Monday, 20 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

20 May  2019

The Value of  My  Vote

The Australian election outcomes as far as I am concerned were satisfactory – in the sense  - our electorate is represented by the party preferred by me. When I was active in Australian Administration, the national leader also mattered. Not so any more. Hence so long as the system works for me – I am satisfied. If it does not, I will express it at the following elections, by voting against that person and party at the top. By doing so, I tell myself that I am their opposition. This helps me preserve my ‘democratic rights’. The last minute lobbying confirms that the leaders seek to ‘influence’ the voter away from her/his inner truth. A voter who is so influenced – has no roots in democracy. A fellow member of Facebook raised the following question on the eve of the elections:

[Whoever wins this election tomorrow will they sustain through a full term without a leadership challenge until the next election? ]

My response was: [Bob Hawk was a survivor. One who has his true blessings will survive]

I believe that we need the blessings of our Common Elders in that issue to be supported to maintain that heritage.

This morning, I was directed to Professor David Kumar’s Colombo Telegraph  article ‘Is Choice Limited To Heartless Gota, Hopeless Ranil & Clueless Sira?’ opened as follows:
[Sun Tzu say: “If you know enemy and know yourself, no need fear hundred battles. If you know yourself but not enemy, for every victory you suffer one defeat. If you know neither enemy nor yourself, you succumb in every battle.”]

The title of the article gives one the message that all three leaders are the opposition of Professor David Kumar. Hence so long as Professor Kumar knows himself – there is no need to fear ongoing battles. If Professor Kumar knows himself but not the above mentioned leaders – then for every right prediction he would suffer one defeat. That is the parallel of ‘Time will tell’ in  autocracy. If Professor Kumar knows neither himself nor the opposition he has presented – then he would lose as a voter in every election.

In essence, we need to know ourselves so as to position ourselves either on the side of a leader or as the leader’s opposition. I believe that it is through our truth that we can know the other side. Those driven merely by outcomes – do not have this ability. Out of the above three – Mr Sirisena to my mind fits that category. The problem with that kind of person is that they are incapable of developing reliable  structures.  This has already been proven in the case of Mr Sirisena. Those who vote for him will get their share of that incapacity which often leads to mental disorders. There are many such voters in Vaddukoddai which did not sacrifice enough to sustain the Vaddukoddai Resolution structure. Sacrifice is essential to develop reliable structures. Structures facilitate positions, relationships and duties. When one performs one’s duties one is protected by the power of the sacrifice based on which such structures happened. One who does her/his duty – has the power to return to sender / leader and thus confirms the saying ‘If you know your enemy and know yourself, no need fear hundred battles’.

Since we have greater insight into Mr Gotabhaya as a citizen without portfolio, we would vote for him if we are users of ‘citizenships’ – as if they were trading commodities. Dual citizens affect both their nations and need double the commitment to respect common ownership. Those who vote for Mr Gotabhaya would also gamble with citizenships – especially in a new country. They would vote for neither Sri Lankan citizenship nor global citizenship.

Ranil is the closest  example of ‘If you know your enemy and know yourself, no need fear hundred battles’. Like Bob Hawk and now Morrison, he has staying power. He is the best facilitator of democracy that we have gotten to know thus far. Those who voter for Ranil will vote for non-violent  democratic political system.

Professor Kumar concludes as follows:

[A plural, democratic, modern and progressive philosophy cannot be stimulated in the country unless the Chapter on Buddhism is repealed by assertion of secularism and all differential or unbalanced references to language are removed.]
Only a very small minority refer to the Constitution. Out of those who do – a large majority do so for academic purposes and not because they believe in Democracy. A leader who repeals – would be committing political suicide. If ‘Buddhism foremost’ had been followed – Sri Lanka would not have been democratic but would have been in harmony with itself – as shown by Buddha. That article in the constitution confirms the truth – that we are autocratic. Even the academic pundits who seek to recommend that it be repealed are highly likely to be autocratic by getting the ‘right’ ticks with the Western world.

The parallel of the above in the Tamil community is the saying ‘LTTE  are heroes’. Given that the LTTE was dictatorial we know that they do not represent democracy, leave alone supporting democracy. But they are the weapon that Tamils have against Buddhist supremacy which would naturally invoke the equal and opposite in a community that is independent of Buddhists. But the good thing about it is – that the likes of LTTE keep the likes of ISIS away from Sri Lanka. Likewise, the Muslim parallel of LTTE – would keep Christian extremists like the Christchurch bomber away from Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s military capability has been extended to global level due to the LTTE and therefore Tamils. Let us stop using the Administrative tool of ‘right and wrong’ for grades and instead use the ownership power of knowing the connection between cause and effect. That is the karmic force that leads to true balance of powers in our mind.

