Monday, 24 June 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
24 June 2019


I asked the reception guy at Galadari Hotel in Colombo whether they had made a calculated decision to allocate room 906 to me? The young guy looked perplexed and said it was one of their better rooms! I explained to him that to me it was important to know because it was our home-unit number in Coogee; NSW. I felt blessed in terms of the feelings I had. The room is exceptionally good. More importantly, I felt that the hospitality industry was saying ‘thank you’ genuinely. I felt for the industry when it was badly hurt. Hence it felt as if I was being treated as family.

This is the second time I am staying at Galadari. The first time was in 2004 when I also was invited to participate in the 25th year anniversary celebrations of Airlanka / Sri Lankan Airlines. During the celebrations I protested against lack of appreciation for the pioneers who were not present. To me they, as my ancestors were part of me. I continue to attribute to them and keep them also  in mind whenever I make contributions to the National Carrier.

In addition to the above, in 2004 - the Daily News published my response to Dr Weeramantri’s article on Ahimsa (  I did not expect for it to be published. But it was published - and I published the way I identified with it as follows, on 11 November 2015:

[As is my way I wrote a response – posted it to the editor of Daily News and forgot about it. Much later when I was googling through the net I noted not only that my response was actually published by the Daily News but that it was published on the same day I was declared to be following in the path of Gandhi, by an Australian mind specialist – Dr. Peter Vaugh, with the official position who refused to be led by my religious beliefs which were different to his. . If not for those challenges I would not have known and appreciated this Australian Medical Specialist who contributes to the Sovereignty of Australia – not as a Politician but through his regular work.]

To my mind, these are not coincidences but confirmation of our true contributions to upholding truth. The place preserves truth and hence a place could be haunted or sacred.  It therefore is painful that President Sirisena is now revealing that when the 18th and 19th Amendments to the Constitution happened - he as president did not believe in the provisions. If he proposes to repeal them within such a short period - then the original approval was NOT based on belief. What happens is received by us as per our own depth of mind. The mind rooted in belief will automatically see both sides. We are now entitled to conclude that Mr Sirisena was not of belief and therefore did not ‘govern’ when 18th and 19th amendments were passed by parliament. Mr Sirisena blaming the amendments that happened during his time as president - confirm that he lacked belief as Opposition to the move. The only way his mind seems to work is confirmed to be as per the structure developed by Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. Why is this any different to IS influence over the bombers? When we do not have our own mind, we get easily infected by stronger minds in a ‘free’ environment. Those driven by respect for the stronger minds - become their heirs. Those driven by desires - become their own enemies.

Sri Lanka needs a believer. It matters not what form the belief takes. But the belief must happen on this land called Sri Lanka.
Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
24 June 2019


