Sunday, 21 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 April  2019

Rule of Which Law – Buddha’s, Rama’s or Ravana’s?

[Rule of law is not an abstract principle. It is not a political polemic. It is intended to create a real lawful civil society in which individuals and society are protected by a framework and an approach based on the application of principles and rules adhered to by all that does not privilege the politically powerful.

“Law, at its very foundation, is conceived and derived from values. These values inform and underpin a fair and reasonable expectation of how power should be organised, exercised and controlled at the private and public level. These values find their expression not only in the formal law, but also in societal expectations, behaviour and actions. These transcend cultural boundaries.”] Sarath De Alwis in Sunday Observer article headed Ahimsa’s plaint: State sanctioned ‘Hinsa’
Which Rule of Law did Sunday Observer follow to publish the article by Mr De Alwis above others – say for example mine headed ‘Rights based Presidents’ ? We do not know. In a ‘Free’ environment, it is the editor’s own Truth which may or may not follow the same path as say ‘Uthayan’ the Tamil Newspaper’s editor’s or even Lasanatha Wickrematunga’s.
Let us take for example the law that Buddhism is the foremost religion of Sri Lanka. This is a true statement. But to be valid in the Constitution, and be law to all Sri Lankans – non-Buddhist Sri Lankans have to take lower status in any forum where the Rule of Law has to be applied – starting with the Courts. When we know that a law is unjust we need to rely on our Truth which would pave Its own pathway for us to follow. If Lasantha had reported as per his pathway of Journalism and the rule of law applicable to Journalism in common that would given his work eternal value – with or without the lawsuit by his daughter Ahimsa. It would be interesting to see whether or not what happened has jurisdiction over what happened between individuals when they were Sri Lankans.
Take for example the report ‘Sri Lanka’s first satellite ‘Raavana-1’ takes off’. Raavana was king of Lanka and a Hindu. But unlike Rama, Raavana went outside his natural circle to desire Seetha. The laws of marriage that Rama was committed to and practiced were different to the laws of marriage that Raavana followed. One was close to de facto association level whereas the other was beyond the firmly regulated pathway. During Rama’s time more than one wife was permitted by law. But Rama practiced Equality in marriage and Seetha was Rama’s one and only wife. That was Rama’s personal law. Had Rama been like Ravana  - he would have enjoyed more pleasures of marriage and therefore would have lacked the courage to protect his wife from far. To me that is how all of us develop divine powers.
Yesterday, I wrote as follows:
[If we are right to us as per our conscience then we are right as per the system of Truth. Whenever there were unjust laws, those who lived by their conscience – fought against such laws. The value of their work and sacrifices in doing so automatically went towards righting the Universal balance. Jesus was such a leader.]

Today is Easter Sunday – the day on which Jesus was able to resurrect Himself. That was the Divine power to negate the destruction of the body and give life to one’s values as per one’s laws. The then Ruler – however much he followed his laws did not have that power. Likewise, Raavana.

But the Truth that the minds that named the above project were clever  - came out through the name. This also confirms that they were not committed to being good at global level. Raavana being Hindu, would work better for Hindus who are largely Tamils, empowered by Tamils all over the world. Like the LTTE they also would apply their rule of law which would oust Rama followers to go beyond Sri Lanka to enjoy the higher value of intelligence. Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa returning to Sri Lanka confirms he seeks Raavana life of inequality. He may get followers in the Tamil community also – if Tamils as a community merely use global avenues without respect. When we respect  - we develop ourselves to become owners and not users. This is why we have relationships through which we respect service providers and earn the right to be service providers. Without respect we are mere associates driven by immediate outcomes.

I do not know about Ms Ahimsa’s case details but Mr Samathanam’s has many holes – confirming that he did not practice the spirit of Canadian law when in Sri Lanka. This is obviously a political move to influence would be voters – and if the allegations of war-crimes are true  - then losing the elections would balance the books. This has not been done by the UN – which confirms that the UN lacks the courage of its own maintenance of the global system to take action against the Lankan Government. Hence the divide and rule approach.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

