Friday, 17 August 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 August 2018

Foreign Judgment for Governor General

When someone in high position is praised or criticized, we the ordinary citizens identify with it or reject it as false.  Some feel urged to actively participate. Our genuine identity through observation adds Energy to the issue. Our current work on that basis forms true network through which common Energies have passage.

Yesterday, I heard that our former Governor General Dr Hollingworth is being re-examined as an Administrator by the current system. I totally reject this. The directly affected victims have every right to question the perpetrators during the common lifetime of both – as happened in the case of President Clinton. The victim of Dr Holllingworh’s negligence  had every right to initiate action while Dr Hollingworth was in that position within that institution. But once Dr. Holligworth stepped out of  that position – there is no jurisdiction to try him. The position carries that liability and not the individual.

A position is part of a structure with internal borders. The borders confirm regulations and therefore order. An individual who follows the regulations confirmed by he/his position, is taken as having satisfactorily raised her/his work and conduct to the level of the Institution. Most of us do use ‘discretionary’ powers to make decisions – including whether to act or not to act – while we are in certain positions. Those who had the endorsement of their institutions while in positions – are immune from prosecution including for decisions made through the use of discretionary powers. The Judiciary enjoys this; lawyers also enjoy this in Australia. Meridian law firm has published the following about this principle:

[The High Court was unanimous in its decision to reaffirm advocate’s immunity and refusal to overrule its previous decisions in Giannerelli and D’Orta. In addition to determining that the rationale underlying those decisions remained sound, the majority made it clear that to overrule its previous decisions would “generate a legitimate sense of injustice in those who have not pursued claims or have compromised or lost cases by reference to the state of the law as settled by those authorities“. The majority stated that a decision to abolish advocate’s immunity was one “best left to the legislature.”]

It’s that sense of injustice that would be invoked in others – that makes it wrong for us as a society. I  took then Prime Minister Mr John Howard to court after the Judiciary ‘failed me’ in terms of action against the Vice Chancellor  of the University of NSW.   In that instance – the Police blindly followed the Vice Chancellor’s instructions and punished me unlawfully. I escalated the matter step by step despite the deep pain / agony I felt. One of the individuals who comforted me by recognizing and identifying with my pain back then was Dr. Hollingworth. Through such identification, Dr Holligworth became entitled to my natural credits in the common system. At all times, I stayed within my Truth. I expected of Mr Howard as my grand-senior by position to use his True knowledge of the system – to do something. I expected only to the extent I did in my parallel position of senior and grand-senior. When Mr Howard was eventually dismissed by his own electorate – it confirmed to me that my Truth also contributed to that outcome. Not mine alone but mine also.

By finding fault with Dr Hollingworth who no longer holds that Administrative  position , the Police are invoking their own karma in parallel experiences.  This system would not withstand such reverse actions. This is why one needs to ‘die’ and take rebirth through one’s own Truth. Restructures on the basis of Truth immunize the institutions concerned.

The Church also has gone through such purification. Likewise the Australian Government – as we witnessed this week when both sides in National Parliament came together to condemn Senator Fraser Anning. If not for Parliamentary privilege Senator Fraser Anning would be open to legal action through Racial Discrimination Act 1975. Sometimes we do have instances when the laws do not lead us to global forms of Truth. For example, the Buddhism foremost article in Sri Lankan Constitution confirms Constitutional Autocracy – which is the current reality of that Parliament. The Parliament is the highest institution of Sovereignty and hence being in the Truth is more important than getting the ‘right ticks’ as per external laws. Hence the immunity from prosecution to leaders of those groups.

Those of us who have used our discretionary powers to uphold the values of the institutions are immune from prosecution. Dr. Hollingworth is one of them. He was bullied into stepping down from his position of Governor General. Now he is being threatened with Administrative action for wrongs in previous life. Wrongs become sins when they are not corrected by their current structures in which those wrongs happened. Every Sovereign person is entitled to immunity from prosecution once a wrong has gone past its valid period and/or place. Countries extradite persons of wrong-doing to their home nations – due to recognition of Sovereignty of that person and the responsibility of that Nation. Sri Lankan government rejected ‘Foreign’ judges inquiring into allegations of war-crimes for the same reason. One becomes foreigner due to Time also. Jesus after resurrection was foreigner to the one who punished Jesus.

If Dr Hollingworth is therefore ‘Administered’ after 4 resurrections – that confirms that the Police have become Obsolete by living in the past. All our investments in Equal Opportunity principles and laws are then flushed down the drain or the Police have the duty to take action against Mr Howard for his failures to uphold Racial Discrimination Act 1975, when I complained against him. I accepted his dismissal as the punishment as per the system of Truth. Otherwise I conclude that the Police have different guidelines for different status people. That could happen due to belated realization of their own wrong doing. By finding fault with Dr Hollingworth – they find fault with their own excesses with Indigenous Australians.

