Sunday 19 July 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
19 July  2020

Majority Rule needs two thirds to change law

My cousin Ravi who enjoys reading the work of Dr Dayan Jayatilleka also, drew my attention to the Colombo Telegraph article ‘A Two-Thirds Majority: The Formula For Instability’. I believe that the fact that it happened at this point in time when I have been referring to the 13th  Amendment to the Constitution as the ‘political solution’ was no coincidence. It was a belief based common pathway that connected our minds.

There are three levels at which I group our reception of a message:

(1)  Emotional
(2)  Intellectual
(3)  Belief
During the 2009 battle between the Official army of the government and the de facto army of the Tamil community - the LTTE my plans to go to Puttaparthi, in India  to be blessed by my Spiritual guru and then proceed to Sri Lanka were changed due to the premature death my brother in law Mr Subramaniam Paramanthan whom I had entrusted to the Yoga Swami home in the then Tiger capital of Kilinochchi. The basis of my action was my belief in Yoga Swami who is our family guru. I inherited the belief through my father. My father did not show  intellectual smartness but he believed in God and divinity. I inherited that belief and its manifestation - the family temple in Sangarathai in Northern Sri Lanka. At the same time, I have come across many who had intellectual status but without heirs to carry that as heritage.

As per my knowledge of Dayan – he is bipolar between intellectual wisdom with its root in his belief in his father and political heritage rooted in his own past.

My brother in law died on 04 May 2009. The war and  the deaths of civilians peaked towards mid May. I waited patiently for 6 weeks to get clearance from Health Department in Colombo to travel to Vanni where the refugee camps were. Professor Sathananthan contacted me and added is status to mine – so I would use the Medical Education pathway to serve. Accordingly I followed Due Process every step of the way to get to Vanni.  During the waiting period I went to Sai Baba Centre at Barnes Place in Colombo. Since those involved were not intellectual pundits like Dayan, I had to rely on my belief to know what to do without disturbing the Administrative order that supported me in Higher Education as well as at workplaces including in Australia. I gave up my substantive position as Financial controller at the faculty of Medicine at University of NSW to uphold the Administrative structure rather than play politics with Central Administrators. I believe it was that karma that supported me through Professor Sathananthan.

As Ms Shenali Waduge appreciated – I shared my experience in regards to the above openly – despite the connotation  that the direction I got was that the manifestation was due to the LTTE’s mismanagement of the 13 soldiers in 1983. It was confusing to me but now I realise that if a Sinhala Buddhist believer had asked Lord Buddha for directions that would have been to the 1983 pogrom that followed this reaction by the LTTE. When we react we keep the issue to go into a loop at that level. It then becomes an eternal karmic cycle that repeats itself. Dayan highlights this as follows for his side:
[The dangers of targeting a parliamentary party of a minority community are two-fold: firstly, the rhetoric of demonization of the TULF fed into the anti-Tamil riots of July 1983. Secondly, the TULF was weakened, provoked to leave the parliamentary process and when the State needed a moderate Tamil interlocutor a few years later, there really wasn’t one to be found, or not one strong enough to carry the Tamil people with it. ]

At this point I received the following message from Mr Kulanathan of the Tamil Disapora:
[If anyone tries to mess around with Kantha Sashti Kavasam , they will get it back! They will lose their eye. If anyone believes in this, then I don't understand why Tamil Nadu is reacting in such a big way and bringing a guy ( Surendar ) from a garbage bin to public attention and giving this garbage guy public importance?  
News from Tamil Nadu is dominated by this garbage bin ! ]

I responded as follows:
[Thank you for sharing. I did not know about this saying about Kantha Sashti Kavasam and the eyes. But I am a firm believer and I pray regularly to Lord Muruga through Kantha Sashti Kavasam.  When I had a problem with my eyes a few years back I prayed and prayed. Eventually the eye-hospital said that there was no problem. The private doctor had recognized a problem. But my belief sent me to the Public system. When I came home after clearance I started saying  Kantha Sashti Kavasam as thanksgiving. Then at the point where it refers to protection of the eyes the phone rang. When I got up to answer the phone it stopped. Soon, another devotee of Nallur Murugan – Mrs Setha Shanmugasothi rang after a long interval – and when I asked her whether she had rung before then – she said no. Later when I asked my husband he also said no. To me that was confirmation of blessings from Lord Muruga through Kantha Sashti Kavasam prayers. Since I am able to share my experience through this – there is a good purpose to this ugly publicity.
Warm regards

Likewise, the indicators about the 1983 pogrom’s connection to the LTTE – the De Facto army of the Tamil community. A White American intellectual said during discussion of America’s 13th Amendment – that - White Americans changed the form to Criminality and Black Americans had to live with that over which they had no control.  

Tamil civilians outside Tamil areas had no control over what happened through leaders and actors who used Buddhism as their weapons. Within Tamil areas intellectuals had no control over self-appointed armed leaders but most Tamils were connected to the cadre through religious belief – the same way Southern Sinhalese were connected to the JVP cadre through Buddhism and to a lesser degree Christianity.

I believe that the community that prays together – including through law in Court to the Lord of Justice and in Parliament to the Constitution through which oaths are taken – that belief will lead them. Neither side to the above conflict had control over the forces of Defence which went beyond the borders of belief to ‘Attack’.

It is this loop that influences the current Government to seek two thirds majority because they need to ‘see’ and to ‘show’ to believe. Dayan also contributed to this at the Nugegoda Rally before  the 2018 Local Government elections. That was his version of the two thirds majority show.
Two thirds majority without belief will downgrade our intellectual status. Simple majority is all that is needed by those driven by ‘what happened’ – i.e. – numbers. To know why – one needs intellectual capability. If two thirds majority is obtained by this government – it would downgrade all those who vote for them to that level of intellectual achievement and export those who reject them mentally and / or through their votes against this government. Either way we would get the government we deserve. So why worry?  The time for Arguments is gone. It is time for submission and prayers – as in the case of Coronavirus.

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