My vote is for Ranil due to his non-violent sustaining power. Ranil facilitated many of us to participate through the lawful pathway  in the Constitutional Crisis and identify with its success. That was true and real example of self-governance.  

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

19 May  2019

Temples for Spiritual Training or Vocational Training?

I believe that Freedom is important to learn the Truth about ourselves. Hence various privacy laws. All institutions – starting with families are entitled to the privacy within their institutional walls. Political leaders need to consciously wear their intellectual uniforms when they present their nations to wider world.

In the interview published by Ceylon Today under the heading ‘Take tough decisions - Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’  Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa has revealed that places of religious worship are used for vocational training:

[Q: The Sharia University was established during your regime. Do you now regret about that decision?

Response: Sharia University was not established during our time. It was formed as a vocational training centre through the Vocational Training Authority. 
There are various tertiary education level vocational training institutes and most of these operate through Temples.
 The first was Kataragama Temple and then, Beliaththa Getamanna Temple, and Kirivehara and so on. We operated centring religious places because we initially didn’t have funds to make our own establishments. 
We used conference halls and dining halls in temples for vocational training. We gave the training opportunity to Muslims as well, to Christians and Hindus even. I am the former President, not the former Minister under whose purview vocational training fell... that was Dullas Alahapperuma. 
When the permission was requested, we gave it, only to build a Vocational Training Centre. This is what now has been turned into a Sharia University. The Government clearly has the power to take over this university.]

Democracy works successfully only when Common Belief is strong. If temples are used for vocational training, then separation begins at that level. The way a Hindu would be trained would be different to the way a Buddhist would be trained. One who is not able to distinguish between the various religions is bound to fail in democratic leadership. Sri Lanka under the leadership of Mr Rajapaksa was a total failure in democracy. The above response confirms this.

The primary reason for separation is to facilitate ‘privacy’ of various faiths to share their truth within that space. Any group that shares its truth with fellow members is a well balanced group. It is for this reason that ‘freedom of the media’ is protected by law. It is for this reason why there are Fundamental Rights protected by law. Fundamental Rights lead us to Spiritual powers that work through our intuition. Travelling within the privacy of our Fundamental Rights is essential towards reaching this goal. This is also the reason why Separation of Powers between the Judiciary and Executive Government is essential in Democracy. Mr Rajapaksa failed that test due to lack of respect for that separation during his time as President of Sri Lanka. The above response confirms that he knows very little about democracy. This is ok so far as he did not take any benefits on the basis of democracy.
One of his regime’s victims is Arulantham Arun who changed his name to Arun Sitharth Maithreyan.  Sitharth is reported to be his son’s name. Ceylon Today article ‘Look within for solutions’ introduces Arun as follows:
[Arun publically condemned Tamil politicians, pointed out wrongs and challenged politicians to make amends. He talked about irregularities in the education system, pointed out troubles the Tamil youth are facing and even went as far as to say that all the Hindus are in fact, Buddhists.]
In his discussion with Adaderana – Arun connects Nallur rule of men removing the shirt to caste system – the same way Mr Rajapaksa connects Vocational training schools to religious education. Men do not need to remove their shirts at Kathirgamam Murugan temple but they do have to at Nallur which carries the fundamental laws of Hinduism much more strongly than Kathirgamam. As per my experience they are both powerful places but they are separate entities as Theivayanai and Valli are separated with Murugan in the Common Middle. One who is truly faithful to Murugan – will know naturally from within when such separation is needed. Such a believer would be an expert in democracy.

Converting all Sri Lankans to Buddhism may seem convenient to majority Sinhalese. But the more the political leaders interfere with other faiths that are more successfully travelling towards Spiritual Oneness – the more they weaken the Buddhism foremost power in the Constitution. The truth that such provisions represent work independent of the politicians. As per that truth – Sri Lankan leaders who resorted to arms to claim victory lack the natural powers to invoke Peace. If you take position through religion – then you are limited to your religious group to govern. The leader loses the moral authority to govern non-Buddhists. If they do – Buddhism will punish them – as it has punished the current leaders – starting with Mr Rajapaksa.

