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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

01 March   2021





 A Felicitation of Sunil de Silva PC on Completing 50 Years of Continuous Legal Practice as a Barrister at Law







This article is dedicated to Mr Sunil de Silva PC who passed away yesterday while I was fighting to preserve my investment in Commonness as Sri Lankans – including through the Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney. This is also my mental vote as per my belief – in favour of the Common Sri Lankan and against Sinhalese and Tamil Separatists. Sunil often expressed appreciation for my ongoing sharing through my daily articles.


Gods and demons are positive and negative energies that spread exponentially. The idle mind, when combined with unearned benefits including status,  becomes the medium of demon  spirits. The still mind, is independent and shares such independence with believers – towards that ultimate destination of Peace.


Firm relationships prevent infections when we travel from idle to still mind.


Expressions during this period when Sri Lankan ethnic issue is before the UNHRC have strongly indicated that the demons of separatism have successfully imprisoned the gods of Oneness.  This issue – at community level requires Truth and nothing but the Truth to be shared. But from time to time idle Tamil minds that are satisfied with Maya / illusion,  imagine that they are Equal to the UN by showing more than what the Sinhalese show in the new nations where both have become minorities.


Below is a transcript between Independent Sri Lankan (myself) and an Australian LTTE supporter by effect:





Australian LTTE supporter : Gaja Acca, just dont worry about threats as you are very important to many.

Gaja: I do know that I am important to many including genuine rebels whom I got to know in person. But there are more who have fun – and as per my observation you are one of them. Yesterday, I responded to your expression of appreciation of the Pakistani lady :

[There were many such women combatants within LTTE who managed to get up and carry on with life despite losing limbs in combat. Thamilini wrote her experiences in book form. Not many Tamil leaders appreciate the courage of these women. Our pain becomes the structure of our success. ]


But none of you expressed identity with Tamil combatants. Those about whom I wrote are part of the many who need me much more than you do – especially because of the likes of you


Australian LTTE supporter :       I value you as a great entertainer.

Gaja:           That is very offensive and insensitive

Australian LTTE supporter :       All know that you are an armchair critic so the rest is fun.

Gaja:           Speak for yourself. You will if you have the courage of your truth. I am the only member of the Diaspora known to myself who goes and lives in remote areas to become one of the folks I am serving. I dare you to spend at least one night in Thunaivi or Mankerni before you issue certificates to those who SERVE the needy. I take it that you are an armchair critic – and that as a woman I am your junior in that category. You must be carrying gender based discrimination which precedes your rational thoughts.

 Australian LTTE supporter :      But only weakness you have is that if someone disagrees with you then you label them as kotiyas.

Gaja:           That is unsubstantiated demotion . Show me proof out of my published work. Otherwise I conclude that you fear LTTE supporters and hence have become a subservient  yes man.

Australian LTTE supporter :       This disease is very prevalent among Sinhalese.

Gaja:           Shame on you for generalising. Don’t forget that your education in Sri Lanka happened out of Common pool that Sinhalese also contributed to. It really is SHOCKING!

Australian LTTE supporter :       This brings in a question as to your real ethnic identity.

Gaja:           Well ask my Relation xxxxx whose sister trusted me enough to ask me to help the LTTE develop a Public Admin System. Since we are blood relations – we are of the same ethnic origin. But then there is also White Australian blood in my branch of the family. Also Mr Shiva Pasupathi’s grandson married our good friend Ramachandran’s daughter born to a Sinhalese mother. Talking about it – one of the young LTTE guys who was in our team when we travelled to Batticaloa was also born to Tamil father and Sinhala mother. Shame on you – that I have to explain all this to you.

Australian LTTE supporter :       Or as I said there is some sort of phobia. You see things are wrong everywhere, be it NSW uni or courts in Jaffna or even in Thunaivi. This is something unusual. The fault is with you or the rest of the world.

Gaja:           That is sacred grounds. Below is an excerpt from chapter 25 of my book Naan Australian that confirms that you are as cruel as Dr Hayes who threatened me:

