Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

20 February 2018                                    

Young Tamils Pay your dues please!

I learnt in high school Physics (Tamil Language) at Holy Family Convent, Jaffna, Sri Lanka, that there is kinetic energy and potential energy. In later years I learnt from my Accounting colleague Mr V M Perambalam  who shared with me his understanding of Tao of Physics by Physicist Fritjof Capra that the formation of Dancing Shiva was Kinetic Energy. I concluded for myself that Meditating Shiva was Potential Energy.
Over the years – I identified with this Potential Energy which helped me have insight into issues that others who had academically specialised in some subject matters had.  This ‘insight’ was recognized by Medical academics at the University of NSW – especially those whose earned credits were more than their attributed/received credits. To me that ‘gap’ is carried as potential energy  and could be drawn on, at our time of need.  I believe I developed such Energy through my workplace as well as family activities.
I learnt from the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, about the Doctrine of Separation between the Executive Government and the Judiciary. I identified with the fundamentals of this Doctrine, through the separation needed between the Auditor and Management – which was external knowledge to me as a student in accounting.  
To my mind, Executive Government is Kinetic Energy and Judiciary is Potential Energy
Applying that wisdom in the case of Sri Lankan Tamil Politics where the Separation is not strictly adhered to I find the group led by former Judge of the Supreme Court – Mr C V Wigneswaran misleading young lawyers in the political group Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF), led by Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, the grandson of the Hon GG Ponnambalam who gave us the 50:50 formula of democracy.
The reactionary move by young and restless Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka, under the apparent leadership of Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam with the support of Mr Wigneswaran is confirmation that the self-appointed heirs of the LTTE are getting ready to be the opposition of the Rajapaksa clan. The Island reports as follows:
[Having eaten into the Tamil National alliance (TNA) vote bank in the Jaffna peninsula at the recently concluded local government polls, the Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF) has launched a fresh campaign to pressure the international community to set up an international war crimes tribunal against Sri Lanka or refer the matter to the UN Security Council.
The TNPF has declared its intention to collect signatures in the northern and eastern provinces in support of its move ahead of forthcoming Geneva sessions.]

The way LTTE copied JVP militancy and usurped Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976, which included the essence of the contribution to self-governance by the Hon GG Ponnambalam, TNPF seems to be usurping Tamil National power invested in the form of TNA which is confirming the 50:50 principle in National Parliament of Sri Lanka. They confirm this by copying Rajapksa clan in Southern Sri Lanka trying to falsely elevate local power to national level. Shame on Mr Wigneswaran who had the responsibility to escalate the thinking of juniors (lawyers) like  Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam and our own lawyer Mr Visvalingam Manivannan who hails from a family of lawyers and has the potential to be an outstanding lawyer or part of the Judiciary. But when that potential is misdirected towards temptations from the world outside, Jaffna has neither the Executive Politician nor the Judicial minded Lawyer.

In politics, one starts from the bottom – based on the belief  (internal wisdom) of the ordinary citizen on behalf of whom laws have to be made by her/his elected representative in Parliament. That belief is the Potential Energy which becomes Kinetic Energy when the politician becomes part of the Executive Government or its other side – the Opposition. In judiciary one starts with External knowledge gained through academic work based on the potential energy / heritage that the ancestors  in the judiciary have reserved for their descendants. When the Judiciary becomes subservient to the Executive it demotes itself to the level at which law is actually practiced by politicians and is unable to take the higher position as per its inheritance. Inheritance when it is used at the lower level is wasted Energy. When called upon to judge those at equal level – for example ministers and the prime minister – there isn’t enough potential energy / heritage left for the judiciary to raise its mind  to the higher level of judicial structure through which to receive the problem. When powers are separated – it is easier for the Judiciary to use the higher structures of their judicial heritage.

Using the Local Government election outcomes as if it were Presidential or  national parliamentary level election outcomes is also such a demotion. The Rajapaksa clan is doing just that with Sinhalese and TNPF is doing likewise with Tamils who are attached to language level outcomes. TNPF has to successfully oppose TNA at the local government level by becoming a ‘facility’ through which it would accumulate potential energy to become National Opposition.

Had Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam paid his dues to his grandfather – he would have had the potential energy to raise the issue through  National level to Global level. As politicians they have equal rights as TNA to represent their people through Due Processes. Going directly to Geneva is through collection of signatures is like taking a Thesawalamai matter directly to the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka.  Shame on TNPF.

The Hon G G Ponnambalam developed the structure of 50:50 through his reserves in intellectual structures. TNPF has the opportunity to complete its contribution through local bodies and not ‘show’ outsiders’ work,  to locals. That is outside the boundaries of the Local Government mandate.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

19 February 2018                                    

Natural Voting Heritage

The Local Government Elections in Sri Lanka, confirmed to me that my investment in Sri Lanka is stable. Colombo delivered for me with UNP outcome and Jaffna delivered with greater balance between the major parties. In Vaddukoddai where the first declaration of  Political Independence was made by Tamils, Mr Arumugam Nadesu, a member of the junior caste who continues to work as  toddy tapper, won through EPDP ticket, against others of senior caste. They are all outcomes that confirm my investment  in the respective areas – the last one being elimination of pure caste based discrimination around our temple in Thunaivi.

