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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 March 2021






 There are many forms in which one inherits wealth and there are many pathways through which wealth is inherited. Skills are also inherited. I believe that when I go into the mode of an ancestor I become the medium of that mind. Recently, the Sydney Morning Herald reported as follows under the heading ‘Sydney solicitor jailed for stealing more than $6 million from clients’:


[A Sydney solicitor who stole more than $6 million from the estates of his clients has been jailed for at least six years after a judge said the conduct was motivated by “greed, not need”.

Mark Leo O’Brien, 64, was a partner at Edgecliff-based law firm Harrington Maguire & O’Brien when he opened a bank account in August 2015 specifically for the purpose of receiving the funds he planned to steal.

He stole from the $2.8 million estate of one of his deceased clients, who had bequeathed $1.5 million to the St Vincent de Paul Society, two other charities, and the Prince of Wales Hospital.

O’Brien stole the money intended for the charities, made small donations to them, and used the letterheads from correspondence he received in return to create false letters thanking him for the larger amounts. He also created false entries on a ledger indicating the payments had been made.

In late 2017, he stole from another of his clients, who had given him power of attorney, while she was still alive. When she died in early 2018, he proceeded to steal from her estate which had been left to charity, as well as a $1.7 million deposit that had been refunded from the aged care home where she lived.

He used the money to bolster superannuation for himself and his wife, pay off a mortgage, give money to his children, and buy a $3.4 million Bondi Junction home, which was then extensively renovated and furnished.

On Tuesday, Judge Robert Sutherland said O’Brien had been “to all external appearances” a respected solicitor when he carried out this deception, which involved “the abuse of his trusted position”.]


When I learnt about the above in TV news I said to my husband that I had been to the Australian Federal Police and the Ombudsman but they dismissed my complaint. The details are :


From: Gajalakshmi_Param <>
Sent: Saturday, 10 October 2009 6:55 PM
To: Tony Aliu Chambers <>
Subject: Bank Fraud Re: BARRISTER TONY ALIU

Mr. Aliu,

As I said to you before and as my husband has been saying to you every time you rang him on the mobile, we have handed your matter over to the Australian Federal Police & the Ombudsman. I am copying this email to them also. You cheated us and that matter is still with the Ombudsman. May be, you would like to forward some evidence in relation to the fraudulent bank drafts that you sent us – because of which we lost directly almost $5,000 and much more in status and goodwill.  May be if we handed the matter over to the appropriate international agencies the results might be more effective


Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam


---- Tony Aliu Chambers  wrote:

> Dear Mrs Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam

>    How are you today?hope fine.


> Sorry i have not contacted you all this while i traveled out of town

> and i just return 2days back.


> I have contacted the security company director and i have discuss with

> him over the claiming of the one truck box which is to be deliver to

> you as soon as every thing is been process.







This morning I received the following:




As per my previous experience I ignored the above as if it were from another planet offering invalid currency.


The painful experience came when I was helping war victims. Yet when I learnt that the draft was a forged document – I did not have anything to do with them. This helped me later when an extended family member was trying to do likewise in the case of wealth left behind by a relative. This resulted in me writing the book ‘Jaffna is my heritage; not dowry’


On 15 February 2009, I wrote to LTTE leader under the heading Mother’s plea. (Appendix A) I stated in that letter:


[I feel deeply hurt that  the Tamil community in London let our son Murugathasan down]


Unlike with Mrs Ambigai Selvakumar – I identified with the pain of Murugathasan as if it were mine. Murugathasan burnt himself to death in front of UN Office in Geneva. I believe that by feeling for them when I worked in war affected zones since 2003, I identified with Murugathasan’s pain as if it were mine. Not so that of Mrs Ambigai Selvakumar. The difference is that Murugathasan to my mind was a victim and Mrs Ambigai Selvakumar was an heir of the perpetrators. There was no response to my letter including from fellow Tamils.


All of the above are in the paper I submitted to the UN . The Opportunity to share the pain with the victims happened in May 2009. I experienced the pain with them and in turn I am contributing to prevention. Every believer would do this for her/his side. The rest is for official purposes.



