Saturday 10 July 2021


The Hon Gladys Berejiklin, MP

Premier - NSW

Parliament House



10 July 2021


Dear Ms Berejiklin,




I write in reference to your media briefing this morning, on the importance of us appreciating and following  the lockdown rules. On Wednesday, during my walk along Coogee Beach, I sat down momentarily on a bench and was informed by two Police Officers to get moving. I was wearing mask and had no knowledge that there was a rule to say I could not sit down. But appreciating that rules changed frequently I said ‘sorry’ and walked home. The following day I noticed many sitting on the benches but I refrained from doing so. To me – a sacrifice of comfort towards common purpose has positive value. It helps me lead my juniors in family and community , here and in Sri Lanka, to do the right thing for common good.


We – my husband and I have not left home since then and are managing with what we have. We are over 70 and have not seen our grandchildren in two months. We have not pushed for early vaccination but are awaiting our turn. With all those adjustments – I was upset to note that during today’s media briefing, your group did not follow their parallels of these stricter lockdown rules. What was the need for that group to be physically present with members of your government who are expected to lead by example?  Could you not have done it online? Some were asking questions – such as about modelling that had the effect of diluting the focus on the importance to ‘stay at home’.


The seriousness needs to be confirmed by the adjustments you and your colleagues demonstrate in your own circles. That I believe would be when you would be empowered by our Energies that flow from our sacrifices.


Thank you for working exceptionally hard during this period.


Yours sincerely


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


CC: NSW Community Engagement


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