Every belief-based investor is a successful voter. The essence of every activity through which we discover and accept Truth as the final value, gets raised to Energy level. That Energy is the basis of Heritage. Laws that flow from that heritage would be healthy. Truth is self-balancing and we see no rights and wrongs when in Truth.

Truth manifests Itself when there is a true seeker. Anyone who is true to her/himself is also true to her/his home nation. If majority Sri Lankans are dependent on their past credits – then they would live away from the global community – more or less dependent on regional powers like India and China. This is what has been confirmed yet again by the Local Government elections in Sri Lanka.  
The majority race – which has ruling power – has confirmed yet again – their reliance on physical majority, rather than balanced Administration. This was always been the case after the Bandaranaike’s ‘invasion’ through ‘Sinhala Only’ as official language in a trilingual nation.

Rajapaksa clan ‘took’ resources from the global community – to defeat Tamil militants. But that was a ‘debt’,  given that Sri Lanka was/is  a Buddhist country by its Constitution. The way to settle that debt was to contribute more strongly to global governance through non-religious pathways. As per my discovery, when debts are not settled within their active period – they become sins. Sins have their own mind which does not change with time and/or place. In secular language this is negative Energy. This can be offset only by positive Energy.

The Rajapaksa clan’s sins effectively ‘protected’ Tamils from doing likewise. The LTTE proscription which was actively used by the Rajapaksa clan, was a gift from our ancestors – which worked through their heirs currently living in Sri Lanka but investing more and more in wider world – including through immigration.

It was because of the International community’s investment in global values that Sri Lanka’s Administration was rejuvenated  in 2015. The way I see it – the SLFP was successfully divided with the help of just Administrators working through the UN. Tamils became the appropriate medium for this by actively ‘showing’ the other side through which the International Community would enter Sri Lanka – to take its dues.

In return the outcomes of Local Government elections  have confirmed stronger Tamil Administration through political balance at the ground level – towards 50:50 mark in Politics that confirms strong administration.

Those driven by numbers would fail to appreciate the deeper values of election outcomes. Those driven by belief would identify with their own investment and know that  their belief has delivered for them as per their belief based investment. Opposition in Government becomes manifestation of belief only when it truly believes in the whole. A genuine voter would not be concerned about her/his group being a minority by numbers. The ‘gap’ would be filled through ‘Just Administration’ with the support of ancestors to whom also that electorate was ‘home’. Those who used their ancestral powers cheaply,  strength their sins for cheating the global community. They carry this debt which becomes active when they hurt the descendants of those who carry net positive value at the global level – especially through global laws and principles and Truth which is universal.

To the extent Tamils are grateful for the involvement of the global community they would have the power to invoke these ancestral powers and hence protect their investment in the Doctrine of Separation of powers between two diverse cultures living in the same space. The more visible the Rajapaksa clan becomes,   the stronger the manifestation of opposition to all those who took benefits without investing in global values. Thus the Sri Lankan borders are naturally diffused by this ‘Sinhala only’ sin.

Sinhalese voters who voted for Mr Rajapaksa have confirmed they were part of the group that cheated the global community. Investors in global values would enjoy inner peace – by staying away from that group or Administering that group when it comes into their area. The Truth we manifest – however unpleasant it may be, is healthy for us.  

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 February 2018                                    

Equal Opportunity Pretence

Sri Lanka’s President is facing problems apparently due  to recent Local Government election outcomes . Our Australian Prime Minister is also similarly facing the challenge of managing ‘the sex at work’ crisis after his deputy’s misconduct became public knowledge.  To my mind, they are both about ‘showing v being’ problem.
The following gives me some indication as to the problem faced by the Sri Lankan President:
‘… the mission heads, gathered in Geneva, were curious to know how the moderate parties failed to capture seats at the LG polls.’ Ceylon Today article - Will Transitional Justice wither? Int’l community in quandary over LG polls results