Administrators have the responsibility to act as per current pain by direct actions using current measures. By letting the genie out of the bottle they are awakening their own past.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16 August 2018

The Final Solution Speech Awakens Multicultural Australia

[An Australian crossbench senator has invoked the term “the final solution” in an inflammatory speech calling for a plebiscite asking voters whether they want to end all immigration by Muslims and non-English speaking people “from the third world”.
Fraser Anning, formerly of the far-right Pauline Hanson One Nation party, and now a member of the Katter’s Australia party, used his maiden speech in the Senate to call for “a plebiscite to allow the Australian people to decide whether they want wholesale non-English speaking immigrants from the third world, and particularly whether they want any Muslims”.] The Guardian
 Yesterday was the start of Nallur Festival in Northern Sri Lanka.  Twenty years ago during Nallur Festival I wrote as follows in my letter of resignation (Appendix) from the University of NSW:

[I heard Pauline Hanson on the 4 Corners Programme last night. Ms Hanson suggests that we go back to our countries of origin if we cannot be like them. It hurts that we even have to hear such things. In the name of ‘Freedom of Speech’ we – the new Australians are being made to lose our freedom to live as individuals. If the leadership of Australia is unable to turn it around – to make up for their negligence in failing to hear the cries of new Australians – one has to wonder whether Ms Hanson is expressing what these leaders (and employers) feel themselves in their heart of hearts. This is the million dollar question to which I have been seeking a favourable answer – that the leaders of the country to which we brought our children and made them call it their ‘home’ would ensure that it is ‘home’ for our children. But, my experience during the past 13 years has failed to deliver the answer that I have been seeking so desperately. When an educational institution such as the University of New South Wales also demonstrated that it was no different – I do not wish to waste any more time – hoping.]

I wrote the letter in the early hours of the morning after the Hanson speech. Back then I did not realize that the call was for me to challenge the Australian system that carried a big gap between policy and practice of Equal Opportunity laws, including the Racial Discrimination Act 1975. I just wanted to run away – as many Sri Lankans did during the war, when the pain got too much. I did not realize it then and know now, that my Truth invoked the Energies of all those who invested in preserving their Divine Sovereignty. I needed to have invested deep enough for my investment to be at Energy level. Back then I knew I had to disconnect and I did. But that invoked others from within the University of NSW who were also victims of unjust discrimination of various forms. Some demonstrated express support, whilst the support of others – including those who did not know me – quietly empowered me. THAT is the value of Truth. I now believe that that was how Mahatma Gandhi invoked the power of majority Indians who were victims of unjust discrimination, including through unjust laws that damaged one’s intrinsic sovereignty. A De Facto Government , to be of positive value, needs to be driven by Truth and not by alternate policy that is yet to be practiced.

My feelings were by that time, deep enough to invoke the power of Democracy, demonstrated by the Philosophy of Lord Muruga who broke-away from Hierarchical Power – after transparent, global activity. Yesterday, when I heard Ms Hanson herself criticize Senator Anning – I felt that the globalization  journey had been successfully completed:
[During a Senate debate on Labor’s motion to reaffirm Australia’s commitment to non-discrimination on Wednesday, the One Nation leader said she was “appalled” by Anning’s comments, adding that the speech was “straight from Goebbels’ handbook from Nazi Germany”.]
Countries such as Sri Lanka, that carry ‘Buddhism Foremost’ clause in their Constitution, would not naturally ‘merge’ with Nations that have successfully practiced multiculturalism at political level also. Where policies are differently structured – the merger takes place at the destination and not along the way. If one does not reach the destination – there is no merger. Our recent rescue experience in Thailand confirms that Thais are open to collaboration at that level. Those who take the Sovereign status protection, need to not take money from nations/institutions that have different structures to theirs.

The Lankan  Parallel of Senator Anning’s solution is the riddance of the Tamil claim that we are an independent community. Dr Bandara of the Federation of National Organizations (FNO) is reported to have recently stated as follows:

[Dr. Bandara explained how Sri Lanka’s failure to challenge Geneva Resolution 30/1 had allowed Western powers, the LTTE rump and treacherous political elements at home to pursue the eelam project. In spite of losing their conventional military capacity, objectives remained the same, Dr. Bandara alleged, adding that the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe regime was fully co-operating with those pursing anti-Sri Lanka operation.] – Daily Mirror article - JO urged to quit constitution making process
One who recognizes the Joint Opposition as a legitimate group – has the DUTY to recognize the Eelam promoting group also as being legitimate. Both are legitimate to the extent they share their Truth to maintain existing policies and/or to make new policies. To the extent Tamil Rebels were honest about their stated purpose – they merged with Tamil Politicians and through them with Sri Lankan Parliament – at the destination. To the extent Tamil Rebels were transparent about their purpose – they were a de facto government in their ‘home-areas’. But they did not have authority to directly participate in policy making. To the extent of their Truth and the Truth of their community – universal powers were invoked and received by parts of the community that were/are open to such merger – similar to the Thai cave-rescue.  
Recently, a Lankan Diaspora leader questioned the deservedness of Jaffna to be labelled as an Intellectual hub. There are many groups – including the University of Jaffna, the Northern Provincial Council and the Northern Judiciary – that are not open to global participation at process level. They are also the parallels of Senator Anning. Often such small timers use sensitive policies to attract attention to themselves. But even if one true practitioner of the law is hurt by them – the return karma is exponential / global.  Mr John Howard who failed to discipline Ms Hanson in 1998, was present in Washington DC during the 9/11 attack. That was his karma. Then we had the Bali Bombing tragedy in 2012 – during Mr Howard’s rule. When we are in a group  that is not firmly structured – we infect each other – for better or for worse. Firm structures with borders prevent such infection – so long as we operate and express from within our respective position borders. Those wanting to go beyond need to become independent of those positions and be True to themselves. The system of Truth ‘facilitates’ the rest – as it has for me – yet again in the issue that Ms Hanson raised 20 years ago.  Now Ms Hanson has become one of us in this issue.
Sinhalese extremists often express that Tamils who do not agree with them must return to India. To enlighten them, I seek to share the following message from Diaspora Leader  Yoga Joseph:

