Friday 6 March 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
06 March  2020


Messages of wisdom by Saint Yoga Swami of Jaffna include - ‘Eppavoh Mudintha Kaariyam’ / ‘Matter already Completed’. To my mind, this means that we could observe but not actively participate in an old experience that has been completed by two or more becoming one or one becoming into two or more. In other words, when an experience is completed the visible outcome  is the ‘effect’ of our karma that cannot be unravelled to restore the old form/s. In Hindu culture the picture of our karma at the time of birth is depicted by the horoscope drawn on the basis of the science of Astrology.

Such ‘finished work’ could be escalated spiritually  to the higher level by us first entering at the Nuclear Energy level. As in Virtual Reality,  mental outcome is recognized at this level. Unlike in the real world where Virtual Reality is artificial – belief based escalation is true experience. Ancestral powers are thus invoked through true faith, as virtual reality. To my mind, Dreamtime experiences of Aborigines  happen when they are totally in their local area – as if it is their whole world. Likewise any indigenous group – including many villages in Sri Lanka untouched by ‘secular law’. A current outcome / matter needs to be then escalated on the basis of that true power – along the current logical pathway – through Due Processes, to deliver two or more separate judgments or one through truth.
I believe that when we go into virtual reality on time basis by freezing the place for example indigenous part of Australia or Dutugamunu ’s Kingdom in Sri Lanka  or Ellalan’s  Tamil Empire – we produce outcomes parallel to those produced at that time. To my mind the Hindu mantra ‘Thou Art That’ is the parallel of ‘Dreamtime Vision’ of Indigenous Australians and ‘I am Alpha and Omega’ revelation by Christian Elder.   Sri Lankans of my generation thus reproduced a country of two nations by going into past reality – one ruled by descendants of Dutugemunu whose birth place of Hambantota  is the same as that of the Rajapaksas.

The problem that we Sri Lankans face in relation to ethnic divisions, conflicts and wars is that we assume one-law status without the necessary intellectual investment in Common pathway which is the Secular law. The Sri Lankan Constitution has allocated ‘Foremost status’ to Buddhism and has effectively separated the country as two nations – one Buddhist and the other non-Buddhist.
Tamil Diaspora has escalated their side politics to UN level. But the language of the UN is not reality to either side to the war. Hence we have ended with three groups of Governance – two polarized through different forms of belief  with UN playing the role of the Colonial rulers. I belong to this middle part wherever common belief is weak. As mentioned in my article of 02 March 2020 – I had a fall on the road leading to Jaffna Library, during my recent stay in Jaffna. I complained to the Telecom Authorities in Jaffna but that was to address the most visible reason. The invisible reason – to my mind is to seek the blessings of Just King Ellalan whose statue was looming above me at the junction of Mahatma Gandhi Road. Thus I believe I was blessed by Mahatma Gandhi also to develop Jaffna – towards which I do not need any UN Resolution. As part of the Tamil Diaspora, I do need to participate through global laws – so I would go into virtual reality of the Colonial era when Tamils and Sinhalese were Equal minority powers ruled by British.

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