[I said to the Police Officer who was waiting with me outside the Caritas interview room that I was really afraid and was thinking of the horror movies where crooked doctors injected drugs into people to make them to do what the crooked people wanted. During the interview Dr. Hayes said he wanted me to think like him. I said I did NOT want to think like him, but like myself – GAJA. I then felt intuitively that this is what the Stolen Generation parents also must have felt to varying degrees. In fact, today in Australia, young ones are continuing to be ‘Stolen’ by a system that does not have faith in itself and does not believe in the Truth that the system is supposed to lead to. Sitting there, I felt sorry for all those who were getting over-medicated with drugs and rules by people like Dr. Hayes and Magistrate Pat O’ Shane and the UNSW Vice Chancellor on the basis that they were supposed to know better than us. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that what Dr. Hayes and Magistrate Pat O’ Shane were doing was not different to what the Police and the UNSW Vice Chancellor had done and are likely to continue to do. I said to the Police officer that he was a Police officer and that he owed me a duty of care. I said I was frightened that they may medicate me against my will. I said I had never been violent and even the court psychiatrist agreed that I was a peaceful person who would  never harm anyone. The court psychiatrist said he knew that. The Police officer did not seem to know what to do. We were later joined by the other Police officer. I continued to appeal to the Police and said that this was how the Cornelia Rau case also must have gone messy. The first Police Officer did not know the case. The second one nodded in recognition. A little later he went back in and came and said that they were taking me back to Silverwater. I almost cried in relief. Mulawa jail seemed like a paradise after that torturous threat of forced medication. The inmates of Mulawa prison  have nothing to gain by pretending to know the Truth. I thought  about the two ladies – the doctor and the nurse who were nice to me BEFORE we were joined by Dr. Charles Hayes. To my mind, Dr. Hayes was exercising his power without knowing the outcomes in my matters. Had I been a white Australian with important connections, he would have acted differently, using his discretionary powers. But then I would not have known the damage done to those without portfolios.


When we were ready to go, Dr. Hayes handed over a report to the Police Officer and looked back at his office as if to see whether anyone could hear him. He walked with us to the door and said that his report says that I did not need to be treated by them but that I needed to be under the supervision of Community Care. I asked him whether he had spoken to my husband and he endorsed what I had said but had accepted what he the doctor wanted to do. I found the second part a bit difficult to balance. When I rang Param the following day from Mulawa prison’s Brady East unit, Param said that he was very upset when Dr. Hayes rang and had said that I was quite normal and that I had received glowing references from Professor  Bruce Dowton, the UNSW Dean of Medicine and for Dr. Hayes to ring Professor Dowton up first before going further. My husband said to me that Dr. Hayes had told him also that they had the power to force the medication into me if I refused to take it. Param said he asked him not to do that and that I had been cleared as being sane by Prince of Wales psychiatrist – Dr. Peter Vaux.  Param said that he was so upset that he called Dr. Hayes back again and insisted  that I was sane. I realized after listening to Param that if not for Professor Dowton’s glowing references from a high position and my husband’s own position and the strength with which my husband had said it, I would have been placed under the care of  Dr. Hayes who would have forced medication into my body. I thanked Professor Dowton in my mind and heart for his genuine expressions of appreciation. As per my knowledge – Professor Dowton was not contacted by Dr. Hayes. But my belief in Professor Dowton’s endorsement of my higher mind and my sharing of that with my husband, came to my help in a way that was more acceptable to Dr. Hayes than if I had said them myself.  They were the cows with silver bells – m]i kdfdi[ maDkqf.. I felt that that influenced them to not go ahead with their proposed ‘treatment’. That was the value of faith. I had faith in Professor Dowton and Param connected to this and used that faith to influence Dr. Hayes. In other words, Param became Professor Dowton because of that genuine faith.  It is the same faith that I felt in Gandhi and Sai Baba. The time I feel faith in Swami Sai Baba is more than the time I feel faith in anyone else. The reason for this is Swami came to me on 05 November 98  by materializing holy powder – when no one else (including Professor Dowton or Param) seemed to connect to what I was doing and saying and help endorse me to myself for myself. Swami Sai Baba  knew and therefore to me He is God.


I did not respond to Dr. Hayes’ final remarks but quickly got into the Police caged truck where I felt safe. It was close to midnight, but I was alert. We reached Mulawa jail and it was raining on the way. At Mulawa I was informed at the reception that my cell at Brady East was still available. I was happy about that and asked for a copy of the Doctor’s report. The officer was not sure whether he had the authority to give it to me. He said he would leave a note for the supervisor. I was then taken to the Medical unit. After a short wait the officer came back and said I was not going back to Brady. I was taken to another unit which was referred to as IMU. It was a cell worse than the one I had occupied after I was arrested on 29 October 2004. The good thing was Kirlee who was with me at the cell at Local Court was there. I  liked Kirilee because she asked the officer for toilet paper for me even though she did not have when she used the toilet. Kirilee shared her fruit with me that afternoon in the court cell. I slept on the lower rolling bed and Kirilee occupied the bed. Kirilee was upset that someone was coming through the locked door to get her. Kirilee’s  twin sister was murdered and hence Kirilee’s fears. Half way through the night Kirilee was taken to another cell. I continued to focus on myself and started working out strategies to protect myself from becoming  a victim of those horrible people who controlled the system. On the way from Caritas, I was planning on fasting on fruits alone – so as to prevent any contaminated food. I had not drunk anything for hours and had difficulty passing water before going to bed. It was aggravated by the dirty-looking cell with ‘OPEN’ toilets. I covered my face in bed and started crying. That released some of the pain and I felt  stronger. I woke up early (must have been around 4a.m.) and meditated on the Truth I knew. I realized that if I did not desire anything, it was easier not to be controlled by others. This was why Lord Buddha recommended that we renounced desires – for desires are the other side of fears. I thought I was sent to that wing to share a cell with  a person who was hearing voices. Kirilee came back in the morning and we shared more experiences. Kirilee said we might not be allowed to shower in the room where there was no shower curtain but in the community toilet. I was thinking of not having a shower when breakfast arrived. I said I was vegetarian and asked whether I could have fruits. They said no fruits until lunch. I went back to my seat. Kirilee offered me the sultanas in her muesli but I declined.