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently." 
Friedrich Nietzsche
  'A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.' Mohandas K. Gandhi 


906/56, Carr St
Coogee 2034
11 August 98

The Dean
Faculty of Medicine
University of New South Wales

Dear Bruce,

This morning, in consultation with my husband, I made up my mind to return to Sri Lanka as soon as possible – to a place where I can perform as a Professional in all my creativity.

I heard Pauline Hanson on the 4 Corners Programme last night. Ms Hanson suggests that we go back to our countries of origin if we cannot be like them. It hurts that we even have to hear such things. In the name of ‘Freedom of Speech’ we – the new Australians are being made to lose our freedom to live as individuals. If the leadership of Australia is unable to turn it around – to make up for their negligence in failing to hear the cries of new Australians – one has to wonder whether Ms Hanson is expressing what these leaders (and employers) feel themselves in their heart of hearts. This is the million dollar question to which I have been seeking a favourable answer – that the leaders of the country to which we brought our children and made them call it their ‘home’ would ensure that it is ‘home’ for our children. But, my experience during the past 13 years has failed to deliver the answer that I have been seeking so desperately. When an educational institution such as the University of New South Wales also demonstrated that it was no different – I do not wish to waste any more time – hoping.

I am sorry if this causes you any inconvenience, but I am quite happy to handover to your satisfaction – to a person of your choice. I am not arrogant to think that I am indispensable. There are so many excellent Accountants in the market (might even ease the unemployment problem) and I sincerely wish you the very best – for you are a good leader.

Yours sincerely,

Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam
CC: Phil Kringas/Kerry O’Reilley
Managers, Financial Services Division
Vice Chancellor

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15 August 2018

Gandhi is Indian Independence

Today is India’s Independence anniversary. To me it is Gandhi day. India also had its militants before Gandhi. Buddha of Indian origin is  reported to have said, "A man who conquers himself is greater than one who conquers a thousand men in battle".

That was how Gandhi, to my mind, facilitated Indians to redeem themselves from dependence on non-Indians.

The fact that Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa – apparently a Buddhist - did not conquer himself could be assessed and known through his wealth as reflected by Balance Sheets - before and after politics. Likewise many Indian leaders including Tamil chiefs sympathetic to Sri Lankan Tamil militancy. The Hon Kamraj who actually attained Nirvana on Gandhi’s birth anniversary, had the power to elevate individuals and groups to Royalty. The Hon Kamraj was Mahatma Gandhi’s senior-most  heir.

Intuitively, Independent Sri Lankan Tamils who are kingmakers, also know that the likes of Mr MG Ramachandran and Mr Muthuvel Karunanidhi were not kingmakers. There are reports that enough respect was not paid to Mr Muthuvel Karunanidhi who  passing away recently. Both are reported to have amassed wealth beyond reasonable levels. Hence their inability to share Independence Energy to elevate others to Royalty. True Royalty is confirmed by Independence. One who conquers her/himself is true Royalty.

In his Ceylon Today  article ‘Sri Lanka’s Transactional Approach’, Mr Sathiya Moorthi captures this in relation to the Sampur Power Project and other projects through which India is competing with China on Sri Lankan soil:

It is this well-articulated approach followed or accompanied by well-tried-out tactics that is at the centre of finding a political solution to the ethnic issue, where the Tamil-centric TNA too seems to enjoy the status quo as much as their Sinhala counterparts, friends and political adversaries. The TNA would not accept a fresh look and a national discourse on the subject when the post-war Rajapaksa regime offered it, but readily conceded a new-look Constitution, proposed by the present-day rulers, pre-poll.

As was only to be anticipated, the new Constitution has not made substantive progress, and no one would have any serious complaint, now that the ‘elections are round the corner, and the inherent Sinhala political compulsions’ cannot be wished away. Better or worse still, the same argument will now be extended to cover the Indian offer, or the offer for India to take over the management of the Rajapaksa regime’s wasted Mattala Airport, the only one of its size in the world where no commercial aircraft lands, and the development and growth of the eastern Trincomalee port and town, and also the reconstruction of the northern Kankesanthurai port, a proposal that has been pending, since, before the conclusion of the war, close to a decade back.