20 April  2019

Rights based Presidents

A media personality asked me in relation to my article headed ‘ Chief  Minister or President or v.v.?’ whether  an educated  Tamil candidate losing at the Presidential elections would be worse for Tamils? I responded as follows:
[Participating with faith will bring us victory at the global level. The idea is to lift the game to global level and keeping it there. Pele who is exactly one year junior to CVW made it at that level due to his faith in his ancestors. CVW has the credibility due to his judicial background. We need to present him to show our investment at global level – and this would split the votes of the SLFP. NOT PARTICIPATING would be worse for Tamils because it would confirm that we lack the confidence to go beyond provincial level]
This morning’s news brought confirmation of the above through the following in New York Times article headed ‘Sri Lankans Accuse Him of Wartime Atrocities. California May Decide’ :
[Harshana Rambukwella, a political scientist at the Open University of Sri Lanka, said that if Mr. Rajapaksa runs for president, he could potentially leverage the California litigation to drum up nationalist sentiment among his base within the country’s Sinhalese ethnic majority.
The essence of the candidate’s argument, Mr. Rambukwella said, would be that human rights campaigners are persecuting leaders who liberated Sri Lanka from civil war.
But rights advocates say that the California cases are important because they focus international scrutiny on the Rajapaksa family’s wartime actions.]
When we share in the pain of genuine victims – we are naturally empowered by their rights. Human Rights violations affect all of us on earth because they upset the balance between right and wrong as per the Truth. If we are right to us as per our conscience then we are right as per the system of Truth. Whenever there were unjust laws, those who lived by their conscience – fought against such laws. The value of their work and sacrifices in doing so automatically went towards righting the Universal balance. Jesus was such a leader. By following such a leader – we lead the government, including the government that follows the laws that it has introduced. This is the power of the voter who identifies with the whole. Those who vote on the basis of human rights – vote for global governance.
All of us know what our rights are when we go into our truth. Rights are gaps between our contribution and benefits at a certain level. When we form a common group such gaps are pooled at group level and ones with greater gaps are the true leaders of that group. They become the government.  If during the time of a particular government, we enjoy our earned rights without interruptions and blockages, they are our true government. When we are blocked in our path – then the government during whose tenure it happened needs to be governed by us or separated from us. The first stage of such separation is the formation of Opposition. If a government punished us through armed force – to that extent we are entitled to use arms to oppose them. When we use greater force than is needed to defend our rights we become their enemies.
In the above matters which include the death of  – Journalist  Lasanatha Wickrematunga, the Rights of the group of Journalists were murdered during the Rajapaksa regime. Unless the authorities could establish that Journalist  Lasanatha Wickrematunga acted in breach of the laws covering Journalism in Sri Lanka, that government is proven to be guilty of failing to protect the rights of Journalists in that nation. Journalists and Free Media are important in connecting the individual to the whole – by helping the common reader work out which are  rights based actions  and which are in breach of her/his rights as per the parallel in the reader’s home where the reader is governor. Killing such Journalists would not eliminate the breaches of rights of the citizens.
I explain this natural escalation of our ‘rights’ as follows:

[Mr. Geoffrey  Alagaratnam PC
Bar  Association of Sri Lanka
153, Mihindu Mawatha
Colombo 12

……………………It is important during these times of International Conflict and Terrorism fears, that we prevent abuse of power through hasty application of Public status. Mr. President, ultimately – the Court, like the Parliament, is limited to its own contributions to Common values when judging us – the People. The ultimate Judge is the Lord. We, the litigants – have the duty to bring our Truth to the Common Court. Often, the Courts – including the Australian Courts, fail to identify with our Truth even when it is delivered in the language of the Law – as interpreted by us. But, to the extent we are true to our own conscience – our declarations of Truth are heard by the Lord of Natural Justice. That is how, I believe I also contributed to the fall of Mr. John Howard, former Prime Minister of Australia (Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam v John Howard S51 of 2001 in the High Court of Australia) who was present at the spot of 9/11 attack. ]-]

[Mr. Howard’s excision policies following the Tampa reality, took place effective 08 September 2001. A few months prior to that my High Court appeal against Mr. Howard and Others on the basis of Unlawful Racial Discrimination, was dismissed for ‘procedural reasons’. A migrant taking a racial discrimination case to our judiciary is likely to be dismissed for ‘procedural reasons’ and it never gets the real hearing of the court. Hence, to me, the above High Court decision is largely to boost legal business rather than to be fair and just to asylum seekers. If it were indeed due to genuine feelings – the decision amounts to a handout one of common belief  ]
We must escalate our pain through the highest pathway that we have contributed to – through which we have accumulated ‘rights’. Nature does the rest.

If Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa were elected President in a free environment, then the majority race demotes itself to the lower level of civilization. Then those who do follow the lawful pathway to oppose the actions of that presidency and government during that presidency become the real government as per the lawful pathway. They have the real power to defeat such persons in real life. That was Gandhi’s pathway.

Thus the common voter determines the height of our civilization. It’s better to be a simple voter in a corrupt system than to be president.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

19 April  2019

Chief Minister or President or v.v?

Today is Good Friday. The Common belief is that Jesus died for the People. If it were not true – Good Friday would not be a reality today. Today is also Chithra Pournami for Hindus presented as follows by Jaffna Hindu College:

[The Chithra Pournami viratham is observed on the full moon day that falls in the month of Chithrai (April-May). It is a sacred day to remember our female ancestors and obey fasting. As the sun is associated with fathers, the moon is associated with mothers. Especially, full moon or pournami is beleived to be close to the mothers]
Accordingly, I said ‘thank you’ to all those who have mothered me – starting with my biological mother. Chithra Pournami is also the day when we celebrate the Accountant of our karma presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[Chitra Pournami is an Indian festival celebrated by Hindus, especially Tamil Brahmins.[1]
It is observed on the day of the full moon in the month of Chithirai or Chaitra, corresponding in the Gregorian calendar to a day in April or May. The festival is dedicated to god Chitragupta, a Hindu deity who is believed to record the good and bad deeds done by men for Yama, the Hindu god of the underworld. On this day, devotees ask Chitragupta to forgive their sins.]