[“Australia should treat its membership in the UN Human Rights Council as both an opportunity and responsibility to be a leader in defending human rights abroad and at home,” said Elaine Pearson, Australia director at Human Rights Watch. “Promoting human rights values includes publicly raising rights issues with foreign leaders, not just making generic statements of concern in Geneva.”] Human Rights Watch
The question that comes to my mind is whether Human Rights in America would look the same when manifested in say Sri Lanka or Australia? How does a right develop? Does Australian government  have the natural right to question another government on bilateral basis? Does Australian Citizen have the right to question a Sri Lankan citizen in relation to human rights?
Yesterday, I wrote : [Yesterday for example, the businessman to whom we lent money said to me that the last person through whom we paid him the loan was a ‘black’ person and that ‘black’ persons did not suit them. Since our employees are usually from toddy tapper village of Thunaivi - black means low caste to this guy. ]
The above guy said it to me - a person of senior caste. Does that amount to breach in human right to be equal? Or does it become a breach when the other person or a member of his group hear it and feel hurt? Most importantly does any other group like Human Rights Watch have the right to question this guy directly and/or through his government? A nation’s rights are based on the consolidated value developed by all of its People and is an intrinsic part of the people. Watch groups may observe, report and highlight. But they have no right to judge except as part of that group.
Ms Elaine Pearson for example is presented as follows: ‘Pearson writes frequently for publications including Harper's Bazaar, the Guardian and the Wall Street Journal. She is an adjunct lecturer in law at the University of New South Wales. From 2007 to 2012 she was the Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch's Asia Division based in New York.
I wrote the  book ‘Naan Australian’ based on my direct experiences at the University of NSW where the Police were called in by the Vice Chancellor’s office to arrest me for trespass. I was doing the parallel of Ms Elaine Pearson but based on my true experienced pain. The arrest was unlawful. To the extent Ms Elaine Pearson carries the name of University of New South Wales - Ms Pearson is as guilty as the  University in acting in breach of my basic right to have my experienced grievances escalated to the Governing Council which is the ultimate body responsible for issues in common with the Public. Had that passage been facilitated by fellow Australians my book would have carried the title ‘Naam Australians’ (we are Australians) instead of Naan Australian (I am Australian).
I write practically every day - including from Sri Lanka - as I am doing right now - and this is also Australian and Sri Lankan to the extent I feel Australian and Sri Lankan. That is how true rights are developed. President Kennedy said to ask what we can do for the country ? - I did not ask. I just did and am continuing to do to share and quietly place myself in the folks whom I recognize  are breachers of my rights and therefore the rights of those who are a part of me. The more we ‘show’ the less we have to share. Hence I keep the showing to help ‘foreigners’ who - like the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW have made negative contributions.
In April Ms Pearson wrote under the heading ‘More Must be Done to Protect Academic Freedoms Under Threat from China
If Ms Pearson did not know that I was acting to protect that very right at the University of NSW - then as per my conclusion - Ms Pearson is not qualified to question at National level. The individual carries that basic right as per her/his contribution to a relationship, family, work institution, community and nation. The other side changes from a seen  relative to unseen common person who is within us as our other side. The above mentioned Vaddukoddai businessman hurt me because I had him in me. The Vice Chancellor of UNSW hurt me because I invested in the Vice Chancellor through due processes applicable to our relationship. Due processes born out of experience in that institution are the Energy-sharing pathways that our heritage facilitates. That Energy combined forces with others like themselves - which facilitated my book to find a home in Australian National Library. Many global participants contributed to this carriage of True Justice and therefore the protection of my Human Right to uphold my truth in any institution I believe I belong to. It would not have happened  if the Australian National were like the University of NSW. Australians have the first right to share within Australia before sharing with ‘foreigners’. Until then our government has the basic right to limit its commitment to making intellectual contributions through the UN and other common governing bodies. The latter are Due Processes to respect the UN ancestors who had the experience - not just as officials but as those who felt the pain of victims as theirs. From time to time governments become victims due to abuse of the facilities by citizens and refugees. I have come across many of them and I become the government and discipline them. That is true and natural protection of Human Rights.
As per my discovery - one needs to believe to be entitled to protection of the right which is the first  recognition of that belief by oneself and then shared with others. No Belief , No Human Right.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
23 June 2019

Law v Business

[SriLankan airlines: Questionable US citizen appointed CCO] - Daily Mirror

Sri Lankan Airlines became political arm of government during this Opposition’s time in government.

As per the above report:
[The Opposition yesterday claimed that the government had appointed a corrupt and inefficient US citizen as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of SriLankan airlines paying a monthly allowance of Rs.3.5 million.
Joint opposition MP Kanaka Herath told parliament that an Afghanistan airline had gone bankrupt and closed down under his administration and that he was also found to have been involved in a financial fraud through an agreement signed in Afghanistan with a US company.
He asked why such a person was hired by paying such a huge allowance and asked if a Sri Lankan was not available to be appointed to that post.
State Minister of Finance, Eran Wickramaratne said when in inquired from the SriLankan airlines board of directors, he was told that that the defence ministry had given a clearance to recruit this person]

If the National carrier is to be economically successful, it needs a ‘foreigner’. If it is to be politically successful it needs a Sri Lankan close to the government. As per my direct experience in the courts of Northern Sri Lanka where militants claimed a separate state / country - law has become a trading commodity rather than a profession - due to ignorance on the part of government officers and greed on the part of lawyers. Recently I learnt that one lawyer wanted Rs 20,000 from a Canadian of Lankan origin, just to prepare a motion to obtain a certified copy of document.  I myself was informed by a lawyer that he wanted Rs 50,000 just to get a Certificate of Heirship as per Court Decision already made in March 2018. Had we paid that kind of money - we would have had the Certificate within months. The Court Administration has vacated that part of its position and hence it has come to the Trading floor where the wealthy pay to get the outcomes of their choice.

