Friday 17 July 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 July  2020

LTTE Resurrection at Kandakadu?

Yesterday I referred to the claim that the Tamil Tiger leader’ statement ‘Even a small snake must be beaten by a big stick’. Today I matched it with the following:

[There is no need for a lockdown or curfew as the health authorities are in full control of the Kandakadu situation and there is no sign of a new wave of social transmission of COVID-19, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa assured yesterday.
Addressing heads of media institutions and senior editors at Temple Trees yesterday, Prime Minister Rajapaksa decried attempts by the Opposition in their election campaigns to portray the recent discovery of positive patients associated with the Kandakadu Rehabilitation Centre as a “Second Wave” of the Coronavirus.]  Daily News article - No second wave of COVID – PM
The small snake here is the Political Opposition in Sri Lanka. The big stick is Corona the king-virus.
It is my understanding that Buddhists believe in Karma. Hindus also believe in Karma. That is part of our Common culture. If we are active in current norms, karma is passive. That is its nature. It is passive Energy. Einstein’s discovery E = MC2 confirms the power of this Energy relative to matter. One of the heritage values (Energy) that my husband shared with me about his father was the saying that ‘True happiness happens when the minds of two lovers become One’ . The more the mind is filled with matter – the less capable it is of merging with another. Hence the need to raise matter  to Energy level. In the upcoming elections the number of votes is matter. The belief that underpins each vote is Energy. Some may not actually vote – but believe. The candidates become their medium to go to Parliament and / or to directly serve the electorate. The Energy of the believer manifests through the appropriate medium as per the need of the believer.
Where voters are driven by their own matter / benefits and costs – the First Past the Post system suits them. Preferential voting and two thirds majority are based on multiple minds voting through a single individual. The exponential spread of Corona virus  is of that nature. We are voting for our respecting governments in this issue by merging our Energies or matter. When citizens merge with the government through their positive Energies including trust – they raise the value of their own preventive measures to that of the government’s. The combined Energy is exponential and hence defeats the Virus’ exponential growth. Those who are outcome driven and are selfish – would go up and down by numbers – as in majority rule. They are not likely to ask why they feel ‘safe’ or ‘anxious’.
This virus seems to be connected to countries that are strongly driven by war. In Sri Lanka, the Navy and Kandakadu have become the centres of attention in relation to the virus. Wikipedia presents Kandakadu as follows:
[Kandakadu Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre previously known as the Kandakadu Drug Rehabilitation Centre is a rehabilitation center located in the WelikandaPolonnaruwa DistrictNorth Western Province in Sri Lanka. It is currently operated by the Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation under the Ministry of Justice. The rehabilitation centre is currently used to treat drug addicts and COVID-19 patients.
The centre was originally used by the terrorist organisation LTTE as a prime operation centre during the Sri Lankan Civil War. The centre was later transformed into a Drug Rehabilitation Centre in 2014 to treat drug addicted persons by giving counselling, vocational education and training. ]

The above is the Lankan parallel of America’s 13th Amendment through which involuntary servitude was abolished except as punishment of a crime. As per the minds of Americans – the pre-existing condition / karma / comorbidity - continued to surface itself where the new law was not actively practiced.    Hence more Blacks were in the prison system after the 13th Amendment.

In the case of Sri Lanka’s Kandakadu – the Centre is in the electorate of Poḷonnaruwa – the local area of immediate past President Mr Maithreepala Sirisena who is listed under SLPP – the new party that the Rajapaksas formed. The Easter Sunday bombings happened during Mr Sirisena’s Presidency when he mentally separated from the UNP and therefore was limited to his own karmic forces which were closely aligned to the Rajapaksas – including through the 2018 unconstitutional dismissal of the lawfully elected  Prime Minister.

When the current government invokes the past – through LTTE as well as Easter Bomb inquiries which the current Prime Minister also failed to ‘prevent’ and the current President failed to ‘sense’ as a ‘war elder’ – it activates its own war-karma. Once our actions become Energy – they mutate and their power is exponential. This is why I believe that the disturbance of Silk Road heritage has caused this exponential spread of the virus.
Our State of Victoria – is going through a second wave – which according to my insight was influenced also by the Silk-Road karma. According to 7 News report ‘Melbourne coronavirus cluster link to Black Lives Matter protest refuted by health authorities’ there was no connection between the ‘protest’ and the second wave. But to my mind, if the protest was for current benefits in Australia – it invoked our own karmic comorbidity.

In the government’s shoes, I would take into account all such factors and prevent further resurrection of past at physical level. This is achieved also through mind-merger with those who have positive racial karma including through ownership of victims’ pain. Towards this I continue to add my positive karma to Victoria which has been home to two of our children.
To my mind, to the extent the Sri Lankan war is invoked for current benefits – the virus would continue to spread exponentially in those areas. A leader should not be guessing about karma – especially one who is driven by horoscopes.

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