Sunday 26 July 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 July  2020

Political Influence in Public Protests

The Universal Franchise is based on true belief. True belief works naturally. It empowers confidentially. It also exposes those who use power falsely. I realised this through my experiences at the University of NSW followed by the carriage of my book ‘Naan Australian’ to National Library of Australia via Library of Congress – New Delhi. To my mind all these institutions carry strong divine power of truth. I exercised my ‘vote’ through my book ‘Naan Australian’ written on the basis of how I experienced what happened at my workplace as well as with the Judiciary. Since it was based on truth – these repositories of wisdom came to me to include me as part of themselves. My book is presented as follows:
[History of a race discrimination case towards an Australian Tamil citizen of Sri Lankan origin by University of New South Wales.
Includes passages in Tamil.
Subjects          Paramasivam, Gaja Lakshmi -- Trials, litigation, etc.  |  Tamil (Indic people) -- Legal status, laws, etc -- Australia.  |  Race discrimination -- Law and legislation -- Australia.  |  Australian.]
It is interesting that I have been listed in the group – Indic people (Indo-Aryan people), rather than the alternate indigenous Tamils. Until recently I did not recognize any difference.
[The Indo-Aryans were united by shared cultural norms and language, referred to as aryā, "noble." Diffusion of this culture and language took place by patron-client systems, which allowed for the absorption and acculturalisation of other groups into this culture, and explains the strong influence on other cultures with which it interacted.
The alternate Indigenous Aryans theory places the Indo-Aryans languages as being entirely indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and later they spread outside the subcontinent; this theory has no support in mainstream scholarship]-Wikipedia

To my mind, the modern parallels of the above two groups in terms of Lankan Tamils are the heirs of Vaddukoddai Resolution which was a summary of the contribution to self governance by Ruling class (Indic people) on the one hand and those who sought Separation – to self-isolate themselves as  Indigenous Tamils, on the other. Tamil Political leaders such as GG Ponnambalam and SJV Chelvanayagam proved to be Global Tamils. In fact the Hon SJV Chelvanayagam who resorted to non-violent ways was born in Malaya and not in Lanka. They both died in 1977 – the year in which Tamils first became leading Opposition in Multicultural National Parliament. The current turmoil within Tamil National Alliance is due to conflict between the two groups – with Mr Sampanthan and Sumanthiran using the Indic  pathway and many others including Mr CV Wigneswaran using the Indigenous pathway. We have their parallels in the two main Sinhala political groups also.
I was strongly influenced into asking why after I was strongly criticised by Mr Donald Gnanakone in America and Mr Kumaran Ratnam with whom Donald shared my email communication expressing Opposition to the Black Lives Matter protest in NSW organized for Tuesday. My email was headed Black Lives v Old Lives - I Oppose the Black Lives Matter protest
 Donald presented his case as follows:
[…But I totally oppose your opposition, to the Black Lives Matter protest.
My family and I fully support the Black Lives Matter movement, and FYI
my daughter is a senior executive of the California Democratic Convention
and Party. N DNC…….
Gaja, I was sending that email and advise to Kumaran Ratnam.

I read your rubbish because you wrote about a subject I am involved in and
so is my family unlike yours.

Somebody has to tell you again that you are Sick and a Nut Case.
Do you get it. Just because I responded to one email in 4-5 years 
do not have the bloody illusion that all are reading the crazy rubbish.

I have no problem with your nuisance emails. I know what to do,.
Don't try to be black smart ass in the future with me. I dont care what
you do with the others who do not agree with you.]

Kumaran wrote :
[Most stupidest comment I have read in my entire life. If you are worried about Covid 19 just stay at home. I am 78 years old and feel that the to protest is a fundamental right and in the process if one has to sacrifice one's life so be it. 
We elders have to admire the courage these protesters have and leave them to do what is required to stop the oppression…..
I knew it and could not resist telling her. She had a toothache and feared she would die. Obviously she is looney. ]

One who believed in the fundamental right to protest will also recognize the fundamental right to Oppose. They would in no way ‘enforce’ by taking ‘senior’ position above the opposer.
More interestingly however, the response from Donald surfaced that his daughter who supported the Black Lives Matter movement was part of the current Opposition in Politics. Donald wrote:
[My daughter is not a Politician but an executive with the DNC.
I hope you know the difference.]
My response was:
[Wikipedia presents  DNC as follows:
The Democratic National Convention (DNC) is a series of presidential nominating conventions held every four years since 1832 by the United States Democratic Party
YOU may consider her to be non-political. But to me that whole group is a political group.
As for me writing rubbish – if that were true – you would not have responded but discarded it into the rubbish bin]

Today’s search for deeper understanding led me to an article by USA Today – headed ‘When Black lives matter to Democrats, and when they don't’
If they are not continuous then they are NOT belief based. Here in NSW, Australia, I have no knowledge of a discussion in Parliament in which the Opposition has supported the Protest. Hence whoever is protesting is representing an  Indigenous group. A ruling class will take into account the welfare of all those to whom they feel connected outside their local borders.
Interestingly Donald wrote in conclusion:

[Obviously she is a Mental case and I will have no further communication with her.
She should seek psychiatric help and there is free help in Australia.
Thank God she will not be allowed to Travel for another year, so she wont arrive
in Jaffna for a long time.]

Demonstrating my Indic origin I watched from Coogee, NSW – the celebrations of a Hindu festival in the indigenous Tamil community on Friday. They also sent me photos. I did not miss being there physically because I merged with the current policies of the governments of both my nations which involved sacrifices and all sacrifices develop higher pathways. My response to Donald was:

[Donald you lie to show your friend that you are above me. Since when did you become a Jaffna man? You are a broken Tamil hanging on to the Jaffna heritage for your personal purpose. If you were true to your word – you would not have sent me a CC. Liar!]
Every fact surfaced adds value to that forum at that time. Another American Tamil responded to me expressing appreciation. That became my motivating force to look into the Indic People description.
The Australian protests are about Indigenous Blacks. Their parallels in the USA are Native Americans. When we protest without true belief – the agenda gets hijacked by powerful politicians.

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