How can we the People be expected to have faith in the system of law and order when the nuclear institution of Law & Order is itself disorderly? After some time - those working in these institutions become idle and start doing their own businesses with the Public. Despite a judicial expert having been the Chief Minister, Northern Lanka continues to suffer from unreliable judicial administration. This confirms lack of wisdom in Judicial Administration in the mind of  that Chief Minister. Governance power is confirmed by wisdom and v.v. It’s a natural way to cure and discipline.

Yesterday for example, the businessman to who we lent money said to me that the last person through whom we paid him the loan was a ‘black’ per and that ‘black’ persons did not suit them. Since our employees are usually from toddy tapper village of Thunaivi - black means low caste to this guy. I said that this businessman was insulting me when he insulted this young guy who was trained by us and is successfully working in the tourism industry. I said to the businessman that the young guy touched my feet in reverence - often in public places. I said that when I accepted his genuine feelings - I include him as part of myself and hence when the businessman insulted him - he was insulting me.

The problem with oldies in Vaddukoddai is that they live off past - where the caste system was a comfortable way to the top - as all forms of unjust discrimination tend to be. With militancy the power of the juniors has become stronger and hence such practices are used to cover up their own weaknesses. The businessman tried to state that he was talking about how he ‘saw’ it. I said that was why he was failing in business and that from now on he would listen to my ways and my experiences and not talk to me about his. He remained quiet after that. If the junior castes are to become his customers - he needed to include them and not separate them - especially in his mind.

The parallel applies to the National carrier. A strong Administrator would not be able to successfully make business nor induce others to. Hence that which is politically negative need not be economically negative. Certainly not to a group that was horse trading in Parliamentary seats - meaning the rights of the People.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
22 June 2019


On 23 January 2017, Australian Tamil Management Service submitted to Australian Government its contribution under the theme ‘Foreigner or International Relation?’  This was published by the government at

This morning my attention was drawn to the article 'Australia’s one step forward, two steps back in the Pacific' by Australian academic Joanne Wallis. The relativity happened through the Tamil Diaspora of common interest. As if to confirm this, a senior member expressed appreciation for my writing work while I was waiting for in Jetwing lobby, for the arrival of the taxi to go to Vaddukoddai. When we identify with the destination of our contribution    independent of visible/objective  outcomes and/or persons / subjective outcomes - the experience is confirmed to have been completed. Hence the emphasis on ‘closures’. At what stage do we bring about closures? With relatives, we need to bring about closure when we do not recognize any subjective benefit to the two sides. With foreigners we need to bring about closures when we do not recognize any objective benefits to the two sides. If we continue without closure we bankrupt the heritage investment we made through such relationships.

Yesterday for example I wrote to someone who engaged with me on the basis of my latest articles and identified with my insight ‘One self seeker knows the other. Mr xxx  is your other side relation in this pathway. Once you know the truth you would become both sides of the relationship. Others are scaffolding until then. Once you have the real in you - it would be unwise to expect the other to uphold the other side.]
The successful end of a relationship is commonness.
Dr Wallis opens here article as follows:
[In 2016, former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull expressed Australia’s commitment to a ‘step-change’ in its engagement with the Pacific Islands. The 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper sketched the skeleton of this ‘step-up’ but it wasn’t until 2018 that those bones were fleshed out. While Australia is set to implement several meaningful labour mobility, security and diplomatic initiatives, simultaneously counterproductive domestically driven policies could undermine the ability of those programs to improve engagement with Pacific Island states.]
Where the relationship is ‘visible benefits’ based the strength of commonness / ownership is weak. To some of us who lived in these nations and experienced the Land and People - the relationship already had healthy flesh as well as Energy sharing. To the extent the receivers of benefits no longer recognized ongoing flow of benefits - they would recognize zero value in the relationship.
The local example for me is Northern Sri Lanka where we invested in the disenfranchised community of Thunaivi. So long as the folks recognized monetary returns for them - they went along with our program. Likewise money poor pacific islands which ‘seem’ easy takeovers for Australian government. Then come countries like Sri Lanka which receive aid from the West while pretending to be independent.  In my 2017 contribution I highlighted this as follows:
As foreigners, we exist for each other largely to give form to the bigger picture.
Thunaivi reminds me of Papua New Guinea where we lived before migrating to Australia. That experience helps me with Thunaivi relationships. I needed to separate to preserve the essence of my contribution which now has structure through a handful of young ones who are using the more orderly pathway in interacting with large institutions and their staff. This is facilitated through our Opportunity shop at Vaddukoddai junction. The taxi driver who drove me there yesterday - said he looked at the building and was surprised as it did not seem ‘Australian’. Then as customers came in and showed joy in seeing me - as if I were a close relative - the shop was full - he said he realised that we were catering to many cultures. The emphasis was on sharing human values and good order towards which the more orderly higher class customers - especially from Jaffna College is specially recognized. I as the ‘common sharing house’ then share those experiences through the shop. When I am not there - they come at different times.
Likewise, Australia needs to be the common sharing center to both groups. I get the feeling that Indian government  is trying but divides and rules and hence has made a foreigner of itself. The People of Sri Lanka have pioneered this pathway through genuine faith in Hinduism and Buddhism. Sometimes it takes the less educated - war to clear the pathway. In Love and War all is fair because truth is Supreme Judge. Once we know our own truth - we would naturally know the truth of the whole.

