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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 March 2021






As per Tamil elders – money transactions between family members need to be in accord with customary principles. Jaffna Tamils are governed in this regard by Thesawalamai law. I believe that this helps develop common values .explained as follows:

At national level, the parent is the government and the citizen is the child. When government reacts to a citizen, it demotes itself to citizen’s level. At that level one needs majority endorsement. As per  PGurus article ‘Common factors in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu State elections in India’: -

[There are some allies in the DMK party who have been stating that the Sri Lankan Tamils and the people in Tamil Nadu should be together, which obviously means carving out a separate country for Tamils in Sri Lanka, which would virtually mean dividing Sri Lanka into two countries. ]

The seeds were planted when young and the restless took matters into their own hands and accepted training and money from India. Wikipedia summarises DMK’s involvement as follows:

[The interim report of the Justice Jain Commission, which oversaw the investigation into Rajiv Gandhi's assassination, indicted Karunanidhi for abetting the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The interim report recommended that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi and the DMK party be held responsible for abetting Rajiv Gandhi's murderers. The final report contained no such allegations]

An owner works on the basis of indicators. Money without belief causes separation. Sri Lankan Tamils are not just from the North but they live all over Sri Lanka. Hence the principles on which money was accepted by armed groups out to have been driven by Sri Lankan Tamil principles which are different to Indian Tamil principles. Hence the money ‘gifted’ had the effect of a bribe. In Thesawalamai – gender based diversity  is expressly recognized. Hence dowry for daughters and residual wealth for sons. But the Jaffna justice system no longer upholds these values and the transactions do not have the blessings of ancestors particular to Jaffna Tamils. This separated us from other groups – as if we were all equals. This was the reason why Karuna Amman of Batticaloa separated when he was no longer benefiting economically as much as he expected to. To my mind, the common reason seems to be money without a structure.

Did Northern Tamils become the medium for Tamil Nadu to set up its own country? Often we are not able to know our own deeper mind where the truth resides. It is for this reason that in democracy one needs Equal Opposition to surface our truth through competition. This prevents separation. To effectively oppose, the two sides have to be of Equal standards. This happened through politicians and separation began when the armed rebels. We thus demoted ourselves at community level. Now both sides are weaker than we were as political opponents.

As per the Hindu report ‘Will not allow other countries to push for ‘separatism in the guise of power devolution’, says Gotabaya Rajapaksa’

[Sri Lanka will not allow other countries to achieve their geopolitical needs by introducing “separatism under the guise of power devolution” in the island nation, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has said………..

Speaking at a ‘Discussion with the Village’ event in the southern Matara district on Saturday, he appeared to be responding to India’s intervention at the United Nations Human Rights Council last week. Although India abstained from voting, it supported the international community’s call in the resolution for devolving political authority, holding of elections to provincial councils and implementation of the 13th Amendment that guarantees a measure of power devolution to the provinces.]

But then there was also Daily Mirror Report headed ‘China calls on Sri Lanka to jointly advance Belt and Road cooperation’:

[Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday said China is willing to work with Sri Lanka to enhance Belt and Road cooperation and contribute to the economic revival of Sri Lanka in post-pandemic era]

A sovereign nation needs to find its own economic independence. When Sinhala Nationalism was promoted by heads of state – Tamil nationalism got created. The separation began with them. Now it has expanded to China v India through Sri Lanka. Sinhalese voters may not have knowledge of China’s takeover. But a true Sri Lanka would know the risks from both sides.

When Sri Lankans are positively recognised separatists would be weakened by their exponential power.

 Working in the consciousness of global powers we would develop the adversarial system where UN observes. If we continue to follow the inquisitorial system we would continue to use majority power in our respective areas and towards this lose our own identity and be taken over.  Devolution has the power to prevent separation. The Easter Sunday inquiry was conducted under the inquisitorial method. Given that it was Muslims v Christians – the process  ought to have been adversarial.







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