Saturday 6 May 2023


06 May 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





We contribute to common life through various pathways, including religion. Within each pathway, we contribute at various levels. Money level is the most visible level.  At this level, the two sides need to be equal to naturally become true power. The next higher level is persons. Highest is policy level where one contributes through Energy.


Yesterday, as I watched ‘Trial by fire’ based on Uphaar Cinema fire on Friday, 13 June 1997, my mind kept going to victims of the 2009 battle between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan armed forces. Later, when I searched, I learnt that the film relating to the Uphaar Cinema fire this ‘Border’ which was based on Indo-Pakistan war 1971. The theme of the film ‘Border’ and the one in my mind – the Sri Lankan war – were common.  The Sri Lankan war also was about ethnic borders based on religion.

In terms of Court processes, I identified myself through Mrs Neelam Krishnamurthy who lost both her children to the fire. Her commitment to process was effectively memorial service to those who died in the fire.



This morning when I came across the article headed ‘NCPA tells temples to prevent abuse of novice monks’ , I thought of child-soldiers recruited by the LTTE. Was that karma part of the reason for the suffering in 2009?

As per the Morning report:

The National Child Protection Authority, citing the increased incidence of assaults, physical, verbal and sexual abuse and harassment, against novice monks (samaneras) within temples, informed that it is the responsibility of the relevant clergy to take measures within the institution of the temples and their respective orders, to prevent such.

Chairman of the NCPA, Udayakumara Amarasinghe yesterday (4) said that the NCPA has already taken adequate steps against offenders who are accused of abusing novice monks in temples and has instructed the Police to take further actions if any criminal offences have been reported……..

The most recent incident which has been reported is from Pussellawa where an eight-year-old novice monk had been tortured by another two or three novice monks aged between 14 -15 years.’


As per my understanding of the system of Karma, our truth gets registered at the end of each chapter/completed experience.  Thereafter it leads us. If someone is denied their earned benefits, and that person follows due process with faith, there comes a time when Truth leads. Given that the LTTE was punished by the Sri Lankan government as ‘Terrorists’ , Truth will expose the parallels of the LTTE  weaknesses within the Buddhist system which is the direct responsibility of the government.

Buddha was a father when he renounced family life. He was not a child. Hence parents in family life have no moral authority to send their children to orphanages run my armed militants nor to monasteries.  It is the moral right of every child to be with her/his parent until 18. This law must be in the Fundamental Rights section of the Sri Lankan Constitution.

Where there is a right, there is responsibility. When the responsibility is fulfilled, it becomes moral law of that person / institution. Wherever the official system is weak, the moral law needs to be facilitated for Dharma to prevail.

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