Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 September  2019

From Colonial Rule to Chinese Rule?

This morning when I noted the heading ‘Opening of Sri Lanka's tallest tower marred by corruption allegation’ of the report by Reuters at https://news.yahoo.com/opening-sri-lankas-tallest-tower-163101941.html  - the words of Poet Kannathasan through Pachchai Vilakku (Green Light) film came to mind. It starts as follows:
‘kehlvi piranthathu andru                               The question arose that day
nalla pathil kidaiththathu indru’                    The good answer came today
The question raised was presented as follows :
[Hence, if this Lotus Tower is to be used for ‘entertainment purposes’ one is entitled to project  that it carries negative Energy. What does negative Energy do? – it goes down the same path it came upwards  - manifesting outcomes that confirm its negativity unless current users of that pathway contribute more strongly through their belief and transform the environment.
Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa partnering the current leaders – confirms this negative inheritance – including by Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe who seems to have lost the value of his political diversity.
Déjà vu’ s confirm the existence of such ‘spirits’ to the deep believer. Hence my article ‘Easter bombings in Sri Lanka – Déjà vu?’ at – of  31 July 2019 published at http://austms.blogspot.com/2019/07/
Who is the Lotus of the three Leaders ? Who are the muddy waters? – Sri Lankans dependent on Chinese? ]

 I prayed at Nallur Murugan temple in Jaffna – that I should not be cheated by anyone. After writing the above, I learnt about my own Protective Energy against  global cheats. The ‘enlightenment’  happened to confirm to me the protection of my own investment in Sri Lankan Accounting systems.
The personal transaction concluded as follows:
[Hi Gajalakshmi,
I hope you are well and thank you for contacting  ​xxxxxxx  customer support.
I'm sorry if you feel that way, but our company would never make any kind of cheating. All details are always shown on each record and there was also an email sent to you when you registered confirming the activation.
​I have successfully cancelled your subscription. No further charges would be deducted from your account and also an email confirmation will be sent shortly regarding the cancellation. Please check your inbox and spam folder as well. 
Having checked for consideration and exception, I have issued a refund amounting to ​USD 1.00​.
Please allow 7-10 banking days for it to be posted in your account. If this transaction was invoice from your Master account, clearing may take 30 days depending on your bank’s clearing schedule.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reply to this email. ]

The credit for a dollar  came through almost immediately. Had they not done that I would have exposed them to the authorities. When we so oppose – we prevent such Energies infecting us with the same disease – of cheating the public.

Often those who are unsupervised but lack the protective energy, lose the ability to recognize that they are wrong. Relative to those who follow the systems with faith, their protection is weak. I learnt this in relation to the accountant who took-over my work at the University of NSW – an institution that had the essential requirement to prevent plagiarism of all forms. But like Sri Lankan politicians  – they also got used to ignoring such breaches. I realise more and more these days that I converted that bad racial discrimination into Protective Energy from their temptations. Had I not opposed – I would accepted them as natural and therefore dropped down in my own standards. Instead I earned the following comment by a senior Academic:
[Gaja will keep the whole University honest]

Those who thought they were smart – lack that protection and since they did not do anything to support me they continue to carry those weaknesses which would become negative genes with environmental changes. It becomes personal if not corrected within the affected environment.

The Reuters report begins its report as follows:
[The grand opening of Sri Lanka's tallest tower was mired in controversy on Monday when President Maithripala Sirisena said one of the Chinese firms contracted to work on the project had disappeared with $11 million of state funds.]
That was my concern with the above internet service provider – that it would vanish from the scene – before it could get caught.  I reported similar scam – previously. That will protect those who believe in me and who are themselves like me – living within their means. Those who their duties as per global standards but draw benefits at that level  operate in the same manner as the above mentioned Chinese firms. At best I would have lost only a dollar. I would have changed my card if the transaction was not reversed. Yet, to me the principle was important. I upheld my Sri Lankan qualifications to be the highest for me and this did cost me opportunities to earn money and status in the then current environment.  But upholding my Lankan ancestry was my truth as per my experience. Back then I raised my investment to ownership level. Now that Ownership Energy protects my earned investments and also brings me opportunities to develop reliable systems in Sri Lanka – especially in North.  These are the global heritages that I share with my true heirs.
Those who support the LTTE would inherit irregular pathways. One of them was confirmed by Mr Wigneswaran who actually disrupted the work we are doing to promote women headed households in Vaddukoddai area.

Yesterday Mr Wigneswaran held a political rally – ‘Rise up Tamils’.   The gap between faith and reality is depicted below:

The pictures on the left are about the faith of majority Northerners in God – personified through Nallur Murugan in Jaffna – during the Chariot festival. This ‘happened’ naturally on 29 August. In contrast yesterday’s rally attracted only a small proportion – as confirmed by the pictures on the right.