Mr Sahiya Moorthi highlights the Katchatheevu islet transaction of as follows:

[Through all this and more, India had shown its genuineness in strengthening bilateral relations even after the Sri Lankan ‘betrayal’ over ‘Bangladesh War’ by handing out a near one-sided solution on the issue of ‘International Maritime Boundary Line’ (IMBL) only three years later, in 1974. India agreed to the crooked drawing of the IMBL to ensure that Katchatheevu islet, geographically closer to the Indian shores and with legitimate Indian claims even otherwise, fell on the Sri Lankan side of the 1974 Agreement.]
That transaction happened two female leaders who ‘inherited’ their positions through family connections. There was no Independence value in that transaction. Many of the current deals between the political leaders of the two nations are lacking in the power of sovereignty. India’s weakness is confirmed also by the following:
[In between, India has also expanded the emergency relief of post-war temporary housing measures for Sri Lanka’s decades-long war-weary IDPs, beginning with those in the Eastern Province in 2007, through the construction of permanent structures. The scheme originally meant for the war victims, has since been expanded to cover Upcountry Tamils of recent Indian origin, or Indian-origin Tamils first and the Sinhala villagers, too, in stages]

Hill country Tamils living in Hill country were not affected directly by the war. To be eligible for compensation, the place / earth that suffered must be the home of the victims and any post-war housing needs to be limited to them and their heirs. To the extent India weakens others’ investment in Independence – it weakens its own.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15 August 2018

King Solomon and Jaffna / Lankan Ruler

I believe that the system of God/Truth  has various ways of balancing the preservation of our Sovereignty. I believe that the Brain is an important instrument in this process.
Yesterday, in response to my article ‘Government killing the Jaffna Brain?’ – a Diaspora leader wrote:

[Jaffna brain is erroneously and artificially glorified. All communities are blessed with brains more or less equally. Given the same facilities to develop their brains, all communities can excel intellectually. 
The notion that Jaffna men and women are unique in their brainpower and ceaselessly trumpeting this falacy is counterproductive.
Can you honestly claim that the members, ministers and the Chief Minister are examples of exemplary brain power or for that matter the academic community of Jaffna University?
We are neither inferior nor superior in brain power, in my considered opinion.
It is very damaging to propagate this myth. It is self destructive.]
My response to the above was:
[The difference to my mind is the stored Energy that is inherited in addition to being Developed. It’s like in Equality v Equal Opportunity. The latter has passive component. Children of the same parents perform differently in intellectual pursuits – due to this stored Energy at the individual level also. It is one’s own heritage carried through births. By Jaffna Brain, I referred to mine also. In this matter – are you stating that it was ok for the Governor to make such a statement and pass the buck on to the CM? I am no fan of Mr Wigneswaran and you would know that by now. Belief based grouping helps to share our Energies naturally. Hence electorate based political representation. Are you saying that Mahinda and Basil have the same brain capacity? The structure would be identical in most human beings. But the way that structure is used differs according to our own Energies. Please know that I am NOT referring to the current Jaffna population. I am referring to the Common Jaffna person – who includes our ancestors as well as those like me – living physically away from Jaffna at current times. If our brain / intellectual powers were developed in Jaffna – that brain IS Jaffna brain to that extent. We worked the brain more because we resisted majority taking over power and going ahead of us. THAT is Constitutional Democracy – in which the ‘gap’ between majority and minority is filled by brain power. In this group there are many outstanding intellectual achievers who had their fundamental confidence due to the Jaffna Brain]
If we think ‘Equality’ first, we are likely to not realise the value of Equal Opportunity. Likewise, when we think of Grades first – we are not likely to develop wisdom within. Mother and Father in ‘traditional’ families are considered Equal and Diverse due to father having to ‘think’ and ‘show’  Equality whereas mother stored the value of her work and sacrifices as Energy. A women who does not ‘show’ is often not respected by those who lack belief in that system. Using the showable measures  - such a woman is NOT equal in status to the man who ‘shows’. Likewise minorities.
So how does this passive power work ? One who practices Equal Opportunity system instead of Equality system – identifies with this latent force – represented by David in the Biblical legend David and Goliath. David believed in God. Goliath relied on his physical power to ‘win’. God within David, who was minority power in that story, worked through David’s intellectual powers. The ‘intuitive’ plan was to strike Goliath in the middle of the head  - the third eye spot – were the focus power resides.
Likewise, David’s son Solomon  used his intuitive power to identify with the true mother who did not need to ‘see’ or to ‘show’ that the baby was hers. She was the baby and did not want the baby to be hurt. There the Truth / Divinity worked through that mother. Belief, whatever its form may be is Devine.
In the matter at the centre of yesterday’s discussion, the Governor who is appointed by the President, made an intellectually erroneous statement – to pass the buck of Ministerial appointments to the Chief Minister. The Governor used the name of the Constitution to make his statement seem logical. The Governor failed to do the simple check to know for himself whether the Constitution did empower the Chief Minister to appoint Ministers. It clearly does not.
Likewise, at National level, the de facto Joint Opposition that claims entitlement to the position of Opposition Leadership in National Parliament.
[The Joint Opposition has decided to set up a committee to look into whether the MPs representing the party should act independently in Parliament. 
The decision was reportedly taken following a meeting with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa with the participation of JO parliamentarians and party leaders. 
The committee will be headed by the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) and former minister Professor G.L. Peiris while it will also include the leaders of the parties in the Joint Opposition. 
The committee will decide whether the MPs representing the Joint Opposition will sit independently in the Parliament. 
The MPs representing the Joint Opposition were elected to the Parliament after contesting under the United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA). 
The Joint Opposition is not recognized as the main opposition party in the parliament as the UPFA is part of the unity government formed with the United National Party (UNP).
The Joint Opposition had recently requested for the Opposition Leader post to be given to MP Dinesh Gunawardena, but were unsuccessful as the Speaker decided against it.]