If Sharia University that happened during Rajapaksa regime was for vocational training – one should not be surprised that Muslims were making bombs – to protect Islam in their region.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Then Mahendran and Now Dhammika?

I was shocked  to read the message on this Buddhist holy day that directed me to the report: ‘Ranil meets Dhammika! 2020 common candidate Dhammika?’  -

[The Prime Minister, after discussing the status quo, had suggested that Dhammika Perera contest the upcoming presidential election as the common candidate.
The Prime Minister had further stated the general public is unhappy about politicians in general. He had reportedly said people are expecting a new face and Dhammika Perera is the best person for this.]
As per Wikipedia report:
[In 2013, Perera became Sri Lanka's wealthiest individual, with a net worth of LKR 72.6 Billion (approx. $550 Million); he owns one of 50 limited edition Bentley Mulsanne Hallmarks]
If Sri Lanka is to be truly a Buddhist Nation – true to the Constitution, then it’s Governor needs to be like Buddha and not like Mukesh Ambani.
In his article ‘Who are we?’ author Peter D’Almeida quotes
[Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith spoke of Buddhism as the ... went so far as to say: “We look upon Buddhists as our elder brother.”]
If indeed Buddhists were our elder brothers  then we become traitors to Democracy. Democracy requires us to express our Diversity confidently and take Equal position with another of belief through different form.
As per the above report:
[Prime Minister had stated, “The country needs you, you are the best person to rebuild the country, and you have a vision to do that. Be our common candidate. I will give the party’s fullest support. You can become the President, and I will continue to be the Prime Minister.”]
If the Government is of belief that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country then the best person to given Sri Lankans that confidence would be like Buddha who renounced material wealth. How anyone could picture Dhammika Perera, the wealthy businessman in that position is beyond my comprehension. It does not make sense to me and it would not make sense to any true Sri Lankan, leave alone true Buddhist.
As per the above report:
[“I can get Rajapaksa family’s support too. They can’t oppose me. Private media institutions are also with me. Everyone’s with me,” Dhammika Perera had opined.]
The big question is who is the common citizen who identifies with Dhammika Perera as her/his mentor? If such a person is non-Buddhist  then the Constitution needs to be amended to be secular – i.e. – without Buddhism foremost clause. If such a person is Buddhist  then Dhammika Perera must renounce his wealth before contesting to become President of Buddhist Sri Lanka. That is the way of logic. Without such clarity of thought all Sri Lankans who  actively participate in Lankan politics would become mentally ill for the simple reason that the politicians keep contradicting themselves. Such politicians could make laws that would contradict themselves.
 Ranil seems to be getting lost when it comes to economic challenges. This is why he made the mistake with Mahendran as Governor of Central Bank. Dhammika Perera as Common Candidate would rob Sri Lanka of its true Buddhist values. It’s time for Ranil to retire with grace. 

The common candidate is the one who has sacrificed most for ‘commonness’. A true Buddhist would be. But I see none amongst Sri Lankan politicians. In his Daily News  article ‘Spirituality in place of pomp’, K.K.S.Perera who seems to have invested in spirituality quotes Philosopher Jiddu  Krishnaurti  as follows: :

[“The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.”]

I believe that my karma in sharing  the message below brought me the opportunity to ready Philosopher’s message through Buddhist K.K.S.Perera:

[Rights and wrongs are applicable only where one is responsible in common to both sides. A politician celebrating a militant group has no such common measure. Hence we need to inquire the connection between cause and effect. To be effective in this path we need to NOT judge on the way. We need to keep going until we can go no more.]
In essence when the mind is still Truth surfaces. Consciousness of Truth is the highest form of intelligence.
Our actions are interconnected through our guna / inner character which is our fundamental energy that keeps getting weaker or stronger as per the truth we discover and/or practice in daily life. Good or bad Mahinda Rajapaksa has that steadiness more than any other politician in current parliament. The poor voter is caught between the Mahinda  and Ranil.  


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 May  2019

Picture courtesy Wikipedia

True Remembrance

Today is the Anniversary of the final stage of the armed war between the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankan Official armed forces in 2009.  If we remember and attribute credit to the side that was positive to us – that Energy will be with us. On May 18 the true Tamil will pay respects to all those who fought for Independence of the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. This is not limited to those who died in the last stages of the war nor to the LTTE. If the date is taken as common – then it excludes those Tamils killed by the LTTE itself. If we are truly mourning the death of civilians then we should not politicize it in any way. If we do – then we inherit the quality   that gave them the win which may be negative for us in our current environment. Mr Tony Abbott paid his respects for Mr Bob Hawk said about Mr Hawk that he:
had a Labor heart but a Liberal head’ . Mr Abbott was criticized by the media over this. The parallel of LTTE would be that they had ‘militant heart but a political head’.

