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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

03 July 2021




Common manifestations happen through merged Energies. When we interpret them as per our own truth those interpretations become ours. The Tamil side experience of the Sri Lankan ethnic conflict would therefore be different to that of the Sinhalese. The Indian Tamil interpretation would also be different to that of the Sri Lankan Tamil interpretation. Below is an example on the basis of the film ‘Methagu’




'மேதகு' எனும் வரலாற்று காவியத்தை பாராட்டுகிறோம் / We celebrate Methagu – the historic epic


Independent Tamil Diaspora leader

Though I still have not watched this movie "Methagu" (I prefer not to), I agree with what you wrote and the feelings within!.

Well said and done.

Given that the latter is based on my interpretation, and I know that I wrote on the basis of my truth, the identity represents the combined value of our truth, raised to the exponential value of the higher contributor. This is why in Democracy, it is important to facilitate participation by primary level investors.

Did the American group share its truth? An inquiry into their work in relation to the ethnic issue took me to the following about ‘Hindu’:

[G. Kasturi and the Eelam Issue

A Critique

The tragedy of the Hindu is the tragedy of newspaper editors who allow themselves to be sucked into the decision-making processes of their governments! [Tamil Times, London, October 1988, p.12]

My verdict: Those who read the editorials presented in the Appendix can recognize that Kasturi posed as a wiseacre and his wishy-washy writing style was verbose, pretentious, repetitive, unimaginative and unrealistic to the aspirations of Eelam Tamils. Last but not the least, his written stuff was boring to read!]

by Sachi Sri Kantha, October 24, 2012

The Hindu’s collection of mish-mash tributes

[We should not forget that it was when G.Kasturi was at the helm, that the Hindu published a premature obituary of LTTE leader Prabhakaran in July 1989. It was one of the biggest blunders in the history of Hindu’s 110 years of journalism. Those who sing elegy to Kasturi wouldn’t like this to be reminded. A responsible editor would not have permitted this sort of attention-grabbing gimmickry to adorn his newspaper’s pages, even at the insistence of nation’s gumshoes for whatever reasons. But, it did happen during Kasturi’s time!] Sachi Sri Kantha

As per my interpretation – the LTTE leader was not a hero back then and hence the ‘attitude’. The mistake through which  the Hindu was found fault with, by back then has happened – this time through publishing work in praise of Indian Tamils (through Methagu) above the interpretation of Jaffna Tamils whose interpretations were/are important in terms of Ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. In both instances hasty reporting is the reason.


The Ethnic war in Sri Lanka included India’s contribution. To my mind, it was to the ‘Common pool’ to the extent it was based on belief. Where money drove the relationship – India’s contribution went towards separation from the group that produced the sovereign group that we believed we were a part of.  The American Tamil group’s interpretation confirms their own truth in this matter. My responses confirm mine:


Alleged Declaration by LTTE leader published through Methagu – and interpreted by American Tamil Sangam and my interpretation:


(1) Methagu VP: "இயற்கை எனது  நண்பன்" -  Nature is my Friend

Gaja: Why did you use weapons that destroy the environment – especially the Peace of the jungles


(2) Methagu VP:"வாழ்க்கை எனது தத்துவாசிரியன்" – My life is my Philosopher

Gaja: Which part of your life taught you to kill Tamil politicians  who made the declaration of belief that they were self-governing


(3) Methagu VP:"வரலாறு எனது வழிகாட்டி" – History is my Guide

Gaja: Did the intellectual politician guide you to copy Armed Sinhalese who killed their leaders?

(4) Methagu VP:" சிங்கள ஆட்சியாளர்கள்  உண்மையான பெளத்தா்களாக இருந்திருந்தால் நாம்  
ஆயுதம் தூக்கி இருக்க மாட்டோம் " – If Sinhala politicians had been true Buddhists we would not have resorted to arms

Gaja: Did you use Buddha Sasana to measure whether they were true or not? Or given that you converted to Christianity – did you measure them through the Christian Bible? If yes, why did you not turn the other cheek?

The indicator from within is as follows:


The director of the above film – Mr Kittu is reported to have been from Naam Thamilar Party in Tamil Nadu.


On 07 June 2021 – I wrote under the heading

AMERICAN CONGRESS IS NAAM CONGRESS?’ which was based on the knowledge of US Congress resolution in reference to north and east of Sri Lanka as the “traditional Tamil homeland.”

Yesterday, I learnt that Tamil Sangam of America was also part  of the manifestation of  the above through its endorsement of the film Methagu.

Is Methagu getting the Sri Lankan Tamil ready for another war – this time against Chinese troops also?



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