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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

13 March 2021




As per my experience based belief, when we discover truth we automatically promote ourselves to the next higher stage. If we do not, then the truth manifested by someone in our home environment pulls us down to the lower level. Hence the saying that the idle mind is the devil’s workshop. When we are learning from others – we need to pay our respects to them to elevate ourselves. Hence we bow. When we bow genuinely – the structure of the higher mind descends upon us as blessings. If we go through the physical motions we get only the benefits and not the opportunities to do it ourselves.


In his South Asia Monitor article headed ‘Will China’s strategic embrace of Myanmar spell more trouble for Rohingyas?’, Award winning journalist Swadesh Roy highlighted as follows:

[Author and journalist Gajalakshmi Paramasivam headlined one of her articles on Sri Lanka as ‘Tamils out and China in’. Paramasivam regularly writes about the plight of Sri Lankan Tamils in newspapers, portals and blogs. Among others who have worked on Sri Lanka’s Tamil genocide is writer and journalist Frances Harrison, whose stupendous work 'Still Death Counting', recounts details of that genocide and how brutally human beings are killed and become refugees for economic or business interests.]

This meant that he became the receiver of the structure itself. The structure was my direct experience. In terms of Ms Frances Harrison who needs ‘evidence’ what happened is described as ‘Genocide’.

Its parallel is presented by Daily FT article headedOHCHR evidence preservation body for Lanka fleshed out in Geneva’:

[If established, the mechanism would support judicial proceedings in other UN member states with jurisdiction to prosecute extra-territorial breaches of international law, bringing perpetrators of grave rights abuses in Sri Lanka one step closer to being indicted and tried overseas.]

The evidence has thus far been ‘blocked’ by both groups and their heirs. Despite that many nations have honoured their commitment to Human Values and have facilitated refugees in their own nations. The evidence is towards their own reconciliation with their own conscience.

Yesterday, a Canadian Tamil leader presented this as follows:

[The civilized democratic countries who watched the genocide Canada, UK, USA, Australia, European Union gave free visa to the Tamils.  Now millions of Tamils living happily in these countries but not forgetting the genocide and it is carried forward to the third generation of Tamils living abroad. 

My response was:

[If they are really happy AND they care about the folks in Sri Lanka – they would share that happiness and not run the risk of another war. The current process is taking Sri Lanka to have another war.]

Australia, India, USA & Japan are strengthening their Opposition to China, through QUAD – about which India Today reports as follows:

[During the first-ever virtual summit on Friday, QUAD  (Quadrilateral Framework) leaders discussed regional and global issues of shared interest, and exchange views on practical areas of cooperation towards maintaining a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region.]

Their vote in UNHRC is not likely to dilute the value of their investment in opposing China. Hence the neutral approach of evidence collection – needed by outsiders. In turn, the pro-Chinese Myanmar government is presenting its Vyuham / structure in support of China as follows:

[Myanmar’s military government has removed the rebel Arakan Army (AA) from its list of “terrorist” groups because the faction has stopped attacks in order to help establish peace across the country, state media reported on Thursday.

“The designation of this group as a terrorist group is terminated from March 11, 2021,” the state-run Mirror Daily said, citing the end of attacks and the military’s vision of building “nationwide eternal peace”.] Aljazeera report headed ‘Myanmar military removes rebel Arakan Army from ‘terrorist’ list


Swadesh Roy indicated this as an insider at the regional level as follows:

[According to the experience of Hambantota port in Sri Lanka, Myanmar will also be forced to lease the entire area to China once it becomes part of the port, oil reserve and economic zone. Myanmar will never be able to return the invested money to China through profits from this port. Following this policy of ‘build up infrastructure and occupy it’, China has been successful earlier in areas like Sri Lanka, Laos and countries in Africa. They will be successful in Myanmar too. Another aspect of this Chinese economic expansion is that Chinese citizens gradually settle in wherever they invest. As a result, their citizens stand to benefit from the employment opportunities at these places. Chinese citizens will also come to Arakan in future. The Rohingyas have been ousted by Myanmar's army to create space for the Chinese.

While many may disagree, China's trusted friend Pakistan has given Myanmar's army an excuse for doing so. The rationale for Myanmar's military attacks on the Rohingyas was manufactured by Pakistani military intelligence agency ISI, a trusted friend of China. The ISI formed and supported an extremist militant group, called the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), among the Rohingyas of Arakan and, with militant groups, they launched some attacks on the police. Following that, Myanmar's army began the indiscriminate rape and genocide of the Rohingyas. If Bangladesh's leader, Sheikh Hasina, had not immediately opened the border, at least one million Rohingyas would have been massacred.]

No amount of evidence could have given the above insight. Yesterday I revealed my insight into DS Senanayake led government as follows:

[In 1948 The Ceylon Citizenship Act was passed. It was opposed by All Ceylon Tamil Congress. But Hill Country Tamils who were made Stateless (about 700,000) are now Equal Citizens by law. Their pathway is different to that of Jaffna Tamils. They are now in partnership with the current government due to that investment by them. India has listed LTTE as a Terrorist organization. If we look at our Jaffna Tamil ancestry – we would know that our own karma came back to us through one of them (MGR of Hill country) who used LTTE as the medium. ]


Wikipedia confirms as follows:

[The Bill was opposed fiercely in Parliament by the Ceylon Indian Congress, which represented the Indian Tamils, and the Sinhalese leftist parties. The bill was also opposed by the All Ceylon Tamil Congress, which represented the Sri Lankan Tamils, including its leader G.G. Ponnambalam.]

The above connection was true to me  due to insight as Sri Lankan – the same way Sri Lankan Ordinance requires 10 years of continuous adverse occupation to confirm belief. Belief is Divine power and in Sri Lanka it was calculated as above. By taking money from India to fight against Sri Lankan government – the LTTE confirmed the ‘invasive’ tendencies of Indian Tamil leaders against which the Ceylon Citizenship Act was enacted.

The fact that LTTE prevented Tamils from voting is being swept under the carpet. But that is their true way – like the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army. The LTTE partnered Sri Lankan government of the time to expel the Indian Peace Keeping Force and later the Rajapaksa group to deny the Sri Lankan Tamil her/his right to vote. It is quite possible that LTTE would join China against India – as confirmed by the latest moves by China in Northern Sri Lanka. When LTTE supporters take the leadership of Tamils – as Mrs Ambika Selvakumar also has claimed – we miss to opportunities to participate in the global version of the issue. Now if Mrs Ambika Selvakumar also dies / commits suicide – she will also be celebrated as a Maaveeri by that small group. Who are we to prevent that?






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