While Mr Wigneswaran was trying to gather political support – Nallur Murugan from within me – protected my ownership in Sri Lankan financial controls. This is what every Tamil and indeed every Sri Lankan is capable of. The best contribution to Sri Lanka that we can make is through identity with our own Sovereignty. The rest happens naturally – as depicted through Nallur photos.  When I was there in August – I did not ‘see’ Mr Wigneswaran. I would have on the less crowded days. Coming to the temple for benefits – weakens Mr Wigneswaran’s own Sovereign powers.

Tamils need self-rule to protect their sovereignty as a community. If majority Sri Lankans vote for the ‘seen’ and the ‘heard’ – we would lose protection of our sovereignty.  I believe that this deterioration happened due to invoking Indian and British rule in Sri Lanka – for political purposes – while benefiting from their investments in Ceylon. The real protectors are those who have paid their dues including by saying ‘thank you’ form their hearts. Those who downgrade ancestral structures – would lose their protection. Why was that tower not named after a person who fought for Sri Lankan independence from foreign rule? Could not find anyone? So – like Kattapomman of  India and Harold Holt of Australia -  we do not have a Sri Lankan standing tall? Have we shifted from Colonial rule to Chinese rule? – because subservience is travelling with us? Here is what Poet Kannathasan says about Indian experience of liberation from servitude.

aandaan adimai  melor keezhor  enpathu maaraatho  -
Would there be no change from the hierarchy of the ruler and the ruled?
arasan illaamal janangal aalum  kaalamum vaaraatho –
Would there be a day when there would be no king and the people rule themselves?
I belief that to the extent I am self-governing I make the above a reality for fellow believers in my home environments.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
16 September  2019

Who is the Lotus ?

Yesterday, a Sri Lankan Buddhist said to me in relation to my article ‘Kaaka Muttais & Rajapaksas’
[You should get into politics! We need a few more Olu Mal in the quagmire of our society!]
My  instinctive understanding of Olu Mal was that it was a flower used in worship. That kind of understanding happens when we have strong commonness of purpose.

My immediate response– as if the responder’s need was mine was:
[ I guess as a natural advisor I am in Lankan politics. Am working on my next book – Democracy in Jaffna – so it would be useful to those in need at the workplace and at family level]
This morning I read in Daily Mirror the news report headed ‘Ready to bloom’:
[The Lotus Tower - South Asia’s tallest tower will be declared opened by President Maithripala Sirisena with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa on Monday (16)]
Wikipedia presents Lotus Tower as follows:
[The Lotus Tower also referred to as Colombo Lotus Tower, is a tower of 350 m (1,150 ft), located in ColomboSri Lanka.  When completed, the tower will be tallest self-supported structure in South Asia. It will also be the second tallest structure in South Asia after the guy-wire-supported INS Kattabomman in India. It was first proposed to be built in the suburb of Peliyagoda but later the Government of Sri Lanka decided to shift the location. The lotus-shaped tower will be used for communication, observation and other leisure facilities, with construction costing $104.3 million, funded by EXIM Bank of People's Republic of China.]
I learnt about Kattabomman – a Tamil king who opposed the White rulers in India – through the Tamil film ‘Veera Pandiya Katta Pomman’. Certain aspects help give shape to our own natural qualities. When such is the case – these legends are of heritage value to us. But the same becomes mythology when only the skin of it is used to give common form.
In India – the facility was named after Kattabomman whose legend includes the contribution by the Marudhu brothers presented as follows by Wikipedia:
[The Marudhu brothers  (Periya Marudhu and Chinna Marudhu) were chieftains of SivagangaiTamil Nadu, India, towards the end of the 18th century. They were known for fighting against the East India Company. They were finally hanged by the British after a prolonged struggle.]
In Australia, a similar facility is named- ‘ Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt’  – after the Australian Prime Minister who vanished  in the sea. Wikipedia reports as follows about this facility:
[On 7 October 2008, Qantas Flight 72 made an emergency landing at Learmonth airport near the town of Exmouth, Western Australia following an inflight accident featuring a pair of sudden uncommanded pitch-down manoeuvres that resulted in serious injuries to many of the occupants. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) identified in a preliminary report that a fault occurred within the Number 1 Air Data Inertial Reference Unit (ADIRU) and is the "likely origin of the event". The ADIRU — one of three such devices on the aircraft — began to supply incorrect data to the other aircraft systems.  The ATSB assessment of speculation that possible interference from Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt or passenger personal electronic devices could have been involved was "extremely unlikely".

