Wednesday 7 July 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

07 July 2021



We talk about Freedom of the Media. Why is it important for Democratic Media to have freedom? I believe that it is essential for the People to complete their experiences at their respective levels. Whenever we discover truth – we complete our experience. It is therefore essential in a democracy for the voter to complete her/his experience at her/his level. That truth is a Universal power and is perfect. From then on, that Universal power leads us. I realised this through my own experiences here in Australia. It took me a long time to appreciate why I acted as I did – spontaneously – for example when I resigned from my substantive position at the University of New South Wales on 11 August 1998, after I felt hurt by Ms Pauline Hanson’s declaration the previous night. My letter of resignation included the following:

[I heard Pauline Hanson on the 4 Corners Programme last night. Ms Hanson suggests that we go back to our countries of origin if we cannot be like them. It hurts that we even have to hear such things. In the name of ‘Freedom of Speech’ we – the new Australians are being made to lose our freedom to live as individuals. If the leadership of Australia is unable to turn it around – to make up for their negligence in failing to hear the cries of new Australians – one has to wonder whether Ms Hanson is expressing what these leaders (and employers) feel themselves in their heart of hearts. This is the million dollar question to which I have been seeking a favourable answer – that the leaders of the country to which we brought our children and made them call it their ‘home’ would ensure that it is ‘home’ for our children. But, my experience during the past 13 years has failed to deliver the answer that I have been seeking so desperately. When an educational institution such as the University of New South Wales also demonstrated that it was no different – I do not wish to waste any more time – hoping.]

Since then I lived as per the ‘allocated’ position which was far below my earned position on merit basis. At that allocated level – I became less tolerant of authority and hence started ‘protesting’ – as per the Australian culture. Eliminating my earned status was very painful but my truth got me there. Thereafter I was ‘free’ and fully democratic. My Energies naturally promoted Democracy – including in Sri Lanka – where I established my own structure in Northern Province.

The above experience came to my mind – without any anxiety – when I read the Elanka article ‘Port City meant to ‘Slay Two Birds with One Stone’-by Trevor Jayetileke who states:


[The BRI Concept of President Xi was initially spoken by him in the Caspian region in 2013 and subsequently in Indonesia and then in early 2014 when our Foreign Minister  went to China to obtain its support for the UNCHR Resolution that was coming up in Geneva late March 2014   President Xi requested our support for China’s BRI and this was conveyed to our President at that time Mahinda Rajapakse an Alumni of Thurstan College, Colombo  who took it up with both hands having put much required Economic and Social infrastructure in place after the end of the long debacle with LTTE in May 2009.]


If the above did happen – then China blocked the 2009 karma happening within Sri Lanka’s sovereign territory. In other words, like in Covid pandemic, when the borders were closed, the war borders were not closed to balance the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.  If defeating the LTTE meant economic hardship – Sri Lankans needed to go through such hardship to complete the experience. The above means that China’s vote in UNHRC was on quid pro quo basis. Hambantota port construction is reported to have commenced in January 2008. Of significance is the fact that the Rajapaksa government, on 02 January 2008 announced its withdrawal from the Ceasefire  agreement made in 2002 under the leadership of Mr Wickremesinghe:


[In 2007, the government shifted its offensive to the north of the country, and formally announced its withdrawal from the ceasefire agreement on 2 January 2008, alleging that the LTTE violated the agreement over 10,000 times. Since then, aided by the destruction of a number of large arms smuggling vessels that belonged to the LTTE, and an international crackdown on the funding for the Tamil Tigers, the government took control of the entire area previously controlled by the Tamil Tigers, including their de facto capital Kilinochchi, main military base Mullaitivu and the entire A9 highway, leading the LTTE to finally admit defeat on 17 May 2009.] Wikipedia


If the Sri Lankan government was committed to self-governance, it is highly unlikely that the Hambantota Port project would have commenced around the same time the withdrawal from the Ceasefire agreement happened – especially due to foreign funding that the LTTE was supported by. The deal was completed in Geneva in 2014 when China supported the Rajapaksa government at UNHRC


The karma of horse-trading continued in 2018 during the Constitutional Crisis. As per the Timing and hence ‘Time will tell’ theory – China funded the Port to defeat the LTTE.  This makes it Genocide


How come Mr Trevor Jayetileke Vice-Chairman of the Australia Sri Lanka Council Inc. in Melbourne, estb.1994., is blind to this connection. More importantly how come Elanka lacks the commitment to Truth and therefore entitlement to Freedom to publish?









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