mind through mantras and the ceremonial processes. To the extent – we focus during the ceremonies we connect to their minds. Then when we take authority as needed – they take authority. This I believe is the reason why we seek blessings. In the language of the Court – lawyers ‘plead’ and ‘submit’ for this reason.

Yesterday for example – a lady who looked a little bit older than I stepped into the spot between the till and I. I was seated on the floor – meaning to standup when the Holy procession came into the outer hall of Nallur temple. The till that is fixed to the floor - protects me from getting pushed back by the crowd that has to make way for the ceremonial procession.  But yesterday – there was a narrow gap between me in sitting position - and the till. When the lady stepped into that – I could not object but felt it was unfair that she did. When the procession entered – I stood up and the lady said – to go behind her! I promptly said ‘you stepped into the spot that I thought was mine and I kept quiet even though I was seated there a long time - because there was a gap. But now I happen to be in front of you and you cannot ask me to go behind you’. The lady smiled and said that she had noticed me waiting there every day. I said ‘all the more why you should not ask me to go behind you.’ The lady smiled and said ‘o.k.’ We then continued to pray from our respective positions.  I must say I was surprised by this acceptance. I know that I look different due to my presentation which is not traditional to Jaffna. But what is different is the acceptance of my reasoning – which would have been taken as ‘insubordination’ about a decade ago. The emigration of family members to Western Nations seems to have made multiculturalism more acceptable to the Traditional Jaffna Tamil.
When we submit with belief – we hear the real judgment in our own minds from our own conscience. To me, what happened to me was due to my race. Like the Priest in terms of the temple – it was Prime Minister (John Howard at the time) through whom my complaint was submitted to the Lord of Australia. When Mr Howard was dismissed by his electorate – I felt that I had also derived my own judgment against him. The main reason was that Mr Howard failed to pay his respects to the Equal Opportunity aspect of Australia which is multicultural. Mr Howard failed to learn and chant the Equal Opportunity mantras with faith in the UN.  Likewise many political leaders in Sri Lanka. Professor Charles Sarvan Ponnuthurai includes the following in his recent communication headed ‘  A real dilemma – with the note - THE WRITER IS SHARING A LETTER TO A FRIEND WHO WAS MEETING RAJIVA WIJESINGHE AT A CONFERENCE

[…On the one hand, though we wish to interact, to pretend there is no ‘racism’ and carry on pleasantly, interestingly, with social and mental gain by being in such a group, is to allow ‘racists’ to get away with it; to eat the cake and still have it; to pretend we don’t know that such individuals hunt with the hounds while occasionally keeping company with the prey. 
It will also convey to ‘racists’ that their ‘racism’ doesn’t, after all, matter. “We can get away with it. We don’t need them but they need us”, etc. Vae victis.   
Therefore, in some way we must signal to such ‘racists’ that their true nature is recognised and, what’s more, that it causes disappointment and pain.
This is a problem many Tamils face in social, academic and professional life, and each one of us must work out her or his own modus vivendi. It’s not easy, not easy at all. 
PS. Of course, we know many Sinhalese who are not 'racist' but even here, I wonder. 

Would it have been enough in the days of slavery to think, "I don't personally own any slaves. So the fact that others of my people do, has nothing to do with me". 
Is that sufficient? What, if anything, are they doing about the gross injustice being committed?
Or am I thinking in impossibly high standards? 
Martin Luther King said: More than the words of our enemies, what pains us is the silence of our friends]

Is the Catholic Church in Australia paying now for its silence back then? If yes, do the courts have the authority to punish an offender through intellectual means for a punishment that happened due to natural balance through belief? One Sri Lankan Tamil who complained about sexual abuse by a relative was questioned by me as to why she had not moved away from that relative or complained against the relative to her immediate family? The response was that she did not want to lose the benefits that she was enjoying in that circle. I then said for her not to complain because she expected benefits from a different circle.

The above is true of most racism complaints that are outdated and/or out-placed.
Every one of us who complains through our belief is ‘heard’ by Truth – which is the consolidated Energy of all those who are true to themselves in that sovereign environment. Most Tamils known to me in Australia – have not complained against racism for the same reason why I did not until I could not take my own demotion by myself  any more.  Most want to live and support their families to live. The ones who would be punished are those who find fault with Sinhalese government while remaining silent in Australia. Tamils of my parents’ generation likewise practiced caste based discrimination – outside workplace. The excess returns to us as Racial Discrimination.

