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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

08 March 2021




It is common knowledge that the Tamil Diaspora has been a key influencing factor , at UN level in dealing with allegations of Human Rights violations by the Sri Lankan government. But nothing comes free. If China helps Sri Lanka, it will take its share as per its policy. If India helps – it has a duty to accept ‘respect’ – as settlement because India is family to majority Sri Lankans. Many of our armed leaders, including the current President,  were trained in India. Likewise, within a community, seniors have the duty to accept respect of juniors to maintain the ‘sovereignty’ of the whole. In this, the whole is the Indian Subcontinent, which is presented as follows by Wikipedia:


[The Indian subcontinent, or simply the subcontinent, is a physiographical region in southern Asia, situated on the Indian Plate and projecting southwards into the Indian Ocean from the Himalayas. Geopolitically, the Indian subcontinent generally includes all or part of BangladeshBhutanIndiaNepalPakistan and Sri Lanka, as well as the Maldives]


When any nation within this is sovereign, it would naturally share its sovereignty with its neighbourhood. Like the Indian subcontinent, Tamil Nation as well as Sinhala Nation are physiographical regions in Sri Lanka’s Northeast and South respectively. If they were true nations they would naturally share with their neighbours first, before skipping and going to other distant areas such as Canada, UK and China. It is therefore essential that Tamils and Sinhalese confirm through common structures that they have become Sri Lankans first, Subcontinent next and then and only then beyond. Tamils in areas outside Sri Lanka – have the duty to first establish sovereign structures as per the common cultures in their new environments. This often does not happen and hence we have duality/ dual-citizenship problems.  Often migrants who held senior positions in Sri Lanka, tend to take its parallel in their new nations that are more democratic than Sri Lanka. This often leads to internal conflicts.


  In Autocracy, the sovereignty of the whole is determined through the head. In Democracy, the sovereignty of the whole is determined through  the People.  In a Democracy, facilitating the Maintenance of the Sovereignty of the Common Citizen is the main job of the government.


The United Nations has emphasized this importance through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as follows:


[The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a milestone document in the history of human rights. Drafted by representatives with different legal and cultural backgrounds from all regions of the world, the Declaration was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948 (General Assembly resolution 217 A) as a common standard of achievements for all peoples and all nations. It sets out, for the first time, fundamental human rights to be universally protected and it has been translated into over 500 languages.]


I am  seriously concerned with expressions by some members of  the Australian Tamil Diaspora which carry the high risk of damaging the ‘freedom’ of expression that I believe I am entitled to.  This often happens when the senior finds it convenient to live in the ‘past’ where s/he was senior. As per my discovery, the old must die at the physical level to preserve the Energy developed and/or maintained through the old form. The Energy does not die and hence would take new form.  To the extent we raised our true contributions to the highest level in our local environment the Energy will empower us at the parallel level in the new structure that we are part of.  Restructuring community relationships is therefore essential to structure new relationships in our new environments.


If the new formation is not natural as per our Energy and we claim to be sovereign – the return comes to us to isolate and separate.


Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights facilitates formation of sovereign units – including with one member units.


[Article 12. 

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.]

Following is a conversation with some who confirmed to my mind ‘arbitrary interference with my thought structure and the reputation I have earned independent of him. He is a Tamil from Jaffna:


Australian Tamil: Hi Gaja, you are just playing with words, mere semantics, without coming to the issue at hand.

Gaja: I express as per my truth. Mine is logical semantics and in my culture we call it Diplomacy about which you seem to know very little as per my assessment.

Australian Tamil: Your claim of DN publishing two of your articles does not mean anything here, and that does not mean it is not a warped newspaper. Also we do not know what you wrote and it may have pleased them. Like your attempt to defend that Sinhalas, majority of them, are not racists simply because they put the still alive body of Rohana into the incinerator.

Gaja: Daily News publishing my articles means much to me not only because DN is an official medium but also because the day it published my work the first time was the same day on which Dr Peter Vaugh of Prince of Wales hospital declared that I was in Gandhi’s path. You obviously must think that it is superstitious to make such connections. To me that is how the system of Karma works to uphold Dharma. If you really wanted to know – you could have asked directly. But coward that you are you have asked indirectly to show off to your buddies. It is at  I wrote it on 04 October when I was in Colombo at the invitation of Airlanka. I was back in Sydney and the incidents before the courts happened on 22 & 29 October. The day I was sent by courts to Dr Peter Vaugh was 01 Nov when the above was published. I learnt about it much later. Such a medium is MY MEDIUM. If you are against them – find your own Tamil paper which you do not seem to read anyway.

