Friday 10 July 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

10 July  2020

China is losing Hong Kong

 I have been directed to the publishing ‘Tamil ancestry as well as the Sinhalese connections’. The narrative as per my assessment - is by a young member of the Tamil Diaspora. It is highly doubtful that this young guy would have the ‘ root ’ connection to that ancestry. Where one seeks to explain intellectually something that happened before her/his generation and/or beyond her/his current homeland – one needs to believe not only the ‘what happened’ but also the measure through which the data is being presented.  Laws often provide the Common shape in the minds of those who follow the law.
To the extent we ‘believe’ in our ancestors – we would believe in their system. When we believe, we experience as per the common structure. This makes it easier to understand the other person and identify with their true investment in that common pathway. Giving shape to that in that environment strengthens that environment itself.  In the case of Sri Lanka, to the extent the customary law was followed more than the common law of Sri Lanka – we became indigenous. It was this group that empowered the Rebels – in South as well as in North. They in turn invoked the then powers that used weapons instead of politics and intellectual dialogue.

The Corona virus was also invoked through such disturbance of ancestral powers recognized as Silk Road which was recognized as a Global Heritage by UNESCO. When made ‘particular’ it disturbs the Peace of all those  who seek to ‘profit’ from it. To the extent the Australian state of Victoria signed business agreement with China – it suffered greater damage through the virus, relative to other states.  Disturbing a heritage is like disturbing a cemetery.

When Muslims were denied their religious rights to bury their members who died through the Corona attack, their ancestral powers were disturbed by the current government. Every person who becomes indigenous to an area – through practice of belief local to that area is an ancestor of that area. Belief of such a person as to the reasons of happenings in that area promote Peace. They are divine and ought not to be overridden by secular laws and/or other rulings by non-believers.

Emotions when burnt by the fire of the intellect become knowledge which has two sides at the visible plane. Hindus denote this by the Holy ash applied on the forehead – the home of the third eye – the eye of insight. Hindus therefore cremate to confirm that the person is now remembered through intellectual pathway. Hence the depiction of Lord Shiva as the Guard of Cemetery. In that depiction Lord Shiva’s body is covered in Holy Ash. Every cremation through Hindu rituals raises the physical to the intellectual  - to strengthen the mind of the heirs of the person who died. This raises the life of that person to higher Common level.
To my mind, Muslims bury – so the body merges with the earth. Land therefore is a primary way through which commonness in death is recognized. The Victorian government confirms this as follows:

[Aboriginal burials have a particular significance for Aboriginal people today and provide important physical and spiritual connections with the land, culture and their past. The places where the dead are laid to rest have always been important to humans.
Burials provide an important link to the ancestral past, for they are physical evidence of a set of spiritual beliefs that lasted many thousands of years.
….All Aboriginal cultural places in Victoria are protected by law. Aboriginal artefacts are also protected. It is against the law to disturb or destroy an Aboriginal place. Artefacts should not be removed from site.]

Today, when we pay our respects to the Original owners of the Land we invoke their powers. I believe that this will protect our own investments in Common values through current pathways.
If the Chinese government makes amends to repair the damage to the Silk Road heritage – it would protect its current investments in common values. The more China ‘invades’ countries like Sri Lanka where government has shrunk from particular community to particular family the more it will lose its own investment in current governance.

Immigration is a sacred pathway to global commonness. Australia needs to be careful not to facilitate immigration from Hong Kong for economic purposes. It must be done due to the belief in multiculturalism. That belief will protect and cure ailments that happen due to lack of belief. The Coronavirus – to the extent it is exponential in its spread was invoked by such lack of belief in Sovereignty – of the individual and the real nation that the individual is part of.

A member of the Tamil Diaspora making the Sinhala connection to common Indian origin needs to believe in One Sri Lanka. Towards this all traces of separation claims need to be raised to the intellectual level. Tamil politicians to whom Sri Lanka was one nation – need to be respected and valued for any Lankan politician to successfully govern through politics. The moment we ‘show’ to win – we weaken out connection with the root of Belief.

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