Thursday 1 July 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

01 July 2021



Yesterday, an email from the Australian government drew my attention to Australian of the Year award list which included the name of Miss Grace Tame - as Advocate for survivors of sexual assault. In addition, the government encourages community participation through

Contribution  to greater community resilience and wellbeing by addressing crime, anti-social behaviour and other security risks

I believe that this is essentially included in my regular sharing with the Government and the Public. To me, Australia and Sri Lanka are Common and hence the way I feel in one nation, would affect the other for better or for worse. I read today’s Sri Lankan reports in this frame of mind, in relation to sexual misconduct.

The Morning Lanka news report was headed ‘Seventeen arrested in connection with the 15-year-old girl sold online’. At one time, I would have avoided reading such ugliness. But through my email sharing as well as my work in Northern Sri Lanka, I have accepted that as part of our reality. Such realities are suppressed in the name of ‘confidentiality’ when we are rewarded for behaving ourselves. But if left uncured they surface in free environments.

The treatment of Miss Premawathi Manamperi in 1971 highlights the extent to which the dignity of a woman was disrespected by Sri Lankan armed forces:

[On 5 April 1971, JVP insurrection started and Kataragama was a center of insurgent activity. The small Kataragama police station, under Sub Inspector Udawatte was attacked several times by insurgents and the police withdrew from Kataragama. Colonel Derrick Nugawela was appointed military coordinating officer, Hambantota District on 11 April 1971, began organizing the military units in the area to counter the insurgents and re-established government control in the district. Having entered and established control of the town of Tissamaharama, a platoon of troops from the Gemunu Watch held by Lieutenant Alfred Wijesuriya, a volunteer officer moved on Kataragama on the 16 April under the orders of Colonel Nugawela. They entered Kataragama and established camp at the Kataragama Pilgrim's Rest with limited opposition. Inspector Udawatte and his policemen were ordered to move into the army camp, as the police station was damaged in the attacks. On the 16 April Inspector Udawatte and three police constables came in a jeep and arrested Premawathie at her home. That day several girls, including Premawathi, who were believed to be involved with the rebels were arrested.

Premawathi was tortured through the night to no avail revealing nothing about her activities. Infuriated the lieutenant made Premawathi take off her clothes raised her hands and ordered to walk across the town nude while been beaten by him and another officer. She walked towards Kataragama town. Finally stopping near a post office, the officers opened fire on the girl and buried her alive. They returned on two separate occasions to finish her off. The lieutenant ordered the girl's body to be buried. That task was assigned to a man named Aladdin from Kataragama.

At first, the soldiers refused to give water, but later they did. Sergeant Ratnayake came and shot her but she did not die. Aladdin, along with several other men, dug a hole and prepared to bury her, but she was not dead at the time and could not be buried alive. Recognizing Aladdin, Premawathie took off her earrings and asked her mother to give them to her sister. Shortly afterwards, a soldier approached her and shot her in the head. She ultimately died from a bullet to the head from a rifle of an unknown soldier.] Wikipedia


To the extent the above conduct was by officers in uniform and the officers were not punished / disciplined by the government, the pain and suffering of the lady would become a natural curse on the officers and the government. It is significant that Miss Premawathi Manamperi  was a Dhamma Teacher at the Kataragama Dhamma School. When that lady was insulted that Dhamma School was insulted. The army officer concerned was from Gemunu watch – which is reported to mean - "King Dutugemunu's Own".

As per the press report on the online sale of the young girl :

[Among those arrested were the girl’s mother, the mistress of the person who sold the girl, two three-wheeler and car drivers who took the girl to each location and the person who created the advertisement for selling the girl.]

That confirms serious disorder in that part of Sri Lankan society. There is ‘free passage’ of that disorder to the government where commitment to law and order is weak. The current President may be so committed in his family life. But when he took oaths at  Ruwanwelisaya, Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa inherited Gemunu watch / King Dutugemunu's Own regiment which carries the curse of holy shrine Kathirgamam.

One who seeks deep will make the connection to the release of Mr Duminda Silva on the anniversary of the day Buddhism was brought to Sri Lanka by Arahat/ Saint Mahinda. One who pardons on that day is taking the leadership position of that realised soul we celebrate. Given the lack of commitment to Equal Opportunity – that Saint’s Energy would invoke powers in the needy that would like Covid, punish the Crown. The Covid is as sovereign as the Saint. Both have no borders and they invoke themselves. Whenever the crown is weak – the covid in one form or the other would manifest. The 30 year armed war in Sri Lanka was also one such mutation.

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