Sunday 22 March 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

22 March  2020

Tourism vs Corona

The way we deal with any problem is strongly dependent on the level at which we receive and perceive the problem. If death is the measure then in Sri Lanka, the war was a bigger problem than the Coronavirus.  Bondi Beach is now limited to 500 due to individuals not respecting the Governments’ rules. They come under the ‘managed’ group. This gives us some indication of the feeling of ‘Being Australian’.

According to published reports accessed by me, Italy ranked 5th in the world for Life Expectancy as well as for Tourism. China ranked 99th and 4th respectively. To my mind, there is a link between this proportion and the Coronavirus which has pushed countries to close their borders to foreigners. If at the time of happening, or soon after, we do not know the cause  we are entitled to classify it as ‘Act of God’ . Once it is Act of God – the cause is common to all. If the cause is particular to an individual or a group – then we need to localise to find the particular cause for that group.

Almost a year ago, we Sri Lankans experienced the Easter Bombing pain. The commonness between the two causal forces is the foreign element. The outer particular cause was highlighted as the Muslim extremism – by a group that was foreign to Sri Lankan Muslims. Sri Lanka’s borders were not closed to foreigners back then, nor to visitors from countries identified with that kind of infection. During the ethnic war – North and East went into lockdown. This continued especially in North after victory was declared by the Government. The real defeat of the Coronavirus is to find a vaccine against it – so that the individual’s immunity against that virus is strengthened. But that did not happen in the case of the ethnic war in Sri Lanka – the Common cause being the Government.

On 31 July 2019, I indicated as follows such  measures, through my article ‘Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka – Déjà vu?:
[As per the above account - in 1942  - ‘Seven hundred people lost their lives in the attack on Trincomalee’. This is much larger number than the number of dead in the 2019 attack. Yet we do not seem to have learnt from that tragedy. Each time a true owner is unjustly killed – the place acquires negative karma. Likewise when a true owner is celebrated at that place – that is the home of that person – positive karma is acquired by that place.
In the Hindu Epic Ramayanam – Lord Rama performed the ceremonies needed to clear Sri Lanka and His own country – India of  any injustice caused by ‘foreigners’ to those who felt ownership in Sri Lanka. This is believed by Hindus to have happened in Muneeswaram – a Shiva temple North of  Colombo. Trincomalee where King Ravana established Koneswaram temple for Lord Shiva – had the power to cause the death (suicide) of the Japanese pilots. Owners have control over their minds. Foreigners are not so protected and hence their minds become weak when desire is stronger than belief. Since truth lives as Energy – such minds are taken over by negative Energy at that place or anniversary of a time. The cure is not through current work but through true believers. ]

When the enjoyment of tourists and foreigners is relatively higher than those to whom that place is ‘home’ – the risk of repetition becomes high. An individual who is self-governing, would carry the cure to face any problem. That is due to our Soul Power. Likewise a  family that is sovereign; a community that is sovereign; and a country that is sovereign.

On 24 October 2018, China Daily published an article headed ‘Sri Lanka ranked No 1 travel destination in 2019 by Lonely Planet
There were already questions being raised about China empowering the Sri Lankan Government during the war against Tamil militants – who were Sri Lankans and therefore relatives of the government. Since that was never addressed it remained hidden and mutated as the gene that manifested  the Easter Bombing. Socially, Tamils and Muslims became closer to each other and distanced themselves from Sinhala Buddhists who particularised more and more. The mutation was in the form of the attackers saw the enemy.

Dr. Laurence Loewe (School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.) confirms as follows:

“The statement that mutations are random is both profoundly true and profoundly untrue at the same time.

To my mind, they become random if there are weak members in a group. This is untrue if majority carry the genes/karma.

China, through its Government carried that war disorderly gene from Sri Lanka. It mutated to invoke  the Shangrila fire to indicate to true believers. Eventually it invoked the other side through the Easter Bombers.

Yesterday when I rang our coordinator in Vaddukoddai, Northern Sri Lanka, she said that due to the curfew she would not be able to clean the temple for today’s poojah/mass  but asked me whether she ought to ask the lady living opposite the temple to do so. I said – that the government’s orders must be strictly followed and not overridden by anyone in that community. I worked hard to stop idlers gathering in that temple and the temple is now open only during certain times. I did so as part of my service to bring about Common Order with Nallur temple of Jaffna. No, we do not get anywhere near those numbers. But the order is the same. This would prevent breaches of curfew in that area. In contrast those down South seem to want to party :
[Eight persons have been arrested in Bandarawela for having a party while the island-wide curfew is in force, says DIG Ajith Rohana.]
If Bandarawela folks had failed to learn from the rest of the country’s war experience and hence the partying in breach of government orders.
Until the war crimes are purified by both sides – the infections will continue for sure – not at random but systematically showing a regular pattern – just as SARS mutated as Coronavirus.

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