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02 May 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





On 27 April, I wrote under the heading ‘BUDDHISM FOREMOST OR NIRVANA?


Today, I read Australian ABC’s report headed ‘I left home to live in Sri Lanka with Buddhist monks and found the true meaning of happiness’

By Sath Nadesan

at https://www.abc.net.au/everyday/i-left-home-to-live-in-sri-lanka-with-buddhist-monks-and-found-t/102278242


In the meantime, a group of members of the Sri Lankan Diaspora were discussing various interpretations including of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, whose speech was the opening paragraph of  my article. Included was Dr Nadesn, with the same surname as Sath, the comedian. Dr Nadesan presented himself as ‘forensic pathologist’ .


The forensic pathologist asked me during the discussion yesterday. :

Do you know that only the dead speak the truth?



Following is an excerpt:

Gaja: You ask Do you know that only the dead speak the truth?


False. I speak the truth and I know myself. You lie and hence you claim that only the dead speak the truth.  Seen through Shiva philosophy, your claim means ‘transcendence’.

You state:

[So forensic medicine is an art of medicine where one deals with the living and the dead and elicits the truth.]


There you go, contradicting yourself. When the body you are examining is dead, you speak to yourself. But when you present it to the living, to the living give you ‘facts’. They also hear your facts. Facts have their own bodies. You need to treat them as being naked without bodies. That is known as Naked state/Nirvana.


In this topic ‘BUDHISM FOREMOST OR NIRVANA?’ Buddhism foremost is a Fact imprisoned in political benefit. See how Nirvana which is Absolute state facilitated me – an apparent Hindu to identify with your truth through this forum? The makers have custody. Believers have ownership which takes form as per its own Will. Happy Buddha Poornima!


Comedian Sath Nadesan shares his experience as follows:

[In May 2022, I sold everything I owned and headed to a small Sri Lankan village to live within a community of Buddhist monks.

My life in Sydney had become mundane. I was comfortable, but I was too comfortable. I was cruising along – performing stand-up comedy, hanging out with my mates and working a job I didn't completely despise.]

Dr Nadesan wrote to his friend:

[Dear Asoka, don't take Gaja seriously. For me during my retired life it is a way of passing my time. I also enjoy arguments and debates and discussion. As a forensic medical practitioner this deliberation is the main part of the profession, for prosecution or defense. She has no clue about these matters and going by glancing at wikipedia will obviously take her in a wrong path. So mate, just enjoy the fun. But our lengthy discussions will obviously bore others and we become a nuisance to them. I know almost all just delete the posts.]


Comedian Nadesan states:

[My seven months in the village was a challenging but transformative. I learned about community, self-discovery and the true meaning of happiness. Without the distractions of technology, I was able to connect with myself and my surroundings in a way I never thought possible.

Now that I'm back in Sydney, I see the world with fresh eyes.

I am grateful to be back home. And I'm excited to see where this new perspective takes me as I continue exploring the path towards a more fulfilling existence — this time with warm showers.]

My parallel of the  ‘Buddhist village is Thunaivi.  There I am ‘Amma/ Ma’ to most folks. They confirm the ‘position’ taken by me. This naturally helps eliminate caste related discrimination karma which mutated as racial discrimination.

Here in Australia, I continue to be demoted from the positions I take. Those who demote me group themselves with those against whom I took action as per my belief that it was due to my race. The book I wrote ‘Naan Australian’ found its way to the National Library of Australia. That is the way of Truth.


Sath Nadesan forewent physical and mental comforts and feels happier. That is the real value of Sri Lankans – living in North or South as Buddhists or non-Buddhists. One needs ‘freedom of thought’ which happens naturally when one believes in oneself , despite the bullying by seniors who desire fun, by trying to make others their juniors. This time I asked Buddha and Buddhism delivered.


Every natural manifestation happens when the required Energy level is reached. Such Energy spreads itself. That confirms Self Governance.

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