Tuesday 14 July 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

13 July  2020

Remembering Tamil Political Heroes

Today is the Memorial Anniversary of  the Hon Appapillai Amirthalingam whose life was taken by ungrateful juniors who ‘Stole’ the effect of Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 to override the Political power of Tamils with armed cleverness resourced by foreigners. This article is dedicated to those who followed the law in politics.


On 20 June 2020, I raised the following question (https://austms.blogspot.com/2020/06/gajalakshmi-paramasivam-20june-2020.html):


[Does an article in the Constitution have self-governance power? To my mind, the answer is ‘yes’ when  its origin was based on belief and a self-governing person invokes its powers. Article 91 about which I have been writing in relation to the SJB – was activated by me including as follows:

[The fundamental rights case before the Judiciary is about elections. But there was already an issue with the SJB candidates being in two parties when submitting their nominations. Article 91(1) (b)(ii) of the Sri Lankan Constitution – under chapter headed ‘THE FRANCHISE AND ELECTIONS’  - states:

[91. (1) No person shall be qualified to be elected as a Member of Parliament or to sit and vote in Parliament –
 (b) (ii) if he - stands nominated as a candidate for election by more than one recognized political party or independent group in respect of any electoral district, ]

The fundamental principle here is that one cannot be in two political parties at the same time. This article was breached by Mr Premadasa and others being in Samagi Jana Balavegaya (SJB) and the UNP at the same time. In his Island article ‘Gota-Sajith alliance: Exercise in futility?’ Dr Upul Wijeyawardhana states:


[The August election is important for the UNP and the SJB, solely for these reasons of their own disputes. But what about the country? The country needs dynamism and for that some of the idiotic aspects of the 19th Amendment need urgent change. We need to empower the President. After all, he is not a figurehead as he is directly elected by the voters and is responsible to them. In fact, he is the only person who commands a direct pubic mandate as all parliamentarians are not elected on the basis of a constituency. To have proper representation, we need to revert to a constituency-based parliament. Provincial councils have proved to be a complete waste of money and Yahapalanaya, paradoxically, proved their redundancy by not holding elections! Many independent commissions have proved to be anything but independent and a complete rethink is badly needed.
Sri Lanka has the best of brains and it is high time ways and means are devised to use them to make Sri Lanka great again!]

How do I know that my Energy in the above worked?
Today, Colombo Telegraph published details of evidence as follows from a political angle through its report headed ‘Deshapriyagates: Leaked Audio Recordings Prove Samagi Jana Balawegaya Votes In Jeopardy’:

[Reiterating this fact, the UNP candidate Herath who spoke to Colombo Telegraph also submitted four voice recordings proving that Chairman of EC Mahinda Deshapriya is in fact the most corrupt official in his capacity to ever conduct a General Election in Sri Lanka.
The four voice recordings are testimony that the Chairman of EC Deshapriya is of the knowledge that the candidature of the UNP breakaway faction headed by former MP Sajith Premadasa contesting under the Samagi Jana Balawegaya is illegal and is in direct violation of the constitution that governs the Parliamentary Elections Act.]

I did / do not have knowledge  of the relevant sections of Parliamentary Elections Act mentioned above. But the basis is the same in terms of article 91 and the above mentioned provisions. One is overall belief in the whole. The other is towards specific outcomes for Election purposes.

Since mine was published before the Colombo Telegraph article – mine qualifies as an ongoing  Program to think in terms of the law, whilst UNP candidate Mr Nerath’s qualifies as a Project within that program.

UNP is Program and SJB is project. Likewise SLFP is Program and SLPP is outcome driven Project. Likewise TNA’s Political wing is Program and rebel led part is only a project.

All of the above major players separated themselves by giving up on their foundations / roots. One who believes never gives up and stops ‘seeing’ immediate outcomes.

Today my belief in the Lankan Judicial system delivered – with the Court of Appeal delivering a strong positive outcome in our Colombo Land matter – for which I waited 20 years. Our lawyer said that the judgment was exceptionally strong. I am yet to ‘see’ the judgement’s words. But I feel that it was the judgement I earned due to my Belief in the law as I interpreted it. Such believers naturally bring lawful order as applicable in all their home areas.

The judgment confirmed also that Colombo Judiciary was far more orderly than Jaffna Judiciary which failed to uphold Thesawalamai values because at that time they were under the influence of Miss Vithiya  Sivaloganathan’s rape and murder matter which would have invoked rebellion if the verdict had been weaker than expected by the leading powers. But I continued to believe and prepared the appeal to the Supreme Court. Since the primary owner / litigant was my husband – I left it at that. But the way it happened – I risked even the dismissal of our senior counsel in the Colombo case – who appeared without any intimation to me – in the Jaffna matter. But that paved the way for me to file my own arguments which I believe went to the core mind of the judges who believed in their law. To me the fact that I received the judgment on the day of this Memorial is no coincidence.

On that basis – I would continue to support all those who respect the Sri Lankan law. Those who benefited from that order but contribute to Separation of Jaffna are traitors to that system of law. The elections will reveal what proportion of Jaffna Tamils are my heirs. Even if by numbers they are in the minority – they would be Equal & Opposite to any Sinhala Buddhist government and greater in power than any Tamil Separatist group that ‘stole’ the work and sacrifice of Tamil politicians. This power will manifest Itself to  support any genuine investor in Dharma.

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