As if to confirm this in relation to Tamil Community, I received the following email response to my article headed ‘Tamil Presidential Candidate – CV Wigneswaran’:

[That suggestion by Mr Kathiravelu is a very dangerous one,,,
We can not afford  a repeat of atrocities.. So we should try our best to avoid the repeat of what happened after the end of War.
If we are clever enough, we should work with the international support that we already have to resolve our political aims.
But, should try all we can to sustain the minimal safety that we have at present.]

I responded as follows:
[The international support is there – partly because we have earned it largely through our educational pursuits and by highlighting the damage to our investments in higher education. Did we not protest against loss of opportunities in common culture which is the legitimate bridge with the international community? We settled down to Jaffna Uni as the compensation for quota system damage. The parallel of that is the Chief Minister position instead of the position of  President  at the common level. If we accept ‘settlement’ at  chief minister level – then Northern Province would be the parallel of Jaffna Uni , Batticaloa Uni or Kelaniya Uni.  The investment we made in Western education continues to be the basis that empowers our international relations. As an individual Mr Wigneswaran does not always demonstrate that structure. But as part of our current political structure – he is the best fit to demonstrate our Tamil parallel of the eligibility to be common president. Mr Sirisena merely occupies that position. In reality he is CM of his local province – North Central Province with Polannaruwa as the capital. When we take the real position as per our Tamil experience we have access to the time Polannaruwa was ruled by Tamil. But to invoke that – we need to have the qualities of Royalty even though we may look like beggars. Even if one Tamil is able to invoke that ancestral power – and Tamils present a candidate at the level taken by Mr Sirisena – we would defeat Mr Sirisena by himself. That was the power Gandhi had.
When we consider what we now have as coming from the International Community – we are wrong. We need the outer form but our power is regional due to Tamil rulers who genuinely were royal and  global due to Tamils who genuinely are global minded. If that connection is cut once we ‘get’ the outcomes – we then become like Wikileaks community – dependent on the ‘system’ to protect us.]

The essence of the above is that to the extent we rewrite the Tamil only karma to Tamil equality karma – our world would expand to global level. Jesus did not have custody over any land through  which Jesus  confirmed His Royalty. But Jesus forewent physical life to uphold the Truth He believed in – that we are not our body. Every believer who foregoes physical pleasures and comforts to uphold her/his belief – invokes Jesus-power. As per this power when the body perishes we live through our inner spirit. Our heirs become our media.

One of the souls I included today is that of my mother in law. It was on this day many years ago that Param prayed to his mother and received her blessings to marry me. I thus became her heir in that family. This helped me recognise and eliminate bogus claimants who said they mothered that family. Likewise, leadership in my home-circles.

In the case of Mr Sirisena, who has gone to Thirupathi at an important time in politics one is entitled to conclude that his oath on the basis of Sri Lanka’s constitution is bogus. As per that oath – Buddhism is the foremost religion of all those to whom the Constitution is the bible. To be valid, such oath ought to be by belief to Buddhist leaders and as an intellectual affirmation to non-Buddhists. A non-Buddhist who swears as per her/his belief in god therefore accesses the higher powers.

The fourth schedule in the Sri Lankan Constitution is worded as follows:

"I……………………………………………………………… do solemnly declare and affirm / swear - that I will faithfully perform the duties and discharge the functions of the office of ………………………………………………… in accordance with the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and the law, and that I will be faithful to the Republic of Sri Lanka and that I will to the best of my ability uphold and defend the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.”
Hence no Buddhist political leader who has sworn as above has the right to demonstrate belief in another religious form during her/his tenor of office. When they do – they cheat the constitution and therefore the People of Sri Lanka.
The wording that makes ‘separate state declarations such as the Vaddukoddai Resolution unlawful, is in the sixth schedule :

"I,…………...........................…………… do solemnly declare and affirm / swear that I will uphold and defend the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and that I will not, directly or indirectly, in or outside Sri Lanka, support, espouse, promote, finance, encourage or advocate the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka.”

How can a Hindu validly swear in the presence of God as invoked by her/him, make such a declaration truthfully? If Mr Sirisena made such a declaration, is he not in breach of the above condition – when he demonstrates belief in Hindu Kingdom?

Mr Kathiravelu, mentioned above, highlighted this as follows:
[My sincere thanks to Your Excellency for the New Year message in the English language.
My humble view is that in addition to the message in English, Sinhala and Tamil could have been added.
Further, in my humble opinion, it is not Sinhala and Tamil New Year BUT Buddhist and Hindu New Year because all the Sinhalese are not Buddhists and all the Tamils are not Hindus. Please pardon me for the difference in opinion.
Thanking Your Excellency,
Yours truly,

And who responded to the above? Mr Wigneswaran as follows:
Noted with thanks. W
One could therefore conclude that Mr Wigneswaran played the role of president to Mr Kathiravelu – the same way Thirupathi Balaji played the role of god to answer Mr Sirisena’s prayer. That is how Truth Triumphs. 