The parallel of this is our Australian Prime Minister’s new rule this week:
Sex between ministers and their staff is banned under the code of conduct from today’
In both instances it is about the conflict between external influences and the Truth known to us.
When  I read  Mr Turnbull’s  ruling I felt inner conflict with my acceptance of the three fundamental principles of Justice taught in Australian schools:
 fairness • equality • access
The PM’s ruling will weaken the self-confidence of most Australians who accept de facto marriage relationships  and indeed same sex marriage relations as binding as marriage by law and/or religious ceremonies between heterosexuals. Ministers are elected MPs and the rule through which they regulate their conduct outside parliament house and other official places is their business. The public have the entitlement to ‘see’ and judge for themselves how their elected Members behave in a ‘free’ environment.
We are all entitled to be judged by our Truth based conscience. That basic human right cannot be taken away from any elected member who has the responsibility to ‘show’ the other side as per her/his belief when s/he is against the form of a decision . I follow a religion where sexual enjoyment has been codified as Kama Sutra - so it does not get disorderly. Any enjoyment within  our rights without causing damage to the parallel rights of others leads to good order.
Benefits when taken at the lower level than the level at which one gets paid would be unlawful in any institution that is  structured  as per core purposes of that institution. Where the core purpose of an institution is to uphold the Truth on behalf of the People – a ruling such as the above has the effect of damaging the rights of some parts of the Nation.
It would be unlawful to engage in sexual pleasures in an office which does not specialize in sexual activity – including through physical connections between cause and effect. One who is true to that institution would not engage in enjoyment of pleasures that damage the core purpose. The above ruling bans lawfully married spouses and de facto partners and indeed same sex marriage partners of Ministers from working  in the same offices of the government. That is effectively discrimination on the basis of sexual relationships.
We need to renounce the credit that we take in terms of Equal Opportunity values and take our place as backbenchers in global governments.
In the case of the Sri Lankan Government – the local polls are being confused with Presidential elections – because pleasures have long been taken by the Sri Lankan Government as if the Parliament and the local electorate are their home base at equal level. We are ‘free’ at home to be true to ourselves. Those who are not able to be true to themselves need to respect the leader of the home to have order in the home.
Unless one has developed the insight that the whole world is looking at us and we are accountable – as depicted by Lord Muruga of Kathirgamam with six faces rendering 360 degree view, the standards would be limited to enjoyment of selfish pleasures freely by the self for the self. So long as we are honest about being animals – there is nothing immoral about it.
Yesterday in response to my sharing in relation to the recent London matter relating to Brigadier Priyanka Fernando,  I received a message from a senior member of the Sinhalese community directing me to:  
[Sinhalese - Portuguese War - Battle of Danture 
The Danture campaign comprised a series of encounters between the Portuguese and the Kingdom of Kandy in 1594, part of the Sinhalese–Portuguese War.
It is considered a turning point in the indigenous Sinhalese resistance to Portuguese expansion. 
For the first time in Sri Lanka a Portuguese army was completely annihilated, when they were just a fraction away from the total conquest of the island.
A 20,000-strong Portuguese army, led by Governor Pedro Lopes de Sousa, invaded Kandy on 5 July 1594………………..

I responded as follows under subject heading: - Battle of Kathirgamam

[My genuine investment in this issue surfaced from within me – the tragedy of Ms Premawathi Manamperi of Kathirgamam. Those soldiers who demeaned the young lady – are they descendants of the Sinhalese soldiers who according to your claim won the war against the Portuguese?  They did it again to Isaipriya in 2009.
I refer you to the following sad narratives:
As for the Kingdom of Kandy – A few years back I wrote referring to  the last king of Kandy ‘King Vickrama Rajasinha’ as per Wikipedia. Months later when I was looking for accommodation I came across Raja House about which experience I later wrote as follows last year:

I felt that I received the blessings of the above King when I was looking for accommodation in Colombo a couple of years back and my usual host was away in London. I found the place called ‘Raja House’ along Rajasinghe Road in Colombo 6 – commonly known as Tamil suburb. The morning after my arrival – I discovered the pictures of Sri Wickrama Rajasingha wearing the ‘Pottu’ – representing the third eye and usually worn by Hindus. As per my experience, Sinhalese do not wear the Pottu and hence the Pottu became a feature through which Tamil women were identified more easily by attackers in Colombo. I recall that in 1977 when I was pregnant with my daughter Gayathri – I consciously removed the Pottu when going to work – so there was less risk of me becoming the target of those attacking Tamils. Had King Rajasingha manifested in Colombo as he was when he passed away on 30 January 1832, it is likely that he would have been butchered on the roads of Colombo while commuting between work and home.’

Those of us who inherit characteristics do not usually take the physical form of those ancestors. I could very well be carrying the genes of Sinhalese who fought bravely against ‘invaders’ back in 1594 and you could very well be the heir of the Portuguese or the British. We inherit the qualities and not the form or name. When we are in need and have invested in our own Truth, our inner voice would confirm to us who we are in essence. If you are a true  Buddhist you  would know that the outer forms are temporary and are not carried beyond one lifetime. ]

When we use heritage – we need to use it at the Energy level – to motivate ourselves. This requires ‘respect’ to be paid to that heritage and therefore our  ancestors. When we use such heritage as current benefits – our own mind goes back to those structures and ‘forgets’ current laws of democracy. It’s like migrants from rural areas of Sri Lanka isolating themselves to practice those laws instead of current laws applicable to Australia.