On 27 December 2008, another aircraft, Qantas Flight 71, also had a malfunction in its ADIRU. The incident again fuelled media speculation regarding the significance of the Harold E. Holt facility, with the Australian and International Pilots Association calling for commercial aircraft to be barred from the area as a precaution until the events are better understood, while the manager of the facility has claimed that it is "highly, highly unlikely" that any interference has been caused.]
The Lotus tower which is funded by China –is likely that the tower facilities would be against India. Those are heritages that both Indians and Chinese carry when they go into other nations. When we have structures that ‘show’ far beyond our own deservedness – they become haunted places. Likewise when we have structures that ‘show’ far less than our own deservedness – they become sacred structures.
The Development Secretariat in the toddy tapper village of Thunaivi in Northern Sri Lanka – funded by – NECORD - (North East Community Restoration and Development) – would have become haunted structure had it been built on land taken from Tamils living overseas. I prevented this by donating – a section of our own land around Vairavar Kali temple – which is the only real ‘parliament’ known to majority in that area. When their rights are less than their wrongs – the net value becomes sin which they take with them when migrating or when they die. Since they were incapable of correcting the wrongs themselves – they needed someone with higher positive value to become a part of the community – to protect that place from becoming ‘haunted’. The fact that they invited Mr Wigneswaran who was then Chief Minister to open another structure built on ‘occupied’ land and built out of  funds from one Diaspora family  as memorial to their  father - confirms that despite our sharing  - they were tempted by easy money and status. The fact that Mr Wigneswaran opened it – confirmed that he himself was infected by such negatives – including by claiming relationship with LTTE rather than with those who followed the common law.
Each power works naturally in its true structure.

Hence, if this Lotus Tower is to be used for ‘entertainment purposes’ one is entitled to project  that it carries negative Energy. What does negative Energy do? – it goes down the same path it came upwards  - manifesting outcomes that confirm its negativity unless current users of that pathway contribute more strongly through their belief and transform the environment.

Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa partnering the current leaders – confirms this negative inheritance – including by Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe who seems to have lost the value of his political diversity.
Déjà vu’ s confirm the existence of such ‘spirits’ to the deep believer. Hence my article ‘Easter bombings in Sri Lanka – Déjà vu?’ at – of  31 July 2019 published at http://austms.blogspot.com/2019/07/

Who is the Lotus of the three Leaders ? Who are the muddy waters? – Sri Lankans dependent on Chinese?

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15 September  2019

Kaakka Muttais and Rajapaksas

One who reads through her/his truth identifies with the truth in another’s manifestation / expression. That is the power of the soul.
On 26 August 2019, Dr Laksiri Fernando published his review of ‘Kakka Muttai’ Tamil film through Colombo Telegraph, under the heading ‘Kaaka Muttai (The Crow’s Egg): The Poor Under Globalization & Neoliberalism?

The same Dr Laksiri  published on 13 September 2019, his review of Rajapaksa under the heading ‘Gotabaya Rajapaksa At Viyathmaga: Vision With An Authoritarian Zeal!’. One who sees through her/his truth would appreciate that Dr Laksiri Fernando has indeed highlighted the commonness between the Kaaka Muttai Brothers and the Rajapaksa Brothers. 
(1). In the film review – Laksiri presents the characters as follow:
[What are the names of the two kids? No one knows the real names, the elder being called ‘Periya Kaaka Muttai’ (Big Crow’s Egg) and the other, ‘Chinna Kaaka Muttai’ (Little Crow’s Egg). The names are given because they are well known for collecting crows’ eggs and drinking them for extra strength and vitality. They are school dropouts given their abject poverty. Otherwise it is said that Chennai schools supply eggs to poor school kids at lunch time. They are ingenious in collecting crows’ eggs from nests.]