Declaring Mr Wigneswaran happened as a natural  result of the above experience.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 April  2019

Is America the real ICJ?

A few days back, an American of Sri Lankan origin stated in regards to the American legal actions initiated against Dual Citizen Gotabhaya Rajapaksa:

[Renouncing US citizenship means nothing, though an opportunistic and ungrateful act by Gota. Los Angeles Sri Lankans ought to kick him  for such an unpatriotic act - and issue a public statement. But it will not save Gota from the long arm of the law, of US extra-territorial reach.
 The latest has been El Capo, the notorious drug lord and murderer, now facing death sentence in an American Court. (America is the real ICC, with apologies to the late Justice Christie Weeramantry.!)
 America today has legal overreach, just as it has overreach to dominate global finance. It can turn on the screws on just about anybody on the planet……]

If the American system did prosecute Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, that would seem legitimate to the likes of me – meaning those who practice the law but are not technical experts in law. In true democracy the gap between the two would be very slim.
[An affidavit unsealed by US prosecutors on Monday has underscored the unlawful character of the Trump administration’s request that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange be extradited to the US in the wake of his illegal expulsion from Ecuador’s London embassy and arrest by the British police last Thursday.
The affidavit was made by Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) special agent Megan Brown on December 21, 2017, in support of two charges which had been secretly filed against Assange, under her name.
The charges accuse Assange of participating in a “conspiracy” with whistleblower Chelsea Manning to gain unauthorised access to a US government computer.]
To my simple mind, an Affidavit is our confession in the consciousness that the Lord or our conscience is the highest authority before whom we state our belief / truth about what happened – with or without  how we interpreted what happened. An American making an affidavit about Australian is limited to  what happened observations and any statements beyond that are not admissible in an American Court of Law. The boundaries of jurisdiction are determined by the commonness of  our belief.  
In a subjective system our wisdom is shared through common belief. The deeper we believe the lesser the objectively measurable evidence needed. An Affidavit by an American against an Australian, could be valid only in a higher Common Court such as the International Court of Justice  or the International Criminal Court.
The highest form of our faith or our conscience is considered to be the Judge of the self-governing person. An affidavit that is accepted by a system therefore – needs to be tested on that basis. Without common belief – one does not have the power to access another’s mind and therefore make statements as to why the other person did what s/he did. In terms of ‘what happened’ – the interpretations would vary as per the depth of contribution to commonness – for example in International law.
Most Australian judges who heard my complaints of Racial Discrimination –  demonstrated lack of knowledge of ICERD - the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination – by the UN. They took no notice of my Affidavits and dismissed the complaints as frivolous and vexatious. Eventually evidence emerged through the NSW Police that I was classified as ‘Sri Lankan’ despite my claim that I was Australian by law. This meant that in their minds I was Sri Lankan. If there had been no evidence of denial of benefits and / or lawful rights – this would have been neutral. But classifying me as Sri Lankan was an Affidavit evidence by the authorities that they were discriminating on the basis of race. Differentiation while taking authority over a person who claims to have ‘lost’ benefits, opportunities and/or rights amounts to racism which in this instance is unlawful in Australia. It is not in Sri Lanka as per my knowledge.
As per Wikipedia report about Australia’s stand:
[In Australia, the government and the Australian Federal Police have not stated what Australian laws may have been violated by WikiLeaks, but then Prime Minister Julia Gillard has stated that the foundation of WikiLeaks and the stealing of classified documents from the United States administration is illegal in foreign countries. Gillard later clarified her statement as referring to "the original theft of the material by a junior U.S. serviceman rather than any action by Mr Assange." ]
When I brought defamation charges against my Australian relatives in law who through their lawyers kept referring to me and my children as outsiders because this is my second marriage, the NSW Courts stated that they – the courts did not have jurisdiction because the actual public statements were made in Sri Lanka. But evidence of the ruling by the Court of Natural Justice evolved in many ways to confirm that my complaint was heard in the Court of Universal Justice where through Truth anyone and everyone derives the comfort of justice they have earned. That to my mind, is what self-governance is all about. It confirms the individual’s Sovereignty.
Unless American Megan Brown – special agent - Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) was personally hurt as an individual there is no jurisdiction for her voice to be heard through Affidavit evidence. To be valid in the court of Natural Justice – the lady ought to have invested in the common global law in the issue of information protection.

If America is treated as the ICJ – then only god can save Julian Assange or any other Australian acting as per her/his conscience when exposing  American wrongs. 