We Australians pay our respects to Indigenous Australians through our Government policy. Given that the marriage laws of Mr Turnbull – the private citizen would be different to the parallel laws / truth practiced by Indigenous Australians who place high value on respecting their elders – the two groups are naturally separated in terms of marriage laws.

Likewise,  the Sri Lankan President who defends the Armed Forces’ conduct during the war against the LTTE is also separating himself from his natural community when he takes benefits at global level but fails to deliver at those standards.

If Mr Turnbull is able to shake hands with the Sri Lankan President as if they were equals – then he ought to have no difficulty sharing hands with his ministers who have sex with staff – so long as the enjoyment happens outside office without costing the Parliament in terms of money and/or time.  Love is Free and it Energizes the believer anywhere anytime. Sex like any enjoyment needs to be earned to prevent it  from becoming negative energy/sin. The two should not be taken at the same level – within or outside marriage.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16 February 2018                                    

Who Divided Sri Lanka?

In response to my letter to the Hon Navin Dissanayake, MP, Minister of Plantation Industries, Sri Lanka,  under the subject-matter  ‘Tamil Political Grouping in the UK’ – I received the following response:

[Inheriting the LTTE philosophy of Separation rather than realizing Independence within one Common structure of Administration. The philosophy of separation did not come from LTTE as it goes behind it since Suntharalingam.]

My response was:
 To be intellectually  valid and be reliable pathway to Independence, the Constitution needs to be Common to those who are culturally different . Speaking without  analysing  I state that  the Hon Suntheralingam’s philosophy as registered within me is ‘One Language Two Nations’. That One Language policy was the LTTE’s in common with the SLFP’s. Buddhism foremost is another form of Sinhala only. There is a huge difference between LTTE policy and the Hon Suntheralingam’s philosophy
To Administer on Equal footing, we need Common Law. If you are Buddhist – you are bound by Article 9. As a Hindu I am bound by Articles 10 & 14 (1)(e ) of the Constitution. How can we be Administered under one structure? I am open to learning.’

The question that keeps surfacing is whether or not ‘Buddhism foremost’ Article in the Sri Lankan Constitution, has active life? The Constitution being the mother of all laws, would need to confirm ‘Self-Balance’ as a whole – like in a Balance Sheet. Truth confirms balance anytime anywhere. When a Balance Sheet, on the face of it, fails to confirm Equality between Assets and Liabilities plus ownership – we know that there has been some error in processes. The processes through which laws are to be applied, confirm Energy at the Source. They are like Lakshmanan Line:
[ “Lakshmana Rekha, in modern Indian parlance, refers to a strict convention or a rule, never to be broken. It often refers to the ethical limits of an action, traversing which may lead to undesirable consequences. Example of use: Constitution is very clear on the roles of the Judiciary and the Legislature, Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee said; both should not cross the Lakshman Rekha.”] Wikipedia

As per the Hindu Epic Ramayanam – historically common to Indians and Sri Lankans – this line was drawn by Lakshmanan - the younger brother of Rama. It represented Lakshmanan’s Divine Energy to protect someone who stayed within those lines. It was drawn to protect Rama’s wife Seetha who was also divine but at that time Seetha’s mind was weakened by her human concerns for her husband’s safety. Seetha was imprisoned by Ravana because Seetha crossed that Lakshmanan Line – which effectively was Protecting Energy – at that place at that time.

I drew such a line around our temple in Northern Sri Lanka towards protecting the Temple from vandalism. The gardener who for selfish reasons overrode my orders about not allowing any cows to graze within temple boundaries – suffered physically and financially – after disobeying my orders. When his daughter asked me for help  – I said to stop tying the cows within temple boundaries – for I felt that that was the reason for their woes. To the gardener with little direct practice of law – and who was used to ‘freedom’ when he did not see the lawful owners, my orders would have seemed like Article 14 (1) (e ) of the Lankan Constitution which entitles every Lankan to - ‘the freedom, either by himself or in association with others, and either in public or in private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice or teaching’. In the case of the gardener it was to graze his animals in the garden which he was able to enter and leave without approval.

Like the Parliamentarians who are the custodians of power to Administer the Nation – this gardener who also got paid for his work, demonstrated that he had developed the thought that the temple compound was ‘his’ – so much so that sometimes even when I was physically present – he tied the cows to graze within the temple compound until I disciplined him. Now, after stopping that habitual practice of grazing the cows,  the family is slowly recovering from the debilitations.

To majority Sri Lankans, the Constitution is a status symbol of their country’s civilization. To some it is a work-tool. It is a source of Respect only to a few. These few would keep drawing the Lakshmanan Line, to manifest their Energies to protect the Nation.

The Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 was such a line by Tamil Politicians. The ‘Sinhala only’ legislation lacked the belief based Energy to be a Lakshmanan Line. ‘Buddhism foremost’ provision in the Constitution would be Lakshmanan Line only where majority are Buddhists and the leaders have raised their investment in Buddhism to Energy level.