Raising our contribution to Energy /Truth level is essential to share values with wider world.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
21 June 2019

Man Proposes, God Disposes
Artist - Edwin Henry Landseer
Year - 1864
Location - Royal Holloway, University of London

[The ‘Saree’ and the ‘Osari’ are attires that were originally worn by Muslims, says UPFA Parliamentarian S.B. Dissanayake.
Addressing an event held today (20), the parliamentarian said these dresses hailed from the Middle East and were later adapted by India.
Muslim women have been branded as ‘inactive machines for reproducing offspring’ claims the parliamentarian.] Adaderana article ‘Saree & ‘Osari’ are Muslim attires from Middle East - SB

Reproduction is a healthy activity. It certainly was considered so  when Muslim influence was strong in India. During our Tamil Literature classes at Holy Family Convent - Jaffna, Ms Muthuthamby would usually ask the question that prompted the chorus from us ‘Airopiyar Varuhaiyaal’ / Due to the arrival of Europeans! We were caught out when we sang the same chorus for the question ‘why are women less visible in our society?’  The lesson that followed was about greater visibility of the Europen woman!

Mr Dissanayake would have served Sri Lankans better, had he come here to Vaddukoddai where also junior caste families produce more children than senior castes. Even at the opportunity shop - the customers who patronise vary according to the Service Provider. When the junior caste lady serves - there are more junior caste customers than when a senior caste serves. Prior knowledge does influence our behaviour - especially when we are in ‘free’ / ‘unsupervised’ environment.

Maintaining tradition is more important to those who are currently minorities in an environment. Miss Malala Yousafzai had the inner strength to fight for equal rights of women to be educated about wider world. One needs stronger will to fight against the inner enemy. I became ‘Australian’ as per my assessment - before taking legal action against those who denied me my earned status at the workplace and later within family. In both instances I was ‘failed’ by the judiciary - but was passed with distinction by Truth. The manifestations keep happening exponentially. My writings confirmed that I graduated with distinction in the subject matter of Equal Opportunity.

On that basis, I find that Mr Dissanayake is making negative contribution to ethnic as well as gender based  harmony in Sri Lanka. The more commonness we feel less the differences we ‘see’. Minorities often have the depth of their pain to drive the natural forces in an environment. A mother is an intuitive feeler due to her pain in carrying and delivering children. Mothers often cure children confidentially through this intuitive power. In addition, the Homemaking women who rely on men for money and endure quietly the difficulties that these cause - have additional power to work the system of truth. In Sri Lanka, where the Muslim woman is being punished by cowardly men - these Muslim women who do not take revenge but relatively use lesser resources than their parallels in other  communities of Sri Lanka - accumulate much stronger energies than those others. This confirms the saying ‘Man Proposes, God Disposes.’