In the Sinhalese parallel he states as follows:
[Gotabaya Rajapaksa has unveiled his national strategy or vision as a presidential candidate with an authoritarian zeal. This is clear from his Viyathmaga speech. He should be commended however for his fairly clear expression of views and objectives. His definition of objective of government was the following at the outset. 
“The objective of any government should be to develop a prosperous nation of productive citizens, living in a disciplined society with content families.” 
Such a definition or interpretation gives the authority to a government, although elected by the people, to direct the economy, the society and the people unreservedly. If Gotabaya Rajapaksa is elected by any chance, he can claim that he has a mandate or ‘referendum’ for that purpose. In this rigid scheme of things, ‘prosperous nation and content families’ are the objectives. ‘Productive citizens and disciplined society’ are the main means to achieve them. ]
Given that Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa has thus far no proven record in National Economics – one can conclude that the above represents the Periya Kakka Muttai – Mahinda Rajapaksa. In terms of Defence, Dr Laksiri says about Chinna Kakka Muttai:
[Gotabaya Rajapaksa after outlining his vision for International Relations, has ventured into a more controversial domain of National Security. Many of the general premises could be considered correct given the past experiences, but could one consider the following statement to be correct?  
“During this post-war period, neither the police nor the military were engaged in any activity that would pose any harassment to the people.” 
Has he forgotten or hiding what happened at Rathupaswala in July/August 2013? He was the Secretary of Defense or de-facto minister at that time. The experience of the people in the North and the East almost continuously was also the same. There were no efforts to demilitarize, remove the unnecessary army camps, reduce the number of soldiers, give back the lands which were taken over, or investigate the alleged atrocities or excesses during the war or thereafter. ]
(2) The two boys in the film – drink crow’s egg for vitality. Their parallels in Sri Lankan politics drink ‘debt-money’ instead of ‘earned money’ – for the simple reason that they cannot afford ‘earned money’.
The boys’ goal is presented by Laksiri as follows:
[The story with the background of slum dwellings in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, revolves around two boys who become obsessed with tasting a piece pizza. Pizza here is the symbol of globalization.]
The Sri Lankan political parallel of pizza is Democratic Leadership which is the symbol of globalization.
The following actually fits the Tamil community left behind in Northern Sri Lanka:
[While the mother struggles to find money to get the father released on bail, the two kids get influenced by pizza advertisements in the area and on TV.]
While relatives of those in prison are struggling  to have their sons and husbands released from the custody of Rajapaksa prisons – the young leaders strongly influenced by the Diaspora are watching UN sessions through local performances and on TV – including through IBC Tamil.
(3) The highlight for me is the identity with MGR – whose influence I connected to LTTE Chief  - Chinna Kakka Muttai - who called MGR ‘Anna’ – Periya Kakka Muttai. Mr Mano Ganeshan responded to one of those articles.  I thanked the system of truth for opening that pathway which becomes the express highway through which we learn about each other’s truth. Now I identify with such in Laksiri’s mind  through my contribution to SBS and Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum Sydney. Laksiri indicates the sharing as follows:
[How did they get TVs, while being and living in a dirty slum? Undoubtedly, neoliberalism has a ‘trickledown’ effect! Or is it a lingering ‘welfare-measure’ coming from M. G. Ramachandran’s era? They in fact have two TVs! Not only the mother, but also the grandmother gets a free TV during the election time being ration-card holders. While watching TV commercials on pizza, the two kids salivate in the presence of the grandmother. ]

Neoliberalism for Indians and Keynesian Economics dished out by Armed leadership for Sri Lankans???
(4) Then there is the following home-rule:
[Granny tries to appease the greed or the desire of the two kids by trying to imitate a pizza by using dosa as the batter-base, and topping it with tomato slices, capsicum and onions. She tries her very best, but the boys are obviously not satisfied. Only their pet dog eats it. The two kids cannot understand why their mother or grandmother cannot supply what they want, whether pizza, toys or eggs. This is the predicament of the poor kids all over the world. ]

I also made the dosa-pizza -  local democracy – in Thunaivi – a toddy tapper village. The TV parallel of caste system - made for the westernized Tamils is presented  through social discussions – as past baggage to be left behind ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyEKQ88skqo) – just like the Tamil community left behind in Northern Sri Lanka are discussed. Mine is the grandmother’s dosa-pizza that was chucked away.
Laksiri presents the ultimate reality as follows:
[The Businessman offers pizza to the two kids and in fact feeds them. Their appetite is really gone. Faces are woeful. Periya Muttai asks Chinna Muttai: “Do you like it?” Yuck is the answer. “Granny’s dosa-pizza was much better,” he adds. ]

Likewise my  Thunaivi-pizza also as opposed to IBC-picture-pizza
In terms of Sinhalese – aren’t the Rajapaksa’s saying the same about Western Democracy – that it is sour! Did Gotabaya not throw away American pizza to taste Mahinda Aappa/Hopper?

The commonness is the truth. It was revealed more naturally in the film review when writing which Laksiri would not have been as conscious of supervision as when he wrote the political review.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
14 September  2019

Devolution or Enforcement?

In a Court of Law – the two sides in the overall structure are (1) the custodians of the power of the law and (2) the custodians of the power of truth – manifested as ‘facts’.  In Democracy the two sides are taken to be Equal. When the investment in law is stronger than the investment in truth by the customers  of  law – the law goes first. Where investment through practice of truth is stronger than the law – the facts go first.

That basis needs to be the root of   Devolution of power from the higher unit to the lower unit. The Centre for Policy Alternatives has released a paper on ‘A new devolution settlement for Sri Lanka’ in which it states:
[The principle of non-replication guarantees that, except in relation to those areas that necessarily require the co-operation of the national and provincial levels of government, functions and powers that are devolved to the Provinces are not replicated by central institutions. Replication denudes provincial autonomy.]
A parent cannot devolve to a child – powers that the parent does not have. Hence Hinduism foremost cannot be devolved by National Government. To qualify as  policy, a statement needs to be clean of relativity. 