If Government is the father in a democratic structure, then the Opposition is the mother. Tamil National Alliance (TNA)is the heir of  David in Sri Lankan Parliament. By dividing the Opposition at physical level – the group headed by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is confirming that it is as fallacious as the woman who was ready to cut the child to prove her claim. We do not want more Goliaths but the wise Solomons – sons of brave David.
To the extent Tamil militants defended the Sovereignty of themselves – and therefore their community, only their bodies were killed. Their minds would continue to empower by merging with the wise amongst all minorities. That was how Tamil Politicians such as the Hon G G Ponnambalam and the genuine militants who believed – merged to appoint TNA as the leading opposition in national parliament. True contribution  never dies. It becomes passive when there is lack of passage.

The earth, like time, holds that power energy forever. Likewise, when those who abuse power – and neglect their duties – and they are not opposed – at least mentally negative energy resides there – be it the national parliament or Jaffna.

The Constitution is the Mother and the Executive Administration is the father.  Abusing the mother – leads to frivolous enjoyment of physical pleasures. Jaffna needs mother power now more than before. So does the Sri Lankan Parliament. The current speaker the Hon Karu Jayasuriya, by upholding the TNA’s position as leader of the Opposition, has confirmed that he is an heir of King Solomon. 

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

14 August 2018

Government killing the Jaffna Brain?

The  real power of the Common Jaffna Tamil was the her/his above average brainpower. Just this morning, our son called from the airport – to seek my husband’s assistance in resolving a mathematical problem for his daughter. That is the vertical network of our Jaffna hierarchy. It was therefore appalling to learn that the Governor who is required to reflect the Truth of the People of the area Governed by him is sowing the seeds of personal interpretation of the Constitution as if the Jaffna Common person would not know the difference. The persons in that audience may not have recognize the problem. But I do and I am Jaffna. Below is the offensive expression:
[Northern Province Governor Reginald Cooray today suggested that the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) ministers should resign so as to resolve the issue, which has arisen from the change in its ministerial composition.
He said the composition had changed in the wake of the Appeal Court reinstating B. Deniswaran as a NPC minister.
"With the reinstatement, the number of ministers had increased to six. This has prevented the council from taking decisions or enacting laws. The best solution available to resolve this matter is for the ministers to resign and a new set of ministers appointed. According to clause 154 (E) of the Constitution, the Chief Minister is empowered to appoint ministers. I, as governor, have no authority to appoint or remove ministers. Therefore, Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran should resolve this matter without further delay," the Governor said during a visit to the Advanced Technological Institute in Jaffna.] – Daily Mirror article - 'To resolve ministerial dilemma: Better for NPC ministers to resign'
Article 154E of the Sri Lankan Constitution states:
[A Provincial Council shall, unless sooner dissolved, continue for a period of five years from the date appointed for its first meeting and the expiration of the said period of five years shall operate as a dissolution of the Council.]
The Article that renders the authority to appoint ministers states as follows:

[154F. (5) The Governor shall, on the advice of the Chief Minister, appoint from among the members of the Provincial Council constituted for that Province, the other Ministers.]
The statements by the Governor at an educational institution are clearly in breach of the above provisions of the Constitution. The Governor has to act as per the advice of the Chief Minister.

Article 154F in fact protects the Chief Minister as follows:
(1) There shall be a Board of Ministers with the Chief Minister at the head and not more than four other Ministers to aid and advise the Governor of a Province in the exercise of his functions. The Governor shall, in the exercise of his functions, act in accordance with such advice, except in so far as he is by or under the Constitution required to exercise his functions or any of them in his discretion.
 (2) If any question arises whether any matter is or is not a matter as respects which the Governor is by or under this Constitution required to act in his discretion, the decision of the Governor in his discretion shall be final and the validity of anything done by the Governor shall not be called in question in any Court on the ground that he ought or ought not have acted on his discretion. The exercise of the Governor’s discretion shall be on the President’s directions.
(3) The question whether any, and if so what, advice was tendered by the Ministers to the Governor shall not be, inquired into in any Court.
Where the law is silent, Discretionary powers could be used. As per 154F (2).
If Mr Cooray executed the decision to terminate – as per his discretionary powers – but did so without specific directions from the President – then he has clearly acted in breach of the Constitution and implicated the President also.
Mr Reginald Cooray is unfit to be the Governor of Jaffna and therefore Northern Province. The President owes the People of Northern Province an apology for failing to discipline his Governor before the matter went to Court. It was a clear case of negligence of DUTY that Sri Lanka cannot afford at current times.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

13 August 2018

Chain-ganging by Sinhalese Autocrats

In Sri Lanka, the threat to the position of Opposition Leadership held by Tamils is becoming stronger:
[ Speaking to the Sunday Observer, JO frontliner Dullas Alahapperuma said if the Joint Opposition party leaders who are scheduled to meet on Tuesday (14) unanimously endorse the decision to quit the UPFA steps will be taken to give effect to that decision with immediate effect. Accordingly 70 MPs in the Joint Opposition (JO) could breakaway to form an independent group.]