Wikipedia confirms the strength of such power as follows:

[It is well-documented that students at Royal Holloway believe the painting is haunted. It comes from the urban myth that a student sitting their exams in the 1920-30s stabbed a pencil into their eye, writing "The polar bears made me do it" on to their exam paper, in reference to the painting, and committing suicide. There is, however, no university record of death in the picture gallery.The college's curator, Dr. Laura MacCulloch, explained about the myth, saying that "if you sit directly in front of it in an exam, you will fail - unless it's covered up".
Due to the perception that the painting is a bad omen, there is a college tradition that requires temporarily covering the painting with a Union Jack when student examinations are ongoing. This is due to an incident during the 1970s where an exam invigilator hurriedly covered the painting with the first thing they could find that would be large enough, as a student refused to sit their exam by the uncovered painting.]

Producing children is a natural function. The pain is balanced through the intuitive power of exponential strength. When Muslim women who carry this strength are insulted and they feel hurt - the person/s so hurting get cursed by natural forces.  The Union Jack flag that cover the Painting by Artist - Edwin Henry Landseer is the parallel of the Hijab / saree / veil by women who inherit and/or develop such latent powers that would invoke themselves when their heirs are disrespected.

The SLFP whose first lady Mrs Banaranaike wore saree and if Mr Dissanayake is genuine - then he invokes the spirit of the Muslim in Sri Lankan women who wear saree.
The example that comes to my mind is that of my own experience :when an Australian police constable asked me to remove the pin holding the saree fall to the blouse. Then she asked me whether there were any more pins on me? I said ‘yes, the ones that are holding my underskirt in place’ . So saying I lifted my hands away from my body and asked the lady officer to go ahead and remove the pins herself  warning her that I was likely to stand naked if the pins came off! The officer just said ‘get into the vehicle’. The Minister wrote in response to my protest that the officer did not go ahead - that it was a question of protecting modesty. In other words - they recognized that I was virtuous.

The common lesson here is that an expression of belief (god-power) should not be invoked for current purposes (man-power). When so invoked for current benefits - the other side takes exponential proportions due to time related additional strengths - the parallel of accumulated interest on investments. In Hindu culture this is depicted by the rituals around the Navagrahas/Nine Planets - depicting our past karma. We usually prostrate before other altars but not so at this shrine. The explanation is that Saturn would sit on our shoulder if we did. The student examinations at University of London are the parallels of rituals at other shrines for current life. The painting of ‘Man Proposes ; God Disposes’ confirms that the grades from those examinations would die soon and will be killed by the evil that such grades contribute to.’ Hence the suicides.

Suicide bombings likewise happen in Sri Lanka due to the curse of unjust discrimination which resulted in militancy. Like the academic grades, the death of the body of an armed fighter was likely to happen in the battlefield. Where the battlefields of a country are cursed by unjust deaths - the militants commit suicide and bring about immediate death.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
20 June 2019


As individuals, majority Tamils I come across demonstrate no animosity towards Sinhalese individuals. When they group together they are against Government. The LTTE confirmed that it was against Tamil Government prior to their time of control. It is highly doubtful that they would have promoted intelligence in relation to the importance of Hinduism in Tamil Community of Sri Lanka.

When I read the review entitled ‘C V Wigneswaran on Pathmanathan’s book’ by KS Sivakumaran, I was reminded of a recent discussion with my husband about Student Oriented Learning  and Teacher Oriented Learning. Its parallel applies to all our public services. The LTTE was against the Government due to its perception that the politicians were Government oriented rather than People oriented. Not many young ones in Northern Sri Lanka would be interested in reading Professor Pathmanathan’s book.

Sivakumaran writes ‘In the first place the reviewer compliments the author for his balanced and objective display in stating facts supported by evidence.

Professor Pathmanathan is an academic and it is understandable that his work would take an academic approach. The reviewer Mr Wigneswaran was a Judicial leader at the time of review. Hence it is understandable that he also would have appreciated ‘facts’ and evidence at that time. But since then Mr Wigneswaran has become a Politician and therefore the current review of Mr Wigneswaran’s review is outdated. Mr Sivakumaran states:

[I shall briefly state some of the salient points that CVW makes on SP’s authentic book.
Saivaism was prevalent in Sri Lanka even before 3rd century A.D. (Emperor Asoka was ruling North India then).
This is evident by the fact that several references are found with regard to the name “Siva” in Brahmi inscriptions.
Since the reign of Pandukabhaya in Anuradhapura, the worship of Sivalingam and the construction of a monastery for the Brahmins to recite the Veda continued.
Buddhism was introduced in Sri Lanka only during the reign of Devanampiya Tissa.
Before the presence of Buddhism in Sri Lanka there were trade relations between Sri Lanka and South India.
There were ancient Hindu temples in Thirukeatheeswaram, Thirukkoneswaram, and Munneswaram.
The evidence available to show the existence of Hinduism in Sri Lanka before the coming of Mahinda include the availability of more than 60 Brahmi inscriptions bearing the word Siva.
Besides, in pieces of broken clay pots belonging to very ancient times, Thirisoolam was engraved.
Those who worshipped Siva worshipped this implement - the three forked spear.
Even the mode of worship proved the existence of Hinduism in ancient times in this country.
The reviewer points out that the author does not accept books written on the ancient history of Lankan Tamilians as they were all written after the 16th century only. ]

As a politician Mr Wigneswaran needs to connect to People through belief. An example that comes to mind is my experience as Nallur Murugan Temple on Tuesday. Two priests were chanting the ancient poems / songs in praise of Murugan. I recognized some but not most of it. The feeling was very calming. I just sat there and felt good. That was a belief based experience. All of us have Equal Opportunity to access that Energy to the extent of our own belief. THAT is the need of People. To the extent we take status - there is less for development of belief.
As per my own experience, to the extent I recognized but did not accept unjust discrimination, I developed ownership Energy in the issue. This helps us pick up early - the disturbance to the order in which our own energy has been invested.
Northern Province’s investment in common law and common administration has deteriorated to very low levels. The reason is lack of belief in the law that they use to ‘win’. Yesterday I wrote:
[...I recently got the confession of a senior legal counsel of about Professor Vitharana’s age stating to me ‘I made a mistake when I quoted the figure of   Rs 20,000 to obtain the Certificate of Heirship. If I charged only that - I would be doing myself a disservice. I need Rs 50,000’. As senior counsel he was part of the management group in Jaffna. This counsel confirms the dangers of ‘monopoly’ that limits development of the mind of litigant. They in turn have produced taxi drivers who claim ownership of parking space and dictate the order in which business is grabbed.  
I refused to oblige and did not even try to reason - after the senior counsel stated that the revised fee was reasonable in light of what I stood to gain! Instead I updated our instructing solicitor to attend and obtain the Certificate on the date fixed by the Court. To me that denial of business to unauthorized occupier of ‘management’ position by the apparent senior counsel who was depending on the outcome is a major reason for disorderly conduct of a good proportion of Jaffna community. If TNA is representing such folks - then it is a natural representation. ]

The parallel of the above in the base of Professor Pathmanathan’s book is to write to impress those who already have high status. While assisting an academic who was dismissed by the University of Jaffna - where Professor Pathmanathan is Chancellor. Professor Kandasamy who is currently acting in the position of Vice Chancellor demonstrated serious breaches in Administration and Management of Human Resources within the boundaries of law. Had Professor Pathmanathan’s role as Chancellor been completed satisfactorily - his governing power would have been shared with others including the Vice Chancellors. The institutions we head - are the temples of our services. If Northern Province was Mr Wigneswaran’s temple - he would have written a policy paper to educate the staff there,  on the basics of Separation of Powers between Administration and Judiciary. The registrar there requires lawyers’ help to issue a Certificate of Heirship as per the judgment already delivered.

My assistance to the staff of the University of Jaffna has resulted in the staff representing himself. Whether he is declared right or wrong by the judge - is secondary to whether he knows that he is right or wrong. If our ancestors were reliable  governors - and we genuinely respect them - we inherit their Energy. Then our actions are first assessed by them. Then when judges who hold the portfolio currently deliver judgment that contradicts this assessment - we know that they are disconnected with the spirit of tradition. Often they are driven by current desires and their power to distract.

The Northern Judiciary were seriously disrespectful of the Customary Law of Thesawalamai. Accordingly Thesawalami needs to be repealed and Common Law needs to become applicable to inheritance of property. This means they have already declared Unitary State instead of Culturally Diverse structure. It is the duty of Mr Wigneswaran to review those judgments academically before embarking on reviews on books relating to history. Facts beyond the current period are obsolete. Belief is eternal.

In essence, the books is reaction to Buddhism Foremost claim or to use current terminology - LTTE being the Tamil parallel  of JVP but cleverer due to isolation.