Sunday 5 July 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

05 July  2020

Lanka’s PM Admits to selling Sri Lanka

This morning I wrote to a fellow Australian as follows:

 [The by law as interpreted by common conduct permitted that. I was asked diplomatically by Xxxxx many times and after refusing to on the basis of principles - I accommodated that request when I felt I was even. It was painted in that color as a protest against  the Sheriff's office being unlawfully allowed into the building after I refused them entry and asked them to bring a court order. They took away many of my collections. It was done unlawfully and they were blindly facilitated by the then receptionist. At the following AGM when I raised the issue you and your wife expressed empathy with me. Now that is proven false due to your mind saying that the pillar protest was 'wrong'. That protest was to internally negate the wrong by the management which acted unlawfully. This purified the place which is my home. These are the real protective powers that guard us. Others like the camera are external and have no power without this real power’]

Similarly, when I read the Ada Derana report  headed  Will introduce laws to prohibit sale of country’s resources – PM’ the promise seemed false to me. There is ‘fact’ and there is the law. The two need to be matched through the One mind structure. Mr Rajapaksa states:

[As the former President of the country, I initiated and carried out the development of the whole country. We constructed a port, an airport, an international cricket ground and an expressway in Hambantota,” the Premier said addressing a public meeting in Beliatta on Friday (03).
He said the UNP-led government sold the port built during his administration. “They stored paddy at the airport we built. They influenced the Cricket Board to withhold permission for cricket matches being played at the Hambantota Stadium and they even dismissed the panel. Yoshitha, Namal, and I were sued for various allegations. These actions display the mentality of the UNP,” PM Rajapaksa continued.]

During the said period of UNP – led government – the Presidency was inherited by an heir of the Rajapaksa Regime who proved to be comfortable as a dependent. Only the President can oppose the Executive President. That President was from the SLFP – the same party as Mr Rajapaksa. When he left the protection of Mr Rajapaksa he lost the power of that common mind and submitted to the Chinese. The above statement is like that of my friend Rajeeva’s article of 05 April headed ‘Empower The President To Manage Covid-19’,  in which Rajeewa Jayaweera highlights the weaknesses of the current President who is fully supported by the PM.  More laws would only confuse them and not entitle them. One who is driven by truth does not need laws. The appropriate laws will follow such a person.

The PM therefore confesses to lacking in belief needed to protect Sri Lanka from foreign takeovers – in this instance China. I say from time to time to members of my family who find ‘bought food’ more attractive – that that food does not come with the Energy that unites the family. The home-cooked food has that binding Energy. The Hambantota port space was given up for awakening Silk Road for monetary purposes. That power in the wrong hands carries the risk of Lanka becoming the epicentre of regional war. The recent movement of armed forces towards the North confirms knowledge of this risk in the mind of the President also.

If it happens one who took personal credit for the port through Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port and Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport – will be held responsible by a true Sri Lankan. All those who fail to read this obvious message are illiterate and if they are in the majority – we are wasting investment in higher education. The election will confirm through its results which real values we seek through our government and which lower values we oppose.
If Lanka is known to have been cheated by China – then others would follow. All because we insist on cheating ourselves.

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