The picture above confirms that New Zealand’s then Opposition Labour Party paying tribute to LTTE and the civilians led by LTTE. Now the same individual is with the United Nations Development Programme and it is difficult to reconcile the two given that the LTTE has been blamed strongly by the UN for its human rights violations. The question needs to be asked as to whether the said participation in the memorial of an anti-political group had any influence on the Christchurch massacre. As per Vox report:
[On Wednesday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron unveiled the “Christchurch call,” a push to combat online extremism in the wake of the March 15 mass shooting in two mosques in New Zealand that left 51 people dead. Billed as a commitment by governments and tech companies to “eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online,” the call expresses clear support for freedom of expression while acknowledging that the darkest and most dangerous corners of the internet need to be addressed. ]

Is the New Zealand Prime Minister conscious of the fact that the LTTE is blamed by majority Muslims of Sri Lanka for the 1990 Kattankudy Mosque massacre in which 147 Muslims were killed while praying? Has the New Zealand Prime Minister inquired into the karma of celebrating the LTTE instead of the civilian victims who died in the conflict?

Rights and wrongs are applicable only where one is responsible in common to both sides. A politician celebrating a militant group has no such common measure. Hence we need to inquire the connection between cause and effect. To be effective in this path we need to NOT judge on the way. We need to keep going until we can go no more. The discovery at that point is our true knowledge of the connection between what happened (effect)  and what caused it to happen. (Cause). The LTTE should not be marked right because the Government was wrong. Once we know the reasons why as per their measures, we must use only the experience of discovering it and not use the outcomes or causes directly for our purposes. When we do – we invoke the mutated form of that group’s governance in our home environment.

Where we do not have common measures with the opposition, we need to use the one-way road to discover why something happened to us. This applies equally to nations that have suffered due to extremism. Extremism is not new to Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans who do not seek and find why they suffered when they did not directly participate with either side, are likely to find that their pain was due to using the measure of ‘convenience’ at that time. Once we know why something happened to us – we may find that we need to change the laws to be applicable to our current environment.  Where the process involves those who have physically moved on – and we do not attribute credit to them, and we take ‘credit’ for their work and/or the common work – but enjoy benefits from using their work – we inherit their weaknesses.

Hence let us mourn genuinely for the common victims known to us – without giving any public form as to which group we are mourning for.  

Friday, 17 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 May  2019

America has no moral authority to Prosecute Assange

It was shocking news that I did not expect of our political leaders:

[Two Rwandan men accused of murdering eight tourists in 1999 have reportedly been sent to Australia as part of the Coalition's refugee swap deal with the US.
The pair were locked up in the US for the past 15 years, refusing to return to Rwanda where they are facing murder charges, according to reports in the US.
But under the refugee swap deal negotiated with Malcolm Turnbull and Barack Obama, the two were sent to Australia in exchange for asylum seekers currently in offshore detention, Politico reports.]

The Sri Lankan parallel of that would be to swap the leaders of the group that attacked on Easter Sunday for refugees from Pakistan. Obviously, we the ordinary citizens cannot punish the leaders. But in substance, is this not an example of suicide bombing?

It looks like a leaf out of the book of  Boat Arrivals in 1788 to establish a penal colony here. It means also that Americans are not able to manage their prisoners – especially foreign prisoners who are not bound by American laws.

Now that we the Australian public know about this, we demand that Julian Assange be repatriated to Australia – because we do not trust Americans who do secret deals with our political leaders to establish their penal colony here in Australia. American government that did ‘secret deal’ with Australian leaders – has lost its moral right to prosecute Assange.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 May  2019

Merely Sinhalese or Sri Lankans?

This morning I said to our son to pay his respects to Mr Bob Hawk, who according to me was a caring leader. I have never met Mr Hawk or any other Australian PM in person but  as a citizen I did not experience too much pain under Mr Hawk’s leadership.

