Monday 2 March 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

02 March  2020


We returned to our Australian Home last night – after a month in Sri Lanka. It felt good to be home – even though the taxi driver took us through the long route despite my husband’s suggestion to take the shorter route. This morning, I had from an Australian Hindu leader an email headed ‘Scott Morrison: An apology from the treasurer Josh Frydenberg’.  I added my name to the relevant petition – because as an Australian Hindu, I felt hurt by the language of our government. By signing the petition, I opposed such disrespectful language in our Honourable Parliament. SBS reports as follows:

[In an attempt to goad Labor’s treasury spokesman Jim Chalmers during Question Time on Thursday, Mr Frydenberg made repeated clichéd references to Hinduism and other Indian religions while criticising the Opposition’s idea of potentially pursuing a New Zealand-style “wellbeing budget”.
“[Labor] are inspired by their spiritual leader, the member for Rankin [Jim Chalmers],” Mr Frydenberg said while making hand gestures used during meditation.
 “I was thinking yesterday, as the member for Rankin, [came] into the chamber fresh from his Ashram deep in the mountains of the Himalayas … barefoot into the chamber, robes flowing, incense burning, beads in one hand, wellbeing budget in the other, I thought to myself: ‘[what] yoga position the member for Rankin would assume … to deliver the first wellbeing budget?’”
The treasurer went on to name a series of yoga poses.
Video footage of the Question Time antics shows Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Nationals leader Michael McCormack and other senior Coalition figures laughing during Mr Frydenberg’s tirade.]
Obviously, the Minister does not believe in Meditation. The parallel of  Meditation process is Research in Institutions of Higher Education. The wellbeing Budget is already present in Australian parliament through its funding of Research in Universities. The deeper our investment in Research, the higher our mind-structure.  When an Australian  Hindu who believes in Higher Education, feels upset by her/his Government’s lack of respect for Meditation, s/he returns the karma automatically to the Government. Since it was spoken in Parliament and the Minister is covered by immunity, the return goes to the People who voted for this government – to demote their culture and separate them from the global community.
But then what else could one expect from a party that was led by Mr John Howard, against whom I brought legal action on the basis of racism. I had legitimate grounds to do so because I escalated my pain to the Prime Minister’s level. By dismissing me – through highly paid lawyers – Mr Howard dismissed himself through the migrant community that submitted its discrimination pain to Universal Mother – referred to as Bhuvenewari. Gayathri Matha (Mother) whose grace is invoked through  Meditation takes different forms as per the mind of the seeker. As per Wikipedia:

[Mother Gayathri is the divine sustainer-force of universal harmony and well-being and as the goddess of the individual's prosperity and happiness is called Bhuvaneswari. By right social effort we earn Her grace]
As per the above discovery – Mother Gayathri’s Grace would be invoked by one committed to Universal sustenance. Since Mr Frydenberg has demonstrated lack of such blessings, we strongly recommend investment in Education – to invoke Mother Saraswathi who is presented as follows:
 [Awareness has two polar attributes - the perceiving consciousness and the discriminatory intellect. Gayathri is the motivating force of the perceiving consciousness while the discriminatory intellect functions by the grace of Saraswathi. Man is nothing more than a brute without right discrimination. Therefore the grace of Saraswathi is necessary for us to sustain our intelligent humanity.]
Let us meditate through the following presentation of Mr Frydenberg, by Wikipedia:
[Frydenberg was born in Melbourne and educated at Bialik and Mount Scopus Colleges. His mother, Erika Strausz, is a psychologist and University of Melbourne professor and his father Harry is a general surgeon. His mother was a Hungarian Jew born in 1943 who arrived in Australia in 1950 as a stateless child from a refugee camp after escaping from The Holocaust. His father is also Jewish, and emigrated to Australia from Poland.
Frydenberg was a keen tennis player. He attempted, unsuccessfully, to drop out of high school to pursue a career in tennis. After graduating from high school, he took a gap year to play tennis full-time in Australia and Europe. Frydenberg played against Mark Philippoussis and Pat Rafter, and represented Australia at two World University Games. He and his father were present at the 1997 Maccabiah bridge collapse.]

As per my experience, when I go to Sri Lanka which is seriously lacking in commitment to secular law – which is largely Colonial law, I take my place as Sri Lankan projected on the basis of my final status – adjusted for war inflation and deflation. Hence, I connect to those who are also committed to their respective duties in the current system. I intuitively blessed the current President Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa for the improved experiences in Administration. The officers delivered under the influence of his leadership. Even the tuk-tuk drivers were more respectful of customers – than they were previously. My trainees in Jaffna also endorsed this improvement which was not expected. I took it as the ‘opposing’ power which challenges the activists.
There are others who go to Sri Lanka to ‘have a good time’ as foreigners. If Mr Frydenberg and father went back to Israel as ‘Australians’ only – they would have been ‘foreigners’. If they owed Israel the debt becomes a sin after its due-by date. Hence they would have strongly contributed to the collapse of the Maccabiah bridge. The opening ceremony, as per Wikipedia report was :
[designed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the First Zionist Congress held at Ramat Gan Stadium and designed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the First Zionist Congress, was attended by 50,000 people and featured hundreds of dancers, dazzling sound and light displays, and was broadcast on Israeli television. As at past games, a temporary footbridge, 60 feet long and 18 feet wide, was constructed across the nearby Yarkon River to allow competitors to march into the stadium during the ceremony from an assembly area on the other side of the river.]
As per Wikipedia:
[The first Zionist Congress was convened by Theodor Herzl as a symbolic parliament for the small minority of Jewry in agreement with the implementation of Zionist goals.  ]
The Tamil parallel of the above is the Eelam Nation. Those Tamils who emigrated to more money rich countries like Australia – and return largely to have a good time – invoke negative Energy which takes the form of disasters. To my mind Australian Jews who went to Israel to have a good time invoked the collapse of that bridge. The most apparent persons were punished but not the sinners. We do not know whether Mr Frydenberg was one of them. But the indicators are strong.
During my recent visit to Jaffna – I had a fall on the walkway along the road leading to the Public Library. It was getting dark and I did not see two strong wires jutting out of the ground. I made way for the bus that was coming in the opposite direction and fell down flat. My husband gave me a hand to stand up – and I included him in the reason why – because he does not know the current conditions in Jaffna as much as I do. Param accepted the blame. I blamed myself also for not handing over my book ‘Jaffna is my heritage and not dowry’ – to the library. I lacked the confidence that the book would be appreciated by the current management of the Library. After the fall, Param did take it there and they wanted 5 copies for their branches also.
May be Mr Frydenberg needed the fall of the Maccabiah Bridge to learn about Minority entitlement to self-governance. Meditation would reveal the root lesson.

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