Even without Articles 10 and 14 (1) (e ) in the Constitution, non-Buddhists who genuinely practice their respective religions would be ‘free’ in their minds – so long as they stayed within the boundaries of their Belief. On the other hand, Buddhists who use Article 9, consciously or otherwise,   to enforce their thoughts on non-Buddhists – would lose their ‘mental freedom’ – which then requires other avenues through which to maintain balanced mental order.  That is the way the theory of ‘Oneness of Soul’ works.

Lakshmanan Lines confirm Divine Energy developed through renunciation of earned pleasures and benefits. In a nation where Hindus are minorities by law, but feel deep belief through practice of their religion within their own Lakshmanan Lines, the Separation of Powers happens naturally. Those who disrespect these Boundaries of Belief  are invaders in the Ledgers of Natural Justice.

The Sri Lankan Government that seeks to keep ‘Buddhism foremost’ provisions in the Constitution, for political purposes, needs to do relatively more for non-Buddhist areas  to fill the ‘gap’ through time and money to balance the books. Otherwise, the natural divisions would continue – so long as non-Buddhists stay within their own Lakshmanan Lines.

The LTTE did step outside the Lakshmanan Line drawn by the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976.  But indiscriminate punishment of Tamils, by Government forces, resulting in ‘enforcements’ beyond Boundaries of Belief – worsened the imbalance to debilitate areas Administered by ‘Buddhists’ to divide into smaller and smaller groups of governance.

Once we know that we are not bound by common belief it is better for us to not Administer but let karma happen. This works in any institutional setup – starting with the family and workplace.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


The Hon Navin Dissanayake, MP
Minister of Plantation Industries
11th Floor, Sethsiripaya, Stage II

13 February 2018

Dear Mr Dissanayake,

Tamil Political Grouping in the UK

First of all, congratulations to the UNP which as per my insight has earned the opportunity to form Government due to the divisions within the SLFP which to my mind, became the medium of dividing influences more strongly than usual, during the  recent Local Government Elections. One needs deep insight to identify with the opportunity.

To my mind, the above outcomes are connected through the system of Natural Justice, to the manifestations that happened recently in London also. To my mind, it is important that the UNP does not play the SLFP role if it is to successfully lead Sri Lankans into genuine Democracy.

I now refer to your letter dated 08 February 2018, regarding the   withdrawal of diplomatic status of  Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, to the Hon Joan Ryan, MP and
the Hon Siobhain McDonagh, MP of the UK Parliament - both members of All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils. I append  my letter to the Hon Amber Rudd, MP
Home Secretary and the Hon Boris Johnson, MP, Secretary of State for
Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs – both of UK Government - which letter was sent out on 11 February 2018.

I learnt today that you are the son of the Hon Gamini Dissanayake, who taught us Law at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka. I recall with respect, that teacher. I however doubt that my teacher of law would have identified with the following claim of yours to the above members of UK Parliament:

Hon. Gamini Dissanayake, presidential candidate and deputy leader of the United National Party who was assassinated by the terrorist organization LTTE, the political wing which both of you surreptitiously support.’

Since you present yourself as an ‘Attorney at law (Sri Lanka)’ and  member of  the Inns of Court (Middle Temple), one is entitled to expect you to appreciate the Doctrine of Separation of Powers between Independent Bodies – for example the Sri Lankan Government and the British Government. On that basis as per my interpretation, one group is NOT entitled to express on behalf of the other.

I note that the Hon Ranil Jayawardena MP, House of Commons (UK), is listed as the Chair & Registered Contact for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sri Lanka - the country parallel of the above group for the Tamil community in the UK. To my mind, in which is included the essence of teachings of your father, any belief-based expression made in respect of the above ladies ought to have been expressed through the Hon Ranil Jayawardena MP, in order to uphold the fundamentals of the Doctrine of Separation of Powers. As a Political representative of the Sri Lankan Government it is important that you confirm the Belief based connections available through those who are Common to you and the UK Tamil Group leaders. As per my belief such Due Processes based on Belief - confirm the Energies of those who developed those relationships and structural protections.

You state about the LTTE ‘The said organization has been banned in your country and has been designated as a terrorist organization by many countries including yours and the United States’. 

As per my knowledge of the Evidence available to the Public - those who demonstrated outside were LTTE supporters and not members of the LTTE which is proscribed in the UK. Under Section 13 of the Terrorism Act 2000, UK,  the following is classified as a proscription offence:
wear clothing or carry or display articles in public in such a way or in such circumstances as arouse reasonable suspicion that an individual is a member or supporter of the proscribed organization

If the UK Government did have such ‘reasonable suspicion’ it was the DUTY of that Government and therefore the Hon Ranil Jayawardena MP,  to initiate proceedings against such offenders. It would have been your responsibility to do likewise in Sri Lanka – as per the Sri Lankan Law and your belief as to whether or not you feel beyond reasonable doubt that a person is acting in breach of the Prevention of Terrorism Act  1978, implemented under your party’s then leader the Hon J R Jayawardene.