Friends who are silent need not be guilty of doing nothing – if they actually believed that the discrimination was merit based in a society to the development of which they have contributed more than the alleged victims. That merit based testing is crucial to using intellectual measures to identify with unjust racism. In my complaints – except for the above matter – the merit based application was not used – because the other side was untouchable – way above my position. The test in such cases is whether the victim or the alleged perpetrator failed on merit basis allocable to their respective positions. Objective proof is applicable only when both sides are  at equal level. Logical proof is applicable when there is a reliable relationship between the two in an environment. Deeper than that is belief based ruling.

Habit based ruling and Belief based ruling may look the same and they would tend to be so in an environment of common belief – for example Buddhist community in Sri Lanka. But when it comes to a different community – one is limited to merit base alone – with discretionary powers being allowed on the basis of belief. If the belief in the issue is stronger in the victim – then the one who is being judged is the official in that position. That was how Mr Howard got dismissed and later Mr Rajapaksa after the 2009 excesses.

If Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is elected president – then that would confirm that Tamils are no longer Sri Lankans, or that the Sinhalese with majority power do not feel connected to Tamils or that the Tamil claims of war crimes are not belief based and qualify within the following natural law:
[The rule of Natural Law – is that the person on the other side has the natural authority to return the pain to sender.]

As per my observations Sinhalese who felt pain under that regime – would naturally be connected to the minds of Tamil victims of that regime. This could even be the soldiers who are now accused of war crimes at international level. So long as they used pure belief – they are not likely to suffer. But if they come outside that circle – especially in global environments – in positions that require use of international laws – they would become victims of their own habit of following their leader.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21  August  2019


A Sri Lankan Tamil asked me here in Jaffna a s to why I had written the book ‘Jaffna is my Heritage and not my Dowry’. My immediate response was– ‘so others would not get cheated by relatives.’  I thought about it more later. I then realized that it was to preserve Jaffna’s Diversity. The importance attributed to higher education by the Jaffna People of my generation is confirmed by that intellectual analysis in support of Thesawalamai Law which also confirms diversity of Jaffna Tamils. It is by going through painful experience that I learnt to appreciate that Thesawalamai Law upholds gender based Equal Opportunity. As per my experience, once we experience freedom from discrimination on the basis of physical differences we are free of such ignorance through all forms of unjust discrimination – including in Sri Lanka’s case – race and religion based discrimination.
Diversity also separates. At first glance Diversity and unjust discrimination may seem the same. But diversity is rooted in tradition. In his Ceylon Today article headed ‘From Kovils to Devales’ Mr P K Balachandran presents as follows:

[However, empirically,  the Kovil-Devale dichotomy is not clear-cut, whether one looks at it from a contemporary perspective or from a historical perspective argues Sujatha Arundathi Meegama in her thesis submitted to the University of Berkley in 2011 titled From Kovils to Devales; patronage and influence at Buddhist and Hindu temples in Sri Lanka’]

As per my experience – the suppressed tend to invest more deeply in tradition as their savior. They cannot afford multiculturalism. The deeper the pain of discrimination the greater the tendency to withdraw into ‘specialty’. To go deep, one has to continue within the structures and laws that one has been supported to that stage. That is when one becomes that system and identifies with its strengths as well as weaknesses. The weaknesses that resulted in our pain would give us pain but when we become the system we also identify with the strengths in that system that would cure the weaknesses.
Genuine Pain due to true weaknesses is like meditation. Other pain is temporary and is easily discarded by a genuine seeker. Genuine pain takes us to the depth where root cause is. Yesterday, at Nallur temple, they sang the songs of Saint Nanthanar who was born into Pariah caste and yearned to ‘see’ Lord . His employer of high caste ends up taking lower relative to Nanthanar – who experienced the Grace of the Lord by seeking the Lord from outside the temple as per the caste based structure of that time. I melted when I listened and had the experience of the pain of ‘outcast’ most strongly at the University of NSW. Then singer Sriram Gangatharan who visited Australia from India – sang Nanthanar songs. I was in deep pain of alienation and hence identified with Nanthanar’s feelings. Even now when someone seems to alienate me I experience a bit of that pain but with sadness and no anxiety. That sadness is positive and cures the place.