The above is followed by:

[The principle of subsidiarity ensures that political decisions are taken as closely as possible to the citizen]

How does  science flow from the Scientists to the Citizens? Largely through commodities used by the citizen. At the level of the scientists there is only philosophy. At the level of consumer, one sees only the outcome and no philosophy.

The question then arises as to whether a Buddhist leader has the moral authority to devolve Buddha Sasana powers to non Buddhists – say to Northern Province’s first Chief Minister – Mr C V Wigneswaran? Is the mind-structure of the President based on Buddhist  philosophy or is it based on philosophy of   law common to all Sri Lankans?

As per Hindu philosophy – there is god in all of us as our soul. But we cannot say that there is Krishna in all of us. Once you identify through the body – you lose the power to govern. In reverse – the true governor has zero relativity.

It is therefore immoral to talk about devolution of any powers to non-Buddhists of powers after article 9 of the  Constitution.

Non Buddhists are free to act as per their conscience so long as they are not in breach of articles 1 to 8 of the Constitution. Once you identify with relativity – you lose the power to identify with absolute power. Only absolute power can be devolved.  When an outcome becomes the rule – it confirms  enforcement. 

Friday, 13 September 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
13 September  2019

Is Australia by Aid to Sri Lanka -  a  Buddhist Country ?

All Equal Opportunity Laws, to my mind, are based on the power of Belief being above the power of relativity. To the extent a law is applied towards a monetary and/or status outcome – than for belief -  it is a tool of relativity. The current Australian Government is proposing the Religious Discrimination Bill which allegedly confirms Australia’s commitment to Religious Equality. My submission to our Government includes the following:

[It is submitted that  Separation of Powers between groups of various forms of Belief is essential to maintain the balance of Equal Opportunity Principles and therefore the pathway to realising Self-Governance through the system of Democracy. The following are considered important reasons for such separation:
·       Self Governance as a group
·       Sharing such self-governance values through intellectual discrimination – in a common form – for example in scientific form through Research publications.
Communities bound by belief do not need proof to mark their respective members right or wrong as per their internal structures. It is submitted that protecting belief  of an individual and / or group bound by  Common Belief  promotes sovereignty - the value of which is then shared with one’s extended home-environment. ]

The base of a law is Belief. Without common belief – one does not have authority over another. One with deep belief would ‘include’ the one with lesser belief  and hence the authority to reward or to punish. To rule on the basis of the above law – one so ruling needs to believe in Equal Opportunity principles more than the one being rewarded or being punished. In other words – the Secular law common to all, ranks above the religious law outside the boundaries of that religion.
I confirm this as follows:

[Section 41 (1) (a) (Part 4)  of the proposed Act states as follows:
“Statements of belief do not constitute discrimination etc.
             (1)  A statement of belief does not:
                     (a)  constitute discrimination for the purposes of any anti‑discrimination law (within the meaning of the Fair Work Act 2009);”

It is submitted that the above confirms the absolute value of true belief.  Hence the promotion of belief  through various pathways is recognized as an important value of this proposed law.]
In other words, one may express one’s belief but it would not be taken into account. One that cannot be Discriminated – i.e. – made relative, cannot be part of an Anti-Discrimination law. It is sidelined / disenfranchised.

The hasty steps to ‘show’ elimination of  caste system in Northern Sri Lanka strongly contributed to the armed war which used the disenfranchised on both sides to ‘show’ victory. One who seeks to ‘show’ more than one is capable of  - confirms lack of belief.
My yesterday’s article was based also on the article ‘Gotabaya – A breath of fresh air at Viyathmaga anniversary celebration’ by Raj Gonsolkorale. Raj demonstrated respect for  my work by responding as follows with copies to other members of the Sri Lanka Reconciliation forum – thus making it transparent and ‘Face to Face’:

[Dear Gaja
Many thanks for your critique. I apologise if my English writing skills have not conveyed adequately what I was trying to point out in the article. If it gives the impression I am supporting  Gotabaya for the Presidency, I am not. In fact I am not supporting anyone. All I tried to say was that so far, no one has articulated a vision statement as GR has done, and other contenders should portray a vision that is futuristic and embracing the challenges and opportunities that are there now and will be there based on so many technological developments that are before us.  I agree his statement was more economic and technocratic rather than social issue oriented. I suppose it fitted the occasion where he delivered it. I wasn’t considering the person here, but rather what was put before the public. Each of us of course are free to make our conclusions of what I have said and what others have said and will continue to say. That’s what evolves our thinking.
Best regards

Often we use high level expressions – including ‘I love you’ to demonstrate the importance of our priorities. When we are true – the one who receives it is the one who originated the phrase and her/his heirs. I accepted Raj’s response  above as his seeking for Sri Lanka to be as economically successful as himself as an individual. That is what we all do through our true love – be it for a person, family, community, nation or humanity. I took Raj’s as love for the community.
My response to Raj was:
[Thank you Raj. Taken as stated. I interpreted as per the current environment