As you may already know,  a Tamil  asylum seeker – Mr Shantaruban has recently been issued with the notice of intention to be deported from Australia back to Sri Lanka. Many of us would have diverse feelings and/or thoughts on this. Since I do not know the person personally nor have participated in that aspect of the Tamil problem – I concluded as an Australian – that the reason was Mr Shantaruban’s lack of courage to declare that he was a member of the LTTE in Sri Lanka.

As per my experience based discovery, when we have the courage to express our belief, Natural Forces support us actively. If Mr Shantaruban did believe that he was a ‘freedom fighter’ but did not have enough belief in the Australian Authorities to make the appropriate declaration of belief – (the parallel of Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976) – then Australian Natural Forces would not actively work for him. Belief alone is enough for our inner purposes. One needs courage to harness Natural Forces to manifest the consolidated value of that belief – as per our need at that time, at that place.

If the London demonstrators did believe that they were expressing their belief, Natural Forces would support them. Likewise, Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, on behalf of the Sri Lankan Government if  he does believe in the government. Genuine belief would be clean of returns at lower levels – such as money and position rewards. The latter is strongly indicated by overseas postings being awarded to those who were in the Sri Lankan Armed Forces during the war against the LTTE. This is a factor that the British Government needs to take into account when making its decision on whether or not to deport Brigadier Priyanka Fernando.

You state in your letter:
[On the day in question 4th of February which marks the national day of independence  for our country a day of joy and celebration to all Sri Lankans, the front organizations of the LTTE which the both of you support gathered a few hundred supporters to protest outside our Embassy in the UK. What is most disturbing and offensive to us Sri Lankans was the carrying of the LTTE flag and the abusive and vituperative comments made by the protesters. Brigadier Fernando was within the premises of the SL mission and his acts cannot be questioned as diplomatically and legally he is “within Sri Lanka” and he enjoys full diplomatic immunity for acts done within the embassy compound. This tradition is accepted practice in diplomatic regulations and the tradition is followed in all countries. ]

The claim that ‘4th of February marks the national day of independence for your country a day of joy and celebration to all Sri Lankans’ effectively confirms that you celebrate separation from the British. If this were true, then Tamils who separated themselves from Sri Lanka under Sinhalese rule would mourn, as some Indigenous Australians do on 26 January. This naturally would bring the British whose net contributions to Sri Lanka  directly or indirectly, are NOT   negative in values – especially the part that is ‘home’ to those Sri Lankans  celebrating independence on 04 February, to group themselves with the Tamils to whom Sri Lanka is no longer home due to Government Policies and Actions. The common value is the ‘investment lost’ which is invoked by active celebration by a section of Sri Lankans. Tamils as a community have, through Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976,  effectively confirmed that they do not believe in the Sinhalese Governments that tookover power after 1948. Hence I conclude that your claim above is proven false.

There is also  the question of British educational titles that you have accredited yourself with. Only those of us who have paid our respects to the British as our elders – are entitled to carry such credits anywhere anytime. Those who celebrate the separation disconnect with this deeper value of the British education system and are limited to their own ‘local’ system.

You state to these ladies Both of you have been carrying a deeply hateful, vindictive and offensive campaign against Sri Lanka. At a time when brutal terrorism has been eradicated and all communities are building bridges to live as one nation your continued support to front organizations of the LTTE is self-serving and pathetic. Tell your contacts in these front organizations to contribute to their own brethren in the north and east without continuing to fuel the flames of hatred and ethnic division. Sri Lanka needs a real sense of reconciliation without individuals like you trying your utmost to break the real achievements that are being done on the ground. In any event we stand with Brig. Fernando steadfastly and he will continue as our defence attaché in UK

As indicated during a recent meeting of Sri Lankans (http://austms.blogspot.com.au/) , I do not ‘believe’ that the LTTE are Terrorists – any more than I believe that the Sri Lankan Armed forces nor the JVP are Terrorists. In a court of law we need to use the Belief of the Judiciary to express through language of the law and / or our own conscience as direct participants. Good and Just decisions are ultimately based on the Belief of the Judiciary. We are all part of that Judiciary when we express on the basis of our investment in the law.

On that basis, British Public and their representatives are entitled to judge for their own purposes – the behavior of both sides as per their own investments in Global standards and not Sri Lankan standards that as per my assessment, fall well short of Global standards in this issue.

Mr Dissanayake, to my mind, the right to vote is based on our belief. Our Belief however is not limited to voting time. Each time we manifest our belief  directly as individuals and/or as groups, a vote has been effectively cast.

The Australian parallel of Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 by Tamils, is the Roach case in 2007 in our Australian Courts.

Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 was followed by the defeat of the SLFP in the 1977 Sri Lankan National Elections. Mrs Vicki Roach successfully brought action against the Commonwealth Government headed then by the Hon John Howard to lawfully invalidate the Electoral and Referendum Amendment (Enrolment Integrity and Other Measures) Act 2006 (Cth). This legislation required the removal of prisoners serving any custodial sentence from the electoral roll for the term of their imprisonment. The injustice of this was highlighted by the Indigenous Community which was reported to be about 2.5% of the Population making up more than 25% of the national prison population. This confirmed that the laws were such as to disadvantage the indigenous population who did not understand those laws and a majority of whom did not believe in the official law makers of Australia. The authority to Administer is earned through the system of Belief. If therefore punishments are excessive, the punishing group is punished by reverse karma. Given that Indigenous Australians believed in the Land – when their latent ownership power is surfaced, the effects are exponential.

In the case of Mr Howard and his government I had already taken action through my case S51 of 2001 in the High Court of Australia on the basis of my belief that the Howard’s Administration effectively breached the Racial Discrimination Act 1975. To the extent I had actually practiced Commonness and believed that the Howard Administration had erred, that Belief would have accumulated against such Government after I had done my best but failed to have a just outcome in Courts – my powers would have been part of the powers that influenced the outcomes in Roach case followed by Mr Howard’s defeat in the 2007 Elections.

Hence if the Sri Lankan Government acts to deny the earned rights of minorities and/or punished them beyond the levels of authority earned through belief, the Government formed by majority that so punishes would weaken its own powers to govern. This will be manifested when the minorities leave it to the system of Natural Justice / Karma – after following Due Processes that they have knowledge of. In the Roach matter – Mrs Roach’s team was made up by many mainstream personalities led in Court  by Mr Ron Merkel QC,  former judge of the Federal Court of Australia. In the case of Sri Lankan Tamils the support came from global investors in Equal Opportunity Laws.

If you read the Sri Lankan Constitution at Belief level – Article 9, followed by Articles 10 and Articles 14 (1)( e) divide the nation on the basis of religious rights. Article 9 makes Buddhism foremost a fundamental right. Articles 10 and 14 (1)( e) on the other hand are based on Equal footing for all religions. Those who follow the latter would naturally merge with wider world – including Australia where State religion is expressly prohibited by Section 116 of the Constitution. Tamils & other religious minorities of Sri Lankan origin, establishing themselves in their new Nations where religious Equality is a fundamental right  - would form a distinct nation by naturally connecting to Sri Lankan Tamils & other religious minorities currently living in Sri Lanka empowering each other on the basis of need. This is a global force that is very difficult to suppress by a single coutry where government uses religion as a political power.  We Hindus strengthen our mind on this auspicious day of Maha Shivaraathri – dedicated to the Lord of the Mind – Lord Shiva. The power of the Hindu community  is strong during this period to defeat those in opposition  driven by body consciousness.

If your support for Brigadier Priyanka Fernando is belief based,  the process would have stopped within your boundaries, paving the way for the system of Natural Justice to takeover. If not, it is highly likely to weaken Sri Lankan Government’s investment in globalization.

Yours sincerely
Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

The Right Hon Amber Rudd, MP
Home Secretary
House of Commons - London

The  Right Hon. Boris Johnson, MP
Secretary of State for
Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs
House of Commons – London

The Right HonourableSiobhain McDonagh
All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils

Mr Ranil Jayawardena MP,
Chair & Registered Contact for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sri Lanka
House of Commons – London

Letter to members of the UK Government

The Right Hon Amber Rudd, MP
Home Secretary
House of Commons - London

The  Right Hon. Boris Johnson, MP
Secretary of State for
Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs
House of Commons - London

Dear Members of the Government of the United Kingdom,

Escalation of the Conflict Between LTTE supporters and Sri Lankan Armed Forces in the Territory Governed by the British

I write in my role as a leading member of the Tamil Diaspora.

I refer to the communication dated 09 February 2018, addressed to you, from the following Tamil Diaspora organizations:

Monday, 12 February 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
12 February 2018                                    

Dual Constitutions

We can reconcile at the individual level until the government of Sri Lanka chooses to become a party to the reconciliation process.  -  One of the Statements of Belief by the Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney

 Param and I decided to directly participate in  yesterday’s meeting of the Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney. The conscious reasons included – expressions of appreciation for my article on Australia Day &  special request from senior members of the Forum on the basis that the ‘Service’ by Buddhist monk - the Venerable Galkande Dhammananda – was high in value. We arrived just as the meeting started with silent prayers followed by respect being paid to our Indigenous elders.

As per published reports - Reconciliation Australia acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to them and their cultures; and to elders both past and present.

In many ways I am also an Indigenous elder of the Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney. An elder picks up intuitively the needs of the place, community, that could be satisfied by her/his services – which are quiet often belief to belief sharing. Many such pointers were picked up by me.