Jaffna’s diversity is its protection from assimilation which results in losing connection with the roots. The Sunday Observer article headed ‘Provincial Councils, nothing more than another unwanted layer in politics!’ presents the following:

[Apart from the North and East, Provincial Councils have functioned in the rest of the country for over thirty years. If they had a real impact, these regions should have fared spectacularly better than the North and East which were also beset by war. That hasn’t happened either. So, the evidence appears to be mounting to the effect that Provincial Councils are nothing more than another unwanted layer in politics which allows politicians to throw their weight around at a different level at a cost of billions of rupees.]

In North & East –  Councils in leading temples and Churches have strongly influenced self-governance.  The Provincial Councils that came after – confirm and symbolize this Diverse Development. In Sri Lanka most of us govern through our belief in religion. So long as we pay our respects to the dominant religion in that region including by staying out of their areas where we have disagreement – we would enjoy natural harmony.
The Kovil-Devale dichotomy is not clear cut  to Buddhist leaders who assimilate politics with religion because they do not believe in either.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17  August  2019


Yesterday at the hotel, my bag was checked by a lady security officer from the Prime Minister’s   team. I was satisfied that my complaint had been heard by whoever was responsible. My complaint was that the previous night my bag was checked by a male officer. After me was a family – and the lady said words to the effect ‘there is …. and some vibhoothi’ (holy powder). The accent said that they were Malaysian Tamils. The dynamics were different. The security officer seemed more official with them whereas with me the lady officer  was friendly in her attitude.

This morning I read the article ‘Diaspora not spared in Sri Lanka’ published by The following excerpt is of interest to me:

[Journalist from Norway arrested
The latest victim is a journalist from Norway, Mr Nadaraja Sethuruban. He attends the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva and reports news concerning Sri Lanka to media in Norway and other countries. He visited Sri Lanka on 17th July to have his daughters ‘age attainment’ (puberty) ceremony in Jaffna. Unfortunately he was arrested on 3rd August by the Police in Point Pedro on a fabricated accusation and produced in a Court in Killinochi. He was remanded in the Jaffna prison and released on bail on 6th August.]
All those who take part in UN proceedings without strong institutional backing and speak out against a government that is accused of extra-judicial actions against citizens – need to expect such returns. I myself was so arrested in Australia for peaceful assembly against Central Administrators of the University of NSW.  One who is deeply affected will have the courage to face any injustice and establish the way of Dharma/Righteousness. So I do from time to time expect government officers to be hostile towards me. Unlike in Australia, here in Sri Lanka I am able to quietly communicate with most of them – for most at individual level do identify with me. In Australia only a few do. But in Australia more follow the law than do Sri Lankans.
As per the above article - Mr Nadaraja Sethuruban came to Jaffna to celebrate the puberty ceremony of his daughter. One of the false avenues through which members of the  Tamil Diaspora ‘show off’ their wealth is this puberty ceremony. The origin as per my understanding was to announce to the wider world that there was a young lady eligible for marriage. If Mr Nadaraja Sethuruban felt the need to so celebrate today – then one is entitled to conclude that his daughter is being groomed to live as a homebound home-maker for which he would need to give her a dowry. The introduction below to my book ‘Jaffna is my heritage and NOT dowry’  includes the note that as per Thesavalamai Customs of Jaffna Tamils Dowry does not include any liability but heritage does.

Those who continue to indiscriminately mix the money-making and home-making roles confirm lack of blessings from our ancestors in Northern Sri Lanka. I write practically every day and I am not backed by any group power. I rely on the universal power of truth. If I am genuine in serving Jaffna and Sri Lanka – the land looks after me. The first step is to position ourselves vis-à-vis the other party – as junior, senior or equal. So long as such positioning is true as per our conscience – it is the duty of the system of truth to deliver. One who goes to UN about unlawful conduct of Sri Lankan soldiers if s/he is genuine – would be a ‘foreigner’ if s/he is celebrating at family and community levels.
It is when we share in the pain of other Sri Lankans – that we are morally entitled to question those who seem to have caused that pain – as internals. The families of Sinhala soldiers who died in combat are entitled to the same honor as families of Tamil combatants who were in a disciplined armed group such as the LTTE.

The Island editorial headed ‘Drinking tea with suspects’ states as follows:
[The yahapalana leaders, came to power promising, among other things, legal action against those who they said had bribed the LTTE to engineer the 2005 polls boycott, but nobody has been sent to jail for that. President Maithripala Sirisena has started drinking tea with the Rajapaksas!]