If Tamils became Opposition Leadership despite being minority group – that was because Tamils  as a community did not think of Sinhalese as their enemies. Hence, a good proportion of Sinhalese became the messengers through whom Tamils who had by then acquired  the  strength of Balance of Power exercised their  Power to uphold Ethnic Equality.
 Given that Sri Lankan Government had spent billions in war – it would have been economically more prudent to not have the war. But to prevent war, the Senior needs to keep the Junior within Senior’s circle of belief. In Democracy – this is achieved through Balance of Power:
[The balance of power theory in international relations suggests that national security is enhanced when military capability is distributed so that no one state is strong enough to dominate all others. If one state becomes much stronger than others, the theory predicts that it will take advantage of its strength and attack weaker neighbors, thereby providing an incentive for those threatened to unite in a defensive coalition. Some realists maintain that this would be more stable as aggression would appear unattractive and would be averted if there was equilibrium of power between the rival coalitions] - Wikipedia
With China and India getting their shares of the Sri Lankan war-loot, Sri Lanka at Regional level is playing the parallel of the role of Tamils at National level within Sri Lanka. The more global minded Sri Lankan Tamils become – the stronger their Natural Powers to invoke Global support in addition to forming coalition group with India through Hindu power. Taking-over the position of Opposition Leadership is to forget about Tamils and therefore the war-threat. Sri Lankan Governance at real levels has restructured Itself and it would be unwise to go back to the old ways of bipolar disorder of forgetting and invading respectively  when reminded that Tamils also have Indigenous power. Sinhalese who desired Rule by Majority power rather than by Common belief and Common law, would have automatically inherited fear of Majority power in Tamil Nadu – which is more than 3 times the total population of Sinhalese in Sri Lanka.  Sinhalese’s Goliath is India’s Tamil Nadu.
As per my interpretation, indigenous mind has no other ownership memory. Whatever the provocation, one who has knowledge of other forms of ownership – including Buddhism that is not Native to Sri Lanka – has no authority to take power over a native – be it Tamil or Sinhalese. When this RULE is overridden that Land will quake to return the attack – as demonstrated by the Hindu legend – where the caning pain given to Lord Shiva was felt by the  Ruler:
[Legend has it that King Thirumalai Naick had ordered his subjects to build a mammoth bund near the Vaigai river to protect people from flood. An aged woman, Vanthiammai, was unable to carry baskets of mud but offered to trade a handful of ‘puttu’ to those who would help her. Lord Shiva is believed to have appeared in the guise of a young man and offered to work for her but dozed off on the riverbed after eating the ‘puttu.’ On noticing this, the king struck him with a cane and a miracle is believed to have occurred as the blow landed on everyone’s back, including that of the king himself.. ] – The Hindu
In my mind there is no conscious connection between the subject matter of Opposition Leadership and the above mentioned  Hindu Legend. Today is Aadi Pooram – the day majority Indigenous Tamils (including around our temple in Vaddukoddai) celebrate the restructure of a woman from daughter to motherhood. Mathurai where the above legend was born – is known as female headed territory. Hence Mathrai – Aatchi (Rule) where woman is the head of the household. Likewise where minority is ruling head.  Women headed households in war affected areas – add to the power of destruction of Man-headed regimes in various forms. A woman has stored latent power, while man’s is generally apparent and/or known power.
Where there is insufficient Trust / Belief to ‘include’,  Democracy entitles us to publish our side independent of the other. Now we are learning  that the President is planning on writing the ‘history of war’ against the LTTE. The Sunday Times reports as follows:
[Not only Sri Lankans, but the whole world knows that it was under the then President Mahinda Rajapaksa that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was militarily defeated. That has never remained in doubt or a matter of dispute.] - President Sirisena meets former military commanders to compile war history

To match the above,  the Tamil National Alliance – has the Democratic DUTY to write how  under the Leadership of the honourable Rajavarothiam  Sampathan, Sri Lankan Tamils defeated those who celebrated victory over their own citizens. Defeating LTTE would have been disciplinary action to a truly ‘inclusive’ Government. By celebrating victory – the Government is confirming that LTTE and therefore Tamils are outsiders to Sri Lanka – a claim confirmed by many Sinhalese Politicians as well as others like General Sarath Foneseka. Foreign Journalists and Observers were first expelled from the battle environment. The fact that the UN was also expelled confirms that UN was foreigner to the then Government. In TNA’s book – we need to chronicle what happened to make Tamils foreigners in their own land. This injustice was in Reserve, and contributed to strengthen  the foundation of the Tamil claim for Separation of Powers – on the same footing as Separation of Powers between the Judiciary and the Executive – of the standard that UN espouses.
The two would then ‘Balance’ each other out. Otherwise the President’s move would sow the seeds for another war – more ferocious due to global players becoming ‘insiders’ now.
No, we individuals cannot stop the Goliath. But our Belief in our divine sovereignty has the power to prevent Goliath ‘winning’ through majority power. We need Belief in Constitutional Power – as David believed in his own Constitutional / Sovereign power.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

