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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

10 July   2021






Majority Sri Lankans known to me are affected by their horoscopes. Recently, I explained it as follows:

[The Accounting  parallel of the horoscope,  is the Balance Sheet. It shows the State of Affairs at a certain point in time. If you open it at a later time, you would distort the causes and effects of current period. Hence old transactions are shown as special items. Likewise in our lives, the past is – as Saint Yoga Swami said ‘Eppavoh Mudintha Kaariyam’ / ‘Matter Completed long ago’. At the close of the experience – the net value of our operations for the period are added to ‘Assets or Liabilities.’ The directors have to declare that the Balance Sheet reflects a true and fair view of the State of Affairs of the organization and the auditors have to certify it.]

Yesterday I asked ‘DID BASIL TAKE PFIZER OR SINOPHARM ?’ This morning the answer published by Daily Mirror was brought  to my attention:


Sri Lanka batting coach refused vaccination, urged for Pfizer’:

SLC Secretary Mohan de Silva said Flower did not take the first dose of his vaccination when the others had it a few weeks ago. 

He said Flower refused the Chinese and Russian made vaccines because  he claimed he could not travel to his country unless he was vaccinated with a recommend vaccine such as Pfizer.

Accordingly, the SLC will administer Flower, a former Zimbabwe cricketer, with the Pfizer vaccine when he recovers, the Secretary said.

Flower, 50, had returned from England where Sri Lanka played a one-day and Twenty20 international series and was preparing for next week's matches with India when he showed coronavirus symptoms.]


My contribution to Equal Opportunity issue before I began my work yesterday, were my opening Balance Sheet. The above question about Basil was the net value added or taken away. As per my knowledge, my work has not published been published by Daily Mirror. Yet as a reader – I identified with the ‘global’ part of my work through Mr Grant Flower. Later today, I was directed to a Sinhalese video clip by Mr Yohan Senevirathne, in which he declares that Mr Basil Rajapaksa must go back to America.

Through the 20th Amendment to the constitution, the current government approved Dual Citizens being in Parliament. Is it morally right ? Being Sri Lankan is an vertical ancestral power. Being American is lateral power. Can both be true at the same time? As per my discovery, when one works, the other ceases to work. As per my simple mind – when I mentally trace through the Y index, I cannot trace through the x index simultaneously.

I am also a dual citizen. But in Sri Lanka, I do not take any current benefits. I believe that my contributions therefore go direct to ownership through global part of Sri Lanka. If therefore Mr Basil Rajapaksa takes no remuneration through his current contributions his ownership would be of global standards and Sri Lanka would naturally be richer for it.

I quote fellow Australian of Sri Lankan origin, Mr Trevor Jayetileke who received mention in my article ‘DID CHINA COMMIT GENOCIDE IN SRI LANKA?’

 who responded to me as follows:

[The Bible says "Without leaders of Wisdom a Country could Perish".

That is the problem of Ceylon after 1948 it was left by Britain with Sterling Reserves and now in 2021 without Dollars.


We need common intelligence. The more money we take for our public service – the less intelligence we have to work the nation.

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