That debt of honor created by the LTTE – became part of my group’s inheritance of Jaffna. If we settle the debt – through contributions to good governance during the period Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe – the victim of the 2005 coup – is in power – we clean Northern Sri Lanka and save it from sins that unsettled debts become. The fact that I happened to be here at North Gate by Jetwing hotel – when the PM was here – not once but twice – confirms that Jaffna is now free of that debt. We are now equals and so long as Mr Wickremesinghe is genuine about Jaffna – Jaffna will return his investment exponentially – including through Diaspora that is free of debt to Jaffna.

Tourism is important to Jaffna where many self-employed workers – starting with tuk-tuk drivers to hotels by Jetwing group are affected through violence including in Colombo. Orderly conduct by every citizen and visitor would make this a sustainable activity. Whether the Diaspora come as tourists or contributors – they need to ensure that they conduct themselves accordingly. Yesterday I noticed a couple of young scout guys in uniform chatting when the priest was chanting. After the main procession moved on from the spot – I walked up to the boys and said that they were in uniform and it was unbecoming of them to ‘chat’ when the priest was chanting. I said we needed to respect others’ work for us to develop our own employment opportunities. The boys nodded and I felt they had understood. They would if they considered me as a ‘senior’. I was satisfied by their response. The discipline that LTTE instilled does live through genuine workers. 

Friday, 16 August 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16  August  2019

Common Security for the Prime Minister and  the Citizen

The tuk-tuk driver who brought me back to the hotel from Nallur temple asked me whether I would be checked when entering the hotel (North Gate by Jetwing) – which has been common residence for the Prime Minister and I over the past two days. I said I did not think so because they had so far not done so. Within a minute I was proven wrong. One security officer in the PM’s team said ‘bag’. The other looked at me and said ‘sorry madam we have to check your bag’. I opened the little sling bag for their inspection. The second officer took a quick look – and said it was ok. I was not in any way upset that I was put through the search process. What bothered me was the inconsistency. Whether such inconsistency is based on persons or time – it confirms lack of reliability in process. Yesterday’s with me was time based.  I was not checked before but I was checked last night and by male officer. They did not check the  body. They checked my personal bag. If I were a - terrorist – I would note this and carry any device on my body – as LTTE’s Thenmoli who killed India’s PM did. Where common belief is weak – our energies are channeled through narrow pathways of cleverness. If I were not common Sri Lankan – I would have beaten the Security Officer who initiated the search through clever game of ‘catch me if you can’. Where we know that the other is cleverer than us – we need to develop strong belief to influence the mind.

Yesterday, I wrote as follows about my previous night’s experience - in my article headed ‘Sri Lanka’s One God confirmed by the Elephant’ :

[During the festival, while I was listening to the Divine rendering by Prasanna Aiyer one of two little boys standing next to the Lion started talking. I was disturbed by these boys yesterday and hence decided to stand in front. They came after me and climbed up for vantage view. That was ok – so long as they were praying. But one of them kept talking and I turned around and said to him to be quiet during poojah. The mother said ‘he is a kulanthai/little child’ I turned back around and said to her in my mind – that if he was old enough for the authorities to ask him to remove his shirt – then he had the duty to be quiet during the ceremony.
That ‘talk’ I had with this mother was silent – mind to mind. To the extent of her own belief in Murugan she would have read my mind in her own form.]

Last night I went to the same spot where I had the above experience. A little later a lady carrying a little girl of about the same age as the above boy was standing in front of me. The little girl was asleep. I made way for the mother to sit on the Lion-platform where the boys stood the previous evening. One of my mind talks was that the mother of the boy who said her son was only a little child ought to have then carried him. I was therefore touched by the sight of this mother carrying the little girl.  The young mother declined the seat and continued to stand. Then the young mother started saying ‘I forget your exact name…..’ I then said ‘I am Gajalakshmi’. The young mother said ‘I could not make you out at first but when you smiled – I was sure it was you’. Then the penny dropped! This young lady was the one who in 2010 alerted me during Nallur festival procession  that I had not taken off the ‘sleeves’ pinned to the top I was wearing. The practice here is to pin  the sleeves to the back – so we had the option of wearing it as sleeveless or with sleeves. I was new to that practice and hence did not notice the sleeves. I asked the young lady to take it off for me and she did. I felt a surge of appreciation that this young lady cared about me to alert me. The following day I waited for her and gave her my business card. Her name is Kavitha. I did think often about Kavitha when I went around Nallur temple this time also. It’s like an anniversary to remember that I had caring extended family in Jaffna. Yesterday Kavitha came to the spot to confirm that I had been ‘right’ in disciplining the boy and his mother who was of about the same age as Kavitha. The boy came yesterday – but with an older looking lady who left him on the Lion platform and went to stay at a distance. The little boy prayed for a little while and later when he started playing – I tapped him on his back and said ‘be quiet and pray’. The boy listened and followed. I thought to myself that that was because his pampering mother was not with him.

