Friday 9 July 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

09 July   2021






A member of  my inner circle of belief referred me to the article ‘Coat, Shirt & Starched Collar, Pocket No Dollar’ article by Professor Hoole. The article concludes as follows:


[Do not listen to the government’s entreaties to bring in dollars, however high the interest rate the government offers. It is likely to be locked out of your use. The only good thing is that bankers say the government will not touch those deposits because that would mean the system has collapsed. But importing cars for MP could lead to that. If you have dollars, do not bring them in. As rupees, the money will lose any value it has.]


Being in close touch with the folks in Sri Lanka, I do identify with the picture of ‘Cash Shortage’ that Professor Hoole has revealed. But I identify also with the greater Human connections that are developing during this period. Until now, our efforts were based on our perception of the needs of the folks in Sri Lanka as if we had that need. The monies we remitted during the time the exchange rate was far less attractive than it is now, were useful to support extra payments – being the parallel of Job-Keeper payments made last year here in Australia. All this brought us expressions of appreciation that we did not hear previously. Then there were the expressions appreciation of the ‘order’ we brought about in Vaddukoddai and Thunaivi areas – especially in terms of use of Public facilities. These are essential in structuring those values to suit the next generation – Australians as well as Sri Lankans involved in those projects. When the values are common the processes that flow from those values would guide them from within.


In that mind structure, I read the tribute ‘The Universal Magician’ Manik Sandrasagara, MAN who fought against Imperialism through Cinema, Cultivation and Religion’ by Ravi Prasad Herat – published by the Daily Mirror. Ravi quotes about Manik:

[Nimal Mendis once said that he came from a great heights like a millionaire and was a poor man who was anxiously looking for even the last rupee in his pocket!!]

Using Professor Hoole’s language one could describe Manik as:

Barefoot, Batik Sarong & Earthly  Five Star Sri Lankan Elder

I met Manik in Batticaloa through Patrick Harrigan who facilitated my Tsunami Reconstruction service to the folks in Mankerni. As per my way, I proceeded to Colombo by bus, to obtain approval for the project proposals I had written as per my understanding of the needs of the victims of Tsunami in that area. Later when Manik heard and spoke to me, I felt that he expected me to go through him. Despite that – Manik reimbursed our team’s expenses in Mankerni.

Now I realise that it was Manik’s faith in Yoga Swami and Swami’s disciples that completed the experience for us. The President then was Madam Kumaratunga. Today through the article by Ravi, I learnt the following:

[Manik started his basic education at St Bridget’s Convent, Colombo-07, where he was educated in the same class as former President Chandrika Kumaratunga.]

Both our daughters were at St Bridget’s – thanks to Mr Huzam Cader who was in the Cinema industry. I myself taught part-time, for a while at St Bridget’s Convent. These are all invisible net credits that we collect as we go about what WE consider to be our duty. When the institutional value is stronger due to our participation, we become natural owners. Where we do not have the apparent position but participate in the duties of that position – mentally – we become invisible partners of whoever occupies that position. Manik’s belief in those who dedicated themselves to natural environments, would have empowered him. This I know, through my own experiences. In the case of Tsunami projects – I wrote it at the highest level known to me. Hence the approval from the President and independent completion of the service.

Now with the entry of Mr Basil Rajapaksa – would Sri Lankan government be in ‘Coat, Shirt & Starched Collar, Pocket No Dollar’ – as described by Professor Hoole or would they be like Manik - Barefoot, Batik Sarong & Earthly  Five Star Sri Lankan Elder ? The clue is in the Covid-19 Vaccine taken by Basil – whether it was Pfizer – the rich man’s vaccine or Sinopharm – of the Home environment of the Rajapaksas?


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