Sunday 15 March 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15 March  2020

Tamil Truth in Politics

The article that caught my mind’s eye first was the one headed ‘Attacking The Very Foundation Of The Sinhala Belief System’ by Mr C V Wigneswaran, published by Colombo Telegraph. Then the mind’s eye was caught by the article ‘Two Factions in Tamil Politics: History Repeats Itself!’  by Manekshaw, published by Ceylon Today. It is highly unlikely that the Sinhalese believer would read the former and the Tamil voter driven by voting power would read the latter. Truth alone would make such connections between the leader and the reader.
Recently I expressed my belief in this regard as follows:
[Someone reading this chapter  and identifying with one or more of my experiences, through her/his own belief and/or experience, carries the true energy that would manifest outcomes as per the real needs of the person. This, to my mind, is the real power of the media. One does not need a vote, status or money to develop such power. That person’s consciousness or will would naturally manifest as per the need of that person. I believe that that was how my book ‘Naan Australian’ travelled to the National Library of Australia through a network of mind connections that are not visible to me.]
When a reader identifies with her/his own truth in an issue that reader would identify with the truth in my article. But to come to that position of reading – one needs a common structure. Lakehouse in Colombo and Andra in Jaffna became such structural connectors to my two books. In the experiences that became the foundation of Naan Australian, the root was/is  Sri Lankan. In the Tamil book ‘Jaffna is my Muthusum and now Dowry’ the root was/is Jaffna. I did not choose but allowed the publisher best suited as per that root.
On that basis, I conclude that the readership that the authors are reaching out to are middleclass who mix belief and intellectual derivation to suit their own purposes. The two publishers - Colombo Telegraph and Ceylon Today cater to this middleclass.
Below is how I identify with the Truth in these articles:
In his article, Mr Wigneswaran states:
[A friend of mine asked; ‘Are you not being stupid in attacking the very foundation of the Sinhala belief system by saying………Apart from being stupid it is a dangerous exercise by you. Why have you done so?
My answer was: ‘I am indeed thankful to you for your concern. You have answered your question already by using the phrase “Sinhala belief system.” It is the erstwhile belief of the Sinhalese which have got piqued by what I am saying. The need to bring these historical facts out arose due to the wrong perception of our Sinhala leaders that this Country is Sinhala Buddhist and that we Tamils are unwanted immigrants of yester years.’]
I am also piqued by an educated Tamil Leader who was elevated to Chief Minister level by Northern Province – and who claims to battle for Separation of Powers, would express illogically. When Friendship and Relationship are mixed indiscriminately, there is serious disorder in our mind. Like de facto partnerships – friendships happen without deep commitment to structures.
When one brings ‘historic facts’ which happened through a different system to measure through current system – it is the parallel of measuring Hindu values through Buddhist pathway.
Claims to entitle one for self-rule are legitimate only when one is driven by belief. This may be an electorate, province or the whole country. Mr Wigneswaran as the Politician at best represents Northern Province. Through his party ‘Tamil Makkal Kootani’ Mr Wigneswaran is claiming that to be Tamils only. Given that there are hardly any Buddhists in that group and given that most Buddhists in Sri Lanka are Sinhalese – the two are diverse groups. As in Body, Mind and Soul, Facts, Intellectual structure and Belief in any system. The intellectual structure is a combination of Facts and Belief.
If Mr Wigneswaran believed he was Sinhala Buddhist – then he has every right to ‘interpret’ the facts that were produced by Sinhala Buddhists. Otherwise, he needs an official position in Sri Lankan common system to express his derivation through the logic of that common structure – for example using secular law when he had the position of a judge. As a ‘Tamil Only’ person the only law common to him and rural Tamils is Thesawalamai Law.
Mr Wigneswaran has to submit his position from that that Common Judicial system - to the Believing Tamils - to have the moral authority to claim Separation of Powers. I had to effectively forget my knowledge of Common law to become one driven by Thesawalamai. That resulted in the book – the root value of which will go towards confirm Separation of Powers from those driven by their religious beliefs and / or personal wishes. I accepted losses in Jaffna Courts – despite knowing that the judges confirmed had wronged as per Thesawalamai. They also demonstrated confusion of mind which confirms that they belong to neither – Tamil nor Sri Lankan.
Only a Sinhala-Buddhist has the right to use her/his community’s ‘facts’ as if s/he produced it. To do so s/he needs to believe in her/his ancestors of that time – directly and/or through network of practitioners. Likewise Sinhalese expressing on behalf of Tamils.  Others are entitled to observe but not interpret. An Affidavit based on belief is different to independent documentary evidence for this reason. Affidavit leads to ‘why’ – the motive / purpose.
Manekshaw states:
[The parties teamed up in the TPNA were Tamil Makkal Kootani of Wigneswaran, Eelam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front of Premachandran, Tamil National Party of S. Sri Kantha and M.K. Sivajilingam along with the Eelam Suyatchi Kalagam (ESK) of former Northern Provincial Councillor Ananthy Sasitharan, the wife of former LTTE strongman Sasitharan alias Elilan who went missing after surrendering to the Security Forces at the end of the separatist war in May 2009 along with several others according to Ananthy.  

Therefore, at the forthcoming General Election the tussle between the TNA and the TPNA, the two Tamil coalitions would be very interesting as both sides are expected to focus on attacking at each other over addressing the unresolved post-war political and humanitarian issues instead of aiming at the national parties.
TNA is connected to the combined force of Tamil Politicians – led by the Hon G G Ponnambalam and the Hon SJV Chelvanayakam – one led more by the intellect and the other by grassroots believer. They were naturally merged through the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976. Tamil People’s National Alliance (TPNA) is a recent structure being ‘shown’ by Mr Wigneswaran. It includes those who openly promote LTTE ideology which killed the architects of the unity structure founded on Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976.
TNA has confirmed Sri Lankan values and continues to be considered the leading Political Party that best represents Northern Tamils’ belief. My support is for TNA because they are more Sri Lankan and I am Sri Lankan – as majority Tamils known to me are as per my belief in both groups.

Just because I express in Tamil does not mean I am Tamil only. Likewise the politics may be Northern – but the values are Common Sri Lankan when we are taken as a whole. We seek a Party that would develop a structure through which we would comfortably escalate our belief to National and Global levels. Otherwise we would become isolated ready for takeover by sharks in unregulated freedom waters.

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