I was later taken to a psychiatric nurse. Lois was very kind and when I informed Lois about the threat of  medication, Lois said that the Mental Health Act did give that power. On hearing that I had not eaten and was not drinking water, Lois gave me her bottled water. Lois assured me that the officers at Mulawa  would not contaminate my food. Before I left Lois asked me whether I would start eating normally. I said to give me a little time to recover. Lois said I should not be in prison. When the session was over I asked Lois whether I could give her a hug and she said of course. I felt better after the hug and returned to my cell shared with Kirilee. Kirilee said that she had showered in the room but water had stopped before she finished showering. I had asked for tooth paste and brush the previous night but did not get them. I was told to wait until morning. Kirilee asked the officer on my behalf. A little later I was moved to Brady East – to my old cell.  I felt it was due to the influence of Lois. Lois said when she heard my anxieties about changes in my accommodation the previous night, that it happened for some other reason. But I remembered being informed that I was getting my old cell back – before I was taken to the Medical Unit. I had a shower in the new cell and was later transferred with Florence on 08 May 2005.]


If the above is rubbish to you then you can’t be Australian.


Australian LTTE supporter :       The tragedy is that you even before deliberating with others assume that you are right and others are wrong.

Gaja:           Is that your Truth?

Australian LTTE supporter :       Can you tell something you have come across that is good or right except Sumanthiran. You called the great march as farce, Velan swamy as fake and all tamil freedom fighters who fought agaist sinhala terrorism as terrorists. Their excesses may be unfortunate but their origin is inevitable. You are so blind not to know how Tigers were repected and valued worldwide.

Gaja:           If you were Australian you would respect that each one is entitled to their own belief based expressions. If you ask Sumanthiran he is likely to agree with you on the basis that I have criticised him also. To me I am the best Tamil known to myself and the community is entitled to share in my feeling.  


Australian LTTE supporter :       Owing to your negative thinking you missed that.

Gaja:           If you consider the LTTE as your leaders that is YOUR RIGHT. You have no authority to assess me – for I am like Gandhi.

Australian LTTE supporter :       You have not been to any university in SL so you wont know the pain they suffered in the hands of racist standardisation. You may have not even faced the racist violences because of your departure to Australia.  

Gaja:           My brother was beaten up during the 1983 riots when he was in 1st year of Uni. Param who is my age was part of the reason why standardization was in introduced. I used his ticket and wrote to his whole batch – when they sought to celebrate 50 th anniversary of their entry. Their respect for me heightened after that. They may be a small group – but certainly much more caring than you. They came home after I was released from prison. They did not ridicule as you have done.  

Australian LTTE supporter :       The other day you posted an anonymous letter condemning  the Tamil diaspora. Are you sure the author is really anonymous or is it your handy work. Why on earth that person has to send that to you. Are you a universal judge. Who elected you.

Gaja:           I am empowered by my truth which is a universal power. When you find your own soul after few more births may be you will begin to understand. I do not need to prove anything to anyone. Take my truth and be empowered or leave it and be immersed in lies.

Australian LTTE supporter :       Or did he know that you are the only one who could swallow such a bait.  I am sure there  may be many in south SL know your existence and to whom to send such trash. If not for the diaspora even your Thunaivi temple would have been taken over by the racist buddhist clergy saying there was a buddha temple there.

Gaja:           What about Yoga Swami Ashrams ? Would you dare to say that to Xxxxx?

Australian LTTE supporter :       They even dont say mere buddha but sinhala buddist temple more than 2500 years old and know there are people awaiting to clap. Being an armchair ctitic you only have crticism but no answer or solution. Why you dont talk about the cremation issue.

Gaja:           Go back and read what I wrote at the early stages. The delivery recently confirms that my contribution also worked. What did you do ?

Australian LTTE supporter :       You dont want to hurt the masters or your diplomacy. I wish you should have been in Geneva to assist Admiral Sarath. It is like the woman who trusted the king and gave up her husband. 

Gaja:           I do not know that example.


Australian LTTE supporter :       As always without any malice, 😇😇😇

It’s not malice – it is out and out defamation so you could gloat! You cannot care much for my respect and you have successfully demoted yourself . At least stop being a coward, wanting it both ways.. I would rather be the Minority of One than be part of your group

Gaja:           Gaja – with disgust



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