Raj said ‘best regards’ which is a relative statement. I said ‘Love’ which confirms absolute value. One to whom it was said was Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum’s core purpose of Ethnic Equality.
The above is an example of the pitfalls in applying anti-discrimination laws in isolation of secular law and v.v. Raj isolated ‘economics’ from other social issues – including racial discrimination (good and bad) – as if we were a common community – measurable through the common commodity of money. In Sri Lanka – even at policy level – we are NOT common – because of ‘Buddhism foremost’ article in the Constitution – which is the big elephant in Kotte Parliament.  That elephant was ‘forgotten’ by the law makers but the Elephant did not forget the law-makers. It showed its powers against Buddhist-glamour through attacks on those to whom the elephant was less than sacred. The other side of a Hindu who does believe – through Lord Ganesh – manifested  in a place where the elephant was treated as being less than ordinary Buddhist – Jayawardenepura – Kotte where the Parliament is housed. I prayed at Nallur for commonness – and the way was indicated by the Kotte elephant.

If a law enforcement officer arrests a person without objectively measurable evidence – independently observed by the Law enforcement officer – it needs to be as per her/his belief in the law. Say for example – I state to Raj – ‘You are a Buddhist’ it would not be unlawful – but a statement of fact – based on Raj’s own declarations that he is a Buddhist – taken by me through our common life.  But if I do so in a Hindu group that has demonstrated ‘foremost’ status –by law and/or by conduct – including by showing Hindu culture – at forefront – then I need to show in action ‘equal status’ by affirmatively giving priority to Raj before myself. Such ‘Face to Face’ positioning  has to precede any other expression of relativity.  My yesterday’s experience led me to add the following in my submission to Australian Government:

[The Challenge
Subsections (2) (1) (a) & (b) of Section 41 provide as follows:
“(2)            Subsection (1) does not apply to a statement:
                     (a)  that is malicious; or
(b) that would, or is likely to, harass, vilify or incite hatred or violence against another person or group of persons;”
To be validly applicable – a Statement of Belief needs to show no relativity at all. When a Police Officer lists me as ‘Sri Lankan’ despite my expression of belief that I was Australian by law – it becomes ‘relative’ due to the officer’s belief that s/he is ‘Australian’ by birth and I was Sri Lankan by birth. The question then arises as to  whether  the Officer is guilty of racial discrimination.  The Australian judicial system dismissed my claim that it was by effect racial discrimination. Religion being part of the basis of one’s culture – this needs to be clearly addressed by the government to prevent such injustice.
If the Police did not list me as Sri Lankan there would have been no Objective evidence to confirm it. But if the purpose of the legislation was to gain status at global level – the value does not permeate to the citizen.
Since Sri Lanka receives Aid from Australia – it is a junior. Hence it is understandable that my seniors would demote me through my place of birth – when we are in a natural / unsupervised environment. 
Had I confirmed any intention of unlawful reason for ‘waiting to see the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW’  - or acted violently in any way – there would have been just reason for Trespass charges under the Enclosed Lands Protection Act 1901 (NSW). But the Police did not have any such reason and blindly used the above law to find fault with me for peaceful assembly.  The other side of belief happens naturally and therefore such actions would invoke their parallels in the group that the person is allocated to/pushed into. In my case, the parallels are  boat arrivals from Sri  for the Federal Government and false allegations of  Terrorism against UNSW student  Mohamed Kamer Nizamdeen also from Sri Lanka. They happened because my belief that I was Australian was overridden by those who did not believe in law as deeply as I did.  ]

This morning I learnt through SBS News ‘New research has found that children exposed to a multitude of different races and faces are better able to tell people of different ethnicities apart as adults.’

This confirms that a racial discrimination law needs to recognize – good discrimination from bad discrimination. Good discrimination comes from appreciating what the other has that which we do not have. This is read through outcomes produced by them without our own intervention. I for example followed the religion of the University of NSW in approaching the Vice Chancellor through Due Process and beyond, without breaching any law known to me. The religion of the University is based on Research and Teaching. Even if I were Sri Lankan – I could not have been found fault with through the religion of the University. Unless I was violent – the University Administrators  did not have the authority of common law to call the Police. The position of the Vice Chancellor was abused to eliminate a believer.

They happened because my belief that I was Australian was overridden by those who did not believe in law as deeply as I did and pushed me into the group that they believed to be appropriate for me. The laws of the University ought to have been exhausted before calling the Police. Since they were not – the Police were guilty of Trespass.

But the Australian judiciary did not uphold this. The Divine power of my belief did – through the dismissal of the Vice Chancellor. My own work in publishing my true experience - is now with Australian National Library and New York Public Library - without any effort on my part. That is the Ultimate Reality of Belief. 