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 April  2019

Tamil Presidential Candidate – CV Wigneswaran

A regular reader of my articles, to whom Sri Lanka is currently ‘home’  raised the question ‘What would be the effect in the Presidential Election IF the TNA puts forward a candidate to contest the election?.’
The Common citizen Mr Sithamparapzillai Kathieravelu analysed as follows:
[Let us analyse the pros and cons of such a situation with the problems or in the context of the problems faced by the minorities in Sri Lanka. In all probability, the Muslims may not support the candidate standing in the name of the minorities, to test the political strength of the minorities, though they are part and parcel of the minorities., but the Tamil can and may be 'must' to test  and display to the International Community their political strength in the country.
This can turn out to be a great political risk but may eventually turn in favour of Tamils.]
The question was raised on the basis of my article headed ‘Natural Governance in Sri Lankan Post-War Governance’ in which I have highlighted the difference in rate of participation in elections by Tamils and the variation it had in the election outcomes:
[But where there is no structure – the Tamil only voter’s vote goes to the Sinhala only candidate as opposition. That was how Tamils who failed to participate  in the Presidential elections in 2005 and later in 2010 empowered the Rajapaksa side but in 2015 they made that Rajapaksa side the Opposition within Sinhala Nation. The percentage of Tamil voters went up in 2015 relative to 2010 when many were under the influence of Tamil only syndrome and therefore did not have the mandate to vote in Sri Lankan elections. Belief based mandate is universal and works through any structure. Not so external knowledge based vote. The block was removed by 2015. In Jaffna for example the participation went up from 26% in 2010 to 66% in 2015. In Vanni it went up from 40%  to 72%.  Relatively speaking in Eastern  electorates of Batticaloa and Trincomalee the increase was not as dramatic. The Jaffna voter voting through the educated leader who thinks Sri Lankan,  contributes directly to Sri Lankan governance power. The Tamil only voter needs to find a true believer in self governance, participating in Sri Lankan elections. True belief merges naturally with any reliable structure. Sinhalese leaders who develop common structures in Tamil areas and/or merge minds with Tamil leaders who believe more in commonness than in local power only – are assured of being leaders of common Sri Lanka. By electing such leaders, Sri Lankans pass the test of self-governance at National level. ]
Neither Mahatma Gandhi nor Martin Luther King who believed in Gandhi sought to occupy the top Administrative position in their respective communities. But they were true governors of their respective communities and therefore had insight into the needs of the community. Nehru and Obama became their respective media confirming this absolute governance power. The powerful Indian community in America happened due to this commonness in the leaders.
If we take Tamil and Sinhala leaders – we need their source of belief to be absolute governance power so that a common citizen is formed. Tamils who follow such leaders on their side would be able to merge with Sinhalese at that level. In multicultural areas they give form to common governance. The higher our governance level  the greater the commonness factor. They deal at policy level and not at outcome level. Hence policy makers do not need dual citizenship. This applies at family level also.
Yesterday for example – my husband wrote to his Vaddukoddai nephew who respects him that we were bringing about closure at policy level and if others in the family who did not demonstrate respect for him as an educated person cheated him of his legitimate share of his elder brother’s estate – that was up to them. (Appendix). But at policy level our work has contributed to identifying with the needs of the Jaffna and Mallakam court systems and that that is  of a higher value return to us in our higher professional pathway. In essence, my husband highlighted that he cannot travel through two pathways/systems at the same time.
This is the dilemma faced by the Tamil community as well as the Sinhala community.
Within the Tamil Community – if the Hon SJV Chelvanayagam is taken as the parallel of Gandhi and the politicians closest to that pathway are the Hon R Sampanthan and Mr Wigneswaran. If Mr Sampanthan moved to Presidential level – it is doubtful that Mr Sumanthiran would have  the power to hold TNA together for the purpose of Parliamentary elections. We carry the power of common belief which would work systems beyond our consciousness. If  Mr Wigneswaran on the other hand drops the ‘separatism’ angle and elevates himself to his natural investment as a common minded educated Tamil – that would be a healthy representation that would set the pathway for higher common minded Sri Lankans of Tamil origin. Through his investment in the Sri Lankan judiciary Mr Wigneswaran has developed that natural power. He would need to pick a Gandhi from the Tamil community to empower him from within. If nothing else – Mr Wigneswaran would share his judicial wisdom with those who vote for him – irrespective of whether he would win or lose.
In the above mentioned family example I am the parallel of Gandhi and my husband the parallel of Nehru.
We as a minority by numbers need to consolidate our resources from all angles through higher common believers. President Sirisena has openly demonstrated belief in Thirupathi Venkateswarar, by visiting the temple during the common ethnic New Year period. If Mr Sirisena’s governance power is Hindu – he would respect as Equal a Hindu Presidential candidate. If the contest is then between Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and Mr CV Wigneswaran and the latter wins – Sri Lanka would have the right to the higher intellectual pathway to merge with the global communities travelling at that height.  
If the Sinhalese field as Presidential candidate,  Mr Ranil Wickremesighe who seems to follow in the pathway of Hon Dudley Senanayake, then Tamils would be happy whoever wins. A time would come when Sinhalese also would be happy for a Tamil to win – because of common belief which could be through Hinduism also. That would naturally pardon them of  crimes committed in their name – the name of  Sinhala Buddhist community. We would then not need to win at UN level. Ultimately – it is about our inner dignity. When we vote in a free environment we vote for ourselves. Then when our values are upheld by the elected person we would be happy and when they are eroded we would oppose. At the common level it is about the values/issues and not the individuals. Let us therefore participate through any avenue available to us and choose the highest level even if it requires some sacrifice – especially if it requires some sacrifice. Natural forces would do the rest.


Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 April  2019

Tamil Nation – another Limuria?

Many of us identify nepotism as a huge problem in Sri Lanka. One such victim is Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. If the Rajapaksa family had not nationalised its own cultural order Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa would have no reason to be anxious. To artificially go from local Sinhala only to global America is like having bipolar disorder.
An American of  Sri Lankan origin wrote as follows in this regard within a ‘boys only’ forum into which a couple of us girls have been admitted – largely as observers:
[A few of my good schoolboy friends think Gota ought to be "executed"; some think he did a great job in making Colombo look a clean spanking city, a sort of Switzerland of the tropics, but Orwellian with "white vans", much like Omar Bashir of Sudan, whose   Janjaweed horsemen committed genocide in Dafur.
How a non-citizen Sri Lankan like him (US citizen) can wield so much power over a people and nation shows what  Sri Lanka has become, vis-à-vis this talk about a Constitutional Council.
 But if at some point, the US decides to prosecute him for murder of Lasantha, just as they did with President Noriega of Panama for drug deaths, the game is over for him. I am told he also faces charges of corruption over the Ukraine MIG aircraft deal and the offshore illegal armory he sponsored. Serious allegations.
 One thing you must know about Sri Lankans. It is that they are a "revengeful people" (not my words). They also believe in "guilt by association".  Be mindful of such observations made by distinguished Sri Lankan legal eagles.]

That is the picture of Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as seen by Americans of Lankan origin. If there is at least some Americanism in Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa he would identify with this and be warned. The above person is highly educated and is much  more American than Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. His cleverness is shared more with educated Sri Lankans. Since both sides to the Sri Lankan war chose to take higher positions than the educated amongst them – they limited themselves to ‘tribal laws’. This was confirmed by Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa – reported as follows:
[“It was about March 2006 when Mr. Solheim came to see H.E. after he became president and had also said, in the midst of other things: ‘Prabhakaran is a military genius. I have seen him in action etc., etc. to which the President had responded: ‘He is from the jungles of the North. I am from the jungles of the South. Let’s see who will win!’]
LTTE Eastern Commander Karuna’s assessment was reported as follows:
[However, his (Solheim’s) assessment of the LTTE leader by all means seems to be correct. He had said; “There was lack of vision on the part of Prabhakaran. He had a violent response for every issue’ while pointing out ‘except for Anton Balasingham, nobody else within the LTTE had international exposure. The downfall of the LTTE was due to an isolated war lord sitting there basically taking all the decisions not based on proper information’.
This statement on the LTTE leadership was vindicated by another statement made last week by one time Prabhakaran’s second-in-command, former Deputy Minister Vinayagamoorthi Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman during an interview with the Indian Express when he had reportedly said; “Prabhakaran was a good man, but he had no knowledge of globalisation.”]

Now that Prabhakaran is no longer in the scene, but the ‘victory’ was being used to ‘capture’ international status by the Rajapaksa brothers – including Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, international players seem to be  playing the Sri Lankan game. Had ‘closure’ happened in 2009 – the above threat to Gotabhaya Rajapaksa would not have become a reality. Many Army officers were posted as Ambassadors to confirm the military leadership of the Rajapaksa Family. That ought to have alerted the UN.  
The above American highlights this as follows:
[Renouncing US citizenship means nothing, though an opportunistic and ungrateful act by Gota. Los Angeles Sri Lankans ought to kick his ass for such an unpatriotic act - and issue a public statement.
 But it will not save Gota from the long arm of the law, of US extra-territorial reach.
 The latest has been El Capo, the notorious drug lord and murderer, now facing death sentence in an American Court. (America is the real ICC, with apologies to the late Justice Christie Weeramantry.!)
 America today has legal overreach, just as it has overreach to dominate global finance. It can turn on the screws on just about anybody on the planet……
So please, please Gota, don't try to mess around with the US, even though you give up US citizenship. Your buddies in Los Angeles will not come to help you. They would fear that they too would be branded with hot coals and deported to Sri Lanka!
 But America can sit on its hands and wait. You, your brother MR and family might all be swept away in a populist mass uprising, and assassinated. Sri Lanka has the highest political assassination rate (2 1/2, one Prime Minister and 1 1/2 Presidents assassinated!).
 The trigger point for all this would be a sudden collapse of your economy - with people dying of starvation, them roasting in unrelenting extreme heat and temperatures, and unclean drinking water, and general lack of basic needs.]

The above applies also to the supporters of militants who would not hesitate to destroy civil governance structures to show off their military might. To the extent we have used the UN to criticize the Sri Lankan government and not our side to the war – we would lack the courage to prevent another war. Take for example – SBS reporters Mr Raymond Selvaraj and Mr Kulasegaram Sanchayan who won the NSW Premier’s award for their report "Untouchables amongst us". Their report was based on India’s caste system and not Northern Sri Lanka’s. If they are Tamil Nationalism supporters – then as per their mind structure – the then junior castes have now become senior due to their military might. In other words the caste problem in Northern Sri Lanka is swept under the carpet.