Appendix ‘A’



Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam





ctober 2008

Mr. Vellupillai Pirabaharan


Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam



15 February  2009




Mother’s Plea


As a Tamil mother, I am  extremely distraught over  the suicides being committed by Tamil youths abroad. This is not the time to look at rights and wrongs. We have a humanitarian need.  Appendix 1 might give you some idea of how I feel.  I have been crying since then and I am hearing about more and more such cases.  This morning, during community prayers to Murugan – our Highest  Tamil – I cried and  surrendered my work to Him. Then it struck me that He did give us an indicator of what was going to happen. I do not know whether you heard about it – but during 2008 Nallur Ther festival a lady was burnt at the time when the Lord was being brought from the Ther  on the outside to Vasantha Mandapam inside the temple.


I went this time specially to attend Nallur festival and I did feel blessed there. I did see Swami tilting to a side but I thought that the guys who were carrying our Lord were rocking a bit too much as happens these days, even here in Sydney.  I was busy facilitating the little ones around me to also get the best possible view of Swami and did not think much of the incident then. I felt blessed. Later that night, a doctor from the hospital came home and said that a lady was badly burnt during that incident. Today it struck me that that was a warning.  It is important to note that no Tamil civilian in Eelam set themselves on fire for the cause.  Tamils abroad are neither there nor here and hence the problem.


Thambi, when I go directly into a forum, I feel as per my genuine work and belief. I believe in Nallur Kanthan completely. In fact in 2003, your colleague Balakumar  (formerly of EROS) asked me how ‘Nallur Kanthan’ had called me over to Nallur after Sivaraathri  in 2003. (Nallur Kanthan Ungalai Eppadi Koopitaar?). I am writing to you with full faith in Nallur Kanthan – the Highest Tamil amongst us.


Please stop fighting and please surrender your work to God. You may think that you have gone through too much to surrender. I have gone through much pain and suffering in my own way. Some of it has been due to the war. Most of it has been due to my own non violent struggles for self governance in any environment.


The Sri Lankan issue is now beyond any single person’s control. We have to find our own independence through those around us and leave the rest to God.  That is what I did after I failed to ‘win’ Equal Opportunity through non-violent due process here in Australian courts. I went to prison and felt tortured after being labeled as a mentally ill criminal for just peaceful assembly in a public area of a University. Many Sinhalese  ridiculed me on the basis of verdicts delivered by Australian courts and psychiatrists. They disregarded the good certificates and took the ones that were in their favor and combined it with my support for genuine Tigers,  to call me a terrorist supporter. I absorbed all that and continued to believe that you and your group believed in your cause. I believed that about you because I believed in my own cause for self governance through the intellectual path completed by the spiritual last lap. I believed in the Tigers through the Tigers I worked directly with in 2003.


But now my grief as a mother is far stronger than respect for your belief in your chosen path. When I worked at Maangerkerni  during Tsunami, I cried more with  the mothers who lost  their sons to the war, including through your side, than I cried for the victims of Tsunami. I am not able to stop myself from crying each time I dwell on how  son Murugathasan must have felt. He died an orphan. Of all the victims I feel most for him. Yet, as person I first heard of him after he sacrificed his life for the cause – to attract the attention of the United Nations. I therefore take it that he is a deep investor in the cause of self governance.  When we believe and invest – we connect naturally and when one hurts,  the other hurts naturally. That is divine connection. If we give reasons as to why and why not or whom to blame – then we do not feel that divine connection. Reasoning must come after the need has been satisfied.


I have lost many members of my family to the war – including two young ones – one being killed in Killinochchi. I cried mostly for the two young ones’ mothers. I prayed strongly for that not to happen to other mothers. I believe that all those who have common faith as I would benefit from those prayers. I am however crying more for son Murugathasan than I did for the young ones from my biological family. I feel a squeezing pain when I recall how son Murugathasan must have felt. I do not know the pain of bomb attack on my body. But I do know the pain from heat / fire. It feels terrible. As a man you may not feel as I do. May be you ought to take some advice from the mothers around you including your own wife.


After prayers, when I decided to write to you, I went into Google to check some details. Then for the first time I saw my name under UN label:


703,000 724,100 745,800 768,200 791,200 814,900 839,300 864,500 890,400. 7,823,900 ... GAJA LAKSHMI PARAMASIVAM - Australian Resource Management Consultant ...