I studied the law and realized that there were no grounds. I successfully dismissed the charges but despite this the same punishment continued. After a certain point – the belief leads me – and the Vice Chancellor from America was effectively dismissed by the University Council.
If  secular law and religious/cultural   law is mixed – there is need for objectively measurable evidence that confirms the loss to one side or the other. Had I waited to see the Vice Chancellor to discuss for example my curry recipe – that would have been unlawful. In fact it was the Vice Chancellor who eventually saw me – who spoke about his eye problem with the Director of Human Resources – before speaking hearing me! In turn he was sent to Singapore to clean up the mess in relation to UNSW Asia!
Raj who is also Australian needed to think about Australia’s Aid to Sri Lanka which by its Constitution is a Buddhist country. A senior is entitled to give a junior until they become One/Common. To be senior and junior – we need to be of the same core belief. Since Australia by law is a secular nation – it needs to cease Aid until Sri Lanka becomes secular or Australia becomes a Buddhist nation. All foreign monies need to be loans until then.  

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

12 September  2019

Thank you Bawani Vishnu and Facebook

Desire for me - the Politician;  and Fear for you - the voter

 There was another email with the following reaction  to my yesterday’s article:
[Hi, Please remove me from your mailing list. I do not wish to receive these emails. ]
My mind immediately said ‘Why on earth do you come to the public forum if you cannot stand unpleasantness? Prior to that I had read Rani Sinnathambi’s  message of appreciation for the same article and hence it helped me not get overly upset about the above request. Then there was Yoga Jeseph’s following response about me:
[She is not very much liked by many but I have an open mind to all writers & she does make sense too.]
I smiled to myself – connecting it to Raj Gonsolkorale whose article ‘Gotabaya – A breath of fresh air at Viyathmaga anniversary celebration’ drew my attention before I opened my emails. I met and got to know Raj through Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney. We had our disagreements but to my mind, we both believe in Sri Lanka. We both like to lead also. On the few occasions I do meet Raj now – he reminds me that he does read my articles. On such occasions, I recall similar expression of appreciation by Professor Bruce Dowton who was then my senior by position at the University of NSW, and who is now the Vice Chancellor of Macquarie University. Those expressions of appreciation – despite not liking what I wrote about them – earned my respect for them in their own fields of expertise.
Whether it is Tamil Nation / Sinhala Nation – or common Sri Lanka Nation – only Truth can lead us to realising nationality. Blinding ourselves to unpleasantness confirms desire which leads to fear when we withdraw into ourselves.
This is highlighted in a very pleasant way by my beautiful cousin Bawani Vishnu through the post in Facebook – as request to Santa - shown at the top of this article.
Desire and fear are twins. When we live alone – usually desire comes first and fear follows. If we are not careful our Santa may mix them around. Raj’s wish for a fat bank account and a slim Defence Force  may get translated by Mr Gotabaya the other way around.
In the vertical system Desire and Fear do not ‘see’ each other – as in Janus face. That is the way with time based system in which juniors are not allowed to manifest their desire or fear. When seniors do – one is past and the other is future. If we do not want to live at that junior level we need to lose consciousness of the body and become seniors who do not manifest. In terms of physics – Money, Relationships and Policy are the parallels of  solid, liquid and gas. At junior most level – we need to ‘see’ to understand. In terms of ownership – they are Like, Relate and Love.
The article by Raj – interestingly begins with the following message of Gandhi:
  • We must be the change we wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi
To my mind – this means that if we seek to live in a democratic world – we must first become democratic. In the above ‘order’ to remove her name – the lady is ‘telling’ me to do that which she can herself do. When I do not like the emails from a particular source – I use the ‘block sender’ facility. The above person to my mind lacks knowledge of democratic usage of electronic facilities and/or seeks to ‘tell’ me as if I were her servant or at best her junior.
 Democracy facilitates us to Face each other by being at the same level. Hence Face to Face – as in Government and Opposition in Parliament. Separations at community levels help us face each other and resolve at our levels – without waiting for Santa to deliver.
Emails and articles are written under the Janus system or its opposite ‘Face to Face’. The above mentioned email lady – was using the Janus system by secretly ‘telling’ me to remove that which she disliked. In effect she was doing the Rajapaksa trick of eliminating the wider world.  This to my mind, means that the lady was being ‘told’ and she accepted that as her system. Her cycle is completed once she herself ‘tells’ her junior. But what happens if I were in truth her senior in the Tamil community? Let us say that the lady ‘took’ orders from a militant leader or accepted orders from that militant leadership. That lady has the moral authority to tell her junior in that system – but not one who practices democracy. This applies equally to the Sinhalese community that produced JVP.