I found the presentation by the Venerable Galkande Dhammananda to be very genuine and of positive value at the level of reconciliation through schools in Sri Lanka. When the meeting went into question time, the young  moderator said that we needed to ask the ‘question’ and then wait for the response from Venerable Galkande Dhammananda. When I could see no hands going up – I put mine up. I stood up out of genuine respect for the monk, and introduced myself and stated that ‘I was a strong opposer of Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution that affords Buddhism foremost status. I spoke  further words to the effect  – ‘I appreciate the value of school children from North going to South and sharing in the valuable experiences including of those who were persecuted during JVP time. I worked directly with the LTTE through a UNDP project in 2003 – during ceasefire- and got to know them personally as individuals. To my mind, none of them were Terrorists. The parallel down South is that JVP also would not be considered Terrorists by most Southerners. Hence would it not have been appropriate for your group to go to  a place in North - say for example Valvettithurai – so the Tamil children did not lose touch with their heritage? In your shoes I would have gone North first.’

At around the time before the second  last sentence the young moderator said to me words to the effect ‘ask your question’. I then said to him words to the effect – that the Buddhism foremost policy would be seen as  being  manifested and hence my explanation. I was quite annoyed with the guy for disturbing my trend and after the meeting I said to him that he needed to ensure that in that democratic forum the time taken by the presenter/s was no more than the time allocated to the audience and that it was disrespectful of him to ‘tell’ us how we ought to structure our response – i.e. that we had to ask the question.

The monk responded positively saying that going North was in their agenda and would happen in due course.

By the time the meeting ended, I was encouraged by three more senior lady members commenting on the divisions within the Forum and seeking the monk’s advice. One of them – also a Tamil – was also asked by the young moderator to cut short her response. No male participant was so disciplined by the moderator. If we do not know the cause of the apparent discrimination, we are entitled to conclude as per the effects, for our own purposes.

The monk had outlined the solutions through his own presentation  and later through his wise responses to our questions. I identified mostly with the following – as I received them:
(i)             As per Lord Buddha’s teachings each individual had her/his own unique Dharma and it was our duty to conduct ourselves as per that Dharma
(ii)           Our actions should not be such as to hurt/damage another

The monk spoke about us carrying unhealed wounds from the past – including from Colonial times  and identified with this being part of the problem. After the meeting – during social time – I went up to the monk and said that to my mind he was a good monk and that he was genuinely committed to reconciliation at his level. I then shared my own belief – through my experience with my book Naan Australian which ended up at the National Library of Australia and more recently at the National Library of Sri Lanka, without any intervention on my part – mental or physical.  To one of the members in that circle I said that the Forum was yet to obtain a copy of my book. I shared this to confirm my belief that Natural Forces work to support our genuine Service.

I thought more about all this, this morning and I came across the following when preparing to tutor a student in Legal Studies for the HSC:

Section 116 of the Australian Constitution:

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

The place where we had the meeting of the Reconciliation Forum, was the Epping Leisure & Learning Centre – which is Public Property and had the Queen’s picture on the wall. When we paid our respects to our elders – we paid them to the Queen of England also – even though this was done quietly by individuals who are common.

Hence at that place, at policy level – in terms of religion, Sri Lanka and Australia could not have merged in the same mind. Hence we can only be one or the other in terms of Religious  policy. The religious policies are irreconcilable and therefore the two governments have the DUTY to  keep their distance from each other to confirm this irreconcilability. The Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney needed the  leading representatives of all religious  practised in Sri Lanka or expressly ban Government Policy in terms of religion – which is considered by minorities as a key reason for the conflict.  

In my mind,  I thanked all our elders who confirmed to me yet again that I was fully reconciled as per my Truth and that it was this reconciled person that I shared with others.  When I expressly thanked one of the seniors on his way out – he asked me ‘why I was thanking him?’ This senior contributed actively during the only meeting at which I was the facilitator. He is also an elder in Australian legal community. Last night I just said that his presence  was healthy for the forum. Today I realised that it was more intuitive – with the senior adding his own strength through his quiet belief which upheld my Australian values in the Equality of Religions and hence the express prohibition through the Constitution, of any religion being State religion.   

The Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney  was/is  dividing due to lack of Common Policy contribution – but rather dealing with current costs and benefits and paying lip service to elders. One who genuinely respects elders will naturally contribute to Policy and the right Policy will come to that person – as Section 116 of the Australian Constitution came to me – a true Australian.   
Those with Australia-Sri Lanka  Dual-Citizenship are weakened in terms of policy contribution due to such irreconcilable differences.  Likewise – the provinces in Sri Lanka where non-Buddhists are in majority and are governed by different sections of the Constitution on the basis of Equality of Religions. At Fundamental level – Sri Lanka is already divided into two  Nations.

Each year when 04 February is celebrated as Independence Day – we lose connection with our British heritage – especially in the field of Law and Administration. Some of this surfaced this year in London. Such disconnection leads to shallow planning – as our Belief is part of our planning Energy that would support us during our times of need – through we may often not be conscious of it.