If Jaffna mothers had been as disciplined as Kavitha who is a teacher – our investment in education would have been better preserved. Order in Due Processes confirm the heritage that we carry within us. It was the disorder in Jaffna Courts that led me to write my book ‘Jaffna is my heritage and not dowry’. This means I inherit the liabilities with any assets residual after the previous structure changed.

I read in news that the war-time President – Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa had stated that LTTE leader was highly disciplined. But both – the LTTE leader and President Rajapaksa lacked investment in intellectual discipline. Now there are reports in intellectual circles that inequality and mental illness are connected. Those of us who fought against intellectual inequality outside merit become strongly balanced mentally. But it must not be used selfishly if it is to benefit our whole environment.
It is this sharing that was lacking in the government which lacked common belief in lawful (intellectual) governance. Usually belief happens through the express pathway when we suffer together. That I believe is what really protects me in Sri Lanka and particularly in Jaffna where the education system is the worst affected common victim of war. Through this article written in Jaffna – I belief I am making strong contribution to repairing and restoring that system. It is the duty to of the Prime Minister to open the channels of listening to such folks whose belief actually protects the good governor. If he is indifferent to it – and the believer in commonness hurts – he would become the victim due to lack of belief.  To the extent the security is for him – it ought to be also for the citizen in the PM. Hence the PM ought to not have more than the citizen in him. Then Belief will naturally take care of the PM through the citizen in him.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15  August  2019

UNP Blessed in Northern Sri Lanka
I was happy that I was able to find a place in the front row to mentally participate in the poojah/altar ceremony at Nallur temple, in Northern Sri Lanka. All priests were in black veshti with gold border. Nallur Murugan is known as Alangkara (decorative) Kanthan. We had to make way for the vehicles carrying the Lord. Each day there is a different vehicle. When I noted that yesterday it was my mind said ‘Oh! Yaanai/Elephant’ . I really melted because I was happy that UNP Government ministers were in Jaffna in support of Development work. To me it was no coincidence that they were staying at the same hotel as I – North Gate by Jetwing. This happened in February this year also.
Yesterday was more special because it was elephant vehicle. As per my realization the vehicles are the opposite of divine qualities personified inside the altar.  Lord Murugan personifies beauty without any ego. His usual vehicle – the Peacock personifies pride  - as in proud as a peacock. Yesterday the elephant – the most intellectual of all animals – became the vehicle of Lord Muruga who preached to His father at Swami Malai/Hill. The symbol of United National Party (UNP) is also the elephant. It could not have been planned and to me – a believer in both – Nallur Murugan and true Good Governance – it was no coincidence but auspicious wscommonness.
During the festival, while I was listening to the Divine rendering by Prasanna Aiyer one of two little boys standing next to the Lion started talking. I was disturbed by these boys yesterday and hence decided to stand in front. They came after me and climbed up for vantage view. That was ok – so long as they were praying. But one of them kept talking and I turned around and said to him to be quiet during poojah. The mother said ‘he is a kulanthai/little child’ I turned back around and said to her in my mind – that if he was old enough for the authorities to ask him to remove his shirt – then he had the duty to be quiet during the ceremony.
That ‘talk’ I had with this mother was silent – mind to mind. To the extent of her own belief in Murugan she would have read my mind in her own form. This is a better way than openly engaging with her and disturbing the environment. But it did bother mather prae that this Tamil mother was lacking in respect for others’ privacy of mind – as facilitated by common rules. In our home in Jaffna – when our father prayed – all of us would be very quiet. I believe that it is one way of paying our respects to the Lord invoked by prayers. I appreciate that some do come to the temple for entertainment. But then they ought to keep their distance from the ceremonial environment. For myself I focus with the priest who performs the main poojah; the guys who carry the Lord on their shoulders; the musicians and most importantly the fellow devotees who are focused in the ceremonies. The guys carrying the Lord have big lumps on the back of their necks. But they seem to be natural about it. Unless they are focused – they would disturb their fellow workers and also distract others including the priests. That is what came to my mind when I saw this picture this morning:
Back at the hotel, I asked the security officers near the lift, whether it was ok for me to use the lift. The guy said ‘of course’. I had in my palm – one of the flowers from the poojah that fell on me. On the first day I gave one to the tuk-tuk driver who has been reliable. Yesterday, I thought of giving it to the Prime Minister under whose leadership Jaffna has progressed into better order. Whether UNP returns to power as government or not depends on how the People identify with them. But this UNP government has earned our ‘thank you’. So, like Poosala Nayanar – who built in his heart and mind a temple for Lord Shiva – following the laws of temple construction – step by step – I became the governor needed by Jaffna. I had in hand the flower from the poojah – to be given to the Prime Minister. The PM was not to be seen but just as I was about to step into the lift –Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran – State Minister for Education stepped out of the lift. I already had knowledge that the lady was a Shridi Baba devotee and hence felt commonness. I gave the lady the flower and asked her to give it to the PM – stating it was from Nallur Murugan. I stated also that the vahanam / vehicle was Elephant. One of the guys in the group – beamed – appreciating the significance.

