Tuesday 17 March 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 March  2020

UN to listen to hearsay complaint by Sri Lankan Catholic Leader?

Our reception of expressions and actions by others are based on our own truth. Recently a junior relative of mine asked me to look for a partner for another younger relative. Later when my husband mentioned it – I said I could not recall the request.  The reason is that neither my marriage nor that of the junior’s was arranged by others. Hence that request  was of hearsay value. I have arranged marriages for others who were less independent than this young lady. But in this instance I needed to respect the young lady’s investment in living independently and maintaining a lifestyle that is diverse to that of her mother’s. I therefore received the request through the surface / skin to demonstrate positive ‘attitude’ but beyond that it had no substance. Our youngest daughter Gayathri – as a child – once accused me saying ‘You are not really listening are you?’ I can’t recall what she was talking about – but I recall the ‘accusation’ because I was only surface listening – while my deeper mind was on cooking dinner for the family. I would have received Pradeep or Uma at the same level at that time. But they would also know that. Gayathri needed me to listen to her at the level she was paying attention. 
Each one works best as per her/his  own structure.
Australian Administrators, as per their structure,  listed me as Sri Lankan – which title, to them was of lesser status than themselves. I concluded that to them I was of ‘sight-only’ value. The direction of migration from Sri Lanka to Australia, confirms this. Likewise, from Jaffna to Colombo in Sri Lanka.
If there was no merit for such positioning and my truth said otherwise, they are actually opening their past which has the racial discrimination genes. Those officers then manifest outcomes confirming that those genes which lead them. I was listed as a Sri Lankan when as per the language of the law – I was Australian. Had the officers been self-governing or recognised as per the law , my higher status relative to the security officer who commissioned them, their deeper brain would have become operational and they would have calculated and known that I was Australian. I was also Australian by belief which would have been difficult for the officers to identify with through their thoughts driven by ‘looks’ which are sight-only calculations.

 An Australian raised concerns over the news report that Cardinal Ranjithhas expressed his conclusion that a ‘rich and powerful’ nation was behind the coronavirus spread. As per Economy Next article ‘Sri Lanka cardinal seeks UN probe on China’s Coronavirus’:
[Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith addressing the faithful during a closed-door Sunday mass said the United Nations should initiate an international investigation into the origin of COVID-19 which he said was causing death and destruction.]
As per his position, Cardinal Ranjith has the authority to express on behalf of Sri Lankan Catholic Church. As per Catholic News Agency report:
[The people of this country have a right to know the truth about the Easter bomb attacks,” said Ranjith on Feb. 18. “We hope that our political leaders will work to fulfil that obligation.” 
The Easter bomb attacks killed 259 people and injured more than 500. Two Catholic churches, one evangelical Christian church, four hotels, and a housing complex were hit by a total of nine suicide bombers.]
As per my discovery through Sri Lankan ethnic war, the deeper we search within – the stronger our insight into the cause and the causer. Given that 259 died, more than 500 were injured and practically the whole of the Sri Lankan Church suffered mental anguish, the Cardinal is expected have had his own faith based indicators as to who caused bombings. Majority Political leaders being ‘outsiders’ would need objectively measurable evidence to declare who did it? Why they did it according to outsiders needs a common measure, to be validly published by outsiders.

Coronavirus attack cannot be a deeper issue than Easter Bombing for Catholic Leadership. A just person would first demand that the Easter Bombings be probed by the UN before any Coronavirus attack.

Then there is the report ‘PM cancels all public meetings’ by Financial Times, according to which

[In the wake of the COVID-19 threat, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has decided to not attend any public events to raise awareness on the importance of minimising public gatherings.]

Does this mean that Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa would arrange for electronic voting facility on 25th April? This indeed is a challenge for the level of democracy that the current government has invested in. Or is the government going to limit private voting facilities to its own kith and kin?

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