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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 March 2021







As highlighted by the Island yesterday, ‘The outcome of Tuesday’s vote on the UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka, in Geneva, is being interpreted in different ways.’ At global level it is presented by the Island as follows:


[It is also being claimed in some quarters that the failure on the part of the US to secure the support of India and Japan, two Quad members, for its anti-Sri Lankan resolution was a comedown of sorts for Washington. True, everybody expected these two nations to vote for the resolution owing to their subservience to the US. But it is possible that they abstained with the consent of the US; the western bloc is aware that if its hostile actions against Sri Lanka are taken to an extreme, they could prove counterproductive in that such measures will only make this country more dependent on China. It looks as if the US and the UK had sought to prevent such an eventuality by getting the two Quad members to remain ‘neutral’ at the UNHRC vote so that they could use the proverbial carrot in dealing with Sri Lanka.]


To my mind the noun ‘subservience’ is false in terms of India and Japan. This is the real ongoing damage to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty, including through the media. As per my observation, in terms of investment in global law and/or experience – Sri Lanka is ranked as junior to India or Japan. Hence the word ‘subservience’ needs to be taken to confirm the mind of the one using that description outside merit basis. The purpose is taken to confirm the desire to cover up one’s own weakness by using artificial status that would fool those who depend on others.

In many ways, this was the reason why UNHCR had the opportunity to discipline the Sri Lankan government that treated the war outcomes as ‘victory’  which automatically elevated its status in the minds of its dependents.


Given that they remained dependents on armed power – they failed to prevent the Easter attack in 2019. Being dependents they brought the current President back to power – in the understanding that he was the reason for eliminating the LTTE.


In turn, this President withdrew cooperation with the UNHRC which effectively gave the message that his government eliminated the LTTE all by themselves. In other words, he denied credit to global partnership.


There is a saying by Tamil secular poet Thiruvalluvar:


[எந்நன்றி கொன்றார்க்கும் உய்வுண்டாம்;  உய்வில்லை செய்ந்நன்றி கொன்ற மகற்கு.

There is redemption for those who kill any  virtue ; there is no redemption for one who kills gratitude.

As per the above, ‘gratitude’ ranks above all other human virtues.


It is my understanding that as per Kandyan law, a donor has the authority to cancel a gift if the donee is ungrateful.


To the extent the Sri Lankan Government accepted assistance of global participants – including to enlist the LTTE as a terrorist organization, it had the DUTY to demonstrate gratitude by following the principles and laws applicable to global participants, in dealing with minorities who oppose them. When they fail – they lose the value of that initial assistance/support.


To the extent the pain of victims is taken as their own by global participants, including Sri Lankans who are committed to the values of the global community, the pain and loss was elevated to the higher level. The UN is only a visible milestone that would assist both sides to the war to be more grateful to those who did come to their rescue.


Indian Tamil politician Mr Vaiyapuri Gopalsamy  known as Vaiko – who founded the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and who openly supported the LTTE in its goal of Separatism also has expressed dissatisfaction with the UNHRC result. This is understandable due to LTTE also being considered by the UNHRC as a perpetrator.


As per news report headed ‘Indian govt has 'betrayed' Sri Lankan Tamils, says Vaiko’:

[He added: "What happened in Sri Lanka was not a civil war but was a genocide.1.37 lakh Sri Lankan Tamils were murdered. Schools and hospitals were bombed. In 2009, the Sri Lankan government had starved the Tamils to death."]

The above indicates that the likes of Vaiko are pushing for separatism which would effectively bring Jaffna Tamils under the influence of Tamil Nadu – to offset the ‘majority’ attitude demonstrated by Sinhala-Buddhist nationalists.

Yesterday, a Jaffna Tamil responded to my sharing of ‘Golden Buddha’ experience as follows:

[Why are we (and they) getting hung up with something that is already invented or discovered by somebody else? Why are they saying there is a Golden Buddha inside you ? 

My question is why are they using a "label" or a tag called Buddha for that "unknown", unfathomable" ....... thing or entity or whatever it is !  Once you have an idea or belief that there is a Buddha inside of you, or Light or Aathma or Whatever it is .... you are gone..... you are lost! Your inquiry comes to an end!  No more inquiry, no more journey, no more voyage in an unchartered sea, no more flight  !!!


You ..YOU are the book ..the book is you,  so you can't tell the book what it should reveal !!  You can't tell the book, there is a Golden Buddha inside of you please reveal that to me! It is ridiculous . These Buddhists have totally misunderstood the Whole Thing and they are a confused populous!  We see that in Sri Lanka! ]

The above is our local citizens’ parallel of the Government or the LTTE acting as ‘sole authority’ – as if they are ‘Golden Buddha’ – the apparent. But in spirit – the gold is our soul. When I have a true experience that is my golden buddha. Hence my response was ‘In the golden Buddha experience – mine was that when a mother truly seeks, the Universal Energy works to uphold Dharma.’


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