This was a confirmation from our own Jaffna Saint  Yoga Swami in whom I have deep faith. Until I saw that message, I was thinking that UN would not hear us but that we would have to find  our own solution at the local level and reward each other for our work. I feel deeply hurt that  the Tamil community in London let our son Murugathasan down. He must have felt alone – as I did here in Australia, because our community was busy supporting you.  Apart from my immediate family, Dr. David Garlick and his wife Gwen, I did not have express support for my work for independence here in Australia. Dr. Garlick, for whom I gave up mangoes, believed me the first time I wrote when I was threatened with libel charges by our University Administration – that I would not compromise and avoid imprisonment. David wrote that ‘they, the administrators  were not worth it’ and that I was valuable to the likes of himself. But on 05 November 1998, Kungkumum holy powder materialized on my picture of Swami Sai Baba and the following day, I learnt through a colleague that on 05 November, the Sydney Morning Herald published the Auditor General’s report which upheld my conclusions. I was happy that the ‘job’ was done. It did not matter who got the credit. There were other happenings – major racial discrimination problems which I believe would not have happened if the Administrators had heard this migrant. I lost my professional status and started my service work practically from zero base. It is recorded in the public books that I stated that I would not give up except if  Swami Sai Baba asked me to.


In 2006, after I lost a major case in New South Wales Supreme Court, I wanted to come to Killinochchi and live in Yoga Swami Aashram where my brother in law was already living. But Swami appeared to me during my early morning meditation and said to ‘help Tamils & Muslims’. I have since helped many Tamils including those who are being tried here in Australia, for sending you funds. I feel  the pain of one of the mothers of the accused, with whom I share common faith in Sathya Sai Baba. Now I realize that I have been more useful to the Tamils and Muslims here and in Sri Lanka, than I would have been  if I had lived in Vanni.  Had I been in Vanni – I would become another number in the war – because neither you nor the Government of Sri Lanka would have cared for me before you cared about your own wins and losses. I know this through my own brother in law to whom we still have not had access.  There are other relatives about whose whereabouts we do not know.


Like son Murugathasan, I also expected the Human Rights Commission, the Australian Courts and the Australian Government to hand out the decision that upheld justice and therefore the value of my investment in Equal Opportunity principles as specified by them. If not for the United Nations, we are not likely to have these principles of democracy and therefore we would have not had expectations. It’s by going through the system directly and accepting without violence the punishment they meted out to me – that I learnt that they also did not ‘have’ the answers. Most of these custodians of power merely uphold the outer structure of those principles for others who want to step into those positions after themselves. May be you have similar ambitions for your own young ones.


 It’s we who sacrifice a part of ourselves that are the life of those structures. God knows, and hence through the timing – God shows the connection. Hence the Auditor General’s report and the UN including my name through my work for Sivathondan Nilayam.  They ‘happen’ and the real investor sees the connection. To those who do not believe in Higher Powers beyond the seen, the heard and the known – these would be coincidences. To the faithful these are confirmations of our real work. It does not matter who gets the credit.


If I had had some direct connection with Murugathasan, I would have done my best to influence him through my own experiences –  to not depend on those who do not feel common faith with us but to surrender his work  to someone higher within his own circle of faith and leave it to them to find the solution. That Thambi was not you for me or for son Murugathasan. To me that is God and to Murugathasan that was the United Nations.


I fought for self governance through Racial Equality and I lost money and status through the fight. But I have realized self governance and am able to accept the weaknesses in my Australian system and am continuing as an Australian, to do all I can to eliminate the weaknesses.


If you truly believe in self – governance in the land you feel is your home – then please accept the weaknesses in that homeland and work in non violent ways to cure those weaknesses – first within yourself and then in others. When you are strong enough for all of them and bring the weak into you – they get cured naturally.  When you depend on the International Community to save your people, you are not independent, are you?


You have set the leadership where young ones tend not to take advice from elders in the community. Unless therefore we include young ones our wisdom is wasted on them. You are younger than I in age. If you did not feel as deep a pain as I for son Murugathasan, then you are young than I in self governance at the International level. Please surrender your work to someone in whom you have greater faith than you have in yourself and if you cannot find that person – please surrender your work to God.  I cannot take any more of our children dying due to unrealistic expectations and disillusionment.


Yours affectionately,



Gajalakshmi Acca

CC: All concerned


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