12 August 2018

Tamils Leading Opposition in Sri Lanka – An Act of God

[When the current Opposition Leader R.Sampanthan was appointed to this post in September 2015 there was all round approval for him even by the hard-line Sinhala MPs in parliament. There was no question about his qualifications and experience and many expected the senior politician to deliver the goods on behalf of the minority Tamils. ] – Daily Mirror article ‘Opposing Sampanthan, is this the time?
The question here is who appointed Mr Sampanthan as Opposition Leader? – the President, the Prime Minister, Majority Members of Parliament ?  NO. The system of Democracy appointed Mr Sampanthan through himself. Not only Tamils and but other races – especially Sinhalese also contributed to this through their investment in Self Governance. The minds of the architects and maintainers of the system of Democracy connected through Belief to make this possible.
The author of the above article states ‘it’s wise to have Sampanthan continuing in this pivotal post, given that the outside world is monitoring the welfare of this minority group during the post war reconciliation process
That reminds me of  my own words to my parallel of Central Administration at the University of NSW to whom I wrote a long memo (Appendix) after I felt suppressed. – I wrote to my senior as follows ‘… At that time you said that Mr. Lidbury had said ‘what if the Auditors saw this?’.  I then said to you ‘Why? Do we have anything to hide? Let us do it right and fear no one.’ The Auditor General did not need my memo’ to find out – he found out himself – as was confirmed by his report that was published in the Sydney Morning Herald of 05 November ’98. Had your department heard me and discussed matters objectively – we would today have progressed well in the direction of true Accrual Accounting and effective Budgetary and Reporting Systems.’ – Appendix 3 Naan Australian
[Note : It was on 05 November 1998 that Kungkumum (Red Holy Powder) manifested on my picture of Sri Sathya Sai Baba – even though I was not a devotee back then – but kept the picture in appreciation of my cousin Vara Acca – whose son was killed in 1983, in India by Tamils who mistook him for Sinhalese. That manifestation, to me was Divine intervention – meaning the consolidated value of my investment in my Sovereignty]
It was much later that I realized that back then in Australia, I was going through the experience of ‘preserving my sovereignty’ through the system of Democracy which was designed to redeem those who successfully maintained their sense of ‘independence’ despite the pain by autocrats who lacked belief.  Given that majority in Sri Lanka who ‘included’ me were of Tamil origin – my investment in Democracy at Energy level would have naturally added Itself to that of Tamils to ‘show’ the value of their investment at the elevated level. Even now, the best contribution I make o Sri Lanka is through that side that ‘includes’ me naturally. That is the value of Commonness.  Tamil activists in the Diaspora who actively show opposition to anything that seems Sinhala-Buddhism – would not feel naturally empowered by this Energy because they practice reverse autocracy. This includes Mr Wigneswaran who is  contrasted as follows in the article:
[Sampanthan, unlike the Chief Minister of the Northern Province, C.V Wigneswaran, has found a way to coexist with the Yahapalana regime. He seems to prefer the non-aggressive approach to find a political solution to the national question. 
In the meanwhile, the Government has found it a challenge to deal with Wigneswaran who prefers to put across his views and demands with a clenched fist. What Sampanthan has to realise is that nothing gets done in Sri Lanka without the parties that are in need staging protest or making aggressive demands. Many felt that Sampanthan was too soft in his stance as Opposition Leader, hence the little progress he has made in winning the rights of the Tamil community. ]
If Mr Wigneswaran had been the leader of the Opposition in National Parliament – he would have invoked another war by now – by empowering the activists in Parliament. During our recent discussions within the Tamil Diaspora, I said to a guy who ‘opposed’ anything ‘Sri’ at form level – that he was becoming more like Cyril Mathew who according to Dr Dayan Jayatilleke’s father Mr Mervyn de Silva stated ‘The history of Sri Lanka, … was the history of the Sinhalese, ‘and nothing else.’
I then used the Mahabharatham example of Sakuni – the mentor of majority side, whose gambling dice were his weapons. According to the legend when Lord Krishna stood in front of the mirror that showed the image of one who thought of the person most – the mirror showed Sakuni. Normal mirrors reflect oneself. This mirror reflected the one who thought of our form most. During the panel discussion on Shakthi TV – this ‘influence’ was expressed in relation to Mr Sumanthiran – the leadership heir of TNA – that he was Rajapaksa speaking in Tamil. To the extent agreements are at surface level minorities are likely to be influenced by majority. Hence the DUTY to oppose at form level.
Those who are limited to form – would start gambling through what happened, once they exhaust the Belief based Energy. That is the lesson we learn through Sakuni character who is for himself, with very little investment in commonness. Any opposition in Democracy, beyond our Belief,  generates enemies and therefore war.  The deeper our investment in an issue the wider our network through Belief.
The more Tamils believe through Hinduism the stronger the Natural support from India – the world’s largest Democracy. That kind of belief based support is confidentially and naturally shared. But to access it we need to feel and not merely think. To some such manifestations may seem coincidental. But believers know.
Tamil Leadership in Parliament may come to any end with the next election. But Tamils must actively oppose autocratic ways – to maintain the Spirit of Democracy which seems to evade majority race who tell more than they listen. If leaders of  majority race listen as Sri Lankans -  they would naturally include minority races. If they fail, we would repeat the war-experience.

