Saturday 25 July 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
25 July  2020

Black Lives v Old Lives

I Oppose the Black Lives Matter protest

All of us believers have the Universal Franchise to manifest outcomes. In a natural environment, the workings of that Franchise are more visible than in an artificial environment. In a voting system all believers who did not achieve majority ‘ruling’ status – automatically form Equal Opposition – so that they can dismiss the majority decision or develop alternate ways to govern. The Franchise becomes  Universal only when it is an expression of belief. In terms of support manifestation at Universal level – it needs to be expressed in the local area of our belief where we can identify with the cause and effect at the same time. When expressed in Opposition, it needs to be Adverse to that of the Ruling power.

The current challenge that we in NSW are facing is the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest scheduled for Tuesday. To the extent the protestors believe they have the right to exercise it. Likewise, those who believe that the risk of infection is high due to the protest have the right to dismiss it. I am in the latter group. I Oppose the Black Lives Matter protest because I seek to live my life to its natural end.
As per my observations – my age group (70+) are more at risk of death due to the virus attack – than any other group. Night before last when I had tooth ache I was wondering whether it was due to low resistance due to virus. When the mind is low – that is the way we fear. A huge reason is that two of my children and grandchildren are in Victoria. Hence my heightened concern in my local mental circle. I pray to rid myself of anxiety but when I get something unusual – I worry – because I want to live so my children will feel more complete than if I became a victim of the virus.
If it was Sovereign, the protest would not have begun at this time to support Americans. To me it is not different to Mr Morrison blaming China to please America. Neither is belief based and therefore is not supported by Universal power of Truth which is accessed through believe within our own sovereign borders even if it were limited to One individual -  the self. But it needs to be spontaneous and natural and not relative.

When children who have cared for their parents through avenues available to them are blocked in that pathway due to the virus and the protestors do believe that they are in pain – they need to isolate themselves away from the majority who are fighting against the virus – each in their own ways. A true believe would be independent. A truly independent group would separate them from believers in other pathways and not use the pathways that would interfere with other believers.
The NSW Supreme Court is scheduled to announce its decision tomorrow. The matter is presented by the Sydney Morning Herald as follows:

[Police have brought action in the NSW Supreme Court in an attempt to prohibit a 500-person rally planned for next week by the family of David Dungay, a Dunghutti man who died in custody in 2015 after he was held down by prison guards while exclaiming "I can't breathe".] – SMH article ‘Fuller made Black Lives Matter court claim when decision was pending, court told’

The thoughts of the protestors are presented as follows:

[A prohibition order would not ban the July 28 march – which is expected to travel from Town Hall to Parliament House to present a petition – but would leave participants exposed to criminal sanction for attending, including for blocking roads and breaching public health orders.
Organisers have argued the court does not have jurisdiction to decide the application, because police failed to comply with legal requirements to confer with protesters before applying to the court. Justice Mark Ierace is expected to deliver a judgment on Sunday.]

If the protestors believed and therefore did not depend on the Court ruling – then they have no jurisdiction to reason through the law – including lack of jurisdiction. The case then is between the those who follow the law and the police.

As per cultural roots, Indigenous Australians claim that they respect their elders. One who truly respects her/his own elder would respect also the respect the elders in other cultures to live their natural life and celebrate their own youth – even as a minority of one.

The Protestors are lacking in substance and I dismiss them on behalf of all Australian elders – including Indigenous elders of David Dungay who will uphold the pain in their natural circles in their natural ways – independent of Americans.

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