Saturday 6 March 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

05 March 2021




Eelanadu Tamil paper has raised a valid question about the absence of further news about Ms Ambigai Selvakumar’s  hunger strike in London – as to why there was no further news about it? To my mind they confirm the lack of true feelings at the root of such actions. Such expressions are frivolous and weaken the claim. But that is our reality. The editorial also poses questions about the effectiveness of such protests which did not prevent the actions of the Sri Lankan government in 2009. The reason to my mind is, that most governments  participated through their intent to eliminate the LTTE which by structure was their enemy.  Many of their current actions are in compensation of their share in the very actions of the Sri Lankan government.


Tamils need to ensure that we develop a reliable community structure that would keep us connected to those at the grassroots back in Sri Lanka. Often many of them become complacent once they and their family are comfortably settled. At a recent community event, a person of about our age said that he had not been to Sri Lanka for 25 years. He was instead busy discussing the Australian Attorney General’s plight in relation to the rape allegations – stating that when Mr Porter was young girls were attracted to him!  The parallel of that for our community is that when LTTE leader Prabhakaran was young Tamil youth were attracted to him and considered him a hero. Then these folks did not have the foresight to know that those youth were giving up on family life for which their parents prepared them.


As stated earlier – we Tamils perform outstandingly when we have enough competition from within. Common measures keep us ‘within’ one circle. If that circle was headed by the LTTE – then our community has taken rebirth at a lower level culture than I was born into. Then LTTE laws become our community laws.


To use position power excessively – beyond one’s need – amounts  to abuse of power. If we are in partnership with other  governments to ‘defeat’ the Lankan Government – then we are no longer connected to Sri Lankans but other nationalities as per the structure of those governments with whom we unconditionally share our powers. To have the moral authority to discipline the Lankan government – we need to be Sri Lankan. Otherwise, as per the laws of relativity – we would get the other side in due course of time through our own families and communities . One form of return would be that we would be treated as beggars in terms of global status – as Ms Ambigai Selvakumar was demonstrating.


Those of us who emigrated to new nations need to ensure that we take only our truth from the old nation to the new nation. This is confirmed when we operate under new structures and their laws. With that truth we would not fear returning to Sri Lanka. Those who fear confirm that they are carrying the structures that existed and hence live off the past. This confirms lack of belief in philosophy of rebirth. Then we become a burden to our new environments.


When we seek within and find our own truth – we have the courage to express that truth. We do not rely on group power. Group power happens naturally. That formation states whether we are Separatists or Independents. Independents form natural opposition and are equal in status to the government. The essential ingredient to deserve such status is Belief.  Belief is an expression of truth and there is no greater power than truth. Thus all believers – whatever their pathway are Equals. Their power works naturally to return abuse to the senders.

 Tamil Truth manifested as Equal power in 1977 and 2015. To the extent we are true to ourselves we would clean up the government that celebrates  victory against its own people and thus alienates itself. If we react we would try to do that by forming partnerships for that purpose which makes us foreigners.

 The more relative a government is – the easier it is for minorities driven by truth to become equal owners through true opposition and not by ‘showing’.



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