I did under Mr Howard’s. The Courts dismissed my Racial Discrimination complaints. But the gods heard me. In the process I learnt about the parallel difficulties within mainstream also. When we fly – we do not have direct influence over the actions of the pilots. But as per my cultural grooming – I pray for our common safety. Had I been a safe driver/leader in my environment, then I have the ‘right’ to access the common safety Energy pool. For this reason, I follow the crew’s safety instructions during take-off. That shows respect for others’ work and training. I do likewise to the operator of the cleaning truck that operates on Coogee beach, in the early hours of the morning. That is when I have the natural right to expect good experience when I go to the Beach. ‘Customer is Right’ principle is developed on that basis. Likewise in Democracy, the Citizen is Right until proven otherwise. Our experiences educate us about our leaders – whether they are positive or negative for us. Tomorrow I cast my vote. At surface level – it may seem just another number. But in terms of Natural Powers – it is far stronger than the vote of any other Australian known to me. I voted mentally thus in the 2015 Sri Lankan Presidential and Parliamentary elections. I now feel that I voted for myself through the best fit available at the political level. The right to that kind of vote through Natural Energy is accumulated on daily basis in our own home environments.  

On that basis, yesterday I wrote to our Minister as follows in this regard, under the heading Why Should I Vote for your Party?:
[Mr Coleman, I am a senior citizen and I carry much wisdom in Democratic Public Service. When my time and brain are  wasted with frivolous questions – your system gets weaker and my attitude towards government changes. Systems are only as good as completed use by customers. The main flaw in the system seems to be that it is not tailored towards the common Australian citizen of the current generation. It seems to be an imported system with many unwanted requirements – which confirm lack of trust. You need to become the customer and know whether you have used our resources well. Each completed experience is your real vote until the next experience. The questions asked seem to be for application of citizenship. I have supplied a copy of the  original certificate and yet I have been put through this. Please go through the process yourself or one of your staff who is a migrant and ask yourself whether public resources have been invested wisely.]

After I wrote the above, our son arrived from Melbourne,  listened to my pain and asked me to ‘wait’. Just before going to bed I asked him to ask our youngest daughter who is also in Melbourne. He messaged her and confirmed that she had the original with her name also included in it. I took it as my family system working for me more than the government system which has weaker ‘trust-developing’ Energy.

In democracy, the junior has to be taken as ‘right’ until proven otherwise. We would be challenged by dismissals and failures but we need to get up and keep going.

It is the turn of Muslims to be taken as being ‘Right’ until proven otherwise by the Government of majority race. The Leader of the Opposition, Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa has the DUTY to represent them in this situation. Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa referred to Black July and expressed concern that it might be repeated. This confirms that despite his long rule – he did not cure the Sinhalese youth of their disorderly conduct. To the extent he is using their desires as quid pro quo platform – he would not have the right to cure them. Those who sell their vote to be ‘free’ as per their desires – would take his place – as if they were the President in their home areas. That is how suicide bombers are also developed. They take the position taken by their leader who is the only leader known to them.

Following is a report about the message from an educated leader of  Muslim community:
[President’s Counsel Ali Sabry says that the number of members in terrorist leader Zahran Hashim’s group grew significantly following the ethnic clashes in March last year and that this goes to show extremism feeds extremism.] Ada derana

The above is a return warning to Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. The IPKF – Indian Peace Keeping Force  came into Sri Lanka in 1987due to 1983 massacre of Tamils living in majority Sinhalese areas. On that basis one is entitled to conclude that ISIS was the Islamic Peace Keeping Force that mentally came into Sri Lanka after the ethnic riots last year. By conduct IPKF was a killer force and not a peacekeeping force. No one can stop natural partnerships  based on true experiences. The gods would not intervene unless man seeks the other side. Krishna in Mahabharatham was that divine force and the minorities humbly asked for Him – as power of One – against majority whose leader chose the armed forces of Krishna’s kingdom. Krishna’s real power was the Common goodness in all – including those in Opposition.

This is an opportunity for Mr Rajapaksa and his party to join forces with the minority Muslims . They would if they truly cared about Mother Lanka. If they don’t we would conclude that they are merely Sinhalese and not Sri Lankans.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16 May  2019

Opposition Karma
[A short statement released by the Opposition Leader’s office said the Opposition Leader could do little other than expressing his views to the public both within and outside Parliament. But it was up to the Government to take decisive steps to investigate the Easter Sunday attacks, and assist people affected by the anti-Muslim violence that swept through at least three districts this week.    Taking decisions relating to the present situation prevailing in the country is the responsibility of the President, the Prime Minister, and the Cabinet of Ministers. The Leader of the Opposition can only perform the task of the Opposition in Parliament. He can move resolutions and express his views in Parliament on matters of national importance, and also if necessary apprise the general public outside Parliament,” the statement said. ] Daily Financial Times article ‘MR unhappy with Govt.'

