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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 July   2021




[As many youngsters have left their Thai Man(MOTHERLAND)  to seek residency in foreign countries the uppish people have lost all the hard workers to foreign countries and the youngsters who have gone abroad are thriving in every field and many are becoming learned people and setting an example. ]

My yesterday’s article ‘IS PATTI TAMIL OR ENGLISH?’ was essentially about whether young ones ought to be ‘telling’ us oldies what to do? The Sri Lankan expressed appreciation. The Tamil who wrote the above – was endorsing young ones who ‘tell’ oldies. The above Tamil referred to this as Revolution:

[This is a great revolution for our people.]

My response went as follows:

[Vaddukoddai folks were relatively more rigid about caste than we of Jaffna Town were. Now more and more folks from Thunaivi are building homes in Vaddukoddai. To me that is the revolution to which I also contributed. That way we prevent reverse discrimination]

A member of the same Tamil group who said he did not believe in Hindu scriptures wrote as follows about Bhagavad Gita:

[Gita  too was a compilation as confirmed by scholars based on its varying style and contents! Gita is intended to not only protect bramanism but to give them undue power like our SL 20th amendment. Killing a bramanan is brahmadosham punishable by death. But if a brahmin kills other varnas, especially sutras, hardly any punishment. Based on caste punishment varies but not for brahmins. If a brahmin rapes a sutra woman it is a blessing to the woman. Other way round it is death.]

My response was:

According to Sri Lankan constitution also the President enjoys this immunity. This was also the case prior to 20th Amendment.  Before Krishna, during Rama’s time Rama’s father was punished for polygamy by the departure of Rama – to the forest - through father’s orders. That was the natural punishment. It’s a warning to those who enjoy pleasures prematurely and therefore do not set an example to their juniors. Hence even if the code was not there – Brahmins who crossed the line and enjoyed pleasures from less orderly folks – would have lost power. Likewise in this generation – relationships with less orderly folks – such as through social media. A true Brahmin would not rape. Those who rape are not true Governors


The above person mentions Sutra caste

[Shudra  is the lowest ranked of the four varnas of the Hindu caste system and social order in India.]

In Sri Lankan Tamil Community they include Vishwakarma community  presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[The artisans, known locally as Kammalar or Vishwakarma consists of the Kannar (brass-workers), Kollar (blacksmiths), Tattar (goldsmiths), Tatchar (carpenters), Kartatchar (sculptor)]

The connection to Sri Lanka is presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[The origin myths of the Vishwakarma community were first consolidated in the early 18th century, during the British colonial rule. These myths were compiled in the Vishwakarma Puranam, whose original manuscript is undated but was most probably created in the mid-17th or 18th century. According to a popular myth recorded in the Vishwakarma Puranam, the five children of the god Vishwakarma served the gods as artisans, and possessed the ability to create things by simply imagining them. They had conserved their veerya by being celibates, and lived in a fort on the coast of Ilangapuri (Sri Lanka). The fort was made of lodestone, and the enemy weapons thrown at it were stuck to its walls, rendering it invincible. Their chief enemy was Karunakaran, a vassal of the Chola emperor. In order to defeat the Vishwakarmas, Karunakaran planted many beautiful women (Brahmin women according to some versions of the legend) in the fort. These women married the Vishwakarmas, thus destroying their spiritual power, and learned the secret that a certain type of poisonous grass could be used to burn up the fort. Using this secret, the enemy blew up the fort, and the Vishwakarmas were scattered in various areas, where they were forced to work as artisans and craftsmen for mortal human]

That was how LTTE’s Eastern commander Karuna was also defeated by this government by inducing him to ‘imagine’ that he was part of the government. Now it is China’s turn with  Silk Road Mohini ( Damsel) making them lose their Veerya and restoring global ownership.  

The Sri Lankan constitution was written to include ‘Buddhism Foremost’ clause. To my mind, this seems to be – so rulers would be celibates and not desire to be Brahmins – the failed leaders. Most rulers of Sri Lanka – beginning with King Dutugamunu worship/ped Hindu deities – which to my mind seems to be due to wanting Veerya / Manliness. By doing so under Buddhist labels they cheated themselves and the citizens. The fear generated by the desire for ruling – blocks their path to being true rulers. This is exponential when they pardon their own and live through their imagination – as Vishwakarmas were beaten by the envoy of Tamil Chola Emperor. The Colombo Port City is the parallel of Indraprastam – the place where Prince Thuriyothanan had a fall due to being misled by imagery and Pandava queen Throupathi laughed at him! The seeds of war were sown then. Imagery based ruling seems to be our ancestry.

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