The reality in Thunaivi – a toddy tapper village’ is that they have become laws unto themselves. Just yesterday, I said to our coordinator whose family is of toddy tapper origin but has chosen to live in multicultural part of Vaddukoddai – to not give recognition to the folks in Thunaivi breaking open the lock to enter our temple grounds to celebrate New Year in the night! I said to her that they would not do it in our presence and since we cannot correct them of their habits of invasion – to ignore the breaches but to just replace the locks. Those who want the military out of North – need to first develop an internal defence force of urban standards and not of  jungle standards. Until then I have to not take my earned position there to live in our cottage in the temple premises. To my mind, the militancy has empowered junior castes to think they are equals or seniors to the educated class. All those who ignore the deeper reasons for the war – are contributing to such ‘takeovers’ – largely towards quid pro quo recognition within the Diaspora.

Mr Kulasegaram Sanchayan for example asked  Mr Madhava Gopal who claimed to have heard the voice of the sages – whether Mr Gopal had seen a psychiatrist regarding bi-polar disorder (at 12:20 - )

I was actually classified as a mentally ill patient after Magistrate Pat O’Shane heard my trespass matter. Eventually Magistrate Pat O’Shane confessed to suffering from bi-polar disorder. To my mind, I also contributed to that confession, through my Truth. It happened because Ms Pat O’Shane, like Mr Rajapaksa was a dual citizen and not a common citizen like myself.

In his evidence to Court headed by Magistrate Pat O’Shane, our son Pradeep included the following in support of me:

‘…….It is truly shameful that a person who has stood by their principles is being humiliated in this manner. My mother, Mrs. Paramasivam, has been uncompromising in maintaining her honesty, and it is disheartening to see her being punished for this. Whilst, being family, I would blindly support my mother, in this instance I do not need to be blind, because being aware of the matter, it is clear that she has been treated unjustly. She has my full support  and admiration, simply because she has her integrity.’
The above happened in 2005. The higher  judgment came in 2012:

[A study in 2012 by Michael Eburn and Ruth Townsend of the Australian National University College of Law examined 56 Supreme Court appeals of cases heard before O'Shane between 1999 and 2012. Of the 56 appeals, 35 (62.5%) were upheld. Of the 16 criminal cases included, 14 appeals were upheld. Eburn and Townsend wrote: "The Supreme Court has found that O'Shane had got the law wrong in 14 out of the 16 criminal cases ... In one case she dismissed a charge even though the accused had entered a plea of guilty." Supreme Court judges criticised O'Shane for "denying the prosecution procedural fairness," and "failure to comprehend the basis of the prosecution case or the evidence before her, use of intemperate language and making numerous errors of law." Eburn and Townsend compared the records of two other magistrates with similar experience and found only eight and nine appeals against them respectively. They called for O'Shane's resignation.]

The above confirms that Magistrate Pat O’Shane lacked the authority of law to punish me

When we make  statements on the basis of our feelings they are like Affidavits. When we use hearsay – that is hallucination. Those who lack depth that comes from research as to why something happened – but gamble with what happened – end up hallucinating. If we lack the experience – we need to not ‘judge’

If Mr Sanchayan is in support of a Tamil Nation within Sri Lanka – then he would appreciate that Mr Gopal was referring to Limuria which according to the reports currently available was  British Indian Ocean Territory. This means that that particular land did exist before British arrival and even though it is  not visible now – it was an independent territory. This means also  that those who do believe Mr Gopal would access the power of Limuria and therefore be Equal citizens within the lands like Sri Lanka – so long as they believe they are currently Tamils. The parallel of that is my son’s belief in me – which contradicts the public records registered by Australian authorities – including the ones who rewarded Mr Sanchayan. In contrast the highest recognition I received here in Australia was nomination by Australian Hindu Council as a Gargi Awards finalist. The question is who made the greater contribution to multicultural Australia?

Truth is eternal and my sacrifices here  in Australia have helped me in sharing my wisdom with the needy in Sri Lanka who are being cheated by both sides to the bipolar war which was escalated to global level to win locally. A friend of mine whose immediate family member does suffer from bipolar disorder stated that such folks would think they were powerful enough to achieve anything when they are in their highs and when they are in their lows they would think they cannot do anything. Truth is realized when we recognize both at the foundation level and thereafter have no fear nor desire – just peace in negative outcomes and bliss in positive outcomes.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
16 April  2019

Sri Lankan Vedham

Administrative power requires a structure. Governing power works through any structure.  Governance power is absolute power and its Administrative shape and form are determined by the power Itself. We become mere media. One we give it particular shape and form and largely for the purpose of deriving benefits we lose the connection with the original governing power. This happened to both sides to the Sri Lankan war and hence their respective wins were short-lived. After the 19th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution, the position of President has become largely a governing position. In October last year, the current president confirmed his disconnection with Common Sri Lankan Governors. Even Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesighe seemed to have weakened his own connection and hence became a victim of the October coup. It took Tamil National Alliance to restore him in  the  position of Prime Minister. As individuals they go to Hindu temples. But as Administrators – they confirm that Buddhism is foremost. This then means that Buddhism is relative and hence is not governing power. All non-Buddhist believers in their respective religions would be empowered by the governing powers at their  places of worship and belief and also  by opposing those who continue to use Buddhist status in politics. The deeper we go into our own Truth the weaker the majority force becomes. One of the preventive pathways to protect this is the Equal Opportunity pathway which provides the privacy needed to develop governance power which makes the multicultural whole healthier.