The Lord answers the prayers of true devotees – who when they provide selfless service – become the Lord’s media.  I was happy to become that messenger for UNP yesterday. It was also full moon Poya day where in Kandy – Buddhists were celebrating Randoli Perehera which is presented by Wikipedia as follows:

[The Randoli Perahera begins after five nights of the Kumbal Perahera. Randoli refers to palanquins on which the Queens of the ruling Kings traditionally traveled]
UNP deserved blessings of gods for working towards commonness. They received it in Jaffna.The News First reported ‘A number of foreign nationals have also arrived in Kandy to witness Asia’s most colourful pageant.

To me Alangkara Kanthan is most decorative and loveable. Many foreigners come to Nallur festival every night of the festival. The men respectfully take off their shirts and all of them follow the rule – not to take photos inside the temple. If the reports about security are reliable  - those in Kandy must have been more anxious than those in Nallur. Thank you Swami for curing us.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

14  August  2019

Military Rule is Foreign Rule in Democracy

I ran and caught up with Prassanna Aiyer – the priest who sings the praise of Lord Murugan at Nallur. When this priest sings it melts my heart. I completed the experience by expressing appreciation. To me, having that experience is confirmation that I am self-governing at Nallur. I was able to because my own mind was not concerned about security risks. The government that facilitated this has my vote of thanks. It is that vote that would promote all responsible to the higher level of governance, including through elections but not limited to elections.

To listen to that Divine music in a crowded area, one needs strong focus. Initially I tended to discipline those around me who were noisy. But yesterday, after sharing my appreciation,  I was able to focus above the noise. All genuine devotees facilitate that kind of experience. To me that is the specialty of festivals. At Nallur, I was able to self-govern more than in previous years. To me that is the value we have derived from the current government.

My attention was drawn today, to the letter written by Ms Ahimsa Wickrematunge, the daughter of slain journalist Lasantha Wickrematunge, to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in which the lady states as follows:

[Yesterday, in a political speech, you referred to my father, and your close friend, Lasantha Wickrematunge, who was murdered on 8th January 2009. Responding to a claim by Gotabaya Rajapaksa that as president, he would create an environment without fear, you asked whether Rajapaksa would apologise for my father’s murder and several other gruesome crimes.
Let me put your mind at ease. No. Gotabaya Rajapaksa will never apologise for my father’s murder]
As a journalist, Mr Wickrematunge would have appreciated the greater level of self-governance enjoyed by the media under this government – largely due to Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe’s leadership. It’s not something that one needs to prove. Every true journalist would naturally identify with  it. Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe would have known that Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa would not. It was the responsibility of the then President and hence the question now that Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa is seeking to hold that position. Many leaders including LTTE leaders were responsible for the killing of Mr Wickrematunge – the journalist.