Raj states in support of the Rajapaksa regime:

[Since January 2015, the country has focused on the past, how to get at the Rajapaksa’s for alleged misdemeanours. So far, none have been proven. ]

Read deeper Raj. Tamils – led by the Diaspora manifested the real standards of the Rajapaksas at UN level. The internal process is confidential because both are Sinhalese. With Rajapaksas – without Tamils – you would be using the Janus system and the desire for victory would also come with fear of Foreigners.

In yesterday’s article I referred to this as follows: ‘Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa was expressing fears of Indian takeover’. The desire for votes came with the fear of Indian takeover for the ‘voter’. If the voter rejects it – it returns the fear to the sender – the Rajapaksa clan. We witnessed this through the current President  - who inherited it from his senior – Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. Hence the fear of India’s RAW – heir of India’s aristocracy.
Raj, you continue to state:

[The coalition, likened to a plough with a Buffalo and a Bull, has been pulling in opposite directions and once the SLFP withdrew from the plough, the UNP has engaged in an impulsive decision making process without giving the drivers of the economy, the private sector in particular, any direction as to where they wish to be even tomorrow, let alone in a few years’ time.]

There you go – forgetting Gaja’s community – the Tamil community who did at local level – that which the Tamil Diaspora did at global level. When the President was defeated in October last year - SLFP lost the desire for takeover. With SLFP coalition – there was requirement for UNP to publish its outcomes – as in any democracy. But by withdrawing – SLFP made it easier for UNP to make confidential decisions.

In many ways  the current situation with the UNP where the People do not know who their Presidential candidate would be is due to that ‘confidentiality’ which Ranil commands. With SLFP as insiders – this would have been made difficult. To the extent we care about the other – we learn about their truth even if we do not like each other. In the great war in  Mahabharatham – kings who had their personal agendas joined forces with the side they did not like. Others like Beeshmar – did so as their duty. We are waiting to see the structure through which UNP will ‘face’ the Rajapaksas.
It would have been difficult for Mr Sirisena to work with the UNP for the same reason as to why Tamils have difficulty with majority power that continues to use the vertical subjective structure. There was some semblance of democracy until December last year when TNA was in the position of Opposition leadership.

Someone from Jaffna asked me today for blessings to win in an employment related matter. That is a vertical arrangement. I responded that    he needed to ‘surrender’ his truth to me in his mind – so he would not manifest outcomes at his level. That is when the Energies merge at the higher level than the voter had earned. But voters who manifest at their level – whenever they think they are ‘free’ – as the above email lady did – block the flow of Energy from the true leaders in that issue. That flow is essential in an autocratic pathway through which transformation happens. Where this common belief is weak – we need Democracy – for which we need to produce outcomes at the level of the Opponent. When the two side forces are Equal and Opposite – truth happens. Each completed experience – as confirmed by that truth – empowers the place and time of happening. When we follow democracy – the place is the medium of manifestation. When we follow autocracy – time is the medium.

It is therefore not good enough to state that we must become the change that we seek to see in the world. We must know which system we are using now and whether we are seeking to switch systems or just repair and maintain the current one internally.

Election is a part of democracy. When we seek to ‘show’ – something that has not been manifested by us  - those to whom we show – become our opposition. As per Raj’s presentation:

[Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s speech and his articulation of a futuristic vision for the country has to be viewed from this context. His speech was above the usual political swill. He made references to all the major sectors of the economy, education, health, family welfare, women’s rights and how the country could get up from its unguided slumber into the emerging technological world. ]

 Another friend of mine who said she would vote for Gotabaya left her financial management totally to her husband. Is Raj doing the same?

The judiciary has communicated that Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s word/wish is not acceptable:

[The Supreme Court today by majority decision rejected the petition filed by former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa claiming that the charges filed against him over the D.A. Rajapaksa museum case are incorrect. 
Rajapaksa had filed the petition alleging that flawed charges have been presented by the Attorney General against him, over the alleged misappropriation of funds amounting to Rs 33.9 million when constructing the D.A. Rajapaksa Museum in Medamulana.
The petition was taken up for consideration before a five-judge bench comprising Supreme Court Justices Sisira de Abrew, Priyantha Jayawardena, Prasanna Jayawardena Wijith Malalgoda and L.T.B. Dehideniya.

Afterwards the verdict was announced by the Chairman of the judge bench Justice Sisira de Abrew, who declared that by majority decision the five-member judge bench has decided to reject the petition without taking it up for hearing.
He further stated that there is no justifiable legal basis to grant permission to take it up for hearing.]Adaderana

Since both are subjective – I choose to take the word of the Judiciary above that of Raj – as my investment in Sri Lankan law is far deeper than my investment in Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney.  Every believer can thus oppose and diffuse in her/his own mind the distractions from truth. Gotabaya’s indiscriminate mix of Autocracy and Democracy are like his public worship at Hindu temples while showing commitment to ‘Buddhism foremost’  in the Constitution.