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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

23 July   2021


Indigenous Greek, Sinhala Buddhist or Tamil Hindu?


The two Island articles –  (1) ‘Dual citizens; shocking rape cases going unpunished’ and

(2) ‘How rebirth takes place’  have been published today by the Island newspaper – with a three hour gap.  Before reading either – I wrote to an Australian Tamil in a group of professionals about  King Wickramathithan as follows:

[How come you did not share the goodness of White Australians and the way I did? Because yours is merely intellectual and not belief as Common Australian? You need to have foregone something you thought was yours for the common good of Australia. If so you would have made the discovery before I did. Likewise in Sri Lanka. Each time you disrespect me – your Vethaalam climbs up the Murunga tree – meaning you get the curse of plagiarism as Puttapathan who shared the divine secret with his wife and became a corpse / Vethaalam.  His wife in turn was cursed to play Veena / intelligence in the dark / to disrespectful ignorant folks. To redeem the guy Kali asked for heads of 1000 kings. To my mind this means that a wise king like Wickramathithan is as rare as one in a thousand rulers.  ]


The first article mentioned above came from the above professional soon after my above response. In that the author has introduced a sub-heading ‘Rape rears its medusa head’ . Wikipedia presents Medusa as follows:

[In Greek mythologyMedusa  "guardian, protectress") also called Gorgo, was one of the three monstrous Gorgons, generally described as winged human females with living venomous snakes in place of hair.]

Gorgon is presented as follows:

[The name derives from the Ancient Greek word gorgós , which means 'grim or dreadful', and appears to come from the same root as the Sanskrit word garjana , which means a guttural sound, similar to the growling of a beast]

The second article mentioned above is stated to be fromTHE BUDDHA AND HIS TEACHINGS by Venerable Nārada Mahāthera

The Island confirmed that it had space for Greek ancestry as well as Buddhist ancestry at the same time. This is accepted by Buddhism as confirmed by the above author:

[“What do you think, O King? Suppose two birds were flying in the air and they should settle at the same time, one upon a high and the other upon a low tree, which bird’s shade would first fall upon the earth, and which bird’s later?”

“Both shadows would appear at the same time, not one of them earlier and the other later. “]

If the above is accepted as being in harmony with Buddha Sasana then one is able to accept that the Buddhist mind is accepting of Dual Citizens making laws at the same time. We have accepted this for a long time. The Sri Lankan Constitution provides for this through articles 9 applicable specifically to Buddhists. This article does not apply to Non-Buddhists. The above mentioned article 1 published by the Island concludes:

[Rape and molesting children are extra extra-nasty social evils. The perpetrators must be severely punished. In Saudi Arabia it was said that stealing was punished with hands amputated so…]

But in Greek mythology or legend – Venus – the goddess of love as we see her today also has her hands missing. As per Wikipedia – this seems to have Muslim influence:

[It is generally asserted that the Venus de Milo was discovered on 8 April 1820 by a peasant named Yorgos Kentrotas, inside a buried niche within the ancient city ruins of Milos. Milos is the current village of Trypiti, on the island of Milos (also called Melos, or Milo) in the Aegean, which was then a part of the Ottoman Empire]

If therefore the narrator is Greek – missing limbs could denote love and not punishment. In this instance – Muslim elders have the authority to judge. Otherwise Hindu parallel of Medusa – Mother Kali may ask for the heads of 1000 rulers to equate the intelligence stolen by soldiers ruling over civilians.

We Sri Lankans caught by Triple Citizenship could not be enjoying the level of harmony we enjoy – without bending the rules through our truth. Without belief we would break the rules and that causes separation. Hence we must be often using truth as per our conscience instead of the law. This needs to be respected by any judge – just as Prescriptive rights are recognised by the law.

Here in Australia – in terms of Covid vaccine also we have the duality dilemma – between local Astra Zeneca and American Pfizer. I went along with the government and accepted the Australian product with faith. Now I have greater authority over young ones who got the American mind into their Australian arms.

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