If majority Sinhalese are racists to you – that is your problem. I know of many to whom I am Madam. That means respect – about which you seem to know very little.

 Australian Tamil: Why not refer to Manamperi who was made to walk naked at Kataragama town, while Lord Muruga was watching, shot and dumped into the drain. When she pleaded for water the army goon shot her again. So according to you it is not racism. Then what is it. Sheer animal instinct with absolute perversion. What you have to realise is that if this is for Sinhalese what will be the plight of Tamils. For the majority, whom you defend as non racists, rabid racism is the only path to prosperity. Any one who is a rabid racist becomes a minister, score high votes, top class patriot and also used as the only weapon to hoodwink the masses to come to power.

Gaja: How can Mannamperi’s issue confirm racism? It was animal behavior – just like the LTTE’s lamppost killings that I was threatened with – to which you also have contributed by failing to value me as an Equal. You try to treat me as a junior and when I reject it – you list me as being mentally unstable. Then you have the gall to talk logic with me – your logic of seeing and accepting without measured analysis. In the article that you have responded to – you completely ignore the fact that I have openly criticized a member of the President’s media unit. That is how blind you have become to my level of logic. It is indeed sad that our community has no space for merit,  and practices unjust discrimination and then calls others racists. Racism is now in your genes because you have failed to correct yourself within the due date.


Australian Tamil:  Gaja, this is simple ABC and one need not be a top scientist to understand this curse. Many enlightened sinhalese understand this curse but the tragedy is that there are tamil appologists who dont understand this and defend the wrong doers by playing around with words. They even have the sanity to say "tamils with low level of thinking" and justify Senadeera's BS. How about HLD Mahindapala who talks of para dhemalu being brought in by Portuguese to SL to work in tobacco plantation. Even mahacharya Jayasumane,  a half baked dostharaya, who said this in the UN too and also discovered muslim doctor steralising sinhala buddhist women without consent and seconded by none other than the holy mahanayake. So Gaja, as you believe there is no racism but low level of thinking. We are trying to elicit the truth and not to take cover behind sementics. Hope people see the truth and not to be "kan irunthum kurudanen".


            Gaja:  You say [What you have to realise is that if this is for Sinhalese what will be the plight of Tamils.]

If that is your logic – identify the racism component by eliminating the common component.  The problem exists here also. There was no merit based ruling in my case and hence I used my belief – after showing evidence of my outstanding performance. But to you all that is of negative value. For an individual migrant - Racism in Australia is harder to fight than racism in Sri Lanka where one was born

I stopped reading Mahindapala’s work long ago. You must be looking for material to feed your hatred. Watch it – you will end up hating yourself when you have no one else to take the bait.

According to you the UNHRC which finds fault with the LTTE also much be an apologist! This is how you confirm that you have become a racist by thinking day and night about them .

As per the science of media – you lack the courage to go public on your own. Your Puruda/deception  is to this small group who idly watch – as if they have no mind of their own. This includes Mr Wigneswaran who claims to represent Tamils. What a joke! If he thought I was wrong he needs to have the courage to discipline me. May be he is fearful of what I would write in return – as I have done with you.


To  my mind, as per their communications, this group seems to silently accommodate those who seem to refer to Tamil community as a Tamil Nation and also  claims of Genocide in Canadian Parliament. If a group fails to appropriately grade its internal members as per their contribution to Sovereignty – that group is not Sovereign yet. When the LTTE killed our own Tamil politicians they eliminated from their group – the Sri Lankan Tamil community’s investment in Sovereignty through the political pathway. The argument by the above Tamil - that  [What you have to realise is that if this is for Sinhalese what will be the plight of Tamils.] applies to us also – meaning if the LTTE and their heirs would do that to our politicians who made the Vaddukoddai resolution 1976 and establish Equal a status in National parliament they would kill us if we disagree with them. Every group that expresses belief in a different form to the governing group is of Equal status to the governing group. Every governing group that kills such opposition is an enemy of Democracy. Those who use that leadership in a Democratic forum including a Democratic parliament are dishonouring Democracy.

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