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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

01 April 2021






I said to our son who was feeling upset over the cancellation of the Bluesfest concert at Byron Bay – to think like the government and the organizers whose loss was far greater. I said that that way his disappointment and loss would become a natural investment that would produce its own return as per its will at the time of his need. I said also that these days I thank the Lord for the natural returns which often come in the form of intelligence beyond my expectations.

The example known to me is Srinivasa Ramanujan about whom Wikipedia presents the following:

[Though he had almost no formal training in pure mathematics, he made substantial contributions to mathematical analysisnumber theoryinfinite series, and continued fractions, including solutions to mathematical problems then considered unsolvable]

At my own level of experience, I felt that when we feel ownership despite being unjustly discriminated against – we get the insight into the nucleus of the problem/issue. This was expressly recognised by Dr David Garlick of Sports Medicine at the University of NSW. I just knew reasonings especially about Resource Management – in a direction needed by them.

I thought about this when a group of professionals of Jaffna origin were discussing Srinivasa Ramanujan, who is reported to have declared:

[An equation for me has no meaning unless it expresses a thought of God.]

I identify with it due to my own experiences – especially in terms of Policies relating to Equal Opportunity.  

The current political issue in Australian politics is gender based. I lamented that I could not understand why these ladies in Australia, could not take care of themselves with such rich array of laws to protect them, whereas I did as a working woman in Sri Lanka. One Tamil lady said promptly that only the two concerned and god knew the truth. Then I realized that the lady was demoting the leaders who had failed to take appropriate action. This was also the case with our former Governor General Dr Peter Hollingworth who was alleged to have failed to inquire into allegations of sexual abuse, when he was archbishop of Brisbane.

Queensland being a state that specializes in tourism – would have had the need for individuals to regulate themselves in terms of protection against sexual abuse. When it is overregulated the tourism income drops. As per my memory – about a year ago – the Queensland government was stricter with border closures than New South Wales was at that time. I felt that our premier shared in the pain of victims than getting the administrative credits. Now – a year later Queensland’s Administration is seen to be wanting.

Many Tamil Diaspora supporters of the LTTE have acquired such ‘special insight’ and hence the escalation of the problem to UN level.

As per the report ‘Sri Lanka war crimes: Momen clears govt stance over UN resolution’ :

[Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen has justified Bangladesh's vote against a UN resolution, seeking collection and preservation of evidence of war crimes committed by Sri Lanka's armed forces and the LTTE….. The minister said the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were a militant separatist group fighting for an independent homeland for Hindu Tamils in North-eastern Sri Lanka.

The LTTE was a force having trained army and naval ships, which means it was a war. Besides, Sri Lanka has done its own investigation. Many of the LTTE members have migrated abroad and are now making such demands of investigation, he said.]

LTTE supporters would have the ‘intelligence’ to the extent LTTE was punished / disciplined way above its role. They would lack the intelligence that is needed in civil administration of global standards.

The indicator of the real reason is in the following:

[On the question of Bangladesh defence attaché's joining the Myanmar Armed Forces Day military parade in Naypyidaw on March 27, Momen said it was a routine programme and there was no harm for the Bangladesh defence attaché to join.]

The reasons seem similar to why they voted against the UNHRC Resolution in the case of Sri Lanka. They want both sides. But the big players would take it as weakness and an invitation to ‘takeover’ .

It is highly doubtful that Sri Lanka where there is space to Oppose the government politically, would become like Myanmar. Brotherly love would prevent that.  We need to genuinely oppose at Equal level and not show that we are cleverer. The ‘gap’ would accumulate as deep intelligence that would support the whole of Sri Lanka.

Towards this we need to respect ourselves and not leave it to the others including governments to take care of us. To the independent citizen, the government is a ‘facility’. When we use our energies to take revenge we lose the opportunity to generate opposition intelligence at the government’s level.




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