The above confirms lack of investment in Democracy – even at Parliamentary level, leave alone at the Citizen’s level. In democracy, both have Equal power. One does not ‘wait for time’ to become government. Time difference needs to be zero in democracy. If the Government is acting on behalf of the victims, the Opposition needs to become the perpetrators’ side to ensure that their rights are upheld. The more quickly we mark one side or the other right or wrong, the quicker the why? search-path ends. Since the apparent victims in the most recent problem are Muslims, the Opposition needs to take the side of the attackers Muslim and ensure that their lawful rights are being upheld. When the Government’s work and the Opposition’s work come together in Parliament – at the same time – they would confirm that truth on which an intellectual decision would be made. In this instance – it should not be to pass laws but rather to uphold the balance needed for harmony. The need for such action would also confirm the obsolescence of relevant existing laws – including PTA (Prevention of Terrorism Act). One who ‘waits’ for his time in governance is confirming autocracy and would not add strength to democracy.

Yesterday’s Island Editorial included the following passage:
[Both President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, when asked why they had not taken action to prevent the NTJ attacks, claimed they had not been aware of the intelligence warnings of terror strikes. They, like everyone else, were fully aware that some fanatics were planning to attack the Muslims after the Easter Sunday calamity, but did precious little to forestall the eruption of communal violence. Why weren’t the military and the police ordered to use maximum force to prevent violence?]

Information overload is a common problem. We need common intelligence to pick each other’s mind. Once we find fault – say with India – then our mind separates itself from the common pool of intelligence. Respect provides the natural access. Hence one side or the other in government leadership – needs to take NTJ’s side – as if they are right to themselves. It is the Human Right of every individual to be heard on the basis of her/his truth – as measured by her / him. Hence the Opposition needs to become the representative  of the side that is being prosecuted / judged by the government.

The big problem in Sri Lanka is Buddhist supremacy. Those who do not know the law and / or not committed to the law would use weapon available to them to get even. 9/11 and the ISIS war – has informed Muslims all over the world that they could win posthumously if they worked on their own. Every person who joins the armed forces – official or de facto knows this. Discrimination that is not acceptable to a person would lead to depression in the junior mind, revenge in the equal mind and deeper ownership in the higher mind. If Tamils had not protested against unjust discrimination – they would have become depressed and that would have been true genocide of the mind through assimilation. Excessive retaliation became reverse discrimination.  Tamils of higher common mind structure absorbed the pain and became deeper owners. This was upheld by their parallels in Sinhalese community and hence the political victory in 1977 and 2015 when Tamils become Equal Opposition in National Parliament.

In the case of Muslims – Muslim Nations have become the parallel of Tamil Nadu for Tamils. If Western countries contributed to unjust discrimination against Muslims those who are conscious of their divine sovereign powers would tend to look for avenues through which to get even. Those who are over enthusiastic about it – including due to lack of support from within their own communities – would take an eye for an eye and sometimes both eyes for the loss of one. That is when they deviate from the path of Dharma/Natural Justice. If Christians are facilitated to emigrate to Western countries – then Muslims who as per their interpretations of reality – have been wronged would find radical pathway the express outlet that would prevent depression in their minds. Let us take a Muslim who studies in Australia but is not able to enjoy Equal recognition as a White-Australian student who is recognized more by prospective employers. The mind of the Muslim is likely to feel depressed especially when s/he does not have family responsibility earn. I believe – that so long as I had to support my family financially – I absorbed the discrimination pain. This was also the case with most Tamils who worked in Sri Lankan Public Service – which made a strong contribution to the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976.

Had the government listened to the Voice of Truth – that was heard in 1977, there would have been no civil riots in 1977 the remnants of which erupted as Black July in 1983. If the Opposition does not become the minority side in this then we would not have Black July but 9/11 in Sri Lanka. All because of ingratitude by the then Government and its heirs in the current government.

Once we attribute credit – we do not ‘see’ as much. The further away that source to which we allocate credit is – the stronger the accumulation of interest. It’s like interest on savings on time basis. Now the Opposition that stole the position from Tamils last year – is lost – not knowing what to do.

In Autocracy – we need to ‘wait’ for time to tell. In Democracy – we need to Trust the other side to ‘show’ their outcome.