 In his Colombo Gazette article [A ‘Rajapaksa manifesto’ for presidential polls], Mr N Sathiya Moorthy states:

[Whether it’s Gota Rajakasa or incumbent Maithirpala Sirisena who will be their presidential candidate, if they were to win the highest office in the country, he would end up playing second-fiddle to Mahinda R, if the latter became Prime Minister.]
True. But Mahinda Rajapaksa’s power is largely highly subjective administrative power and is the parallel of the power that the LTTE enjoyed with the idle minded part of Tamil community. Neither had the governing power to invoke Sri Lankan Vedham/wisdom without specific form other than Sri Lankan.
At this point, my attention was drawn to the SBS  program entitled ‘Tamil Vedham is more than four million-years old’.  The introduction went as follows:
[Madhava Gopal from Salem, Tamilnadu, India, has written a book on Tamil Vedham which he claims to have existed 4 million years ago.  He also claims that this knowledge was lost when Lemuria submerged into the sea.  Madhava Gopal wants to share what he has learned with everyone.
Madhava Gopal talks to Kulasegaram Sanchayan about him and his work.]

Mr Kulasegaram Sanchayan, together with Mr Raymond Selvaraj of SBS Radio Tamil were honoured with  NSW Premier’s Multicultural award for  Best Radio Report for their story "Untouchables amongst us".  I identified with Mr Kulasegaram Sanchayan’s confusion as to whether Mr Gopal was referring to Hindu Vedham as Tamil Vedham. I did however identify with Mr Gopal’s experience – in going into the ancient past through meditation – and hearing the messages of the sages. This power is presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[The knowledge in the Vedas is believed in Hinduism to be eternal, uncreated, neither authored by human nor by divine source, but seen, heard and transmitted by sages.]

I used the above in giving form to my support/vote  for Julian Assange. I was an elementary  practitioner of Hinduism but my belief has been deep as far back as I can remember. Mr Gopal refers to sages talking to him when he goes into deep meditation. I had this experience in terms of Hinduism – while I was experiencing discrimination pain at the University of NSW.  I had ‘lessons’ including about why there were animal forms in front of the altar in Hindu temples. The higher divinity in man is in the altar and the animal in man is outside the altar representing the Opposite of  the divinity inside the altar. That animal is known as the vehicle – meaning we need to travel on it and not allow the animal to travel on us. This made perfect sense to me and yet I did not read it anywhere else nor did I learn about it in any school. This is why I identified with Mr Gopal’s presentation – except that he gave it specific form as Tamil which is personal to himself. But the value that both of us recognize is that such a system exists. When we forego earned benefits and endure the pain to ‘belong’ in an Administrative structure – that also has the same effect as meditation. We gradually identify with the minds of the architects whose energy is the nuclear energy of that structure.

Once during my pain at the University of NSW – the lesson I learnt in the morning while thinking about my experience - was that sound also is a weapon. I did not know why I had that ‘realisation’ but accepted it. Then I learnt from a Channel 9 program that in future weapons would use ‘sound-power’. I recall sharing this with a UNSW Academic – one who thought I had strong insight. Mr Gopal also confirms that all of us are capable of realising that nuclear power. This philosophy is presented by Poet Kannathasan as follows in terms of Tamils:

[There is no state without Tamils, there is no state for the Tamils.]

It’s catch 22 – the moment you recognize that Tamils have a specific country / state – you cease recognizing he formless state of Tamils which Mr Gopal refers to as Lemuria.
This is relevant to all minority powers who suffer discrimination pain.

The second experience this afternoon when I was seeking the Truth about the Lankan Presidency, happened through the Australian Hindu Council News letter which included an article headed ‘Ramayana Trail in Sri Lanka Tours’. At

Sri Lanka during Ramayanam time was Hindu to the Tamil mind. Hence a mind that goes deep into Ramayanam will invoke those nuclear forces and their votes would exponentially empower the leader who feels for them or v.v. Tamils who endured discrimination pain without taking revenge have the deeper mind to invoke such powers in Sri Lanka. To the extent they feel Sri Lankan – the governance power chooses them as the media. The mind that produced Ramayanam – predates the mind that produced Mahabharatham which predates Lord Buddha. Buddha in India is more formless at government level whereas Buddha in Sri Lanka has been given particular form. One who is conscious of the form does not go deeper towards formless nuclear power. My husband who knows more physics than I confirmed that he had learnt that when sound waves are directed towards a particular area – they become lethal.  Likewise the Ramayana insight becomes intuitive power that destroys causers of discrimination pain.