Excerpt from Appendix 3 Naan Australian

Note – FSD = Financial Services Division – part of  Central Administration.
……As I asked you then – do you go through the same process with all the Admin Officers in all the faculties? If so – how come I was not instructed to do this when I was part of  FSD?  It is a clear case of discrimination to me and through this communication which is being copied to the Director of Human Resources – I am lodging a formal complaint – not just about what happened today – but also what you did back then. You even wanted to check with my former employers just because I had criticized the FSD systems. I was not just critical – I gave you the answers. At that time you said that Mr. Lidbury had said ‘what if the Auditors saw this?’.  I then said to you ‘Why? Do we have anything to hide? Let us do it right and fear no one.’ The Auditor General did not need my memo’ to find out – he found out himself – as was confirmed by his report that was published in the Sydney Morning Herald of 05 November ’98. Had your department heard me and discussed matters objectively – we would today have progressed well in the direction of true Accrual Accounting and effective Budgetary and Reporting Systems. Despite all this – this is exactly what I am giving the schools – and more. I give them Cost Benefit Analyses by Subject and by Staff – so they can operate more efficiently and effectively. You and others within FSD will not stop me from helping the schools. All you are doing is to slow down the pace of progress. But despite your hindrance progress will take place – whilst your department adds to the cost of bureaucracy that brings little or negative value in some instances. If your department had given the service – the schools would not have called me back. Back then you wanted reference checks even though it was all done when I was first recruited – as Jeff Warnock confirmed. If you had gone ahead – you would have only heard good things about me Kerry – as you would from the schools again. In your vocabulary – when someone suggests some progressive ways – that person has an attitude problem. I hear that FSD is now considering Grant Reporting on Accrual basis – the issue over which all my problems with FSD started in the first instance. Ironical isn’t it? That you harass me and I resign and then you propose to adopt the very system I recommended in the first instance. That’s justice for you. What will you do this time – harass me enough so I leave and then adopt Cost Benefit Analyses? One needs wisdom in these systems Kerry. If you had contacted my previous employers this is exactly what they would have told you – that I turned them from Cash Accounting to fully Fledged Accrual Accounting Business Units with monthly Reporting which included Cash Flow Statements and Variance Analyses – using Key Performance Indicators. That is what I am trying to develop within the schools and I am succeeding. The Heads of Schools are very interested and have started using the reports. If you want to hinder the process – please go ahead and make it more difficult for the likes of me who want to do an honest job. At the end of the day that is what you carry inside you – not your money not your position – but the satisfaction that you have done an honest job and helped the needy. I have faith in the Australian system of democracy – I know it will help me achieve this. After what you and your department did to me last time – I wrote to one of my referees Ms Colleen Moore and told her that she will not be my referee in future. I could not face the humiliation of her thinking that my services were not valued by UNSW. She was my supervisor for five years and would cry each time I wanted to leave. I went from $29k p.a. to $110K p.a. within two years. That is how highly I was valued by the Commercial Services Group. This was repeated at Health Services. And yet you could not gather all this from the certificates I had given you and the letters I wrote to you. You made up your mind that I was trouble. Anyone who differs in their views must be trouble makers in your eyes – the same quality that was so highly valued by other more progressive institutions. If you were any kind of professional you would fight me objectively Kerry – as you tried to – using Public Finance & Audit Act for an issue regarding receipts. If you recall, you were quoting section 12 of the Act. I then told you that section 12 referred to Payments and not Receipts. I was able to tell you this – because I have wisdom in managing Public Finances. I designed Payment Vouchers and set up a fully integrated Purchasing and Accounts Payable system while at Commercial Services Group. I knew section 12 upside down. You only confirmed that you were trying to frighten me. Try someone else Kerry – I have too much wisdom for you to succeed with me. In the meantime you are providing poor leadership to those like Andrew and Penny. I strove so hard  to train Andrew in Customer Service – and I did succeed – as the schools would confirm. But you are now ruining it all for him. The schools will continue to get the service from me – but poor Andrew would  suffer.  Just last week I was saying to Phil that I would like to take Penny along with me to the schools so she would feel more comfortable to provide support services to them. But now you have ruined it all – by putting the fear into her and given her the impression that I am a social pariah in your eyes. Well done Kerry – Just remember that what goes around comes around. As a professional I would have expected you to read from the constitution and do your duty in accordance with the expectations of the law – not the biddings of others in power. I am truly disappointed with you and with Phil. Others within the profession would be embarrassed by  your(lack of)  professional standards. Just before I go – what you started off – results in me throwing away all my professional certificates and my references. I do it with my raw self from zero base now – that’s how much wisdom I carry.