Wednesday 3 May 2023


03 May 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





 Do monkeys have rights? As per Wikipedia:


Animal rights is the philosophy according to which many or all sentient animals have moral worth independent of their utility to humans, and that their most basic interests—such as avoiding suffering—should be afforded the same consideration as similar interests of human beings. Broadly speaking, and particularly in popular discourse, the term "animal rights" is often used synonymously with "animal protection" or "animal liberation". More narrowly, "animal rights" refers to the idea that many animals have fundamental rights to be treated with respect as individuals—rights to lifeliberty, and freedom from torture that may not be overridden by considerations of aggregate welfare.


In Hinduism animals are associated with divinity, and this naturally protects these animals. On top of the list are monkeys through Hanuman, who like Ganesh with elephant face, is a deity with monkey face.


Humans who consider animals as pets, share their consciousness with them. Hence when the animals are hurt, these humans are hurt.


The dog which is loved by majority Australians is protected naturally in Australia. Hindus consider dog to be the ‘vehicle’ of Vairavar – Lord Shiva in Trident form.


The Sunday Observer carries a report headed ‘How Sri Lanka’s ‘Monkey market’ became an overnight sensation’

As per this report:


Researcher Mathugama Seneviruwan said that farmers could use non-harmful tactics such as sound and the colouring of one monkey in the herd to prevent them from causing damage to crops. Through his observations, Seneviruwan suggested that farmers can grow several trees of cloves as the monkeys seem to prefer their shoots. “They eat the shoots of these trees and leave other crops unharmed,” he said. “We can even create various machines that emit sounds that prevent them from approaching agricultural crops,” he added.’


The problem is China who feels an outcast as Shylock did, seeks its pound of flesh. Hence monkeys unique to Sri Lanka, as compensation for loss of senior status due to restructure.


All of us Humans have the right to live in the country of our birth. To the extent we share our consciousness with animals, those animals also have the right to live in the country of their birth.


As per Hindus of Sri Lanka, the export of monkeys would result in monkeys becoming of utility value. This would include begging as we would have had to if not for the IMF redemption. Is China taking revenge by getting the monkeys for lesser purposes? It is time for Hindus to protest, in whatever way they can. The protest of a believer is heard directly by Truth - the Universal power. I believe and I protest.



 The return is likely to be loss of Hindu votes for those obeying China.

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