Friday 2 July 2021

 Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

02 July 2021


‘Why did we not hit back?’ – LTTE Leader

Methagu film about LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is a narrative by Indians to whom Sri Lankan Tamils are part of Tamil Nation. As a Sri Lankan Tamil I am not able to identify with this. But that is the way of truth. Those who support separatism got separatism. Those who fought to protect their independence have/would realise independence. Both prevail in the Sri Lankan Tamil community. What will be will be.

Of particular interest to me was  the highlight  by the Director of this film – Mr Kittu of Prabhakaran’s alleged expression ‘Why did we not hit back?’ The manifestations by the LTTE lead one to conclude this to be a valid ‘attitude’. They hit back and Indians are treating Sri Lankan Tamils as part of their nation. But would this lead to Tamils in India also wanting their own country?


As Ceylonese / Sri Lankans, Tamils did feel upset when Sinhalese Politicians used majority power to fulfil their desires – without ensuring that the heritage of minorities to whom various parts of Sri Lanka has been home – was preserved. Like in the case of China invoking Silk Road heritage for economic prosperity and getting the Plague in the form of Corona Virus, Sri Lanka invoked King Dutugamunu and with him disrespect for elders; presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[The Mahavamsa describes how as a youth he mocked his father Kavantissa, king of Ruhuna, for refusing to wage war against the powerful invading Elara, the Chola king of Anuradhapura, who usurped the throne by killing the native kings. The prince stated that "If  father were a man he would not speak thus" and sent him a piece of women's jewellery. The resulting fury of the king caused many of his friends to flee to Malaya region and the prince himself being dubbed Dutthagamani, meaning "disobedient". After his death, he was referred to as Dharma Gamini ("righteous Gamini"), but it is as Duttha Gamini or Dutugemunu that he is known to posterity.]

Not only LTTE leader but also the current President of Sri Lanka seem to have inherited this pathway. The film Methagu is the parallel of the position of President. Sinhalese who hit back crowned Mr Rajapaksa and Tamils are crowing LTTE leader.


Tamil political leaders who did largely follow the lawful pathway did not react but declared Independence through Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976. The validity of their work was confirmed by the 1977 Parliamentary elections, in which Tamils became Equal Opposition to the Government. But then the winning leader J R Jayawardene, opened the law and order gates against his Opposition:


[Prior to the 1977 elections, JR Jayawardene promised that he would give the Police a week's leave so that his supporters could attack members of opposing parties. After his victory, his Government launched unprecedented state violence against the opposition, targeting supporters of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, the Lanka Sama Samaja Party, the Communist Party of Sri Lanka, and the People's Democratic Party. In particular, some 9,000 families of supporters of LSSP leader N.M. Perera in Yatiyantota were driven from their homes, many of which were destroyed.] Wikiwand

Tamils were also part of this Opposition. I was in Colombo then and was pregnant with my youngest child. I did not directly witness an attack – but lived in apprehended fear of attack by majority. As per my belief – when one who is genuinely committed to law and order feels pain due to disorderly conduct of the custodians of power – it works against them. That has become the curse that the UNP continues to carry.


As per my realisation – there is an Equal and Opposite manifestation to every manifestation. I therefore take the following by Sir Albert Einstein as the theory that supports this:

"In other words, God tirelessly plays dice under laws which he has himself prescribed.


Often we do not expect the other side because we are not conscious of the laws of the Universe which we access as per our own conscience. The 1977 riots were preceded by others in 1956 & 1958. In 1977 Tamils did hit back in a limited way. But gradually, it was a case of ‘an eye for an eye’ which made Sri Lanka blind to the power of truth.


In 2009, armed Tamils were defeated but the ‘victors’ who ‘attacked’ continued to keep the activists alive. Now at global level – they are with China and individual level – they are with America.

Mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan said "An equation for me has no meaning unless it expresses a thought of God"

Had we hit back in 1956, we would not have known the way God balances the Universal system. It was because Tamils did not play dice that there was space for god’s outcome to manifest in the 1977 Parliamentary elections. This will happen again and again when we submit our contribution to the truth in us and let God play dice to manifest the outcome that would balance the Equation.


We need to sacrifice at the physical level to raise a manifestation to experience level. When we judge prematurely – to hit back we miss out on the experience. A clear example is:


American Tamil: - about Mahatma Gandhi[‘And lastly, if he committed "that" crime in America, he would have been jailed for life terms like Jerry Sandusky, Harvey Weinstein ... 

That inexcusable crime. .a crime against innocent little girls!  ]

Gaja : As part of my work, I file documents that are important to me and would form part of my ultimate Assets and Liabilities. Today for example, I had to find the Certificate of Incorporation of Australian Tamil Management Service P/L – as it is needed for online access. If I had kept junk information, I would not have found it with ease. Likewise, information about others. YOU may need information about others’ sex lives to elevate your own image. I don’t. From time to time I do hear such information – including about Krishna and Sai Baba. I am driven by my own experiences when I meditate on them. It works for me and others have also shared with me say that it works for them. Many elders in our family also have been spoken about in similar manner. I have heard about such ‘gossip’ about work mates and seniors. But they did not bother me because that was not part of my experience. If you desire gossip – keep it to yourself

Bill Cosby who was once known as America’s Dad was not in the list of the above American Tamil. Nor was the fact that the American Judicial system was not strong enough to keep the guilty within its custody. Karma against Father of Indian Nation worked against the gossip mongering Tamil who failed to state that LTTE leader was a Terrorist as per American law.

To me, the film Methagu is lacking in experience. Those who take it seriously will not realize Independence but would become clever or mentally unstable in isolation .


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