Many years ago, I was caught between the crowd and the group carrying the idol of Lord Muruga on their shoulders on Theertham (Holy bathing) day. One of the guys carrying Swami felt anxious for me and said ‘why did you come into this area?’. I shouted back at him words to the effect ‘you ought to have cordoned off this area’. He facilitated for me to move out. The main reason for that problem was the unruly behavior of young guys who messed about in the Kerni (water tank) area and this resulted in the priest getting pushed into the water. When a small group become strongly violent – it affects all of us and all of us have to pay our own price to redeem good order that we enjoyed before. This is highlighted by Ms Ahimsa as follows:

[In television interviews over the last 10 years, he has made no secret of the fact that he was proud of it. He has made up his mind not to apologise. But have you, Prime Minister? Will you apologise for spending the last four and a half years protecting and cavorting with the man you today call a mass murderer?
From the day my father died, you have invoked his name to win votes. My father’s murder was a prop in the 2015 presidential and parliamentary election campaigns that made you Prime Minister. You brought President Sirisena to power and won control of Parliament for the UNP, all by promising justice for my father’s murder. As soon as you came to power, your priorities changed. When I met you at Temple Trees in February 2015 to appeal for your support in making sure my father’s killers saw justice, you told me that there were “other priorities” and that justice was “not just about Lasantha.”
Lasantha, as a true journalist has earned a permanent place as a positive contributor to Press Freedom. Many others including politicians added their own contributions to self-governance to redeem the media from its imprisonment. Punishing through the Administrative process would have been difficult due to lack of evidence. If Mr Wickremesinghe had focused on punishing Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as an individual that would have been unfair to all others who lost loved ones in the war for the simple reason that they were doing their jobs. That is NOT why Mr Wickremesinghe got the mandate to be democratic PM.

Whether it is Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa or Mr Wickremesinghe – as leaders – they have the duty to address any matter at ‘issue level’. The fact that Ms Ahimsa is intensely active at this time – confirms to me that the lady is also using the political pathway. As they say  In  politics - there are no permanent enemies, and no permanent friends, only permanent interests.
The way I see it – successful politics is about belief based emotions. One does not need to think logically and yet a belief based vote would be perfectly logical to the mind that cast it. Hence politician or voter needs  to focus  above the background noise – to identify with the issue that is most important to her/him. To me this is self-governance in Sri Lanka and so far my prayers have been answered because I have done my best before seeking the Lord’s blessings.  
The Island’s editorial under the heading ‘Elephantine turmoil’ concludes as follows:

[Many were those who expected Gotabaya Rajapaksa to come under a hail of barbs from Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka, after being declared the SLPP presidential candidate. There is no love lost between them.
Fonseka has acted with restraint—for once. He says the SLPP has given priority to the task of safeguarding national security, and that was why Gotabaya was chosen to run for President. Curiously, he refrained from launching into a diatribe against Gotabaya.

True, national security is Gotabaya’s long suit and he earned a name for himself mostly as an efficient Defence Secretary. Fonseka would have us believe that Gotabaya’s security background is the sole reason why the SLPP has named him its presidential candidate. Reading between the lines, one sees the Field Marshal’s point which he has chosen to leave unstressed; the UNP, he seems to say, has to convince the public that it is also serious about national security. How could it do so? It, too, has to field, as its presidential candidate, someone with the same background as Gotabaya. Only Fonseka fits the bill! (Speaker Karu Jayasuriya is also a former soldier, but he has not fought any war.) Fonseka told the media, yesterday, that he was willing to run for President!
The UNP may not be able to secure the backing of enough voters to win elections, but it does not seem to be short of presidential hopefuls!].

The editor confirms his desire for an armed fight which these personalities are capable of invoking. The permanent interests of true journalists ought to be to prevent armed fighting by continuously raising the problems to the level of intellectual fighting.

The positives for UNP through Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s nomination is that all Sri Lankans who reject war – would reject Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa just as they rejected Mr Fonseka in 2010.Northern Sri Lankans rejected Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa by voting for Mr Fonseka. But more to the point – majority  did not participate in elections – confirming their pain due to the war. When participation in voting is low, the risk of separation from politics is high. One needs to become a member in politics to have a political say in-between elections. That participation was pretty low in Jaffna for the 2010 elections . From around 26% this rose to 66% in 2015 Presidential elections.  If this has risen now – then the government that developed this participation is the winner of ‘Uniting Sri Lanka’ program. Weaning Jaffna Tamils out of war is a full-time job.